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Best Betting Sites in Czech Republic for 2023

Online bookmakers are very popular in the Czech Republic today, and it’s no wonder as it brings the possibility to experience the adrenaline of your favorite sporting events in a slightly different way. Several betting offices operate in the Czech Republic, both in the physical and online space.

There are also many foreign betting sites that Czechs can access with ease. Here are the best sports betting sites in the Czech Republic for 2022, where to find them, how to join them, what to expect, and much more.

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⚖️ Czech Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Czech Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

If a betting office decides that it wants to offer its services to bettors in the Czech Republic, it must meet certain conditions. Only after fulfilling them can it become the holder of a license to operate online gambling in the Czech Republic. This license can be granted to operators by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, but it must be said that obtaining it is very difficult. In order to obtain a license, the operator must meet very strict conditions. This is the main reason why very few of them currently hold this license.

Although thanks to this, a relatively small number of bookmakers provide their services to Czech players, this license is also a guarantee that this is a solid operator to whom you do not need to be afraid to entrust both your funds and sensitive data.

A license to operate online gambling is a guarantee of legality. This means that sports betting is legal on the territory of the Czech Republic. It should also be mentioned here that there are several online betting offices that do not hold this license but still offer their services to bettors here.

If you decide to create your account and place bets on the platform of such an operator that is not licensed by the MFČR, you must take into account that it is not verified and approved by the Czech authorities and therefore carries greater risks. Therefore, we definitely recommend that you choose a licensed bookmaker for your betting. Betting offices that have this license can be found on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

A new law has been in force since 2020, according to which all winnings from betting, lotteries, but also from poker, or casino games that are over one million crowns are subject to an income tax of 15%. So if you won more than CZK 1,000,000 in 2021, you need to add it to your tax return now, in 2022.

This amount is not intended for one specific win, but as the total amount of winnings for the entire calendar year. Losses can also be deducted from the winnings total. So you really only tax what you have earned. However, this does not apply to lotteries.

Betting games fall into categories, each of which is taxed slightly differently. Gambling categories for tax purposes:

  • Lotteries and raffles
  • Odds and sweepstakes games
  • Technical games (slots, electronic roulette, and other similar games)
  • Live games excluding live game tournaments (this includes casino games such as roulette, blackjack, craps, and other similar games)
  • Live Game Tournaments and Small Scale Tournaments (Poker Tournaments)
  • Other games of chance other than those mentioned above.

Lotteries have the simplest taxation. The bookmaker takes care of that. If you win more than 1 million crowns in the lottery, you will receive an already taxed amount on your account. However, further taxation is more complicated.

Taxation of net winnings above 1 million crowns applies to each category separately. E.g. if you win CZK 400,000 in a casino and another CZK 700,000 in sports bets, you do not have to tax them. But if you win over 1 million in sports bets and then lose 2 million in the casino, you already need to tax the winnings.

So if you bet and win (or lose) large amounts, you better keep records. The law does not yet specify what this record should look like. This is purely your overview, which you will then follow when it comes to the tax return. It may also happen that the Tax Office requests whether you have such an overview.

It doesn’t matter if you tax your winnings online or live. Both need to be taxed. It is also necessary to tax the winnings that you won abroad. The only exception could be a double taxation treaty. Here, however, the question is whether the Czech Republic has concluded such an agreement with the given country at all.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the Czech Republic?

Online sports betting is legal in the Czech Republic and you can find several betting offices that offer you services in this area.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in the Czech Republic

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in the Czech Republic

✅ User-Friendly Website of Czech Sportsbooks Online

You should find websites based on whether they have a good impression on you, are clear, and you can conveniently find everything you need on them. It should be easy to open an account, find a specific match or place a bet. If the website doesn’t work for you, just cross that office off your list of options.

✅ Bonuses at Czech Sports Betting Sites

The more bonuses, the better for you. Sports betting sites in the Czech Republic usually offer a registration and entry bonus and then various events and competitions where you can earn a few extra crowns. If there is an opportunity to join a loyalty program, then that means a lot of discounts, events and competitions, which are definitely worth it. But be careful about the conditions for obtaining entry bonuses in particular, because you often have to push for large amounts to reach the maximum bonus amount.

✅ User Reviews

Get the opinion of more experienced Czech bettors and get advice on which bookmaker to choose. Read discussion forums or reviews and comparisons. It will help you avoid mistakes that have already been made by someone else before you.

✅ Company Credibility

Look for the “about company” section on the website. There you will find out where they are based, who the owner is, when the company was founded, what their annual turnover is, if they engage in other activities or support various sports activities, etc. This is exactly the kind of information you need to find in order to assess the credibility of the company.

✅ Betting Offers at Online Bookmakers in the Czech Republic

You should definitely find a sports betting site in the Czech Republic that has a wide sports portfolio and offers most types of bets. Of course, what you bet on also depends on you. If you have your favorite games, then it is enough for you that the bookmaker offers your favorite ones and you will not be interested in others. But it’s always good to know that you have more options.

It is also advisable to find out how many bets the given office places for one match. Each bookmaker also offers different high odds, so always compare carefully and choose the one that offers higher ones. In the long run, it all adds up and can create a nice sum of extra money.

✅ Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Czech Online Sportsbooks

Since it is your money, you have to be careful. Find out if the method of deposits and withdrawals is easy to use and if your money is safe with the bookmaker. Ideally, first try to make a small test attempt by depositing a very small amount and find out if everything went well and without unnecessary complications. Other important factors are the speed of payout and whether everything takes place in the Czech currency.

✅ Limits

Limits may not be of concern to you if you are a beginner bettor or if you are just betting for fun and small amounts. But if your deposits are in the order of thousands, then you better ask if the bookmaker has any limits for deposits, withdrawals and bets. If so, there is a risk that they won’t recognize your bet because the amount you want to bet is too high. Some bookmakers have a tendency to cancel bets on successful bettors.

✅ Support

Of course, support is only needed if a problem occurs. But then we will demand a quick and understandable solution to the problem. So test the customer support before a real problem comes up. Support should be available in Czech.

Is it advisable to combine several bookmakers? The answer is “yes”. If you open more accounts, you can take advantage of more benefits and get more bonuses for new customers. When you bet, you can compare odds at individual Czech bookmakers and bet where it is higher.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in the Czech Republic

How to Bet on Sports in the Czech Republic

First of all, you need to find the best sports betting site in the Czech Republic that offers the most favorable odds for your betting on the Internet. Subsequently, analysis is important for online betting, for which you can use a number of tools. Free betting tips can be found for inspiration.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Find the Czech Bookmaker

It is necessary to follow two things in particular. The first is the size of the bookmaker and also the odds offered. The second factor for your decision should be the bonus that the bookmaker offers you for your registration. The full guide can be seen in the section above, or you can simply pick a sports betting site in the Czech Republic from the list.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Registration at Czech Betting Sites

When registering with a betting office, you fill in all the necessary information, and to complete the registration, you either have to go to a brick-and-mortar branch, or it is also possible to confirm your identity online through the bank from the comfort of your home.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Deposit

After registering with the bookmaker, you will need to make a cash deposit to your gaming account for online betting, which you will make using one of several payment methods. During this process, find out the conditions for receiving the bonus, as it is sometimes related to how much money you deposit into your account for the first time.

4️⃣ Step 4 – Claim the Bonus at Czech Sportsbook

You usually enter the bonus code when registering at the sports betting site in the Czech Republic, which will then credit your account with the bonus. But sometimes you can win a bonus code for a certain amount in one of the various, most often betting, competitions. You then enter the code you get directly into your account and the bookmaker will credit you with the bonus.

Bookmakers fight each other in different ways, and one of them is the sign-up bonuses they offer. Some betting offices will credit you with the promised bonus immediately after registration, some after the money deposit. The bonus for online betting cannot be withdrawn immediately, but you have to bet several times before you can withdraw the bonus, if any, back to your bank account.

5️⃣ Step 5 – Place Sports Bets in the Czech Republic

The first thing you need to do is choose the right Money Management. This is about setting limits and what is the maximum amount I can bet on one bet. If you want to become a long-term profitable bettor, then Money management is a key tool on the way to profit. These are the absolute basics that you should understand before you start betting.

The amount of deposit for individual bets will of course depend on the betting system (another very important thing) you choose. But if you choose the system where you bet the same amount on each event, then a deposit of 2-5% of your total capital is recommended. Of course, money management does not mean that you will be profitable in the long term. It all depends on your success and is closely linked to Value betting. However, following the “MM” will help you to increase your earnings and above all to reduce any loss in online betting.

Another absolute alpha and omega in successful betting is knowledge of Value betting. Value betting is all about looking for bargains that, according to your analysis, should be lower than what the bookmaker is offering. Accurate analysis of the given event and proper money management is the key to success.

The value of the bet is that the bookmaker misjudges the situation and offers punters a high rate on the event. But bookmakers also play with other factors, such as the volume of money on one side or the other, and therefore the odds may not correspond to what is real. If you correctly determine the real value, you will quickly see whether the course is beneficial for you or not.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in the Czech Republic

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in the Czech Republic

Betting is certainly not only about betting on the winner of a given sports match, as a bettor you have at your disposal a much more diverse range of opportunities on which you can submit a ticket. It could almost be said that nowadays a tipster in the Czech Republic can bet on anything. 

Bookmakers are really not idle and prepare a large selection of bets for tipsters every day, from which everyone, even the most demanding bettor, can choose. In addition, bookmakers are constantly inventing new opportunities, so if you return to betting after a long break, you will be waiting for news in the form of previously untried betting opportunities. 

In the Czech Republic, most bets are placed on football matches, hockey, tennis, and basketball – these four sports, therefore, form an imaginary four-leaf clover of the most popular sports among Czech bettors. What exactly can you bet on in these super popular sports?


Let's start with football, which, in addition to betting on the result of the entire match, also offers tips on the results of individual halves. However, if you don't want to wait for the entire half-time to evaluate your bet, you don't have to, because you can also try to guess if the first goal will not be scored by the 15th minute. Handicaps, which give the outsider a head start, are an interesting classic, and your task is to guess how big a lead the favorite can erase.


Handicaps are even present in tennis, where, based on the performance of the tennis players, they are expressed either in games or in sets, when the performance difference between them is greater. Furthermore, you can bet not only on the results of sets, but also on individual games - this is especially great fun with live betting, when you only have to wait a few minutes to evaluate the success of the ticket.


Similar bets can also be found for hockey matches, only logically with the difference that the results of third periods, not halves, are tipped. In hockey, there is also an extensive range of bets on goalscorers, some betting sites in the Czech Republic have a particularly rich offer in this regard or bets on whether there will be a penalty shootout during the match or whether the match will reach extra time.


In basketball, the exciting bet on how the first basket of the match will be scored, i.e. whether it will be a two-pointer (it always has the highest probability), a three-pointer, or a free throw, is worth highlighting.

✅ Bets on Less Popular Sports

Are you tired of the four most popular sports, or do you just want to try something new, a new challenge in betting? Then know that betting offices in the Czech Republic have a lot to offer you! Across the ocean, American football is a phenomenon, but in the Czech Republic it is still in seclusion, but definitely not for bettors, because bookmakers offer them the opportunity to bet on, for example, the number of touchdowns in a match or the number of points that both teams will score together.

Curling is becoming more and more popular among Czech fans, so you can find, for example, bets on the winners of the most important events of this atypical winter sport. Another sport where tactics play a big role is snooker. Even that is still not among the most watched sports in the Czech Republic. In any case, even in snooker, you can bet on the results of tournaments and individual fights. 

Conversely, cycling and motorsport are not as unknown to fans and bettors as the aforementioned sports. However, they also offer bets on lesser-known races and championships, so you certainly do not have to rely only on bets on such classics as the Tour de France, F1, or WRC. In addition, you do not have to stay only with sports in their classic form, because your tips can also be aimed at e-sports at Czech bookmakers.

💵 Types of Bets in the Czech Republic

Types of Bets in the Czech Republic

In the field of sports betting in the Czech Republic, there are a huge number of different and very interesting types of bets. Some of these bets are more suitable for beginners. Some of them are very risky and therefore very profitable, while other bets achieve safety but a high chance of profit. Each form of betting has its advantages, which we want to point out.

➡️ Standard Bets

In short, single bets, combination bets, and system bets are often also called standard bets. It is easy to explain why this is so. These three types of bets are the basis of sports betting. They are considered classics and have a long tradition. These three standard bets can also be called the basic types of bets because all (special) bets can be made as a simple bet, a combined bet, or a system bet.

These three types of sports betting are the mainstay of sports betting. The main difference between these three pillars is the range of betting:

  • With a simple bet, you bet on one event, as its name suggests.
  • A combined bet combines at least two sports bets. The respective odds are then multiplied, i.e. accumulated (that is why the bet is also called accumulated or cumulative). Only if all the picks are correct will the combined bet win.
  • The system bet, on the other hand, is more complicated (that’s why it’s also called a schedule bet). It consists of different combinations (combined bets). The profit calculation is a bit more complicated compared to the other two standard bets.

➡️ Special Bets in the Czech Republic

Special bets are individual-specific variants of sports bets. They are bets in the true sense of the word, while standard bets can be more or less considered types of betting methods. Various special bets such as goal bets, result bets, half-time bets, double chance bets, or handicap bets (handicaps) can be placed as a single bet, a combination bet, or a system bet.

These forms of betting differ in some places significantly, in some places only partially. Some are focused on specific sports, such as football. The others are more or less a general terms: live betting or long-term betting are examples of this. Also, a bet on a scorer can be made “normally”, interactively, or mid-season, for example. You probably already have an idea of ​​what this is all about.

Most common special bets in the Czech Republic:

  • Asian Handicap Betting
  • Over/under bets
  • Bets to win
  • Long-term bets
  • Live betting
  • Bets – Double Chance
  • Handicap bets
  • Head-to-head betting
  • Bets on goals
  • Half Time/Final Result Bets
  • No draw bets
  • Half-time bets
  • Bets on the scorer
  • Bets on the result

➡️ Betting Options in the Czech Republic

It is still necessary to explain what the so-called betting options (methods) are. We are talking about possible outcomes of placed tips.

➡️ Two-Way Bets

If a sporting event, such as a tennis match, always has a winner and a loser, we speak of a 1-2 (2-way) bet. This means that there are a total of 2 possible outcomes (player 1 wins or player 2 wins).

➡️ Three-Way Bets

In a 1-X-2 bet (3-way), which can be found for example in football event tips, the outcome can have three different outcomes (team 1 win, team 2 win, or a draw). They work based on the well-known 1X2 principle.

➡️ Multiple-Way Bets

Multiple-way bets work a little differently than it seems at first glance. These include not only sporting events that have more than three different possible outcomes, but also bets where you bet on a number of outcomes in the same tip. So a multiple bet really consists of multiple bets.

➡️ Individual Bets

Individual special bets can also be divided into bets with a 2-way or 3-way system: over/under bets, bets with Asian handicaps (handicap bets), or so-called “head-to-head” bets are, for example, classic 1-2 bets. Halftime/Final result bets, on the other hand, are 1-X-2 bets.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in the Czech Republic

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in the Czech Republic

In order to learn how to bet correctly and, if possible, without much risk, it is good to have at least some idea of ​​what the betting odds are and how they are calculated. The betting odds express the chance that the bookmaker attaches to a certain event. That is, how a specific football match, horse race, or tennis match, for example, will turn out.

The final winnings are calculated when betting odds are multiplied by the bet, i.e. the money you invest for the given win. That’s how you get a potential win. E.g. If the race has odds of 1.6 and you bet CZK 1000 on it, then your potential winnings are CZK 1600.

According to bookmakers, there is a greater chance of winning at odds that are lower. Another option is to bet multiple betting opportunities on one ticket. In this case, the individual courses are multiplied.

The betting odds are essentially the inverse of the probability that a given event will occur. The odds are low on the favorite of the match/race because it is more likely to win. Conversely, the odds are high for an outsider. It is not expected that they will win there. If the favorite is 0.4 (40%) and the outsider is 0.6 (60%), then the calculation is as follows:

The betting odds are the inverse of the probability: 1/probability – so 1 divided by 0.6 is 1.67. And 1 divided by 0.4 is 2.50. The odds of the outsider will therefore be 2.50 and the odds of the favorite will be only 1.67.

Expect that sports betting sites in the Czech Republic will reduce the calculated course by their margin, which is usually around 10% but can be different. It is basically the bookmaker’s return on the given event. The bookmaker will therefore announce only 90% (100% minus 10% margin) of the so-called fair rate. That is the exchange rate after deducting the margin.

Therefore, the rate calculated above needs to be multiplied by 0.9 (90%):

  • Favorite: 1.67 x 0.9 is 1.5
  • Outsider: 2.50 x 0.9 is 2.25

So this is a fair betting rate that the bookmaker publishes and which you can follow when betting.

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Czech Online Betting Sites

For many players, the welcome bonus is the most important factor for playing at a Czech online bookmaker. Sign-up bonuses are offered by most companies today, as this is the easiest way to attract new customers. The new customer just has to be careful if this bonus is the best for him! Registration bonuses can be divided into several categories, but you do not have to encounter all entry bonuses in Czech bookmakers:

  • Deposit bonus  – the bookmaker grants a bonus based on the amount of the first deposit and the percentage of the bonus.
  • Free bet  – after placing your first bet, the bookmaker will credit you with a free bet.
  • No deposit  bonus – a bonus that you get without depositing money to the player’s account,
  • Sticky bonus  – this bonus cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it for bets.

🎁 Deposit Bonus at Czech Betting Sites

The deposit bonus is one of the most popular entry bonuses in the Czech Republic because you get an interesting amount of money, which is very tempting for many players. The way it works is that the bookmaker matches your deposit (usually 100% in the case of a bonus). If the bookmaker provides a 100% deposit bonus of up to CZK 500, all you have to do is deposit CZK 500 into your account, and you are entitled to the bonus.

However, you do not have to automatically have this bonus in your account. The crediting of the bonus plays a big role here. If it is credited to you immediately after the deposit then you can play with it immediately. Sometimes the bonus will be spread into several first deposits.

🎁 Free Bets in the Czech Republic

The free bet as a welcome bonus is very interesting, especially for bettors who do not want to deposit a large amount of money in the bookmaker. The way it works is that after evaluating your first bet, the sports betting site in the Czech Republic will credit you with a free bet (most often in the form of a coupon – if you use it and your ticket is a winner, you will only be credited with a net win) until the next day at the latest. The free bet is usually credited only if your first bet is not winning (to get a free bet, the first bet is always placed with your money).

The free bet may have restrictions on the amount of the odds (e.g. the minimum odds are 1.5 or 2.0) or bet types. Example: 50% free bet up to CZK 500 – if you place your first bet worth CZK 1,000 with your money and lose, the bookmaker will give you a free bet worth CZK 500 (in the form of a coupon). If you use the coupon at the rate of 3.0, your winnings on the ticket will be CZK 1,500. With a winning ticket, only 1,000 CZK will be credited to your player account, because the betting office will not pay a coupon deposit of 500 CZK.

🎁 No Deposit Bonus at Czech Betting Sites

The no-deposit welcome bonus is very popular, but not all bookmakers offer it in the Czech Republic. The no deposit sign-up bonus works in such a way that you really don’t have to deposit any money and it only depends on the conditions of the bookmaker whether they will pay you in money or loyalty points. These free bonuses are mainly used as motivation for verifying personal data.

🎁 Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is not a common bonus in the Czech Republic. You are more likely to see it in foreign betting offices. This entry bonus works so that after making a deposit, the bonus will be credited to your account. You can bet with it during the time of the bonus. As soon as you meet the bonus requirements for rolling out the welcome bonus, the bookmaker will remove the bonus from your player account.

🎁 Other Bonuses at Czech Sportsbooks Online

Sports betting sites in the Czech Republic offer specific bonuses for major sporting events such as the World Cup in football, the European Championship in football, the World Hockey Championship, tennis Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US Open), Olympic Games (summer, winter), events such as the cycling Tour de France or the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup or the finals of the Champions League. Bonuses for big events are often intended for both new and regular customers.

Other bonuses for bookmakers in various forms

  • Cashback – Money back from a losing bet (e.g. 10%)
  • Referral bonus – Bookmaker referral bonus
  • Cash out (ticket sale) – Early payout is also a form of bonus
  • Bet Builder – Combination of bets from one event.
  • Mobile bonus – Bonuses only via mobile website and app
  • Live betting bonus – Live betting competitions are provided by Tipsport
  • Reload bonus – Redeposit Bonus (Existing Players)
  • Loyalty bonus – You earn loyalty points for bets
  • VIP bonus – Designed for big players, especially in casinos
  • Accumulator Bonus – Bonuses for multiple events on a ticket (rate increase)

💳 Payment Options at Czech Betting Sites

Payment Options at Czech Betting Sites

Deposits in sports betting sites in the Czech Republic are quite simple and relatively time-consuming. However, all payment methods must be in your name and you must prove that you are over eighteen years of age. The fastest payment method in betting, in general, is the use of a payment card, either credit or debit. The funds appear in your player account almost immediately.

However, internet wallets are more advantageous, where, unlike payment cards, the deposit is not charged. If you decide on a bank transfer or transfers between banks, you have to expect that you will have the money in your player account in a few days. You will receive information about how long a bank transfer to a certain bank takes from your bank where you have a bank account. The given time is usually in the order of days.

Czech bookmakers most often offer the withdrawal of funds via internet or electronic wallet, bank transfer, or cash withdrawal at a branch.

Credit Cards – Payment cards are among the fastest ways to operate with a deposit on your player account. However, they are charged between one and a half to three percent of the amount you choose to deposit into your player account. It is important to distinguish whether it is a domestic payment card or an international payment card because you can only use a domestic payment card within the territory of the Czech Republic.

Types of payment cards are debit or credit. The best payment card on the Internet is considered to be the VISA card, which is a card with an embossed print that allows payment in any country in the world. If you choose a MasterCard payment card, you can use it to deposit money into your player account. However, you must choose a different method to withdraw funds.

Internet Wallets – Internet wallets are electronic wallets that you can easily and quickly use within individual payment methods in betting. Among the most used are Skrill, which is also known as Moneybookers, as well as Neteller, Revolut, and PayPal. The great advantage of online wallets is that they are free and banking transactions are significantly cheaper than in banking institutions. In addition, payments are made immediately.

PayPal – PayPal is an online wallet that allows you to move funds between accounts. These are linked to one or more payment cards. The main advantage of PayPal is that you can send and receive money in any world currency. You can set up a Paypal account in no time and you don’t have to pay anything for registration.

The PayPal e-wallet is faster than a banking institution and is also secure. It uses a tokenization method and transactions use only encrypted data transfer. The disadvantage is that PayPal is not entirely available in the Czech language. For citizens of the Czech Republic, PayPal does not allow deposits and withdrawals of funds in betting offices.

Skrill – Skrill, or Moneybookers, is an online wallet that allows you to deposit money into your gaming account basically almost instantly. A big advantage is that the deposit of funds is not charged. In addition, Skrill offers a platform in the Czech language, and maintaining a Skrill account is possible in Czech crowns. Withdrawals via the Skrill online wallet take from a few hours to a few days. If you have the money sent to a payment card or bank account, you will pay a small fee.

Revolut – Revolut is an electronic wallet that, unlike others, also offers cryptocurrency storage. In addition, it can also be used for trading shares. The advantage is low fees and clear statistics that will show you how much money you have spent in a given currency. The disadvantage of this online wallet is that you cannot send or withdraw cryptocurrencies to it. Within the Revolut electronic wallet, you can have three types of payment cards – Ordinary card, Premium card, and Metal Card.

Neteller – The Neteller service is also among the popular electronic wallets. However, its disadvantage is higher transaction fees. When withdrawing funds through an ATM or when sending money to another Neteller account, you will be asked to verify your identity. Although the Neteller platform supports sixteen languages, unfortunately, Czech is not one of them.

Bank Transfers – Bank transfers are one of the more complicated ways to transfer money to your player account. In addition, keep in mind that transfers between banks do not take place immediately, but take several days. It also depends on whether it is a domestic or foreign bank transfer.

You can also use the online payment service TrustPay, thanks to which you can make an immediate bank transfer on the Internet. The TrustPay payment service can be used at almost all banking institutions in the Czech Republic. You can also use Trustpay as part of paying with payment cards or via the PayPal internet wallet.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Czech Players?

Czech bettors can select various payment methods, all safe and reliable. When betting at nationally licensed betting sites, credit cards are always the most popular choice due to their ease of use and great service. However, for foreign betting sites, the use of electronic wallets is a must in the Czech Republic.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in the Czech Republic

6 Expert Tips for Betting in the Czech Republic

  1. The domestic sports betting market in the Czech Republic is quite monopolized and therefore not many offers will be available. However, players can access various foreign bookmakers but with certain precautions. Namely, the use of VPNs and e-wallets is a must.
  2. Opening accounts at both domestic and foreign betting sites at once is always recommended. It takes time, yes, but the end result will be satisfactory as many options will be available.
  3. Several betting accounts will provide more betting options but also more bonuses. Using many bonuses can become very profitable.
  4. While novice bettors in the Czech Republic will most often opt to bet on single games with 1X2 types of bets, more experienced bettors will mix things up and create betting systems. This requires more investment but the returns are quite high in the long run.
  5. The region is rich in professional esports players, hence, some young bettors will place bets on such matches. It has been proven that esports bets are quite profitable and all bettors from the Czech Republic should try the market out.
  6. Czech bettors are often subjective to gambling addiction as they believe that betting will provide more income in their lives. While this can be true, it is highly difficult. Once the addiction kicks in, it is important to stop and seek help immediately.
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All forms of gambling in the Czech Republic are legal and regulated quite well.

The state has provided licenses to several online bookmakers and accessing them will be completely safe. In addition, there are foreign sites with similar licenses.

While there are no mandatory limits, the state encourages players to follow the Responsible Gambling initiative and set their own limits for each month, in order to prevent public mental health.

A new law has been in force since 2020, according to which all winnings from betting, lotteries, but also from poker, or casino games that are over one million crowns are subject to an income tax of 15%.

When the betting winnings will be available to you depends on your preferred banking method. The fastest are e-wallets, followed by credit cards, and lastly bank transfers. It takes from one day for e-wallets to seven days for bank transfers to collect the winnings.

The best betting site will be the one that offers what your heart desires in terms of sports betting. Good and thorough research is needed but finding such a site is more than possible.

Dozens of different sports are available in the Czech Republic, such as football, tennis, basketball, esports, tennis, volleyball, handball, cricket, horse races, etc.

Czechs are crazy about football, naturally, they will place the most sports bets on that sport.

The possibility of an outcome in a sports match is represented in decimal odds. The higher the odds, the less likely that the outcome will happen, and vice versa. Multiplying the final odds with the stake will provide the total possible winnings.

Yes, some sportsbooks will offer free bets as part of certain bonuses and promotions. Claiming them is always recommended.

A simple registration will suffice in most cases. If the bookmaker offers a no deposit bonus, or free bets, simply create an account and collect the bonus. Sometimes though it might be necessary to deposit some funds.

In Czech Republic, asking for help is quite easy as there are many centers, such as F63, Naberte Kurz, Končím s hraním, Neprohraj Se, Dluhové Poradenstvi, Cista Hlava, and many more.