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Editorial Guidelines

The Editorial Guidelines of our team are incredibly thorough, as we aim to bring the most precise and useful information about the iGaming industry to people all around the world.

The information we provide covers a full range of useful topics, including the current gambling situation within the country, such as contemporary laws and regulations, as well as the gambling culture and players’ afflictions. Such information is both interesting and truthful, making it very engaging and fun to read while also being useful.

✅ Transparency

We present honest, real, and truthful information about sports betting and casino sites in each country.

✅ Independence

There are no paid promotions or advertisements, only objective writing.

✅ Safety

All recommendations within our texts are completely safe to follow.

✅ Accountability

Our team of experts, rich in iGaming experience, knows how important it is to deposit money at safe gaming houses, and will give advice accordingly.

✅ Up-To-Date

We follow all the trends and changes in the industry and provide all the newest information in our guides.

📙 Overview

The rules such as Editorial Guidelines are widely accepted in the writing community as they describe the standards that all editors should follow. Our team has created clear guidelines and rules to follow in order to keep the process of writing professional and the final content trustworthy and informative.

The guidelines represent a set of the most accepted ways of writing truthfully and objectively that have been supported by the community through consensus. Our editors follow those guidelines, as well as add personal creativity, so it’s okay to make the occasional exception from time to time.

✅ Why Do We Need Editorial Guidelines?

Editorial Guidelines are essential when creating informative content. They serve as a reference point whenever objectiveness is needed, and our team uses them to provide objective insight into the online gambling world throughout whole texts. 

By following Editorial Guidelines and having a clear and well-developed structure, our team aims to set the standard of quality developed by the team itself. Such structures are used in order to create easy-to-read content that will add a touch of fun, in addition to useful information.

🖐 The 5 Pillars of Editorial Content

Our writing and editorial teams have created our own guidelines based on the trends and ethics of the writing community. To make our texts relevant, we follow the next guidelines.

1️⃣ Always Be Objective

The point of our articles is to provide truthful information to our readers that will help them have a safe and fun gambling experience online. In order to do that, our team does thorough research and looks for real and sincere information. Objectiveness is a must.

2️⃣ Always Be Accurate and Up To Date

The iGaming industry is in constant development and numerous online casinos and sports betting sites are appearing all the time. Additionally, the laws and regulations in certain countries are changing depending on the political current.

Bearing that in mind, the information about the situation in each country needs to constantly be updated, which our team aims to do.

3️⃣ Always Be Concise

As our texts aim to provide as much useful information as possible, the texts must be precise and concise. Only the most important and fun details will be included in order to keep the texts short and readable.

4️⃣ Always Be Transparent

Transparency and objectiveness are the main purposes our readers seek from informative texts. Therefore, neither personal bias nor paid advertisement will influence the creation of such texts. Our guides are transparent to the high standards of our experienced writers.

5️⃣ Always Fact-Check and Review Content

There is no room for mistakes. Hence, both our writing and editorial teams will double-check all the facts included in the texts. That way, all the information provided will be according to our standards of writing, supported by Editorial Guidelines previously set.

🤝 Meet the Team Behind Our Content

Leo Coleman

Leo Coleman

Leo is the co-founder and editor-in-chief at Gambling ‘N Go. With decades of experience in digital and print media, Leo combined his passion for online gambling and content management into the very site you are on right now.

George Williams

George Williams

George is the GNG co-founder with years of experience in financial and gambling industries. He holds the renowned MBA degree from Brigham Young University and was involved with industry giants like John Deere, Procter and Gamble, and many more.

Christian Howells

Christian Howells

Christian is the content guru of the Gambling ‘N Go team. He is passionate about bingo and knows more about online gambling, casinos, and betting sites than anyone we’ve ever known.