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Best Betting Sites in Brazil for 2023

In times when everything is slowly moving online, so does sports betting. Times of waiting in lines to create your betting slip just in time before the game is over. Nowadays, you can bet whenever you want within just a few minutes. Also, all the results are immediately available when the matches finish. 

Naturally, as sports betting sites offer many conveniences, lots of Brazilian bettors have gone online. There is a huge selection of sports betting sites in Brazil but it can cause some sweet doubts, such as which sports betting site to choose. 

In further text, find out more about the best sports betting sites in Brazil for 2023, as well as their conveniences, best bonuses, how to choose them, and much more.

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⚖️ Brazilian Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Brazilian Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Sports betting has been banned in Brazil since 1946. However, despite the prohibitive legislation, betting never ceased to take place, initially, in illegal stalls and, more recently, through the internet, in specialized websites, based in territories where there is no “fence”. In fact, millions of Brazilians place virtual sports bets every day, for many years, moving billions. Brazil, aware of the global changes and the damage resulting from the non-regulation of such a market, enacted a law in December 2018.

“Fixed-odds” bets are those in which the bettor, when pointing out the outcome of the sporting event, is already aware of the prize he may receive for the result. As legally established, the fixed-odds lottery must refer to real sports-themed events and will be a public service exclusively owned by the Union, whose exploitation will be “authorized or granted” by the Ministry of Economy in a competitive environment.

However, although in force, the legal diploma still lacks regulation. Because of this, precisely as a result of the nature of a “public service” conferred on fixed-odds sports betting by the law, it may be extended for a further two years. Problems relating to bettors (among others, issues related to pathological gambling and betting by minors) will not be addressed and three problems inherent to the betting market and sports will be highlighted – tax evasion; money laundering, and manipulation of sporting events results.

As has already been reported, the performance of sports betting is a criminal misdemeanor typified in the Brazilian legal system. However, online bookmakers based in countries where the practice is allowed (such as Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Curaçao, and Malta) operate freely in Brazil. As, in practice, the bet is only placed when the data is received on the server based on international soil, bets placed in a foreign territory are not subject to the application of national prohibitive legislation.

And, thus, the first problem that occurs to be minimized with the regulation of Law No. 13,756/2018: tax evasion. This is because, through this legal loophole that makes sports betting a reality decoupled from regulation, approximately R$2.7 billion in possible taxes are not collected annually.

Through the regulation of Law No. 13,756/2018, tax revenue from the betting market will come from (i) operators, who, by acting in a lawful and regulated manner, will generate jobs and income susceptible to taxation; (ii) the proceeds from the collection of the fixed-odds lottery, which will be allocated to social security, public security, education and sports; and (iii) the betting prizes themselves, which, as already provided for in the legal text, will be subject to IRPF.

Since the publication of the legal diploma in question, several specialized entities have been

carrying out studies and projections regarding the future Brazilian sports betting market. In this context, it is projected that the Brazilian sports betting market can reach USD 1.56 billion annually. Therefore, given the numbers already known and those tended, it appears that the tax collection resulting from the regulation of the Brazilian betting market will represent a relevant source of revenue for the State, moving away (or reducing) the tax evasion that currently exists in the sector.

As has already been pointed out, values ​​of figures in billions circulate worldwide in betting stands. Such amounts are transacted absolutely quickly and, many times, without adequate supervision. For this reason, the sports betting market has attracted criminal organizations that use it as a means of laundering money, the second problem inherent to the sports betting market in Brazil.

Evidently, the risk of using the sports betting market for money laundering is increased in a scenario in which betting takes place in an unregulated manner. For this reason, it is relevant that the regulatory decree of Law No. 13,756/2018 provides for mechanisms to prevent money laundering.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Brazil?

Online sports betting is legal in Brazil, although it is quite unregulated. New regulations will take place soon and Brazilian bettors need to be up-to-date.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Brazil

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Brazil

A simple search on the internet is enough to realize that there are dozens of sports betting houses available for bettors in Brazil. That’s why choosing a bookmaker to play games can be challenging. Here are the main things to pay attention to.

✅ Safety and Security of Brazilian Sportsbooks

The first item is the bookmaker’s safety and reliability; after all, when it comes to investing money in a virtual environment, care is needed!

To understand if a bookmaker is reliable, check if the brand has a license to operate, which is usually stated in the footer of the site.  As we do not yet have a licensing agency in Brazil, it is common for agencies in Curaçao and Great Britain to be responsible for this release. The best bookmakers are those that follow strict security standards, such as having an operating license and data protection systems.

✅ Design and Functionality of Sports Betting Sites in Brazil

In addition, the design and functionality have an impact on a sports betting site in Brazil to be selected. After all, the more organized the online page is, the better it will be for the gambler’s experience.

✅ Language

The language presented on the betting sites is also an important point. This is because many housing options are not fully translated into Portuguese. The need for a platform in Portuguese lies in the understanding of game rules or bonus guidelines.

✅ Different Payment Methods at Brazilian Bettin Sites

The facilitation of some activities for bettors is also taken into account; for example, the best bookmakers in Brazil need to have different payment methods. With more payment options, the bettor has the freedom to choose whatever system he prefers, like Pay4Fun, Skrill, Pix, or credit card. It is also necessary to observe if the available payment methods are reliable and safe.

✅ Bonuses and Promotions for Brazilian Sports Bettors

It is clear that the evaluation of bonuses could not be excluded from the criteria. This is because their presence is essential for most bettors to register on a platform. In bonuses, in addition to observing the value, the wagering requirements are also analyzed, that is, what needs to be done to guarantee a profit with the bonus.

Checking the bonus space to analyze what are the advantages that the bookmaker is offering to users is also indicated; in addition, welcome bonuses are interesting, but other types, for already registered users, are also important.

✅ Selection of Sports in Brazil

The best sports betting sites in Brazil are those that have a good variety of sports betting modalities. This item is important for two reasons: the first is to expand the possibilities for users, who have more freedom to choose between matches from Brazil and the world; the second is to balance the odds.

Often, a sporting event that has an “obvious” result does not present interesting odds. With more possibilities for sports betting, the house is able to monitor the indices to make everything more attractive to everyone. So, it is important to know that each bookmaker has a different catalog of sports and, in common among all platforms, popular sports, such as football, but not so well-known modalities are not always present on all pages.

Thus, these are the main criteria that more experienced punters observe before entering a bookmaker’s site. The tip is always to do research before registering. In the same way that the user who uses Pix must check if the method is available, it is necessary to check if the preferred method of payment is in the sports betting catalog of a website.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Brazil

How to Bet on Sports in Brazil

Once the best sports betting houses are chosen according to the bettor’s preference, it is necessary to create a registration to start playing and, in this case, there are also some tips to follow.

  1. In Brazil, only people over 18 can register at sports betting houses or casinos. So if anyone is under 18, they should still wait to start playing.
  2. To register on a website, simply locate the “Register” or “Sign up” button, normally present in the top menu of the platform. In this space, personal data are registered and, in some cases, the chosen bonus or the welcome bonus code will be identified.
  3. Not all bookmakers ask for a complete registration in this first step. However, it is recommended that, in these cases, the user enters the other information in their profile as soon as they complete the process. This is because there are bonuses that are only released upon complete registration.
  4. In some bookmakers, when requesting your first withdrawal — via Pix, pay4fun or skrill — you need to present your personal documents. This is a security step, being done by sending photos of these documents.

The following are the sports that are usually always present in the best sports betting sites in Brazil:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Horse races
  • Table tennis
  • Futsal
  • Martial arts
  • Motorsport
  • Billiards/Snooker
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • e-Sports
  • Ski
  • Formula 1
  • American Football
  • Golf
  • Wrestling
  • Chess

Naturally, not all of them are always present at every sports betting site in Brazil, therefore you must carefully choose the site in order to bet on your favorite sport. But the most popular sports to bet on in Brazil are:


Mentioning football is quite obvious since its popularity is notorious and evident to Brazilians. The interest generated by the world, continental, and national league competitions make football move more than 100 billion dollars every year in sports betting! This is also often the most popular choice among most novice bettors in Brazil due to their familiarity with the game.

Content, betting tips, and sponsorships in Brazilian football clubs are increasingly frequent, after all, this is the most popular sport around here and the football betting market itself is gigantic.

Horse Racing

Although not the most popular sport with repercussions in Brazil, horse racing is one of the best sports to bet on and attracts a great level of attention from punters around the world. The tradition and number of events work in favor of horse racing since they are events where betting has been carried out since the end of the 19th century and races take place with great frequency, allowing bettors to work on a large number of events if they wish. It is estimated that currently, horse racing moves about 100 billion dollars a year.


The sport that has had the greatest growth and popularity in recent years is also the focus of attention of gamblers around the world, Brazil included. In case you are not familiar with it, it is important to note that eSports is a term given to competitions in electronic games, such as CS:GO, FIFA, League of Legends, Dota 2, among others.

Much due to the abrupt growth, this is one of the best sports to bet on, as it allows you to find more opportunities than in the others where there is a greater level of experience among bettors and even the bookmakers themselves.


Just like horse racing, boxing is another sport where sports betting is very traditional, after all, it’s hard not to mention “Las Vegas stock exchanges” odds before a fight. Fights involving big names, such as Floyd Mayweather Jr until recently, can involve tens of millions of dollars for the fighters, and other markets such as pay-per-view and bookmakers are also directly impacted by the expectations generated.

Currently, the combat sport that has gained the most growth in Brazil is MMA, and sports betting has followed this rapid popularity.

American Sports

American sports also have a great tradition in sports betting and in recent years, leagues such as the NFL (American football) and MLB (baseball) have gained increasing popularity worldwide, as has already happened with the NBA (basketball).

These modalities are also among the best sports to bet on, as they are traditionally rich in providing statistics, which tends to help bettors. It is estimated, for example, that a volume greater than 12 billion dollars is wagered in the current season of the American football league.

💵 Types of Bets in Brazil

Types of Bets in Brazil

There are different types of bets in Brazil but the most common types of bets are singles, combinations, and crosses.

➡️ Single Bets

Their very name indicates it, they are the simplest bets. These are bets where we throw money into a single event. It’s as easy as betting on a team winning or losing. If the final result matches the prediction made, we will win the bet and the profit obtained will be the result of multiplying the odds by the amount bet.

➡️ Combined Bets in Brazil

In combination betting, we make two or more predictions on the same bet, without these events necessarily having to be with the same sport. To win the bet, it will be necessary that all predictions made coincide with the final result.

➡️ Cross Bets at Brazilian Sportsbooks

In cross-betting, bookmakers act as mere intermediaries between users. In this type of bet, it is the bettors who create the odds, the users who back bet agree with those who do so by crossing their bets.

➡️ Betting Market in Brazil

The demand for online sports betting in Brazil is constantly increasing. At this point, it is not enough for a betting site to present betting markets in the main sports. The requirements are that the vast majority of sports can be bet on, as well as a greater selection of betting markets.

First, it is important to understand that the concept of liquidity is associated with the number of bets on a given market. Thus, with greater liquidity, it will mean that you will have approved sports bets for larger amounts. Can you imagine, after receiving your bonus, not being able to match the total amount of your bet? Well, in the most popular betting markets you won’t have this problem.

With this component in mind, we will now analyze which betting markets are most popular among Brazilian bettors. However, it is crucial to point out that it is often not in these markets that you will find the best opportunities to find good bets.

➡️ Most Popular Betting Markets in the Brazilian Market

➡️ 1X2 Market

Even without having a deep knowledge of the world of online sports betting, it is difficult not to know the much talked about “Mercado 1×2”. In this market, you can bet on which team you think will win the game in the final result. In addition, the “X” is the tie option, which you should also consider for sports such as football. In the case of basketball, for example, this market no longer has this “X”, as there is no room for ties.

Even so, and in addition to this “1×2 Market”, these are other betting options with a lot of liquidity, whether in live betting or even pre-live:

➡️ Over/Under 2.5 Goals

In this market, you will be betting whether a game will end with less or more than 2 goals.

➡️ Asian or European Handicap

Through this market, you will be able to be taking or adding goals. The objective is that, for example, you can invest in higher odds for the favorites.

➡️ Exact Result

As the name implies, in this betting market you will be risking an exact result. Because it is more difficult to win this bet, its odds are usually higher than in other markets.

In short, evaluating all the betting market options available in a game is not only creating chances of being able to bet as value, but also gives greater freedom to the bettor himself. That’s why you should look for sports betting sites in Brazil that offer as many markets per game as possible. The entry of sports betting will increase the amounts invested in sports, especially in football. The expectation is for at least another R$ 100 million only in Série A of the Brasileirão.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Brazil

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Brazil

Sports betting sites in Brazil establish odds by determining the probability factor of an event’s outcomes. In a sports competition, there are usually not only three possible outcomes – a win for each team (or individual, pairs, etc) or a draw. So in a football game, for example, there will likely be a favorite team, which is expected to play and win, leaving the other team facing the big outcome most unlikely to produce a win.

This is the basics of how the Brazilian bookmaker will determine your bets. Naturally, the bookmaker is not going to set generous odds on the favorite team or else every bettor would bet on that offer and the bookmaker would always lose.

They will ten offer generous odds that the most unlikely outcome will turn a profit. This is part of the way bookmakers look to earn some profits, urging the bettor to back the underdog, although the chance that the underdog will prevail is extremely small. If the sporting event comes to its natural conclusion with the favorite winning, the Brazilian bookmaker will have profited from all the losing bets placed on the underdog and will offset smaller losses with the bets paid to those who bet on the favorite.

A big part of your betting strategy is striking the delicate balance between taking small profits by betting on big favorites (which itself carries some degree of risk, as always, because favorites sometimes lose), or risking losing your bet, in search of higher profits.

Naturally, the bookmaker wants you to do the latter because it’s for your benefit. Remember that the bookmaker is running a business and they are there to take care of themselves and yes, make a profit. The bookmaker will earn its profit through the bets, adding to the game the general odds, the margin of excess of its prices.

This is in order to provide even more coverage for you the way punters bet. For example, if you are betting on a football game and converting the odds to odds percentages, the total percentage will always be more than 100%. The excess in the odds is the profit margin for the bettor.

Just like the bookmaker works out their odds based on different sports and markets across their industry, you can convert those odds into an odds number just to see what kind of value you’re actually getting.

For fractional odds (which can be found with some betting sites), you just need to do a little equation, which is as follows: z divided by (y+z). When you see odds of 2/9, for example, look at them (and this works for all odds) as y/z, and then you can do the math. First add the two numbers of the fraction, which is 2+9. Then divide the second part of the fraction (in this case, the number 9), by what the figure is. So 9 is divided by (2+9), which is equal to 0.81. Multiply that by 100 to get your percentage, and you see that odds of 2/9 have an 81% chance of happening.

For decimal odds (which are more commonly used in Brazil), you just divide 100 by the odds. So if the odds are 1.25, then it’s going to be 100 divided by 1.25 which equals 80%, which means odds of 1.25 have an 80% probability of happening.

This is all up to the bookmakers and you have to decide if you want to go with them or in the opposite direction. Remember that when two football teams take to the field, the probability of each outcome occurring is not the same. It’s not like flipping a coin where you have an exact 50/50 chance that any outcome will happen. Some teams are stronger than others, and this is where there is a variance in betting. Finding value and profit at the odds set by bookmakers is the bettor’s job.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Brazilian Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Brazilian Online Betting Sites

Every sports betting site in Brazil will offer certain bonuses and promotions to their new and existing players. These can be used for a better betting experience. The following is a list and a short description of what are the most common bonuses and promotions in Brazil.

🎁 Bonuses at Brazilian Sportsbooks

  • Welcome Bonus,
  • Free bets,
  • No Deposit Bonus.

🎁 Welcome Bonus in Brazil

Welcome bonus, also known as a sign-up bonus, is the most common type of bonus offered by online bookmakers in Brazil. Basically, you receive a percentage of the amount of your first deposit. This percentage is usually 100%, but it can vary depending on a bookmaker.

Let’s say you sign up for an online bookmaker in Brazil that offers a 100% welcome bonus up to R$200. In this case, when you deposit BRL 200, you will receive BRL 200 as a bonus, leaving a total of BRL 400 in your account to bet on.

🎁 Free Bets

Gambling for free sounds too good to be true, but some sports betting sites in Brazil will offer free bets as a welcome bonus to new users.

Free bets are values ​​that betting sites offer you to bet. If you win, you keep your winnings, but not your original stake. This profit may come with or without requirements, depending on the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Free bets are beneficial for both you and the betting site. You can profit without risking your own money, while the betting site provides you with fun and learning, aiming to make you a more regular bettor.

🎁 No Deposit Bonus at Brazilian Sports Betting Sites

No Deposit Bonus, as the name implies, is a bonus that you receive without the need for a prior deposit. This bonus is very attractive as you have the opportunity to gamble without risking your own money.

A no deposit bonus can be offered for the simple fact that you open an account on a betting site in Brazil or it can be related to some special event, like the World Cup, for example. For an already registered bettor, this bonus can be offered in the form of a free bet or a risk-free bet.

The downside of no deposit bonuses is that they often have strict rollover conditions and minimum odds. Although they are very attractive, it can be difficult to turn them into cash.

🎁 Promotions at Brazilian Sportsbooks

As stated, welcome bonuses often offer the best bonuses from a betting site as an incentive for new punters to sign up. However, punters who have been registered for a longer time with online bookmakers are not forgotten. They can also participate in different promotions as well as loyalty programs where they can earn great rewards. These can come in many shapes and forms, such as birthdays, special events, friend referrals, etc.

🎁 Requirements

1️⃣ Bonus Type and Amount

The first point to note is what type of bonus is offered and, of course, its value. Many punters tend to choose the higher-value bonuses, but this is not necessarily the best choice. Despite receiving the highest value to bet, these bonuses usually have unfavorable conditions. That being said, when choosing a high bonus, you will certainly have to wager a large amount before converting it into cash.

2️⃣ Rollover

Most bonuses in Brazil require a rollover, also called a turnover on some betting sites. Rollover is the number of times you have to wager the bonus to convert it into cash. Some sports betting sites in Brazil require rollover for bonus amount only, while other sites require rollover for deposit amount + bonus amount.

3️⃣ Minimum Odds

By reading the conditions of a bonus, you will find information about the minimum odds. They are the lowest accepted odds for the bet to count towards the required rollover.

When choosing a bonus in Brazil, it is important to consider the minimum odds as they affect the chances of you winning your bet. The chance of you winning a bet with an odds of 1.40 is approximately 71%. A bet with odds of 2.00, the probability of you winning decreases to 50%. In this case, the risk is higher and the chance of you winning drops considerably.

Minimum odds are required by sports betting sites so that you cannot easily claim your bonus, betting only on the big favorites of each match, for example.

4️⃣ Time Limit

Betting bonuses in Brazil usually have an expiry date, the period in which the rollover must be fulfilled. If you do not meet this requirement during the expiry period, the bonus value and any profit associated with it will tend to be lost.

The longer the bonus validity period, the greater the chances that you will find good games to use it. This period is usually 30 days but can vary considerably. Some sports betting sites in Brazil may only offer 7 days, while others go as far as offering a period of 60 days or more.

5️⃣ Bonus Code

To receive some welcome bonuses, you must enter a code. This code is usually requested when making the first deposit. Although some sports betting sites in Brazil still use bonus codes for their promotions, newer and more modern betting sites tend not to use them anymore.

💳 Payment Options at Brazilian Betting Sites

Payment Options at Brazilian Betting Sites

There are many banking options in Brazil when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money to and from betting sites. Remember to check your availability at the bookmaker of your choice.

Not all betting sites provide these modalities for the Brazilian public – as is the case with Boleto Bancário.

These are the most popular and common banking options in sports betting sites in Brazil.

Bank Slip – Let’s start with the most controversial method – many people choose to pay with Boleto Bancario at the beginning. But you can’t forget that it can be a big headache when receiving money.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to withdraw with a bank slip. It works like this: the bookmaker generates an amount that you have to pay. This amount is what will be credited to your account. You will go to a bank, a lottery shop, or even your Internet Banking and you will pay this amount. It is linked to a barcode, which is found on the bank slip, which can be either a physical paper or a PDF document.

And once you pay it, it can take 1-5 days for the bookmaker to receive your payment. So, for some Brazilian bettors, it can be tricky to use this method. But more and more bookmakers have adopted Boleto.

PIX – PIX is one of the most recent methods in Brazil and is already quite successful due to its ease and agility. Bookmakers have noticed this and many have already included this payment method on their websites. Like Boleto, PIX serves only as a means of deposit. But there is a big difference:

At PIX the transaction is instantaneous! Before opting for this method of payment at bookmakers, however, remember to activate your PIX key first.

Pay4Fun – Pay4Fun is another payment method widely used by bookmakers in Brazil. The online payment platform allows you to make withdrawals and deposits. Its main advantage is the speed of transactions. But there are other points that make Pay4Fun a good option to make your payments:

  • Safety,
  • Market credibility,
  • Ease of adding funds on the platform,
  • At Pay4Fun, withdrawals and deposits are immediate!

VCredits – VCredits (or VCréditos) is a very popular virtual wallet among Brazilians. Therefore, many bookmakers offer this payment method.

To use it is very simple:

  • Create an account on the VCréditos website.
  • deposit a value,
  • Transfer the balance to your preferred betting site.

So, you are able to make deposits and withdrawals using this virtual wallet. The main advantage of VCréditos is that transactions are immediate, making life easier for the bettor.

Credit Card – Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular payments and withdrawal methods on betting sites. But not all Brazilians can use it as it is still illegal to bet on national territory. Therefore, paying with a Brazilian credit card has created complications for some gamblers. Firstly, because many banks in Brazil block transactions involving sports betting. Even if they are betting on foreign sites.

You need to talk to your manager to confirm whether your card allows this type of transaction or not. If the bank accepts, it is necessary to check the fees charged for transactions carried out abroad. Add this to the rates charged by bookmakers, which can range from 5% to 10% on top of your prize. If your bank does not accept credit card transactions, the only way to receive the money is through virtual wallets.

Virtual Wallets – E-wallets are virtual spaces to store money online. The strong point of the service is agility.

With virtual wallets, your money comes at the moment it’s transferred! 

The best known and most used option today is PayPal, which by the way has one of the best security standards in the world! Ecopayz also stands out.

Another advantage of virtual wallets is that you can work with all types of currencies in them. Real, Euro, and even Bitcoin. Not to mention that they do not require any type of charge to be maintained, much fewer documents to be opened.

Bank Transfers – If you transfer to a bookmaker, you must receive your money in the same way and in the same source account. The main advantage is that it is a secure method, as all actions are recorded in your bank account. And any problems you have, just alert the bank. The downside is time, as it takes an average of 2-3 business days for the money to be available.

However, it is important to remember that the amount for depositing and withdrawing using Pay4Fun may vary depending on the betting site.

Prepaid Cards – Prepaid cards are connected to your bank account. It is a payment method considered one-way, that is, they only serve to deposit money. The most recommended are Astropay and Paysafecard. If you use this method to buy credits at a bookmaker, you will receive your winnings directly into your bank account.

Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Despite this, not everyone understands its use. First of all, it is important to understand that not every sports betting site in Brazil offers this option.

And when it does, you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet. If you win in your bets, you can also receive your payment in cryptocurrency.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Brazilian Players?

Due to legality problems in Brazil, the best way is to use e-Wallets. Yes, they pull some fees with them but they are safe, secure, and instant. Another option recommended is the cryptocurrency market but not a lot of sports betting sites in Brazil will offer such options.

👍 5 Expert Tips for Betting in Brazil

5 Expert Tips for Betting in Brazil

  1. As online sports betting in Brazil is quite unregulated, there are some difficulties that Brazilian bettors may come against. Therefore, going for reputable foreign betting sites with the use of a VPN is quite important.
  2. In addition, some banks in Brazil may cause problems when using a personal account for online betting. Therefore, intermediaries such as e-wallets are always a great option.
  3. Many betting sites are Brazil-friendly but not all will provide the best service to Brazilian bettors. Good research is needed to find the one that best suits your needs.
  4. When in doubt, create several betting accounts at different bookmakers. Having more options will benefit you greatly. Of course, make sure that these options are certified and secure.
  5. Although football is by far the sport most bet on in Brazil, it is also the most unpredictable. Expanding your knowledge to other sports, such as tennis and eSports will likely provide better profits in the future.
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So far, gambling is illegal in Brazil but will soon become legal.

Gambling online in Brazil is safe when done with utmost precautions, such as going to legal and licensed sites and the use of VPN.

Betting on sports online in Brazil is safe when done with utmost precautions, such as going for legal and licensed sites and the use of VPN.

The state does not set any limits therefore only the casino and banking options will make such limits, and they depend individually.

Right now, as betting is still illegal, you don’t have to pay taxes nor report winnings (apart from lotto and horse racing). As all forms of gambling should soon be legal, the situation will likely change.

Choosing fast banking options will determine how long the processing times will last. It can be from minutes to days, depending on payment options.

The best sports betting site will be the one that fulfills your needs. Make sure to always go for reputable and certified betting sites (safety comes first), and then look for other perks, such as good bonuses, customer support in Portuguese, etc.

Brazil is full of foreign betting sites and therefore a selection of sports to bet on will be immense. You can always find popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, but also less popular ones like darts, snooker, and eSports.

Being the land of football, it is only natural that football is the sport most bet on in Brazil.

Since bookmakers in Brazil are all foreign ones, several different betting odds can be found – those are decimal, fractional, and American odds. Decimals are the most common ones.

Some bookmakers in Brazil will offer free bets as part of bonuses and promotions.

You can either claim it simply by registering or upon the first deposit. Some betting sites will ask for special codes, although these are slowly disappearing.

Brazilian bettors who experience gambling addiction can send an email to [email protected] or call 0800 810 8181. Visiting a local psychiatrist is also a good option.

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