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Best Sports Betting Sites in Malaysia for 2023

Malaysia is a country with many sports betting enthusiasts, and there are a lot of online sportsbooks to choose from. To make the process of selecting the most preferred betting site easier, our team of gambling experts has compiled a list of the best sports betting sites in Malaysia. We will also cover topics regarding the variety of bonuses and offers, payment methods, how to bet on sports, and so on.

Continue reading this in-depth guide about the best Malaysian sports betting websites!

🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Malaysian Players in Jun 2023

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⚖️ Malaysia Sport Betting Laws & Regulations

Betting is a favorite pastime activity for a lot of Malaysian players, even though 60% of the population practices the Muslim religion and the Sharia Law forbids any Muslim to partake in gambling activities.

Malaysia Sport Betting Laws & Regulations

Almost 70 years ago, a law came out in Malaysia, which was called the Betting Act of 1953, and the law stated that operating a casino is illegal. Also, punters could only bet on horse racing and play the lottery according to this Malaysian law. Today, the only traditional casino that’s legal in Malaysia is the Resorts World Genting, which was founded back in 1971.

When it comes to online betting, there are no laws that forbid it. The Malaysian people who aren’t Muslim and tourists as well can play online casino games and bet on sports. Operating an online sports betting site in Malaysia isn’t allowed, but playing at an offshore online sportsbook is completely legal.

At these international sports betting sites, we can make an account and bet on various sports without worrying that we might be prosecuted by Malaysian authorities. All in all, playing at online sportsbooks is safe and legal for all gambling enthusiasts from Malaysia. All the sports betting sites that we’ve recommended to Malaysian bettors are 100% safe for them to bet on sports of all kinds.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Malaysia?

As a predominantly Muslim country, Malaysia has a negative stance towards betting and gambling. Nearly all forms of betting and gambling are outlawed. That said, the country doesn’t have strict regulations towards online betting. This means that you can freely bet from Malaysia online at an offshore betting site.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Malaysia

There are so many online sports betting sites that Malaysian gambling fans can choose to bet at, but what factors are important to consider in the process of selecting an online sportsbook? We’ll list them now and explain them briefly.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Malaysia

✅ License and Security

Even though Malaysia doesn’t have an official gambling commission, bettors can still play at online sportsbooks, which hold licenses from many trusted and safe licensing companies like Malta Gambling Commission, UK Gambling Commission, the government of Curacao, and so on. Players from Malaysia undoubtedly want to have fun at sports betting sites that are trustworthy and safe for handling their funds. That’s why we’ve made a list of the top 5 Malaysian sports betting sites that are secure and reliable. 

✅ Bonuses and Promotions

The finest sports betting sites for Malaysian players often compete to win over the punter’s sympathy by offering various enticing bonuses and promotions. Usually, bettors are offered a welcome offer that consists of free money for gambling plus a decent number of free spins, which they can use for slots. Malaysian gambling devotees can also get a no deposit bonus that they could use for making risk-free bets. 

✅ Compatibility and Experience

All the online sportsbooks that accept Malaysian gambling lovers should be compatible with many devices that have operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux. Also, sports betting sites must have a great user experience, and they can accomplish that by having an easy-to-use website and customer support that is always there to give answers to questions that are asked by bettors.

✅ Markets and Odds

Malaysian betting fans love the option of getting to bet on a wide range of sports, like football, horse racing, and basketball. Online sportsbooks that have the option of live betting should also be taken seriously into consideration when choosing a sports betting site. Another factor that is important is that an online casino must have competitive and good odds. 

✅ Deposits and Withdrawals

Players from Malaysia prefer to use cryptocurrencies as well as e-wallets for making deposits and withdrawals. Also, Malaysian betting enthusiasts want fast withdrawals along with instant deposits, and we know that the top betting sites in Malaysia that we’ve recommended earlier offer just that to the players.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Malaysia

Starting to bet on sports at Malaysian online sportsbooks is very easy. Making an account and betting with our money is pretty straightforward. Here’s how it goes:

How to Bet on Sports in Malaysia

  • The first thing to do is that we have to choose the sports betting site where we’ll bet on various sports. When we make that decision, we visit the sportsbook’s site through a browser, or we can access the site through a mobile app. Then, we should go to the “Sign up” section and fill out all the necessary info that is requested from us.
  • The standard information that we must provide is, of course, our name, email address, age, and other details about us.
  • The next step would be to upload a photo from our identification documents, such as our passport or driving license. For approval, we shouldn’t wait for more than 24 hours.
  • Then, in the case of successfully verifying our account, we should do the following three things:
  • Select a payment method of our preference (e-wallet, credit card, cryptocurrency, etc.)
  • Pick our welcome bonus
  • Make our initial deposit
  • After this, we’re set to start making bets on sports of our choice.
  • If we are new to the betting world, we should follow the steps above, and we’ll surely be ready to place bets on an online sportsbook.

There are a variety of sports that punters could choose to place their bets on Malaysian sports betting sites. Malaysian bettors are very passionate when it comes to wagering on sports, and plenty of online sportsbooks offer good and competitive odds. Gambling fans from Malaysia can bet on a wide range of sports events and leagues as well. Here is a summary of all sports that are popular in Malaysia.


Football Bookies

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world, and that is also the case in the country of Malaysia. Punters can bet on football matches on many sports betting websites, especially the ones we’ve recommended earlier. So, pick one site, and start placing bets on matches from football leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and so on!


Badminton Bookmakers

Malaysians are quite passionate about the game of badminton, and they also like to make bets on this sport’s matches. Badminton is at the center of attention in this country, mostly because it holds one of the largest badminton tournaments in the world- the Malaysia Open. Devoted gamblers in Malaysia are already placing wagers on badminton matches, and so should we!


Cricket Sportsbooks

The popularity of cricket in Malaysia has risen quite significantly lately, mostly because Malaysia is one of many countries that play in the well-known International Twenty20 League matches. The cricket market is a large one, with great odds. Cricket Malaysian fans should try their luck at some of our recommended online sportsbooks!

Golf Bookies

Golf is a sport that is widely recognized among Malaysian betting fans. In this country, there are a couple of hundred golf courses where people can enjoy playing this beautiful game. One of the reasons why golf is so famous in Malaysia is the fact that it hosts some events in the Professional Golfer’s Association. Bet on golf at Malaysian sports betting sites and have fun!

Sepak Takraw Bookmakers

With having a big fanbase in Malaysia, Sepak Takraw is a very common choice to bet on for many punters. Also known as kick volleyball, this sport was in fact invented by Malaysians. Many betting lovers from Malaysia pick sepak takraw as their go-to sport for placing bets on sports betting websites!

American football
Rugby Bookies

The men’s rugby team in Malaysia has improved a lot recently, and many bettors from this country rely on the strength of this team, so they place wagers on them as favorites every time they play. Malaysian betting fans also like to make bets on matches that take place in the National Rugby League as well as the Super League. Gambling lovers won’t regret it if they choose to bet on rugby on Malaysian sports betting websites.

Basketball Bookmakers

A lot of online sportsbooks that accept Malaysian players offer the option of betting on one of the most well-known sports- basketball. Betting enthusiasts from Malaysia can bet on ASEAN League matches, and also place wagers on the Malaysian NBA League. A wide range of markets plus fantastic odds makes betting on basketball ideal.

Esports Bookmakers

Esports has become very famous in recent years, and today, many Malaysian bettors like to place wagers on esports tournaments. The most popular games to bet on esports tournaments are CS: GO and Dota 2. A lot of Malaysian sports betting sites started to introduce esports, given the fact that more and more people are placing bets on it.

💵 Types of Bets in Malaysia

Many people that are getting into betting should know that there are a plethora of bet types. But, even some seasoned bettors aren’t properly introduced to the type of wagers that they could place at Malaysian sports betting websites. This is where we come to help. We will give punters a summary of some of the most common bet types.

Types of Bets in Malaysia

➡️ Moneyline or Win Bets

This type of wager is very simple to understand, and many punters can start using it in their gambling endeavors right away. So, here’s how it goes. For people who reside in the US, this is called the moneyline bet. On the other hand, for everyone outside of this state and in Malaysia, this bet is called the win bet. If we make this our primary type of bet, all we have to do is choose who we think we’ll win the match and place a bet on that team or an individual.

Here’s an example of how this bet works.

Let’s say there is a football match in the football league La Liga, between the famous Barcelona and Real Madrid. If a punter places his bet on Barcelona to be the winner, and this team wins, that punter will win the bet. It’s as simple as that.

➡️ Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are commonly used by a lot of bettors across the globe, and it might be tricky to understand how they work at first, but we’re here to help and explain it as clearly as we can to the Malaysian gambling fans. For our example, we’ll use a football match between Liverpool and Arsenal.

Let’s say that a Malaysian sports betting website sets a bet with a handicap on Liverpool that is -2.5 goals, while Arsenal has 2.5 goals of advantage. When the match begins, the Arsenal football team is going to have a big advantage of 2.5 goals against Liverpool. Now, if we choose to bet on Liverpool and if this team succeeds in scoring more than three goals against the Arsenal team, we will win the bet that we’ve placed. On the other hand, if we place a wager on Arsenal and if this team doesn’t concede three or even more goals at the end of the match, we will, of course, win that bet and win some cash as a reward.

➡️ Outright Bets

In the gambling industry, outright bets are also called “futures” bets. When we place this type of bet we bet on who’ll win some league or tournament, whether that is a team like in basketball or an individual like in tennis for example. So, we select a winner before that sports event even begins. This is why this type of wager is called “futures”.

For instance, we’ll choose some team from the English Premier League to be the winner at the end of the season. Also, we can choose Rafael Nadal to be the winner of Roland Garros before the tournament even starts.

The reason why these can be so difficult to make is that we place bets weeks or even months before the sports event starts. We don’t have a lot of information on who is the favorite to win a league or some competition. Also, making this type of bet can bear very lucrative rewards, but they also go with a high level of risk.

➡️ Over/Under Bets

Another name for this type of bet totals, but Malaysian gambling lovers know it by the name of over/under bets. This category of bet is not complicated, both newbies and experienced players can begin to use over/under bets as part of their gambling routine on the best Malaysian sports betting websites.

When it comes to the totals or over/under bet, a gambling site will put a total that is associated with a game between two teams. Now, what bettors must do is that they need to choose whether they believe a certain team will score over or under the total number that the betting website has set.

For example, we’ve chosen a basketball game between the NBA giants, LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. So, the online sportsbook that we’ve selected to bet at has set that the total score of the game will be 210 points. Now, if we think that these NBA teams will score more than 210 points, we’re going to bet over. On the other hand, if we feel that the teams will score less than 210 points, we’ll place a wager on under. In the case of choosing the right outcome, we’ll win the bet and some money as well.

➡️ Accumulator Bets

This is one of the most interesting types of bets, and it’s not even complicated. Accumulator bets are also known in the betting world as parlays. So, in order to make an accumulator bet, a Malaysian punter will put a number of single bets into one very big bet.

If we decide to put more individual bets in the accumulator bet, we can win more money. But, what betting enthusiasts from Malaysia must remember is that if they lose one of those single bets, the parlay bet is lost, and no money will be won.

Understanding the accumulator type of wager will be even easier with the help of the following example. This accumulator bet will have 3 legs or three individual bets. Let’s say that the FIBA Basketball World Cup started, and we’ve made bets that all these three teams are going to win the first game of the group phase: Serbia, Spain, and the USA.


When we combine all the bets, the total bet would be this one: 2.30x 1.90.x 1.20=5.244

If we invest $100 and place a bet we can get: 100×5.24=$524

Here’s how the parlay bet goes step-by-step:

  • First, we’ve chosen to bet on Serbia and they get a win: 100 x 2.30= $230
  • Then the next bet is on Spain, and they also win: $230 x 1.90= $437
  • For the final bet, we’ve picked the USA, which wins as well: $437 x 1.20= $524,4

If we’ve made 3 individual bets by betting $33.33 on each bet we would only win $179,982, or nearly $180 for the same risk of investing $100. This is why the parlay bet is so good, but it also carries a risk.

➡️ Prop Bets

Prop bets, or special bets are used very often among both Malaysian newbies and well-seasoned gambling fans. These prop bets, that’s short for proposition bets, are made regarding a certain aspect of the game, and they often don’t affect the end result of a match.

This type of bet can be used in many sports like basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, golf, and so on. One football match can even have up to one hundred prop bets. Some examples of prop bets:

  • Who’ll score the first goal or point in the game?
  • Choosing the time of a first corner.
  • Which team is going to get the first touchdown?
  • Which player is going to score the first goal or point in the game?
  • Which team will win the coin toss?

➡️ Live Betting

We place live bets in the duration of the game and before it begins. This type of bet is very exciting because the chances change all the time during the match or a game. When we’re betting live, we can place any type of bet, but there are also special bets just for live betting, like which next team is going to score a goal or which team will get the next yellow card.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Malaysia

The format of odds that is famous in Malaysia right now is the Malay format. A distinguishable feature of the Malay format that separates it from the other ones is that the Malay odds are always below 1.00, and bettors need to remember that. When the odds are positive, when we’re betting, the probability will be over 50%, which is not too bad. On the other hand with some odds being negative, that percentage will always go under 50%.

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Malaysia

Understanding how positive odds work is pretty easy, and we’ll use an example to explain it to punters. So, if we decide to place a wager by investing $60, and the odds are exactly 0.80, we can get $48 worth of profit. In the case of the odds being negative, all we have to do is to divide the money we invested for the bet by the odds that are given for a sports event.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in Malaysian Online Betting Sites

Bonuses are a key component of many sports betting sites because their goal is to entice the punter with a good enough offer so we can continue to play at that sportsbook. Sports betting sites in Malaysia have plenty of options regarding bonuses, promotions, and free bets too.

As we mentioned earlier, there are no local sports betting sites in Malaysia, but we can enjoy the wide range of promo offers at offshore gambling websites. Here are various types of bonuses and promotions that Malaysian betting enthusiasts can expect at online sportsbooks.

Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in Malaysian Online Betting Sites

🎁 Deposit Bonuses

We get deposit bonuses when we, of course, make our initial deposit at sports betting sites in Malaysia. This bonus comes in the form of a welcome bonus, where the sportsbook matches our deposit bonus by 100% up to a certain amount of money. 

Welcome offers very often come with a decent number of free spins, usually, that’s around 100-200. There are some betting websites where we can get a 150% match deposit bonus or even a 200% match deposit bonus. Punters will also need to meet particular wagering requirements if they want to get paid out. At most betting sites, the wagering requirement is around 20x-30x. 

🎁 No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is offered at many sports betting sites in Malaysia, and punters can get it by making an account at a sportsbook that promotes no deposit bonuses, and they will get free money to make bets with. Betting lovers can make real money with this bonus. But, bettors need to be careful because this promotion does come at a big wagering requirement than usual. 

Besides being offered to the new players, the ones who already have an account can get it. For instance, users that are already registered at an online sportsbook that doesn’t use their betting account often get a no deposit bonus, so the sportsbook is showing them a sign that their gambling account is valid. 

🎁 Free Bets

Free bets are a well-known type of bonus that punters can acquire if they meet some qualifying terms. The benefit of free bets is that we have a chance to collect our winnings without the need to meet any wagering requirements. From the sportsbooks that we’ve recommended to the punters, NetBet is a sports betting site that offers free bets. Also, we can use these bets on any sport of our choice.

💳 Payment Options at Malaysian Betting Sites

An online sportsbook should have a wide range of payment options because one payment method may not work for someone, while the other option could work. When it comes to the range of options that Malaysian bettors have at sports betting sites, there are many of them.

Payment Options at Malaysian Betting Sites

The most common are credit/debit cards and e-wallets, but there are also cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards, Apple Pay, etc. Right now, we will summarize all types of payment methods that Malaysians could have the possibility to choose on some of the best Malaysian betting websites.

Credit/Debit Cards – Malaysian punters usually go for this type of payment method because it has been used since the first online sportsbooks, so they’re quite a safe and reliable choice for deposits and withdrawals. Another reason that bettors go for credit or debit cards are when they want to bet on games immediately, the transactions with credit cards are going to be made instantly.

This is surely a big plus when it comes to betting with credit or debit cards. Also, many people are well introduced to how a credit card transaction is made, so transferring funds onto their gambling account will go without problems.

If Malaysian bettors choose credit or debit cards as our go-to payment method, they can choose from some of these cards: Visa, MasterCard, and some online sportsbooks also offer American Express.

E-wallets – If we’re not properly introduced to what an e-wallet is, we’ll explain it. This type of payment acts as a digital wallet so we can make transactions on the Internet with ease and very fast. With e-wallets, we don’t have to provide any bank details, which means that our privacy and safety online will be protected with the help of an e-wallet. So, for all punters that want a safe transfer of their money, e-wallets will definitely be right for them. Bettors from Malaysia often select PayPal as their deposit and withdrawal method. 

This payment method has more than 300 million users across the globe, so we can conclude that with all those loyal users, this is an easy, fast, and trustworthy form of payment. Other e-wallets that are very popular among gambling enthusiasts from Malaysia are Neteller and Skrill as well. These two methods are pretty straightforward for use, and many punters pick them to make deposits and withdrawals too. 

Apple Pay – This form of payment is easy to use, and if punters like to use Apple devices, Apple Pay would be perfect for them. We can make deposits very quickly and with no complications, which is great. Apple Pay is a very safe method to use as it offers a lot of security features such as Touch ID protection, for example. So, by providing the touch of our fingerprint, only we are able to make a deposit on our Apple device, and there’s no chance that someone could access our account info. 

A lot of payment methods do come with some fees, which is not the case with Apple Pay. Transactions made by Malaysian betting fans will be 100% free of charge. Also, if we were to use Apple Pay, we won’t have to share our personal or banking information. 

Prepaid Cards – A prepaid card is a card that we load money onto, and then we can spend that certain amount of money that is on the card. A lot of Malaysian punters choose to use it as a gift card too. This payment method is very popular, given the fact that it’s reliable and we don’t have to worry if our funds are in safe hands. 

With a prepaid card, our anonymity and privacy are well-protected. Some of the most famous prepaid cards happen to be NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card, American Express Bluebird, Prepaid MasterCard, and so on. This is especially important if you want to maintain a low profile when betting on sports online from Malaysia, as you don’t have to worry about getting caught transferring money from a bank or credit card.

Cryptocurrency – It’s no secret that today many punters across the world pick some cryptocurrency as their form of payment for making both deposits and withdrawals. This is also the case with many Malaysian sports betting enthusiasts. 

The reason why so many gambling fans select cryptocurrency is that they can keep their anonymity while making online payments. If someone worries about their security, then a cryptocurrency is the right choice for them because we don’t have to disclose any information, whether it’s personal or financial. 

Anyone who’s heard of cryptocurrencies knows that Bitcoin is the most popular crypto. More and more sports betting sites have started to list cryptocurrencies as their payment method. Besides Bitcoin, online sportsbooks also offer Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc.  

Bank Transfers – Bank transfers are an excellent payment method for both newbies and experienced punters from Malaysia. We should know that by using bank transfers, we shouldn’t be concerned that the info on our gambling account is at risk. This is a safe form of payment method that is popular at many Malaysian sports betting sites, and gambling fans gladly use it. There is also one more big reason why players use this type of payment, and that is because it can be used for both withdrawals and deposits too.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Malaysian Players?

The best payment options are the ones we explained above because they will keep the player’s privacy and anonymity. Even though there are no local Malaysian online casinos, many offshore online sportsbooks accept players from this country, and on these sites, we can choose our preferred payment method.

👍 4 Expert Tips for Betting in Malaysia

Learning how to bet may be challenging, but that’s all a part of the learning curve. The following tips will especially help new gambling lovers who have just started to bet on their favorite sports, but they will also be beneficial to the more experienced punters out there.

4 Expert Tips for Betting in Malaysia

  1. Start betting at familiar sports – when we begin to gamble on betting sites in Malaysia, the best thing to do is to choose the sports and, of course, the players that we know quite well, and that way there’s a better chance we could get some money as beginners in the betting world.
  2. Research is important – something that all punters should do, if they want to have success while betting, research is necessary. The reason is that the more homework we do, the more we are prepared to make good decisions and smart bets at sports betting sites in Malaysia.
  3. Discipline is the key – making a plan for betting is necessary because we can easily wander, and that could lead to gambling problems. In addition, we should set a budget for betting and not overspend. We should only spend the money we have.
  4. Finding something we’re special at – even though there is a wide range of types of bets at sports betting sites in Malaysia, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and place a lot of different bets at once. Starting with a sport that we love and know or deciding on a specific type of bet is highly recommended.
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✅ Conclusion

Our team has researched in detail what are the best sports betting sites in Malaysia, the best bonuses, the variety of sports we can bet on, popular payment methods, and so on. This will serve as a guide to all the bettors that would like to know more about Malaysian online sportsbooks, both new and experienced. So, now all we have to do is choose one of the best sports betting sites in Malaysia, and start betting on our favorite sports!


Gambling is legal in Malaysia, but only if we play at offshore online sportsbooks. Malaysia doesn’t have a regulatory body that issues licenses, and our team recommends that punters only bet on sports betting sites that possess a license that is issued by a regulatory company like Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, or the government of Curacao.

Gambling online in Malaysia is safe, but we have to choose a sports betting website that is reliable and one that has strong security features, so we don’t have to worry if our information is safe. Malaysians can start to bet safely online with any of the top 5 sportsbooks we’ve recommended at the beginning.

As long as we’re playing at offshore sports betting sites like the ones we’ve mentioned earlier, then Malaysian punters don’t have to worry about their safety while betting on their favorite sports.

In Malaysia, legally, we can start to gamble at the age of 21, but at many offshore online sportsbooks, we have to be 18 to start betting online.

If we want to gamble online at offshore sports betting sites that accept players from Malaysia, the minimum age is often 18.

It really depends on what sports betting site we select to place wagers at. Usually, the minimum deposit limit at many online sportsbooks that accept Malaysian gamblers is $10. Meanwhile, the maximum deposit limit can go to tens of thousands of dollars.

As far as taxes go, punters that enjoy betting on various sportsbooks don’t have to pay any taxes for the money that they’ve won while gambling.

When it comes to the withdrawal process, many sports betting sites for Malaysian players will pay them out in a 24-hour timeframe.

Malaysian betting fans can choose to play at any offshore online sportsbook, but they should go for the ones that are high-quality, with a proper license, reliable security features, instant deposits, fast withdrawals, and so on. Websites that have these qualities are the ones we’ve recommended in the beginning, so check them out.

There is a wide range of sports that Malaysian punters can bet on. In terms of popularity, football is definitely number one. Other popular sports are volleyball, basketball, golf, sepak takraw, and badminton as well.

Malaysian players like to bet on many sports on the most popular betting sites, but if we have to say which is the most popular, we would have to go with football. There are a couple of billion football fans worldwide, and the majority of Malaysian bettors like to place wagers on football games.

Malaysian sports betting works in decimals. There are two types of decimals, and those are negative or positive.

Punters who just started to place bets on Malaysian sportsbooks and experienced punters too have the opportunity to win a vast array of bonuses, and free bets are a possibility as well.

Sign-up bonuses can be won when we make an account at a certain Malaysian sports betting site and make our initial deposit, which is in most cases matched by 100% from the online sportsbooks.

There is no public rehab center currently in Malaysia, but there are private rehab facilities that can help punters who have problems with excessive gambling.

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