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How we Rank and Rate Online Gambling Sites

Instead of merely pointing which online gambling sites are considered as reliable, we prefer to prioritize clarity. Our process involves not only analyzing them but summarizing all relevant information on casino and betting sites reviews for our readers. In fact, our commitment to transparency resulted in this article, indicating the parameters we evaluate and our entire process.

🏆 Gambling 'N Go & Our Goal

Gambling ‘N Go, or simply GNG, is a gambling-related website dedicated to the evaluation of online casinos and betting sites, their interaction with bettors worldwide, and the indication of games. We aim at making sure every player or gambler out there, whichever the country, gets the opportunity to choose trustworthy gambling sites.

In order to accomplish that goal of ours, we count on a team of specialized reviewers that work together to select and assess every and each website out there. Their experience as players and analysts combined result in a perfect evaluation, summarizing in minutes of reading what took hours to collect.

Thanks to that hard work, it is possible for bettors to pick a few favorite gambling sites, with great features and bonuses, in no time at all. We highly appreciate your trust and endeavor in our everyday efforts to value it.

🎓 Why Trust Our Work?

Together with our team’s aforementioned vast experience, we are transparent as to what our rating considers. Rather than giving online gambling sites a positive or negative classification, we specify what makes them great or terrible. In other words, our work does not tell bettors what to do. They make the final decision based on real characteristics.

In fact, those interested in more details can get a thorough understanding of our process involving each relevant parameter in analyzing gambling sites below.

Ranking System of Casino or Betting Platform

We ensure all gambling sites are equally evaluated so that no outstanding parameter overshadows other relevant aspects. That is carried out based on the parameters we so devotedly compare and described below:

✅ Security and Trust

Analyzing gambling sites should always start with the measurement of their security levels. After all, they collect our personal data, and we need to transfer money in order to play or bet for real money, not to mention we want to be able to withdraw when necessary. Our careful analysis involves:

✔️ Valid License

No casino or gambling site can offer bets without prior licensing, whichever the country they are based in. Therefore, they must indicate the number of their license(s) and the(ir) provider(s), which may include one of the following relevant authorities:

✔️ Regulation

Together with licenses, the best online gambling sites ensure fairness through the acquisition of third-party services, such as independent auditing. The presence of an eCogra certificate, for example, helps to ensure that games and bets are duly fair. Besides, sites that reinforce their commitment to responsible gambling, including regulating features, increase their trustworthiness.

✔️ SSL Encryption

As stated before, providing sensible data is necessary to deposit and keep an active account. Therefore, it is a must that the gambling sites carry an SSL certificate, which encrypts the information provided to them.

✅ Quality and Variety of Games and Bets

Depending on the gambling site, there might be a great variety of games, or dozens of sports to bet on. We make sure players and bettors will not regret signing up by verifying if there are enough great alternatives. Together with diversity, quality is also a must, both verified through:

✔️ Variety

Whether casino or sports betting, the fact is that we want to have enough options. Therefore, enough markets, lines, and events are a must for bettors; casino games, on the other hand, should diversify among slots, table games, and live dealer games. After all, anyone gets tired of only a couple of options.

✔️ Free to Play

While the real fun of gambling is the possibility of winning something, free playing is extremely relevant when it comes to casino games. Either for testing or to have fun without betting all the time, casinos that offer demo versions of their games deserve a better grade.

✔️ Reliable Providers

Most games offered in online casinos come from providers that distribute to several different websites. Therefore, they have the option to get quality and to offer the most popular games on the internet. We take that into consideration, especially due to the fact that reputable providers ensure games are fair.

✔️ Quality

A parameter that tends to vary according to the providers when it comes to games, but that connects to other characteristics in sports betting. Useful lines with great odds are a great example of how quality impacts gambling, and we evaluate that too.

✅ Promotions and Bonuses

We know that many bettors consider the attractiveness of bonus offers when picking gambling websites. In our experience, it can be a great addition to both sports betting and casino gambling, thanks to our attention to:

✔️ Types of Bonuses

Welcome bonuses can be a great start, but there is much more in what gambling sites can offer. We rate them based on the variety of bonuses as well, such as free bets, free spins, no deposit bonus offers, and several other possibilities. That way, we ensure players and bettors get enough alternatives.

✔️ Terms and Requirements

The wagering requirements of any bonus is constant in our betting sites reviews. Together with it, the duration of a bonus and other terms, such as minimum and maximum bets, define if an offer is worth taking. We save your time, summarizing all there is to know about such bonus rules.

✔️ VIP Program

Together with the standard bonuses we present in all our reviews, we also make sure to verify the terms and rewards of VIP programs. Some are open to all new users; others are really exclusive and apply to specific players. In either case, we evaluate if its awards make the gambling site deserve a better grade.

✔️ Loyalty Points

Usually confused with the VIP point, those are given in exchange for real bets. Whenever a user has enough points, it is possible to exchange them for more bonuses. The terms of such trade impacts in how we rate gambling sites according to their promotions.

✅ Payment Methods

After having fun with no deposit bonuses and playing for free, bettors deposit real money at some point. At this stage, we already know the gambling site is secured and regulated, so we rate it according to specific meters related to payment methods:

✔️ Methods

The more deposit methods available, the better, whichever the case. Therefore, even if an e-wallet would do for most players, our team analyses how many efficient channels are available. That way, we make sure our readers will not get disappointed when depositing or withdrawing funds.

✔️ Speed

Most of the time necessary to deposit and withdraw is related to the chosen method. Even so, the efficiency of the gambling site’s payment system is relevant. Nowadays, deposits should be instant if the method allows.

✔️ Payout Time

Although it does relate to speed, this parameter is connected to the processing time that is individual to each casino and betting site. After all, they have a verification process to check the validity and identification of each bettor. Some sites take hours, others almost a week, and that influences how we rate gambling sites.

✔️ Safety

Security through SSL encryption within payments and the use of methods that are proven to be safe are a must. Whenever a casino or betting site fails to comply with minimum safety in terms of payments, it is out.

✔️ RTP

The overall RTP of a website can also be described as its average total payout. Some websites proudly publish it on their pages, while others show it within their audit certificate. Whenever we can get hold of such information, we consider it in our rating.

✅ Customer Care

Our work here at GNG ensures the maximum definition of the most important aspects and terms of all gambling sites we evaluate. However, our reviews and FAQs might still miss a specific situation you might fall onto. That is why the quality of the customer care service is also involved in how we rate gambling sites:

✔️ Support Channels

The different ways in which a customer can contact the gambling site count in our ranking, as well as their availability. Ideally, we look for live chat, email, and phone support preferably provided 24/7 for the best experience. Our commitment is once again proved when we test their chat to evaluate its quality.

✔️ Data Protection

Together with the SSL certificate, gambling sites must comply with the latest privacy requirements in any given region. Therefore, we ensure their terms or privacy policies do not put your protection at risk.

✔️ Effectiveness

Despite the availability of support channels, the ability to actually solve issues is also taken into consideration.

✅ Accessibility and Experience

Finally, after covering most of the essential features of all gambling sites, we consider everything else that is connected to betting online, from computers or mobile devices. Among them, we can highlight the following criteria:

✔️ Compatibility

Preference as to which device to use to play or bet online may vary according to each bettor. Therefore, we make sure to identify all the operational systems and devices that can be used to access gambling sites.

✔️ Software

Modern gambling sites allow bettors to use all their features through browsers. However, some offer high-quality software and apps to provide a more exclusive experience. Whenever that is the case, we mention that in our reviews.

✔️ User Experience

From the moment the page or app is open, everything users can interact with, and how the experience translates to them is extremely relevant. Throughout our analysis, we identify the positive and negative aspects of the UX on each gambling website.

✔️ Sign-up Process

Our reviews give a complete step-by-step guide on how to sign up to each gambling site. While doing it, we also evaluate how easy it is for players and bettors to get their free account.

✔️ Page Speed

Finally, no accessibility check-up would be complete without considering the speed. If pages and games take too long to load, the casino or betting experience is far from optimal. Rest assured, we test it with a high and medium internet connection to ensure the best experience.

Why Not Choose Just Any Gambling Site?

There are hundreds of options out there when we consider gambling sites. Among them, a couple of dozens cannot be considered trustworthy for failing on our analysis’s relevant parameters. Therefore, even when they look like professional betting platforms, not choosing wisely may result in:

Fortunately, it is not necessary to worry about remedying all those issues when picking a reliable gambling site. Once again, you have GNG to rely on.


The local legislation as to if gambling is legal and which websites are licensed to operate in your country vary immensely. Fortunately, we have a specific “restricted countries” section in each review. If you prefer, check the best gambling sites for your country in our menu.

If the casino of your choice has been duly evaluated by us, that means it offers encryption, support, and that the games are free of fraud. Therefore, your deposits, bets, and withdrawals will be safe.

Anyone of legal age (varies according to country and to some gambling websites) can create a free account and start gambling. Each review counts on the total or partially restricted countries.

Updates to casinos and sports betting sites influence how we ultimately rate them. Our team is constantly revising our reviews and editing anything if necessary. In case of any trouble, the information will be fixed before it could imply any consequences for bettors.