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Best PayPal Betting Sites for 2023

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money online, there’s no safer or more reliable payment method than the well-known PayPal. Millions of people use it every day, and betting with PayPal has grown more popular worldwide among punters.

The best betting sites accept it gladly as a form of payment because we can easily transfer funds on our online betting account and withdraw the money we’ve won in a fast manner. Read on to find out the best betting sites for PayPal and much more fascinating information regarding this payment method!

🏆 Best Betting Sites That Accept PayPal in Nov 2023

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⚖️ Is it Legal & Safe to Deposit or Withdraw Winnings at Sportsbooks Using PayPal?

In general, online sports betting websites tend to be quite safe to use because they want the user to have the best experience possible without worrying that their account security might be jeopardized.

Is it Legal & Safe to Deposit or Withdraw Winnings at Sportsbooks Using PayPal?

These sites are known to have similar safety features as online banks, and that means that the level of their security is high. But, we should only play at websites that have a reputation of being safe to use. For instance, the online betting sites we’ve listed in the table above.

Punters should do everything they can to be certain that betting online is safe for them, and using PayPal is a good way to accomplish that. Making deposits as well as withdrawing our gambling winnings will be secure and safe thanks to this payment method.

Also, while we use PayPal for betting purposes, we don’t have to disclose any of our credit card details to online bookmakers. This means that if our betting account somehow gets hacked by cyber-criminals, we will be safe because PayPal gives us anonymity.

PayPal is legal, as long as we use it while living in countries that accept this payment method for online betting

🛡️ How To Stay Safe When Betting With PayPal?

How To Stay Safe When Betting With PayPal?

Here are some tips that will help us to bet safely with the help of PayPal:

✅ Only Bet at Secure Sites

We should only place bets at online betting sites that have a reputation of being secure, just like the sports betting websites we’ve mentioned earlier.

✅ Use Only One Device

We would recommend that punters use PayPal while betting on their personal device, whether it’s a mobile device or a computer. Don’t use public computers in order to avoid someone using our account for criminal activities.

✅ Use 2FA & Unique Password

The 2FA or two-factor authentication is a great security PayPal feature that will make our account even safer. It is recommended that we set up this feature on our PayPal account because no one with authorization could log into our account, given the fact that only we know the specific 2FA code. Also, punters should create a unique password to further protect their accounts.

✅ Stay Away From Phishing Emails

The policy of PayPal is that they would never ask their users to give their personal information, so in a case that someone sends us a message on our account wanting some details about us, that is surely some sort of a scam. To make sure that we’ve received a suspicious or a phishing email, we should definitely contact [email protected], where we’ll get an answer regarding that matter.

✅ Contact PayPal Support in Case of Any Security Risks

We should make sure to get in touch with PayPal customer support if we think our account’s security is at risk.

🌎 Countries Where PayPal is Accepted & Restricted Countries

More than 200 countries across the globe accept PayPal as a form of payment, but that is not the case when it comes to online sports betting with this payment method. Now, we will give punters a list of countries where betting with PayPal is accepted:

Countries Where PayPal is Accepted & Restricted Countries

In the US, gambling fans can only do sports betting with PayPal in some countries like Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, etc. We would recommend that bettors check twice if betting with PayPal is accepted in their country.

⚖️ How Do You Use PayPal for Legal Online Sports Betting?

Now, bettors will get a step-by-step guide on how to deposit and withdraw at sports betting sites with the help of PayPal.

Start making deposits by following these steps:

  1. Set up a PayPal account – first, we should visit the website of this payment method. Then, we can click “Sign up” where we’ll have to enter our current phone number to start the process of making an account.
  2. Giving our email address – in this step, we should type in our name as well as our email address. Also, we must select a password that isn’t easy to guess so we can make our PayPal account even safer.
  3. When we make our account, we should click the button that’s called “Add Money” to add funds. 
  4. After that, we should log into the sports betting site we’ve chosen, choose “Deposit” and then we can transfer our money from PayPal to the account we have at the online bookmaker’s website. 
  5. Our deposit will be processed immediately.

PayPal betting sites

Making withdrawals with PayPal:

  1. We should go to our sports betting account and select the button for withdrawing funds. 
  2. Our next step would be to choose PayPal from the payment methods list. After that, we can select how much money we would like to withdraw.
  3. In most cases, our withdrawal process will take no longer than a couple of seconds.

👍👎 What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Using PayPal at Sports Betting Sites

Before we start explaining betting with PayPal in greater detail, we will dive into the various advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method for online sports betting. Now, we will present punters with a list of pros and cons, and after that, they can see if betting with PayPal is good for them or not. First, we will start with a plethora of advantages:

  • Keeping our banking information private – PayPal is widely recognized as one of the biggest and greatest online payment businesses. It has an incredible market cap of $203.9 billion in the year 2022. Punters can be sure that all of their personal as well as banking info is going to be in safe hands, thanks to PayPal. Earlier in this article, we’ve listed the best betting sites when using PayPal, but gambling fans can still be skeptical about using these websites. They shouldn’t be because whatever betting site we choose to visit and use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, we’re not obliged to give our banking information. This means we’ll be safe if we’re betting with PayPal.
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals – Thanks to PayPal, we can deposit instantly and with ease. The funds that we’ve moved from our PayPal account will be visible on our sports betting account immediately, and we can start betting on our favorite sports. When it comes to withdrawals, they’ll show up in a matter of hours. Withdrawing money with PayPal is faster than with any credit card.
  • Simple to use – Another advantage of betting with PayPal is that we can use it quite easily. If we want to make an account, we should only provide our email address. Also, everything can be done with a couple of clicks, and we can use almost any device to bet with PayPal. Users don’t have to pay any fees when they’re creating their accounts.

Now, we will list a couple of disadvantages regarding betting with PayPal:

  • Bonus Restrictions – Unfortunately, if we decide to use PayPal for betting online, there’s a chance that we won’t get bonuses. However, this doesn’t mean that every betting site will not make us eligible to get a bonus, but there’s a fair amount of websites that could restrict us from getting free bets as well as welcome deposit bonuses.
  • Hidden Fees – There aren’t many sports betting sites that charge additional fees for PayPal transactions, but there are some. From the ones we’ve mentioned, Betfair charges an extra 2% fee on PayPal transactions.
  • Account Closing – If we do something that will violate the service terms of PayPal, there’s a chance that our account could get closed, which is not something punters want. Therefore, if we have any questions regarding the terms, contacting the customer service of PayPal is highly recommended.

💳 Deposits & Withdrawals at Online Sportsbook Using PayPal

Deposits & Withdrawals at Online Sportsbook Using PayPal

✅ How Much Does it Take to Process PayPal Deposits And Withdrawals?

When it comes to deposits, they’re always processed in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, withdrawals can be processed even up to 24 hours. A betting site that we choose will process our withdrawals, but it depends from site to site for how long this process can take before our money arrives in our PayPal account. Most often, the withdrawal process won’t last more than a few hours.

✅ How Much are The Processing Fees When Using PayPal at Sports Betting Sites?

Processing fees are almost always free when we use PayPal at sports betting sites. Although, there are some exceptions, like the Betfair 2% processing fee that we’ve mentioned earlier.

🎁 Are There Any Special PayPal Bonus Codes & Welcome Offers?

Today, there aren’t any online sports betting sites that offer bonus codes for PayPal users. As for welcome offers, there are some sites that will give us a welcome bonus, and there are ones that won’t.

Are There Any Special PayPal Bonus Codes & Welcome Offers?

A betting site like Bet365 will give us a welcome offer if we use PayPal as a form of payment. Punters should take a closer look into the terms and conditions of their betting site so they can be sure that they’ll get that welcome bonus.

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📱 Mobile Betting With PayPal

PayPal has a mobile app that has the same sign-up process as the desktop version. So, if our sports betting site has an app and this site also supports PayPal, we can easily place bets with the help of PayPal.

💳 PayPal Alternatives for Betting Online

PayPal is probably the best form of payment when it comes to using sports betting websites. Nevertheless, there are a couple of worthy alternatives. We’ve listed them in the table below.

RankPayment method

👍 Final Thoughts on Sports Betting With PayPal

If punters want a safe, secure, and easy-to-use payment method for sports betting, then PayPal is the right choice for them. Use PayPal-friendly sports betting sites, as we’ve mentioned earlier, and make some money! Good luck!


Yes, the majority of betting sites accept PayPal as a form of payment.

No, you have to make an account in order to make deposits with PayPal.

No, if you want to make deposits with PayPal, it has to be only your account.

Yes, there are, as long as a certain online casino where you gamble accepts PayPal as a payment method.

No, you should use PayPal in countries where betting at online gambling sites is regulated.

Many bettors choose bet365 as their first choice when it comes to betting with PayPal.