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Best Betting Sites in Argentina for 2023

Sports and sporting events have entertained the world for centuries. Betting on those sporting events has also been a form of entertainment in Argentina for centuries. Nowadays, betting is much easier than ever, thanks to the great advancement of technology over the last two decades. This development has ensured that we can bet on any sport that is taking place in any country in the world from the comfort of our own home in Argentina.

There are endless opportunities for sports betting, and there are hundreds of online sports betting sites in Argentina that you can use. Argentina has a great tradition for sports and betting, and the government has proven to be much more accommodating than many other countries in its approach to online sports betting.

Read on to find out more about the best sports betting sites in Argentina for 2023 and how to use them.

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⚖️ Argentinian Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Argentinian Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

In Argentina, the regulation related to games of chance is not included within the powers attributed by the Constitution to the National Legislative Power (art. 75 CN), so this power remains within the orbit of the Provincial Powers. This has been ratified by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which is a well-known precedent ruled that “issues related to games of chance, and their possible non-criminal infractions, are not a federal issue”.

Consequently, each province is in charge of exclusively legislating -in their respective territories- their own regime for the administration and operation of games of chance, the Federal Government lacking the powers to impose the mandatory nature of legal norms, as well as the control in this matter.

As a result of the above, unlike other Latin American countries and even Spain, where there is a public body in charge of supervising the industry and issuing licenses to online operators, in Argentina there is no national regulation governing online gambling. Each province deals with its treatment and regulation, as well as the granting of licenses and inspection in their respective territories. In this way, the provinces can choose to directly manage the online gaming offer or delegate it to third parties through different concession mechanisms through their local regulatory entities.

However, in recent months, the health situation and the consequent closure of face-to-face betting rooms, and the consequent increase in illegal gambling have caused some provinces to speed up the regulation of these activities. Thus, during the pandemic, online gambling was enabled in the provinces of Corrientes (ILCC Resolution No. 0615-I), Mendoza (Provincial Law 9267/20), and Santa Fe (decree 998/20), thus joining other provinces that already had previously regulated, such as Chaco, Misiones, San Luis, Tucumán, Neuquén, Río Negro, Entre Ríos, Santa Cruz and La Pampa. In addition, in Salta and Córdoba possible legislation and development models for this industry are currently being discussed.

For its part, as is known, the jurisdictions that have the largest number of potential players in the country are the Province and the City of Buenos Aires. In the case of the former, in March 2019, online gambling was authorized by Provincial Law 15,079, granting the management and power to grant licenses to the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos of the Province of Buenos Aires (IPLyC). At the end of 2020, the latter announced the granting of seven gaming licenses for a period of 15 years to the winning companies of the award process.

Four of the seven granted licenses are currently signed, BetWarrior (Binbaires and Intralot), William Hill (Bingo Moreno and William Hill), Bplay (Boldt and 888), and Bet365 (Bingo Berazategui and bet365), which in principle could start operating in a few months.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Argentina?

Gambling in Argentina is legal. The provinces are in control of whether gambling will be legal or not but all provinces allow online sports betting.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Argentina

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Argentina

The development of the internet and the rise of new technologies has meant that currently, the offer relating to any field has grown considerably. However, if there is one field that has particularly benefited from this transition to the digital environment, it has been, without a doubt, that of entertainment.

Specifically, sports betting houses have been one of the sectors whose digitization process materialized long before that of the rest of the companies in Argentina. As the complexity that users encounter when it comes to identifying the best options on the market is serious, below a series of elements have been selected that will allow you to choose the best sports betting site in Argentina to practice sports betting.

✅ Check All the Information About Argentine Betting Sites

We can access a large amount of information about the main sports betting sites that exist in the market. Checking the reviews of current players, customers who have already used the platform at some point, or any other user who has had to interact with the platform in question is essential to learn about other experiences.

✅ Safe Betting in Argentina

Checking for information about a sports betting site in Argentina includes whether the sports betting site in question is licensed and legal or not. Always go for legal and licensed sites to keep your personal information and money safe.

✅ Selection of Sports and Markets in Argentina

When you have found safe and legal bookmakers in Argentina, the next step would be to go for a sports betting site that offers lots of sports and markets to bet on. The more options you have, the better the chance of winning. And, of course, enjoyment.

✅ Payment Methods on Argentinian Sportsbooks

Payment methods are one of the elements that can provide us with more information about the seriousness and transparency of the bookmaker in particular. At this point, variety is one of the main things that we must value.

The greater the number of payment methods to which we have access, the more options to choose the one with which we feel more confident. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal… all the options are valid if we work with them on a regular basis.

✅ Customer Support

Customer service is one of the aspects that we always miss when we urgently need to solve a problem. Assessing it in advance becomes the necessary impulse to choose between the different options that we consider.

Depending on the website in question, we can find different channels: WhatsApp, telephone, or email. Any of them can be valid depending on the context in which we find ourselves. However, and as in the previous case, the greater the variety that we have before us, the greater number of options we will have.

✅ Demo Mode

The demo mode can be a good option when we are starting our journey in the sports betting sector in Argentina, but we are not yet familiar with the logic of the business, nor with the platform in question.

A bookmaker in Argentina with a demo mode will help us reduce the learning curve. At the same time, it will allow us to further gamify our experience.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Argentina

How to Bet on Sports in Argentina

If you have never made sports bets and would like to try the experience, follow these simple steps that are named below. The only thing you need to start betting online is a cell phone, a computer or a tablet, and an internet connection. If you have those, follow these 5 easy steps and try to make your first sports bets online!

1️⃣ Choose an Argentine Sportsbook

You must take into account that the website in question must operate in your country. It has to be legal, licensed, and offer many features (all of which have been listed above). When you have chosen the preferred bookmaker, it’s time for the next step.

2️⃣ Create Your User Account

Registration forms on betting websites are very simple – simply go to the official website and click on the “Register” button. From there, you will be redirected to fill out a form. Normally you must indicate your name, surnames, address, cell phone number, identification number (DNI or similar), and little else. All of this takes just a few minutes.

3️⃣ Select a Deposit Method for Argentinian Sports Bettors

Once you have created your user account, you must choose which deposit method you want to use to make your first money deposit. Make sure that banking methods are accessible to bettors in Argentina, as well as being safe.

We can group payment methods into several types:

  • Card payment options (Visa and Mastercard).
  • Bank transfers (from your bank to the betting operator’s account number).
  • Prepaid cards (with which you can deposit with cash, paying in advance at an establishment)
  • Virtual wallets (such as Muchbetter, Skrill, Neteller or Paypal).

4️⃣ Get Your Welcome Bonus

The betting websites offer welcome bonuses with the first deposit, so you can practice and make more bets with your deposit. There are many types of bonuses, and the most popular among Argentine players are:

  • Bonuses of 100% of your deposit: deposit 100 and receive another 100 in bonus money, so you can bet with 200.
  • Free bets: when you deposit your first 100, you receive X free bets.
  • Cashback of losses: bet and if you lose the bet, the money bet is returned to you.

5️⃣ Make Your First Online Bet in Argentina

When you have made your first deposit into your user account and received your welcome bonus, you will be able to place your first bet. Choose an upcoming match and a simple bet, such as who will win the match.

You can bet on live matches, in what is known as live betting, or choose a match that is played later, either on the same day or in the next few days. You can also choose a championship, be it a league from any country, or an international championship such as the Libertadores or the Champions League, and bet on the final winner of the tournament.

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Argentina

Argentina is known for world-class football players, but also basketball players. Naturally, many will love those sports and bet on them. But Argentines love martial arts as well, maybe equally to other “ball” sports, which makes the betting market in Argentina quite interesting. 

Here are the most popular sports that Argentines love to bet on:


Basketball is another favorite sport, and the national team has in recent times had some success culminating in a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The national league has sixteen teams and you will always find some important events in Argentina on which you can place your bets.


Football is especially popular in sports betting in Argentina. As a matter of fact, football is the favorite sport in Argentina, just like in many other countries in the world. People who follow the different teams and players are usually very passionate, and as such, football betting in Argentina is taken very seriously.

The Argentinian Football Super League is the main sports competition in the country. The league moves millions of pesos each year from tickets to matches and bets on Super League games.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has played an integral role in the growth of betting in Argentina. These races have been popular for a long time as evidenced by the Jockey Club of Buenos Aires which was founded in the year 1882. The number of racecourses increased in the 1990s, and when the option of betting outside the racecourses was established, sports betting opportunities in Argentina increased by leaps and bounds.


Boxing is another popular sport and millions of pesos are wagered every year in Argentina by some of the best-known boxers like Marcos Maidana who challenged Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.

MMA Fights

There are several MMA championships, nationally and internationally. The most famous MMA competition in the world is the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship). In this championship, several fighters from all over the world fight for the championship titles in the different weight categories.

In MMA and UFC betting, you can bet on the winner of the fight, how many rounds it will take, how the fight will end (knockout, submission, or judges' decision), as well as future bets. Argentina still doesn't have much of a tradition in MMA, so there aren't many fighters from the country participating in the UFC.

However, we can mention five names of Argentine fighters who are already in the UFC and who promise to be successful in this sport: Emiliano “He-man” Sordi, Bruno “Aquiles” Cannetti, Marcelo “Pitbull” Rojo, Silvana “La malvada” Gómez Juárez and Francisco “El croat” Barrio.

American football

The Argentine Rugby Team has managed to be extremely competitive on the world stage. Many of these players tend to play club rugby in Europe which has boosted the level of the national team allowing them to finish third in the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Other popular sports include volleyball, tennis, golf and polo, where huge bets are placed on these sports every day in Argentina.

💵 Types of Bets in Argentina

Types of Bets in Argentina

As there are many sports to bet on in Argentina, naturally, there will be many different markets and types of bets. The most popular ones are football bets, but there are also many other types of bets that Argentines love to play.

➡️ Football Bets

➡️ Argentinian Super League Qualifying Betting

Qualification bets refer to the first stage of the tournament, in which the 24 teams, divided into two groups, play each other and the best two teams in each group qualify for the final phase. In this type of bet, you can bet on which teams will qualify for the second phase of the tournament.

➡️ First Half and Final Result Bets

This type of bet is one of the simplest and most traditional: you only bet on the partial result of the match (score of the first half) and what the final result will be.

➡️ Goalscorer Betts

It is a type of future bet, that is, of results after the end of the Argentine Super League. In this case, you can bet on the player you think will be the tournament’s top scorer for the season.

➡️ Over/Under Bets (+/−)

➡️ Goals

In this other bet, you only risk the total number of goals in the match, regardless of the final score and the winner. For example, on the online betting site, you can bet that a match will have over or under 3 goals.

➡️ Corners

This is another bet on one aspect of a match. In this case, you can bet on the total number of corners in the game, as well as betting on the number of corners for each team.

➡️ Number of Cards (Yellow and Red)

The number of cards drawn in a match is also a matter of betting: how many yellow cards and how many red cards, total cards (between both teams), and total cards (yellow and red) for each team.

➡️ Exact Result

Here, you can bet on the exact final result of the match. Due to its popularity, this bet can be very profitable for winners.

➡️ No Tie Bet

Suitable for beginners, this type of bet is very simple: you only have to bet on the victory or loss of a team, with no possibility of a draw.

➡️ Horse Racing Bets in Argentina

➡️ Winner

This is the most important horse racing bet. Here, you only have to bet on the horse that will arrive first. Because it is so specific, this is the most profitable bet in this sport.

➡️ Place

For those who do not want to bet only on the winner, you can also make a Place bet, in which you bet that your horse will reach the first three positions.

➡️ Pools

The pool is a bet that is made in an attempt to guess which will be the first two horses, regardless of the order of arrival.

➡️ Betting on Argentine motorsports

Since the time of Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentine driver five times Formula 1 world champion, Argentines have fallen in love with car racing of all kinds. Let’s see some bets to make in the world of Argentine motorsports.

➡️ Race Winner

With similar logic to horse racing betting, you can bet on who will be the winner of a given race. The difference is that you can bet on the driver or on a team, which usually has more than one driver.

➡️ Championship Winner

This is a type of future bet in motorsports. Here, you bet on who will be the winner of the car championship. You can also bet on the driver or the champion team.

➡️ Pole Position

The Pole position is the first starting position. In this bet, you can bet on which driver or team will start in the first position.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Argentina

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Argentina

When you start in the world of betting in Argentina, sometimes it is not clear how the profit is calculated. It is really something very simple that we will explain below.

To calculate the gain or profit on a bet, you just have to multiply the odds at which you bet by the money invested. The confusion generally comes because you have to subtract from that account the bet, which was already yours, and it should not be included in the calculation of the net profit, which is what the bettor is interested in.

The formula for calculating the net profit would be this: Money bet x odds – Money Bet = Net Profit.

For example, the calculation of the profit on successful bets would be:

  • 100 pesos x 2.00 odds – 100 pesos invested = 100 net profit.
  • 100 x 2.20 – 100 = 120

In the case of failed bets, the amount played is lost, and that is the benefit of that bet, obviously, in negative.

It is important to be clear about the calculation of the net profit of our bets, which is the one that really interests the bettor to know if he is winning or not, and not to be confused with the gross calculation that the bookmakers in Argentina show us on many occasions in the coupons of bets, and that leads to confusion among bettors with less experience.

✅ Profit Margin of Sports Betting Sites in Argentina

To ensure economic profitability, the houses charge a commission on the money wagered by the players. The profit margin is directly reflected in the odds (higher profits for the house, lower odds) and is one of the factors to consider when selecting a bookmaker among the different offers.

An example of the odds of a football match:

  • Sign 1 means River Plate will win, the odds are 2.85
  • Sign X means tie, the odds are 3.10
  • Sign 2 means Boca Juniors will win, the odds are 2.20

The corresponding profit margin is given by:

  • Profit margin = 1/share [1] + 1/share [X] + 1/share [2]

In the given example:

  • Profit margin = 1/2.85 + 1/3.10 + 1/2.20 = 1.128

For each payment in prizes of 1 peso, the bookmaker earns an average of 1,128 pesos (the profit margin is 12.8%). Conversely, for every peso wagered, the bookmaker pays out an average of 0.8865 pesos in prizes (the payout fraction is 88.65%).

✅ Value Bets in Argentina

Sometimes it is interesting to know, based on the odds offered, the pure mathematical probability that the bookmaker estimates for each result.

The calculation would then be:

  • Probability [1] = 1/odds[1] • payment fraction
  • Probability [X] = 1/odds[X] • payment fraction
  • Probability [2] = 1/odds[2] • payment fraction

In the example above:

  • Probability [1] = 1/2.85 • 88.65% = 31.10%
  • Probability [X] = 1/3.10 • 88.65% = 28.60%
  • Probability [2] = 1/2.20 • 88.65% = 40.30%

The total probability is 100%, as expected. Of course, the odds are not exact estimates, but rather the assumptions of the bookmaker. Odds acquire a central role in the world of betting, which forces the player to have some basic knowledge of the laws of probability. Fortunately, it is enough to understand some very simple statistical principles to start betting in Argentina.

When performing a certain random experiment a very large number of times, the frequencies with which the different results occur tend to stabilize. Thus, the concept of probability arises as the fraction of cases in which an event occurs.

For example, the probability of getting a “four” when rolling a die is 1/6 because over a large number of rolls its relative frequency is about one in six (the die has six faces). The numerical value of the probability is between zero, if the event is “impossible”, and one if the event is “certain”.

✅ The Hope of Prize

In-game theory, the basic tool is the calculation of “averages”. Knowing the probability and the prize associated with an event, the expected prize is given by:

  • Prize Expectation = Probability x Prize

In the case of sports betting and decimal odds:

  • Prize Hope = Probability x Quota

If the bookmaker in Argentina makes very precise estimates of the probability of an event, then the expected payout is exactly the fraction of the payout. In the long run, the bettor’s prizes will be on average about 90% of the amount bet, that is, the bettor will lose about 10% of the money from it. But determining the probability of the various signs in a football game is not as simple as calculating the probability of rolling a “six” on a die. The bettor often has a different opinion about the odds of each sign, and if his own estimates are more accurate than the bookmaker’s, financial returns may be within his grasp.

  • Sign [1] River Plate 2.85
  • Sign [X] Tie 3.10
  • Sign [2] Boca Juniors 2.20
  • Given the above odds, the bookmaker estimates the following odds:
  • Sign [1] River Plate 0.311
  • Sign [X] Tie 0.286
  • Sign [2] Boca Juniors 0.403
  • If a bettor considers that Boca’s chances are greater (let’s put a probability of 0.5) then the expected prize of the sign [2], in his opinion, will be:
  • Expected prize = Probability x Odds = 0.5 x 2.20 = 1.10

Since the expected prize is greater than the unit, the bet is profitable (in this case the return would be 10%).

The “art” of betting is nothing more than the “art” of estimating odds more accurately than the bookmaker, although the bettors’ estimation is, in many cases, intuitive.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Argentinian Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Argentinian Online Betting Sites

The best sports betting bonuses in Argentina are the same types of bonuses that exist in sports betting around the world. These are popular and attractive welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses (or registration bonus), and free bets.

🎁 Deposit Bonuses on Argentinian Betting Sites

Now, the welcome bonus of the Argentine sports betting houses goes up to 100% of your first deposit. Having options to win up to 12000 pesos on average.

This bonus consists of each time you place a bet of 8500 or more (on three multiple bets, three selections, or more), you will receive 3000 in free bets and you can get the maximum bonus of 37000.

🎁 Cashback Bonus for Losses

Who plays and bets knows that you can’t always win. Losing hurts, but luckily foreign betting sites in Argentina can help us even in this painful eventuality. Many foreign bookmakers offer cashback formulas in which they return, in percentages, a part of what has been lost due to unsuccessful bets.

The cashback formulas and percentages are varied, as well as the duration of the cashback itself, with platforms that reason by calculating the value to be returned for the single day, the week, or the number of bets and losses related to the entire previous month.

🎁 Multiple Bet Bonuses

The prerogative of sports betting sites in Argentina is that of scalability – they offer better bonuses when you go to wager a multiple bet. Depending on the number of events entered, much higher winning percentages can be achieved.

🎁 Free Bets

These are the real strengths of bookmakers in Argentina, who give free betting bonuses when you make a deposit of a certain amount. Another way to get free bets is to check out temporary promotions that offer special bonuses for betting on particular events or leagues.

🎁 No Deposit Betting Bonus

Foreign betting sites are trustworthy, but many times they have to struggle with a narrative that has made them many times, quite unjustifiably, “bad and nasty”. To do this, foreign betting sites offer cash bonuses or free bets once registration is completed without making a deposit.

Complete the registration process, upload your identification documents and certify them so you can immediately get a bonus that can be $5, $10, $15, or a free bet for a certain event, or a free bet to use it however you want. This way you can test the reliability of the bookmaker and the variety of events available without risking a dime.

🎁 Conditions for Betting in Argentina

Foreign bookmakers usually have a low rollover (usually less than 7X), which is almost impossible to find in Argentine sites. This volume of play allows for cheap wagering requirements, making the overall gaming and betting experience better and easier.

Overseas-based betting sites also have lower minimum bet values. This low buy-in value allows you to place bets even on events where you have less experience, thereby increasing your gaming experience, your chance of winning, and overall fun.

In addition to the low value of the bets, the minimum deposit required to play is usually lower than in Argentine sites. The foreign bookmaker is aware that having a high barrier to entry is detrimental and has therefore lowered the minimum deposit compared to its competitors in Argentina.

In addition, the foreign bookmaker tends to have more interesting offers to attract new players and retain those who are already betting. For this reason, the amounts you can win are usually more attractive compared to Argentine betting sites.

💳 Payment Options at Argentinian Betting Sites

Payment Options at Argentinian Betting Sites

Each and every one of the safe and reliable bookmakers that operate in Argentina make totally secure payment methods available to users. However, there are some that may be better than others for the economic situation that Argentina is currently suffering.

Therefore, we are going to analyze all the payment methods that exist and their advantages and disadvantages in Argentina:

Electronic wallets – This is the payment method that is much recommended. Wallets such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal allow you to make the deposit in US Dollars or Euros and withdraw them in the same way, so we can control the exchange rate, without the bookmaker having anything to do with it.

Credit or Debit Cards – They have the security of the bank and are usually instant, but normally, and with few exceptions, it is not possible to make a currency exchange before depositing. Therefore, although it is a good payment method in practically any situation, not in one with the local currency losing value. Therefore, we do not recommend it to Argentine bookmakers.

Bank Transfers – They have the same problem as credit or debit cards. If the account is in pesos, it is deposited in pesos, always. Also, while convenient, bank transfers take much longer to process deposits and withdrawals.

Prepaid Cards – One of the safest options (only used to deposit), where Paysafecard is the most used worldwide. You just have to buy a card, you can buy it in Dollars or Euros and deposit with it. It is safe because we only use the money on the card. Its problem is that it does not allow withdrawals, so when making them we must choose another payment method.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Argentine Players?

Since many players from Argentina choose foreign betting sites, e-wallets are incredibly popular and suitable. They are fast, reliable, safe, offer many features but include some fees. On the other hand, credit and debit cards are fantastic when choosing national betting sites.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in the Argentina

6 Expert Tips for Betting in the Argentina

  1. Gambling is regulated by provinces and is not legal everywhere throughout Argentina. Pay close attention to where you live before depositing money at online betting sites.
  2. Many bettors from Argentina opt for foreign betting sites as they have quite good offers. But when doing so, the use of a VPN is a must and currency exchanges will oftentimes take place.
  3. While statistically most bets in Argentina are related to football, basketball, and martial arts, there are many quite profitable markets and sports, such as tennis and eSports that Argentines should try.
  4. While competition between Latin American countries is fierce in sports, betting on different leagues, apart from simply the national one, can be quite profitable (a practice that most Argentines avoid in general).
  5. There are many betting sites that offer special promotions for various special competitions and events. Such promotions can lead to huge winnings if used correctly.
  6. While many Latin Americans look at sports betting as a way of escaping poverty, the fact is that it should be considered more of an entertainment than a source of income. Remember, if everyone won more than what they invested, the bookmakers wouldn’t exist.
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Every province in Argentina regulates gambling laws according to its views. Find your province and definitely see what the law says about gambling.

There are many dodgy betting sites on the internet and therefore players should be aware of which one they are choosing. Always go for legal and licensed betting houses.

Betting at legal and certified online betting sites is always safe in Argentina.

The state does not include any limits to online betting but the bookmaker and the banking option of your choice might. For example, the Central Bank of Argentina has set credit card deposit limitations to international sites.

Taxes should be paid where gambling is legal. Since there are three ways of gambling taxation in Argentina, as well as different provincial regulations, it is best to get to know the laws and regulations of your province.

Withdrawal limits depend on both the betting site and the banking option. Some offer instant withdrawals, and sometimes you’ll have to wait for days (when using bank transfers, for example).

As every bettor has their personal preferences, the best betting site would be the one that best suits your needs, in terms of sports and markets offered, good odds, and payment methods offered.

Argentine bettors can bet on various sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, martial arts, moto races, horse races, eSports, etc.

The most popular sports to bet on in the Philippines are basketball, tennis, and eSports. Football and martial arts come close as well.

Generally, most sports betting sites in the Philippines offer decimal betting odds but there are some that offer fractional as well.

Free Bets are possible to find in the Philippines although they are not that common,

The sign-up, or Welcome bonus, can be collected in two ways – either immediately upon registration, or after the first deposit. It will depend on a betting house.

There is a program for the prevention of gambling addiction that can be reached by phone line – 02614247536, or by sending an email to [email protected].

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