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Best Betting Sites in Colombia for 2023

As one of the most advanced countries in Latin America (if not the most advanced when it comes to laws and regulations towards gambling and betting), Colombia regulated online gambling a short time ago. Since then, the list of bookmakers available to Colombian bettors has been expanding, currently reaching almost 20 different platforms.

All these operators offer bettors complete reliability and security, operating under a license granted by Coljuegos, the regulatory body of the Colombian Government. Sports betting sites in Colombia offer many types of bets and a wide variety of markets, along with a very extensive sports offer.

Be that as it may, in a plethora of options, many potential bettors will get lost and want help in choosing a sports betting site in Colombia. Read this text to find out more about sports betting in Colombia – laws, markets, offers, best sites, bonuses, and much more.

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⚖️ Colombian Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Colombian Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

In 2015, the Colombian government joined forces with Coljuegos, a state-owned industrial and commercial company in charge of regulating the sector, which had been created in 2011. Thanks to this union, at the end of the year, a first regulation was drafted with procedures and standards regarding online gaming technologies, which had to be followed in order to obtain an activity license.

On this basis, at the end of 2016, the first law on internet gambling was approved in Colombia. Since then, online gaming operators have been authorized to offer gaming and betting products in the country as long as they have obtained the aforementioned authorization or license from Coljuegos, to which they must pay a tax of 16% of their gross winnings in accordance with the law.

Their work has decisively contributed to financing the health system since the collections obtained from Colombian sports betting houses that operate online are destined to improve the national health system. Such is the case that, since the creation of Coljuegos, gambling and betting have contributed to this end the amount of 3.8 billion Colombian pesos, from collections for exploitation rights and tax rates.

The path followed by Colombia to regulate the game, specifically the one that takes place online, is having an impact on the average spending of the Colombian bettor. According to Coljuegos, the average betting website user spent only $20 in 2015, while in 2017 (with the regulation) the figure had risen to $94. In addition, some estimates suggest that this spending could triple in 2022.

Coljuegos has promoted new online gaming modalities such as live casinos, bingo with the player’s remote presence, and the immediate response incentive, which was approved by the National Council for Games of Luck and Chance. The fact is that the rest of the countries in the region look to Colombia to elaborate their regulations on online gambling.

A key factor in the increase in online betting is the growing penetration of the internet in the country. Today it already reaches 69%, while mobile connectivity is close to 120%; that is, in Colombia, there is more than one mobile device per inhabitant. Smartphones are the clear dominators in terms of devices used since 93% of Colombians access the internet through smartphones.

Many current sports betting sites in Colombia have plenty of experience in the gaming business and have a great proposal for betting on football online. In addition, new online bookmakers are constantly applying for licenses and work permits in Colombia and the list, therefore, is expected to get longer and longer in further years.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Colombia?

Sports betting, as well as casino gambling, is fully legalized in Colombia. There are certain criteria that bookmakers have to fulfill in order to get a license from the state. This provides player protection and a safe gambling experience.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Colombia

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Colombia

Before choosing a bookmaker in Colombia, it is always a good idea to check its specific characteristics. In general, the offer is not the same depending on the betting platform you choose. Each user has their own preferences when betting. For example, there may be customers who are more attracted by promotions. Others, however, value betting markets or other features.

Therefore, the best choice will depend on each one. And these are the most important points that will greatly affect the customer’s experience when betting in Colombia.

✅ Legality, Security, and Trust at Colombian Sportsbooks

Coljuegos, Industrial and Commercial State Company Administrator of the Income Monopoly of Games of Luck and Chance – its job is to ensure a legal and safe environment for Colombian users. For this reason, all the Colombian bookmakers that have the Coljuegos seal printed on their main page are completely safe and legal.

With this, you can ensure that all your personal data, as well as the transactions you carry out, are completely protected. In this way, you will have no reason to worry and you can focus solely on sports betting in Colombia, or its casino games. The ‘Authoriza Coljuegos’ seal guarantees a safe environment.

✅ Bonuses and Promotions at Betting Sites in Colombia

One of the most demanded searches when making sports bets in Colombia are bonuses and promotions. The best sports betting sites in Colombia have offers of all kinds, be it welcome bonuses for new users, bets or free spins, bonuses for your second and third deposit, improved odds, etc.

With this, you, as a user, could benefit from a series of advantages that could be an important extra in your plays. The best bonuses and their release terms and conditions are always analyzed, and you can consult them at all times.

✅ Betting Markets

Bonuses and promotions would be worth nothing if the user did not have sports markets in which to play. For this reason, players should always be directed to the betting markets, the odds, and all the possibilities offered by the best Colombian bookmakers.

Hundreds of markets at your fingertips, the possibility of following broadcasts of events via streaming or withdrawing bets ahead of time. Everything influences the betting experience in the long term and has available the option to make sports bets in Colombia with a handicap, exact markers, or even bet on virtual sports and events of all kinds.

✅ Betting Odds at Colombian Sportsbooks

Absolutely all sports betting sites in Colombia have certain odds for sports markets. This means that depending on the bet you make and the amount you play, your winnings will be those indicated by said quota.  That is why it is important to take it into account when betting.

That is when the comparison between bookmakers in Colombia gains importance in this regard. In other words, one operator may offer a better rate than another for the same event and specific bet. That will mean that you could win more with better odds by playing the same money and making the same sports prediction.

✅ Payment Methods at Betting Sites in Colombia

Absolutely all payment platforms that are enabled for the client must guarantee data security and protection. And that precisely is what happens with the payment methods available in the main Colombian bookmakers. In turn, a wide range of options in this regard will always be a positive point.

✅ Customer Service

The possibility of amending any problem, incident, or doubt you have with Colombian bookmakers must be present. For that reason, always make sure that the operator contains complete customer service. User support will be of great help, but it is also desirable that it be agile and efficient.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Colombia

How to Bet on Sports in Colombia

In Colombia, it is common to find euphoria in sports. These are activities that have permeated the depths of the Colombian citizen, becoming culture, custom, and topics of conversation at all times.

This is why, when an opportunity arises to be able to make profits in a short time using the knowledge of sports, nobody lets it escape. And that is what has happened since online sports betting houses have been legalized throughout the nation, which means that anyone can play with their money on web portals regulated by national or international entities.

All you have to do is register, verify your account, deposit the money to be used and bet according to the predictions of the matches that you prefer, with different options such as best player, number of points, injuries, and many more which help to generate more profits at the end of the session.

All websites allow you to play a multitude of sports, and you should use an online casino without a problem. The best thing is that you can put money in several sports at the same time and multiply the profits.

In summary, there are 3 steps that must be followed to bet legally at sportsbooks:

1️⃣ Step 1 – Find a Legal Online Colombian Bookmaker

Patiently choosing the online platform that is going to be used to bet on sports is very important, since depending on the page, you can get special promotions and bonuses to boost your earnings.

In addition, the references and regulations of the web must also be reviewed before doing anything else, only in this way can you ensure that the company will comply with your withdrawal of money.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Register

Once you have chosen the Colombian bookmaker you are going to use; you must create an account to be able to be a user and use the platform. It is a simple process in which they will ask for personal data, a username (which will be an email that you use and that you can confirm), and a password.

After this, you will already be a member of the community of the bookmaker in which you have registered.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Verify the Account and Deposit the Money to Use

The account created only once must be verified in order to withdraw the money that is obtained as winnings for the bets that are made. The procedure takes 24 hours maximum and the bookmaker may only ask for an identity document and a service invoice (depending on a platform) as confirmation of the residence address.

Once done, the money can be deposited and used in sports matches or tournaments that are in season or in progress. On the other hand, you have to know that the platforms may require a minimum amount of money to enter, which can be from $10 and up.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Bet at Colombian Sportsbook

And that’s it! You are ready to place some bets. Choose your favorite sports, select the games and markets that you want on your betting slip, place a bet, and wait. The lucky ones will have their account enriched by more money, which they can either withdraw or use for further betting.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Colombia

A good betting page should offer the sports that Colombians like. Bearing that in mind, here are the most popular disciplines that Colombian bettors love to bet on.

Without a doubt, the "king sport" in Colombia. Sports betting sites in Colombia offer markets from the Colombian League, as well as from the most famous European tournaments and competitions at the club and national team levels.


The "white sport" has gained notable popularity in Colombia thanks to the victories of Farah and Cabal in the great international open. The best bookmakers have odds for the ATP, WTA, and ITF tournaments.


Cycling has always been a popular sport in Colombia, although it has recently come to the fore thanks to the triumphs of great athletes such as Nairo Quintana and Egan Bernal. In sports betting houses, Colombian bettors look for markets for the Grand Tours, the Classics, and national competitions such as the Tour of Colombia and the RCN Classic.

✅ Other Sports

Colombians are also interested when sports betting pages in Colombia offer other disciplines apart from the above. For example, American leagues (such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) can be really fun, like horse and greyhound racing.


Internet betting is not static, but rather evolves over time. And one of the newest developments we've seen is eSports. eSports are professional video game competitions such as Counter-Strike: GO, FIFA, and StarCraft II.

Although they may seem like just a hobby, they are actually a well-organized discipline, with full-time professional athletes and competitions with millions of dollars in prize money. Younger ones love video games and gambling, so eSports fascinates them. If that's your case, you should give them a try.

Betting on eSports is no different than betting on other sports. You simply have to register with a bookmaker, search for an event and choose the market. If your prediction is correct, you will win a prize!

Virtual Sports

If there is nothing happening at the time that you want to place a bet, a good alternative is virtual sports. Virtual sports are electronic competitions of soccer, cycling, greyhound and horse races, and other disciplines managed by a computer. The results are randomly generated by special software (the same one used by slots).

We can say that virtual sports are games of chance with a sports theme. To play, you just have to choose a sport, bet on your favorite team, and wait for the result. What Colombian bettors like most about virtual sports is their speed. For example, a real soccer match can last about 2 hours, while a virtual soccer match is resolved in a matter of minutes.

💵 Types of Bets in Colombia

Types of Bets in Colombia

If all the Colombian bookmakers have something in common, it is their wide range of possibilities to bet online. The huge number of sports disciplines offered by the operators in Colombia adds to almost endless fun. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the most interesting types of online bets for your sports predictions in Colombia.

➡️ Simple Bets

Simple bets are those where you place a single choice. Said election can be about the team or player that will win a match, the total number of goals that will be, etc. They are also known as single bets.

➡️ Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are tempting since the profit of your bet in case of being successful will be greater. These consist of adding several selections of different bets to the same ticket. But for them to be successful, each of the selections will have to be successful.

➡️ Live Bets

Live betting allows each user to make their predictions while the event is in play. That is, once started, the operator allows you to place your bet and choose the quota. However, keep in mind that the odds move faster and are constantly updated.

➡️ Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is very popular among online betting fans in Colombia. The reason is that they allow fictitious advantages or disadvantages to be granted to one of the competitors. In this way, “one-sided” matchups are evened out, and the odds improve considerably.

➡️ System Bets

System bets are quite similar to multiple or accumulator bets. In this case, we could say that the risk is lower with system bets. This happens because the user can decide the number of failures that he can have. In turn, the winning prizes are lower.

➡️ Exact Marker

Betting on the marker is a complicated prediction, but it can make a significant difference in terms of profits. In this case, you must predict the exact result of an event. Not only who wins or loses, but also the exact number of goals or points each opponent will score.

➡️ 1X2 bets

1 X 2 bets are one of the most popular prediction types due to their simplicity. The user can choose if the team that plays at home will win (1), the tie (X), or the victory of the away team (2).

➡️ Winner And Place

Horse and greyhound racing bets have a fairly large community of users behind them. For this reason, race betting has a popular market in ‘Win and Place’. It is about betting on the winner of the race and who will finish among the first three places in the race at the same time.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Colombia

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Colombia

Most of the bettors in the online sports betting industry are recreational. They see the odds of hundreds of events daily but pay little attention to the bookmaker’s winning margins. In other words, all those users need to learn how to find bets that are valuable to place in the long run. The only thing of interest to them is the game’s actual outcome rather than the betting odds, margins, or lines. That’s why most bettors lose consistently instead of getting an edge over the bookmaker when possible.

But how can this be possible? To profit consistently from sports betting, you must learn to calculate which bets are valuable. First, you should be aware that most of the odds bookmakers offer never illustrate an event’s potential outcome. The sites always provide slightly lower odds, which guarantees them the edge. The trick is to identify the odds where the bookmakers have made a mistake and exploit this as quickly as possible.

Taking the most widely bet market as an example, i.e. the 1×2 (straight betting – choosing the Home team, the draw, or the Visitor), we can do a quick estimation:

A Colombian sports betting platform provides the following odds for Colombia x Chile in Copa America:

  • Colombia: 2.39
  • Draw: 3.19
  • Chile: 3.41

To calculate the bookmaker’s winning margin, you must first take the odds and convert them into decimal winning probabilities. For that, you can count on the so-called 1/real probability calculation.

  • Colombia: (1/2.39 = 0.418)
  • Chile: (1/3.41 = 0.293)
  • Draw: (1/3.19 = 0.313)

To correctly calculate the winning margin of the bookmaker, you must first understand that the numbers we got above illustrate the chances of the particular outcomes based on the evaluation of the bookmaker itself. That said, a win for Coritiba is 41.8%, a victory for the visitor, Vasco, is 29.3%m while the draw’s chance is 31.3%.

Using this information, we can continue with a unique formula:

(Probability Team A) + (Probability Team B) + (Tie Probability) – 1

The total from replacing the numbers using the formula gives a final result of 0.024, converted into percentages, which is 2.4%. This means the bookmaker will have a 2.4% margin over all the bettors who bet on the game’s outcome. 

That might not look like a lot, but even professional bettors spend all their time and effort daily to snatch up a 1-2% edge over the bookmakers in the space of weeks. And here, we have the sports betting sites that make that per bet on every player.

Looking at things that way, it’s ridiculous how much money the betting platforms in Colombia make. Of course, the exact number will vary depending on the event and the bookmaker, but now you at least understand why you must calculate those margins before placing a bet.

But with the situation we reviewed, we have been using data from one of the top bookmakers in Colombia. If we take one of the sites with the lowest odds you can find, the difference can be even more astounding. For example, if the odds for the outcome of the same game are 2.10 for the home team, 3.10 for the away team, and 2.90 for the tie, instead of a margin of 2.4%, the bookmaker will have an edge of 12%! 

This is simply unbelievable, and there will always be players who don’t care about that and will place bets on the game, losing in the long run regardless of the outcome. To avoid putting yourself in a situation like this, you must constantly assess the risk and margins of every event accordingly. 

You might wonder how much of a difference this process will make for you in the long run. Of course, once you learn how to apply the steps before placing a bet, your profits will likely multiply. But calculating the bookmaker’s winning margin isn’t even the process that will make you the most. Learning about the world of sports betting in detail will allow you to turn into a bettor who places a wager only after researching the event and its potential outcome in detail. That’s the core of the valuable information we share with you today.

Which bookmaker has the best odds is not easy to answer either, because sports betting sites in Colombia can offer better odds in certain sports or markets, but not in others. Therefore, it is very easy to find operators that stand out for their odds in some sports but do not in others.

✅ Physical Local or Online Sports Betting in Colombia

For the bettor, the most interesting thing is to know if physical sports betting establishments in Colombia give them any advantage over online betting. In principle, there are clear characteristics in each case, although in the end, it will be the type of bettor that determines what interests them most in most cases.

Physical sports betting establishments in Colombia provide a different experience by being able to bet over something with friends or with other bettors while watching sporting events on television. They also provide anonymity, on many occasions.

Their worst features are the odds that are offered, which at the physical betting venues are much less competitive than the odds of online betting in general. In addition, having to go to the venue to make a free sports bet can sometimes be a problem and nuisance, and even making an interesting bet can vanish in that period of time.

Online betting provides immediacy, comfort, more varied types of bets, and better odds. A Colombian bettor who bets on a regular basis will end up having much better numbers with the odds of internet betting making free bets than with the odds of physical betting establishments in Colombia.

It can be said that a regular bettor who has both systems at his disposal will end up using both to a greater or lesser extent, seeking to exploit the best of each way of betting online.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Colombian Online Betting Sites

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  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Colombian Online Betting Sites

Considered one of the most striking and popular strategies offered by online bookmakers, this benefit meets attracting, inviting, and encouraging users who enter for the first time to bet on a web portal or a mobile application. Each bonus contains gift money that you will receive just for creating an account as a new user on the platform or for depositing money after completing your registration process. In the latter case, generally the value of the bonus is the same amount of money that you deposit, which means that if you enter $10,000, you will have a total value of $20,000 pesos to bet.

It is important that you identify the different bonus percentages offered by sports betting sites in Colombia since they vary between 50%, 100%, and 150% in most cases. Each one can be played and redeemed in compliance with the terms and conditions applied to the bonus, such as the redemption method and the time limits for using them, among others.

If you are thinking of benefiting from and making use of these gift bonuses, it is essential that you know what types there are, in addition to the welcome bonus without deposit and the one that is granted with the first payment. Here are the most common bonuses and promotions that you can find at online bookmakers in Colombia:

🎁 Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the most popular type of promotion for bookmakers in Colombia. All operators have offers for people who decide to open an account.

Welcome bonuses usually double the value of your first deposit, although in some cases they offer additional benefits such as free bets. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not ignore these offers, since they can significantly increase your initial budget to play.

🎁 No Deposit Bonuses at Colombian Sportsbooks

These are one of the best bookmaker welcome bonuses in Colombia. As the name implies, these offers allow you to explore different operators and bet without risking your precious money. Although no deposit bonuses are hard to find, they are worth taking advantage of as soon as you see them. After all, you can receive huge profits without depositing a dime with the operators.

🎁 Free bets

On various websites in Colombia, you find offers that allow you to bet for free. These promotions are available for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Bookmaker welcome bonuses
  • Sporting events (FIFA World Cup, Copa Libertadores, Grand Slams, Grand Tours)
  • House events (anniversary, Christmas, etc.)
  • Loyalty Programs, Cashback Bonuses
  • Betfair Free Bets Bonus

Since free bet bonuses usually require you to make a transaction, they tend to have more favorable restrictions. Unlike welcome bonuses, which match the value of your first deposit and have higher requirements, freebets are coupons with much lower restrictions that don’t necessarily depend on what you deposit into your account.

🎁 Promotions at Colombian Betting Sites

Welcome bonuses, no-deposit offers, and free bets are the most common promotions on Colombian websites. However, those are not the only offers that you can take advantage of. Promotions are meant for regular players in order to keep them betting.

🎁 Specific Events

Sports betting sites in Colombia often run promotions for major sporting events. Make sure you visit your favorite site during a major competition (like the Olympics or the Champions League final) and you’re bound to find deals.

🎁 Refunds

Some sites offer full or partial refunds of your lost bets. These offers are usually limited in time, so keep an eye out for announcements from the bookmaker.

🎁 Reload Bonus

Operators are always looking to reward their most loyal players. For this reason, it is common for these pages to deliver bonuses or free bets for the deposits you make on certain days of the week.

🎁 Live Bonus

Some bookmaker bonuses in Colombia are exclusive to live events. You can usually find good promotions for important football matches.

🎁 Referral Bonus

You can also earn benefits when you invite your friends to betting sites. Almost all the pages have referral schemes that allow you to enjoy payments for each person you invite.

🎁 Mobile Bonus

In the Colombian bookmaker applications, you can find promotions that are not available in the desktop versions. Do not forget to explore mobile applications, and you may discover interesting promotions.

🎁 Enhanced Odds

Certain operators offer better odds than their competition for specific events. Usually, these offers are for a limited time, so you should be aware of the newsletters and social networks.

🎁 Payment Method Bonus

Using certain payment methods can bring advantages (or disadvantages) when betting. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for media that apply to offers. For example, many bookmaker bonuses are not supported by Skrill or NETELLER.

🎁 Cash-Out Function

The Cash-out feature allows you to close a bet early to take prizes early or limit your losses. If you bet on a tennis match and you think your player will not win, there is no point in losing more money. Most sports betting sites in Colombia have this feature.

💳 Payment Options at Colombian Betting Sites

Payment Options at Colombian Betting Sites

Colombia’s best sports betting sites have multiple payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals with total comfort and maximum security. Most of them, or in most houses, are free of commissions, both to enter and to withdraw. Generally, to make a withdrawal through a method, it is necessary to have made a previous deposit through the same method due to security issues.

These are the methods Colombians use to enter and collect on sports betting platforms.

Bank Cards – Credit or debit cards can be the easiest and most convenient method to deposit money in a Colombian bookmaker, as long as you have one. A totally instant and commission-free system for practically all gaming operators. It is only necessary to have a card and make the deposit as you would any other online purchase. Withdrawal by card is just as simple, but the money usually takes several days to be available, depending on the bookmaker and the bank that processes the transaction.

Virtual cards are another option, if your bank has them, to deposit. Its operation is the same as a physical card, but it is a single-use card or it can be recharged with the amount you want.

Wire Transfer – This method is simple, you just have to make a transfer from your bank account to the account number that the bookmaker will provide you, entering in the concept some data that identifies you (the house will indicate the data that you must provide). The drawback of this system is that it can delay the availability of your money for several days. Withdrawals by transfer are also easy and you will have the money within 1 to 3 days.

Online Purchases in Cash and Physical Points of Sale – Among Colombians, the most popular way to recharge balance in a bookmaker is to do it through a physical point of sale of a chain of stores or with some online purchase method that allows paying in cash. Most operators have agreements with different points of sale and allow you to top up your balance in cash at these stores. Some of the best known to make these recharges in cash are:

  • Via Baloto: is an online shopping system that operates in 85% of the national territory. It allows you to make purchases online and also recharge at the best sports betting houses. You must order the top-up at your bookmaker, which will provide you with a code to go to your nearest Via Baloto point of sale and pay in cash. Automatically the money will be deposited into your betting account.
  • Efecty: is another system for making purchases online, in this case top-ups at gaming operators. Efecty has more than 7,500 points of sale throughout 1,060 municipalities in Colombia. As explained above, you will need to generate a code on your bookmaker’s page before going to the nearest point of sale.
  • PTM: is a prepaid top-up system that will allow you to purchase a top-up and add it to your betting account.
  • Physical stores: throughout the country, you can recharge in cash at different chain stores such as Surtimax, Éxito, Sured, LaRebaja, or Punto Red.
  • Other systems with the same operation as the previous ones are SuperGiros, Punto Red, Dimonex, or Moviired. Depending on your location, it may be more comfortable to use one or the other because of the proximity.

In Physical Sports Betting Premises in Colombia – Currently, there are several Colombian sports betting houses that allow you to deposit and withdraw money through their physical premises. If you bet at a house with physical betting shops, you can pay and collect directly at these places. You only need to identify yourself in a timely manner to carry out these transactions.

Electronic Wallets – Electronic wallets and payment applications are a comfortable and very popular system among bettors from other countries. In Colombia, users have fewer options and its use is not as widespread as in other countries, although little by little they are gaining market share. Their great advantage is that they allow you to move money between different Colombian betting platforms quickly and comfortably.

To use an e-wallet or payment application you have to open an account and deposit money. This income can be made by card, wire transfer, or you can receive money from another account of the electronic wallet. Once you have the money there, you can deposit it immediately in any bookmaker. Withdrawals by these wallets are usually very fast, in some cases taking even minutes or a few hours. From your e-wallet account, you can transfer money to your bank account for a small fee.

In Colombia, the most popular wallet that works best is PayU, a very convenient application for making online payments and collections on different platforms, including sports betting operators and poker rooms. PayU operates in more than 50 different countries and is synonymous with security and reliability.

Prepaid Cards – Another widely used and convenient method for depositing is prepaid cards. In Colombia, the most popular prepaid card is Astropay, which can be purchased at various establishments throughout the country. With it, you can top up your account at any Colombia soccer betting house quickly and easily.

As you can see, there are many options to deposit and withdraw in Colombia sports betting houses and it is a matter of choosing the one that best suits your needs.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Colombian Players?

So far, when talking about national and legal betting houses, bank cards have the best features - they are safe, free of use, widespread, and relatively fast (withdrawals are a bit slow). Close by are e-wallets, which are also safe and widespread, but also faster. The only disadvantage is the small fee that has to be paid during collecting money.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in the Colombia

6 Expert Tips for Betting in the Colombia

  1. Considering the fact that Colombian players prefer to bet on football, as it is the most followed sport in Colombia, there are many more sports and markets that are fairly more profitable, such as tennis and eSports. Although eSports is quite new and not a lot of people follow such tournaments, it has proven to be very lucrative when it comes to betting.
  2. When betting on football, the chances of winning are generally slimmer than when betting on 50-50% sports. To maximize winning chances, use betting systems and Asian handicap bets. This will lower the final income but will provide more winnings in the long run.
  3. Gambling in Colombia is legal and there are several sports betting sites that provide great pleasure to Colombian bettors. However, those who wish to look for luck elsewhere should always use VPN while betting online.
  4. There are many online casinos that offer sports betting in Colombia as well. Some of them offer great odds, as well as good bonuses and promotions. Do not limit yourself to bookmakers only, follow the offers from casinos as well.
  5. Many sports betting sites will offer fantastic numbers in their bonuses and promotions. Bear in mind that the better the bonus, the harder it is to cash it out (always read bonus betting requirements before going for it).
  6. Once winnings come flooding in, due to the player’s pure knowledge or luck, a desire for more profits can make things worse. If you happen to experience gambling addiction, notify your close ones immediately and ask for help.
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Both online and land-based sports betting is legal in Colombia.

Colombia has strict regulations and only safe casinos and bookmakers can receive a gambling permit.

Much like casino gambling, online sports betting is well-regulated and therefore quite safe in Colombia.

Each online sports betting site in Colombia will provide different conditions when it comes to limits. Every banking option has its own conditions as well. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions before depositing money.

The players, or better said, the winners, must pay taxes on the winnings obtained. This retention, the income tax for obtaining prizes, is applied to players if the prize exceeds 906,000 Colombian pesos. The amount withheld for the tax will be 20% of the prize.

The processing time required before withdrawing money depends on both the bookmaker and the banking option. While most bookmakers offer instant withdrawals, some require 24 hours. In addition, the selection of banking methods is important as well. E-wallets are the fastest, followed by internet banking, credit and debit cards, and lastly bank transfers (the latter taking around 5 working days).

It is impossible to choose a single sports betting site in Colombia and say it is the best. Instead, players should go for bookmakers that offer services that are suitable for the player’s needs. This includes safety, great odds, a variety of sports to bet on, and banking methods of preference.

Colombian bettors can bet on many sports, most commonly football, basketball, tennis, motorsports, and similar.

Unsurprisingly, football is the most popular sport to bet on in Colombia.

There are three different types of betting odds that bookmakers provide – decimal, fractional, and American odds. The decimal odds are the most common ones in Colombia and they work like this: chances of winning are presented in decimal numbers (1.5, 2.0, 2.60, etc.). Winnings are calculated by multiplying odds with the money invested – 2.0 odds x 1000 pesos = 2000 pesos win.

Some sports betting sites in Colombia will offer free bets as part of bonuses and promotions. These are often rare and should be collected whenever possible.

The sign-up bonus is offered to new players. Whoever creates a betting account for the first time at a particular betting site, will be able to collect this bonus immediately upon registration. Sometimes it is needed to input a certain promo code or deposit money for the first time.

Players who experience gambling addiction can always look for a local psychiatrist for help. Also, there is Hospital Universitario de San Vicente Fundación, a private hospital located in Medellín, Colombia, that specializes in gambling addiction treatment.

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