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Best Sports Betting Sites in Netherlands for 2023

The Netherlands is a progressive country, and that applies to sports betting as well. Gambling lovers from the Netherlands have access to many online sportsbooks, and our team of betting enthusiasts has done an extensive research to find the very best sports betting sites in the Netherlands.

Each recommended site has a reputable license, a wide range of sports to bet on, enticing bonuses, and much more helpful information. Punters will learn about the legality of betting online in this country, the best sports to bet on, expert tips on online gambling, and so on.
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🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Netherland Players in Jun 2023

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⚖️ Netherlands Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Up until 2021, the Netherlands had strict anti-gambling laws and regulations. Dutch authorities have brought the Remote Gambling Act or KOA. This law was made on the 1st of April back in 2021, and it really did bring some positive changes to the Dutch online gambling scene. From this Remote Gambling Act, offshore and local online sportsbooks have got the right to hold a license in October last year.

Netherlands Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Dutch betting lovers have the opportunity to access any offshore bookmaker that they would like, as there is no law that forbids that kind of action. But, players can be the victims of a scam sports betting website because today’s gambling law might not be able to provide the necessary protection of the player’s funds. Something to remember is that with the Remote Gambling Act, every betting site will lose its license if they attempt to trick the players.

The regulatory body of this country is the Netherlands Gambling Authority, and before the mentioned KOA, players weren’t restricted to having fun on sports betting sites. The worst thing that could happen to punters that visited sportsbooks before the Remote Gambling Act, is that they would lose the deposited funds if that sportsbook somehow got blocked.

With the new law that legalized gambling on the Internet for Dutch players, famous betting sites have the chance to be a part of this market. Nevertheless, these known sportsbooks will have to meet certain requirements:

  1. No ads between 6 pm-9 pm
  2. Before they make an account, players have to go through an identity verification process
  3. The customer support staff has to be fluent in Dutch
  4. Setting max credit limits has to be made

To sum things up, punters from the Netherlands can play at all online sportsbooks, but they should play at betting sites that have a license and a reputation of being safe. All the websites that we’ve recommended are completely safe for Dutch gambling aficionados.

Is Online Betting Legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, online betting is legal in the Netherlands. That said, make sure to remember all of the information we share with you on this page, as this country has strict and very precise online betting laws.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in the Netherlands

When we’re in a search for the best sports betting site for us, we should look for a couple of factors that are important to us. Today, there are hundreds of online sportsbooks, and many Dutch punters could start to be indecisive when they see that there are a lot of choices for sports betting. But, we’re here to assist the gambling fans from the Netherlands by presenting a list of the most relevant factors that need to be considered when selecting the right sports betting website.

Before discussing the factors, we must share a fact with the punters, and that is that they should first do research so they can find a sportsbook that is suitable for them. Of course, gambling fans can choose a particular site for a number of reasons. Some want to have fun, while some have serious intentions of making a big amount of money. Therefore, many factors need to be taken into consideration, and below we’ll explain them to bettors in full detail.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in the Netherlands

✅ License and Security

Besides the fact that the Netherlands has its own regulatory body, Dutch betting lovers can also choose sports betting sites that have licenses from the most recognizable regulatory companies such as the Malta Gaming Commission, UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Government of Curacao, and so on. Also, we should pick the online sportsbooks that have the newest security features. To be sure that our funds and privacy is protected, we should look for sportsbooks that have SSL Encryption. Take a look at our top Dutch betting sites to choose the safest sportsbooks. 

✅ Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses, as well as promotions, are a crucial part of any sports betting site in the Netherlands because having good bonuses, especially welcome offers, can be the decisive factor for a punter who chooses to continue playing at that online sportsbook. Besides the deposit bonuses, there are also free bets that could give us the chance to win real money without the risk of losing it. We should always make sure to check out what an online sportsbook offers in terms of bonuses and promo offers before making it our go-to betting site for sports. 

✅ Compatibility and Experience

An online sportsbook, especially a top-quality one, is compatible with both desktop and mobile users. They offer compatibility with a number of operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. Besides this, user experience is of the utmost importance, and a betting website should be easy to use and with a simple design too. Also, friendly and professional customer service reps are there to improve the overall betting experience of a punter by responding quickly. 

✅ Markets and Odds 

Regular online sportsbooks offer the opportunity to bet on sports with odds like Moneyline, and Totals. We shouldn’t be satisfied with basic bet types, and instead, we should look for a betting site that has a wide range of bets. Players have to be able to bet on many sports, so offering a vast array of sports on the website is a big plus. Live betting is a must for every betting site that considers itself high-level. Take a peek at our recommended sports betting sites in the Netherlands to find a fair selection of markets and odds. 

✅ Deposits and Withdrawals

An online sportsbook has to offer a lot of options when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Punters from the Netherlands should have the opportunity to pick any form of payment, like credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfers, e-wallets, and so on. A good sports betting site in the Netherlands will have instant deposits and payouts that are quick, up to 24 hours. Check out our list of top 6 online sportsbooks in the Netherlands that all have a decent variety of payment options.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in the Netherlands

Given the fact that gambling is legal in the Netherlands, there’s no doubt that Dutch players can make an account and place some wagers on their preferred sports. Follow these steps to successfully go through the registration process:

How to Bet on Sports in the Netherlands

  1. The first step of our registration process is to fill out a form where we will have to put our personal info such as our name, email as well as our location of residence. Then, we make a username as well as a password of our choice.
  2. Then, we have to give our bank account info for the sports betting account that we’ve just made at an online sportsbook.
  3. After that, we can make a deposit with the help of many different payment methods like credit or debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallet, crypto, and so on. One of the most popular payment options for players from the Netherlands is iDEAL, thanks to it we can deposit funds and get paid on a sportsbook of our choice via our bank account.
  4. The final step of this process is to deposit some money and start betting on the best online sportsbooks in the Netherlands.

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in the Netherlands

Betting on sports in the Netherlands is very popular, and studies indicate that around 1.5 million residents like to place some bets on online sportsbooks. Dutch bettors can place bets on numerous sports events that offer impressive odds. Right now, we will ensure bettors get a brief summary of well-liked sports to place wagers on in the Netherlands.

Football Bookies

Number one sport to bet on is of course football. The national football team of the Netherlands is definitely one of the finest teams in football. Punters like to place bets on football matches of the best football league in the Netherlands, and that is the Eredivisie, where famous teams like Ajax, AZ Alkmaar, Feyenoord, and PSV play. Choose one of our sportsbooks and bet on football matches.

Field Hockey Bookies

In terms of popularity, field hockey is among the top sports for betting. Dutch bettors love to bet on this sport for various reasons. For instance, the men’s and women’s national field hockey teams have won three gold medals combined at the Olympics. Hoofdklasse is the best field hockey league, and gambling lovers from the Netherlands love to place bets on matches from this top-notch league.

Cycling Bookies

Dutch betting fans also love to place wagers when there are cycling races. Cyclists from the Netherlands have been quite successful so far at the Tour de France, and cycling fans enjoy betting on this sport.


Dutch punters like to play this sport for fun and on an amateur basis, but they also like to place bets on professional volleyball matches.

Horse Racing

This sport is a choice for many Dutch bettors, and horse racing is a widely recognized sport in this country. They have racecourses in a couple of cities like Groningen, Alkmaar, and so on. Fans of horse racing prefer to place bets on endurance races, as well as on trotting.


Esports is growing popular by the day, and gambling lovers like to place bets at sports betting sites in the Netherlands on many esports tournaments. The most popular games to bet on are LOL and Dota.

💵 Types of Bets the Netherlands

There’s no doubt that betting on sports is very exciting as well as entertaining. Adrenalin is pumping, for both the participants of the match and for the bettors too. Winning a bet that we’ve placed on our favorite team or an individual is a feeling like no other. So, there’s no secret why placing wagers on various sports, and why did so many countries like the Netherlands make online gambling legal. 

Newbies to gambling of course know what is a win, and what is a loss. Nevertheless, understanding various betting types might be challenging to understand. That’s why we are here. Now, we will explain all common bet types that we can encounter while placing wagers on our favorite sports.

Types of Bets the Netherlands

➡️ Win Bets

Also known as Moneyline or a straight bet, this is one of the simplest types of bets we can choose to start betting on sports. In the Netherlands, this type of bet is called the win bet, and the concept is quite easy to understand. By selecting the win bet, all we have to do is to bet on who will win a match, race, etc. For instance, that could be a football team or just one person, like in tennis.

Now, we will give the punters a more detailed example. It’s the potential Champions League final between the renowned football teams- Ajax and Manchester United. If we side with Ajax and pick this team to be the winner of the final, and they manage to get a win over Machester United, we’ve successfully won our bet. On the other hand, if they lose, our bet is lost. That’s how the win bet works.

➡️ Handicap Bets

Handicap bets or points spread is a well-known bet type that might be more difficult to understand than the previous bet type, but that’s why we’re here to help punters in need of knowledge. In Europe, and the Netherlands as well, this betting type is known as the handicap bet, while American punters prefer the term points spread.

This bet starts with who does the sports betting site pick as the winning side. After that is decided, a total goal or point number will be assigned to the team or individual that is believed to win the match. We, as punters, need to choose whether we will bet on a certain team or individual over or under.

By giving the bettors the following example, we will explain how this works. Let’s say that the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics are playing a basketball game in the regular part of the NBA season. The online betting site in the Netherlands assigned a 10 point advantage to the LA Lakers, which means that this team is expected to win by a 10 point margin.

If punters from the Netherlands were to believe that the famous Lakers will win by 10 points, they are free to place a bet on them. However, if Dutch bettors lean towards the Celtics and the fact that they will be the winnings side or that they’ll lose the game by less than 10 points, they’re going to place a wager on them. If either scenario happens, we win the handicap bet and get a lucrative prize. Of course, if we get it wrong, we will lose our bet.

➡️ Over/Under Bets

Totals or over/under bets are one of the most popular bet types and easiest to understand. These bets are called over or under because we bet if the total of points or goals in a match will either go over or under. So, a sports betting site in the Netherlands will determine a total of points or goals that will happen in a sports match. What we have to do is to decide whether we will bet that the total points or goals will go over or under the total that was specified by the sports betting site.

Let’s say that there’s a basketball game between the giants of European basketball- Fenerbahce and Real Madrid. The online sportsbook has determined that the total number of points will be 160 for both teams. It is up to us to decide if we’ll go over or under. If we bet over, and the total number of points is over 160, we’ve won the bet and some money as well. The same goes if we bet under.

➡️ Outright Bets

“Futures” or outright bets are well-known in the Dutch gambling fanbase. They’re interesting enough for both new and experienced bettors, mainly because it is quite difficult to predict an outcome of a league or a tournament in advance. Usually, we have to place a bet on a team or professional individual weeks or months before those sports events start. What’s also challenging regarding this type of bet is that there are not much data or any kind of useful information that could help us to bet on the right outcome.

So, for example, we bet that PSV Eindhoven will win the best football league in the Netherlands- The Eredivisie. Or, before the season even starts, we place a wager that Lewis Hamilton will win the F1. Because of how difficult it is to predict the outcome, the better the cash prize is if we guess the winning team or the individual.

➡️ Accumulator Bets

An accumulator bet or parlay bet and “Acca” consists of multiple single bets. It is very important to know that all selections that are part of the bet have to win, so we can make some winnings and of course, win the bet.

The money we placed for the first bet as well as the return of the bet is added to the following bet. If any bet of multiple ones that we’ve made in the “Acca” bet is lost, then the entire bet is lost, it’s that simple. By putting more single bets in the accumulator bet, there’s a higher chance that we could end up with a higher cash prize.

We’ll use an example of three football teams that are playing in the Eredivisie, the number one Dutch professional football league. So, we’ve chosen the following teams to use in our accumulator bet.

Football teams of the EredivisieOdds
AZ Alkmaar1.72
PSV Eindhoven2.25

When combining these multiple single bets in one total bet, that would look like this:

1.5 x 1.72 x 2.25= 5.805

Let’s say that we place €200 on this bet, that would be: 200 x 5.805= €1161

With the following steps, punters from the Netherlands will be able to see how the accumulator bet works.

  1. So, for the first wager, we went with Ajax, and they got a win: €200 x 1.5= €300
  2. Then, we’ve made a bet that AZ Alkmaar will win, and they’ve won: €300 x 1.72= €516
  3. After that, PSV Eindhoven got a win: €516 x 2.25= €1161

The accumulator bet could be quite profitable, and if we’ve made 3 single bets on these three different teams by placing a wager with €66.67 our win would be just €387,019. This would be the risk of placing a bet with €200, meanwhile, with the accumulator bet, we can win €1161, which is a much bigger potential reward.

➡️ Betting Exchanges

One of the most interesting types of bets is betting exchanges. This bet works like this; there are two individuals that make the bet. One of them is making the bet by supporting an outcome of a certain sports event, while the other is laying that bet that was made from the first individual. Laying the bet means that we’re not backing the outcome of the initial bet.

So, let’ say that there’s a match between PSV Eindhoven and FC Twente, and we back PSV Eindhoven to win that football match. The chances for the win are 2.00, and we’ve placed a bet with €100.

The other person, or the one who is laying the bet, thinks that FC Twente will get the win, and they match our bet of €100. If PSV gets a win, we get €200. On the other hand, if PSV losses the “layer” will win the bet and our €100 with which we’ve placed the wager.

➡️ Prop Bets

Prop or proposition bets are a type of bet where we place wagers on a specific part of the game and not on the outcome of a match or a game. Using this bet is possible in a variety of different sports like golf, field hockey, volleyball, football, MMA, basketball, and so on. For instance, we place a wager on how many corners will be taken in a football match, or which team will get the first point or goal. A simple, but pretty entertaining bet.

➡️ Live Betting

We make a live bet during the game, and the odds change as time passes by in the match. Punters from the Netherlands can place all types of wages during live betting, and they can also bet on the fact like who’ll score the next goal in a certain sports event.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in the Netherlands

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in the Netherlands

The most popular format of odds for gambling fans from the Netherlands is the decimal format of odds. These odds are favored amongst European bettors mostly. When punters choose this type of odds on the betting account, the odds for sports events will be expressed like this: 1.5, 2.25, 3.30, etc.

The decimal odds are most popular because we are able to calculate how much money we can get in return in a couple of seconds. We just multiply our stake with the decimal odds, and there’s our potential. It’s as easy as that.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in the Netherlands Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in the Netherlands Online Betting Sites

Bonuses and promo offers are a crucial element of any online sports betting site because the objective of offers is to attract the player who will also continue playing at their site thanks to these bonuses. There are a plethora of fine bonuses, promo offers, and free bets on many sports betting sites in the Netherlands. Below, we will briefly explain certain types of bonuses that are commonly offered at online sportsbooks.

🎁 Deposit Bonuses 

We get a deposit bonus as soon as we make our first deposit bonus on the sports betting site. The majority of online sportsbooks in the Netherlands are going to match our initial deposit with 100%. This means that if we make a deposit of €60, we will get a bonus that will be €60 worth. In most cases, the deposit bonus will be a part of the welcome bonus, where we can also get some free spins to use. What bettors should remember is that there’s a wagering requirement for this bonus. It means how many times are we obliged to play through in order to be eligible to withdraw that bonus. 

🎁 No Deposit Bonus

This is not the most common type of bonus, but still, there are plenty of Dutch online sportsbooks that offer it to gambling enthusiasts. With this bonus, we have an opportunity to win some real money and we don’t have to make a deposit to acquire this great offer. Be aware, that this type of bonus has a large wagering requirement. So, if we want to get this bonus, all we have to do is make an account. 

🎁 Free Bets

This bonus can be won if meet qualifying requirements. The great thing about the free bets is that we can get a cash prize without having to meet the wagering requirements. Free bets can be used on many sports, and it’s surely a fantastic promo offer.

💳 Payment Options at the Netherlands Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting sites in the Netherlands should have a fair amount of different payment options witch which punters could make deposits and withdrawals. Deposits should be instant, while the withdrawals have to be quick so the customer can bet on sports without any worry in the world. Now, we’ll go through some payment options that every sports betting site in the Netherlands has to offer to gamble fans.

Payment Options at the Netherlands Sports Betting Sites

✅ Debit and Credit Cards – Among the wide range of payment options, credit, and debit cards are the ones that stood the test of time. Many punters choose them for depositing and withdrawing money from their bank accounts on sports betting sites in the Netherlands.

They are trustworthy and secure too. When it comes to the speed of these cards, deposits are processed very quickly, while withdrawals could take up to three working days. The most famous debit and credit cards are of course Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and so on.

✅ E-wallets – Many betting enthusiasts pick to deposit and withdraw their funds with the help of e-wallets, or electronic wallets. They’re the ideal payment option because they process players’ transactions in a heartbeat. Also, they are pretty safe, because we’re not obliged to provide our banking information, so our privacy will be more protected thanks to the fantastic digital wallet.

Today, Dutch punters go for PayPal, because its popularity grows by the day, and there are a few people who haven’t heard of this payment method. It has a big reputation for being trustworthy and secure and many punters are happy with it. Alternatives to PayPal, are surely Neteller and Skrill, which are also a quite popular choices for a payment method among many Dutch bettors.

Apple Pay – Punters from the Netherlands that use iOS desktop and mobile devices as well will usually go for the reliable Apple Pay payment method. If we were to use this form of payment we wouldn’t have to worry about security, because the Face ID, as well as the Touch protection, will be more than enough to make our account protected from any unwanted visitors.

Making transactions is pretty safe thanks to the so-called “tokenization” where we don’t have to put out our real credit card. Thanks to Apple Pay, we can basically make payment with one tap. Users of the iOS devices that like to place bets on sports betting sites in the Netherlands definitely won’t regret choosing Apple Pay as their number one payment method.

Prepaid Cards – Prepaid cards happen to be a very safe payment method because we don’t have to provide any details regarding our banking information. Betting aficionados can transfer funds to their online sports betting site account, and they would only need to provide a unique code for the voucher as well as how much money they would like to transfer. Paysafecard is probably the most well-known prepaid card out there.

✅ Crypto – Cryptocurrency is currently one of the most popular payment methods across the globe. Punters from the Netherlands also prefer to use crypto for making transactions on their betting accounts. Crypto gives us anonymity and offers us protection while depositing and withdrawing funds.

We don’t have to give out any information regarding our personal and banking details, which is great for anyone that prefers their privacy while being on the Internet and placing bets on sports betting sites in the Netherlands. We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency right now, and for many years now. Bettors also like to pick crypto like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Punters in the Netherlands like to use iDeal as their payment method too. It’s fast, reputable as well as safe. This payment method Dutch bettors like to use for making payments on the Internet through the account of their bank.

What Is the Best Payment Option for the Netherlands Players?

The best payment option is the one that a player decides to be the best. All payment methods that we’ve explained above have a good level of security and safety. That said, our top pick is PayPal.

👍 4 Expert Tips for Betting in the Netherlands

Here are some tips that will help punters while betting on sports at the online sportsbooks in the Netherlands.

4 Expert Tips for Betting in the Netherlands

  1. Do some research – Even if we gave punters much information regarding sports betting in the Netherlands, they should do their own additional research so they can choose the best possible betting site for them.
  2. Don’t look just for bonuses – Some online sportsbooks may have good bonuses, but we should go for a betting site that has multiple advantages, instead of choosing the site that only has good bonuses.
  3. Change sportsbooks until a good one appears – If we sign up at a sports betting site in the Netherlands, and we see that the site doesn’t work for us, we should make a withdrawal of our funds, and choose another sportsbook that will make us happy.
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👍 Conclusion

Our team of devoted professionals has helped that this guide about the best sports betting sites in the Netherlands happens. Both new and more experienced Dutch punters will surely know more about sports betting in this country after they’ve read it. So, only we have to do now is to pick a Dutch sportsbook from our recommended list of sports betting websites, and start to bet on sports events!


Starting from 1st April 2021, gambling in the Netherlands is 100% legal. Punters can pick any online sportsbook they want and start betting on their favorite thanks to the Remote Gambling Act or KOA. Choose a site from our top sportsbooks list to start betting.

Gambling online is completely safe thanks to the recent Remote Gambling Act that was brought last year. Players don’t have to worry about their safety while betting on numerous sports at Dutch online sportsbooks, as long as they choose the right site, for example, the ones we’ve recommended earlier.

Yes, sports betting in the Netherlands is completely safe thanks to the Dutch government for regulating online gambling. Punters have to select a sports betting site in the Netherlands that is either approved by the Netherlands Gambling Authority or that it has a license from reputable regulatory companies such as UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

If we wish to bet on sports betting sites in the Netherlands, we must be 18 or over, according to the law. Also, young players should be careful when betting so they don’t develop an unhealthy relationship with gambling.

We need to be at least 18 years in order to start placing bets on our favorite sports at the sports betting sites in the Netherlands.

At most Dutch online sportsbooks out there, the minimum deposit is €10, while the maximum deposit usually goes from €5000-€10,000, but there are sports betting sites that set the max deposit limit even higher.

If we’ve won some money while playing games of chance, we have to pay a tax rate of 29% on those gambling winnings. However, if we’ve won less than €454, we aren’t obliged to pay gambling taxes on those winnings.

If we’ve made some gambling winnings on sports betting sites in the Netherlands, then we will be usually paid out in 24 hours. It also depends on the payment method we choose.

Dutch players have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their preferred sports betting site, and to make things easier we’ve made a list of the finest online sportsbooks where punters from the Netherlands can have fun.

Bettors from the Netherlands can bet on many sports, and the most common sports that Dutch gambling lovers can bet on are football, basketball, hockey, rose racing, volleyball, etc. Choose a sport to bet on our top bookmaker’s list.

Without a doubt, Dutch betting fans choose football as their number one sport to bet on in online sportsbooks. There are many Dutch football leagues, and the best is the Eredivisie league. Punters also like to bet on the Champions League.

The odds in the Dutch online sportsbooks are usually working in decimals. Sports betting sites in the Netherlands offer many types of bets like Moneyline, totals, futures, prop bets, and so on.

Free bets aren’t very common, but there are online sportsbooks from the Netherlands that offer these types of bonuses. With free bets, we can win some money, risk-free. Keep in mind, that we have to meet the wagering requirements so we can be eligible to withdraw the winnings that we’ve made with these free bets.

Dutch betting lovers can get the sign-up bonus when they an account at their preferred sports betting site and make the first deposit. A great thing regarding this bonus is that the online sportsbook will match our deposit by 100%.

Anyone who has a gambling problem in the Netherlands can go to agog.nl to search for help. An alternative is to go to a professional that will help us to overcome any gambling problem that we might develop.

Now, the best e-wallet for Dutch punters is definitely PayPal. Easy to use, safe, and reliable.