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Best Betting Sites in Singapore for 2023

For the past 10 years, sports betting and casino gambling have seen their peak in Singapore. This may lead to some changes and prohibitions soon as authorities are debating new legislation due to cultural concerns.

Be that as it may, both gambling and sports betting is legal in Singapore, although with certain restrictions. Singaporean people love sports betting and this country has one of the best betting markets in Asia.

Those who love sports betting or wish to start with such endeavors can do so easily via the internet. But with vast options available, it can be difficult to choose the first sports betting site in Singapore. Read on to find out more about sports betting in Singapore.

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⚖️ Singaporean Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Singaporean Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

As is the case in various countries, Singapore is definitely another rather strange case: gambling in private places is prohibited here unless special permission has been granted. And as for sports bets, they can only be made in specific places promoted by the government. What’s so strange about it is that Singapore is the second place in the world that generates the most money thanks to gambling.

Online sports betting is legal in Singapore with only one minor restriction. Nationwide, the only legal online bookie is Singapore Pools, but there is no law that prevents Singaporeans from using foreign online bookmakers. Many of the most reputable UK bookmakers now offer Singapore Dollar (SGD) for online betting accounts, but also offer bonuses, promotions, and better odds than found at SG Pools.

Will That Change? 

The amendment to the Gambling Law is proposed by the Ministry Of Home Affairs Of Singapore to ensure that the regulation remains effective in the face of gambling products and growing business models. In other words, Singapore is pushing for a revision of the Gambling Law. This amendment will include changes to the definition of gambling, social gambling, arcade games, sports betting, and similar.

This amendment to the Gambling Law is proposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore (MHA) to ensure that laws and regulations remain effective in the face of evolving gambling products and business models. MHA also welcomes feedback from the public regarding the amendment to the Gambling Law.

Regarding arcade games and claw machines, MHA is careful not to over-regulate. In a statement, the MHA acknowledged that many Singaporeans consider the game as a form of entertainment.

However, to ensure that such activities do not encourage gambling behavior, the MHA proposes that prizes for arcade games, slot machines, and mystery boxes be limited to a maximum of SGD 100 or the equivalent of Rp 1.07 million. The MHA survey showed that 70 respondents rated SGD 100 as the appropriate limit for mystery boxes, and 68 percent of respondents also agreed with the limit for arcade games.

Not only arcade games and slot machines, but this amendment also includes online games that give virtual prizes. MHA intends to introduce conditions to ensure that transferable virtual items are maintained in the context of gameplay and entertainment, as intended by the game developer.

Online games of chance that allow players to use virtual items from other games as a form of betting on casino games or match results will not be permitted. The amendment also proposes that in-game monetization facilities for free games be allowed.

On the other hand, the MHA states that the level of gambling-related crime in Singapore is low. Casino crime has contributed less than one percent of total crime since the opening of the Integrated Resort in 2010. In addition, a survey by the National Council on Gambling Problems also shows that problem gambling remains under control.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Singapore?

Online sports betting is legal in Singapore with only one minor restriction. Nationwide, the only legal online bookie is Singapore Pools, but there is no law that prevents Singaporeans from using foreign online bookmakers.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Singapore

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Singapore

While Singapore provides Singapore Pools as the only legal gambling entity in the country, choosing to place sports bets with international online bookmakers is not illegal. Therefore, Singaporeans have two options – either go with the national betting site authorized by the state or choose any of the many sports betting sites that other countries have to offer.

The first option provides limited sports betting – football and horse racing. That’s why many opt to look for sports betting elsewhere. When going for the second option, there are some things to pay attention to when choosing your next betting site.

✅ Legality and Security of Singaporean Betting Sites

As we said, there are many online bookmakers, therefore, it is important to check the legitimacy of the service provider at first glance. There are always providers that don’t take security as seriously as they should. Therefore, it is important to choose a licensed online sports betting site in Singapore. 

When you want to gamble online, you should look for a reputable casino. Similarly, you should look for a reliable gaming provider when you want to bet on sports. This guarantees security. After all, certified bookmakers must follow strict guidelines, pay attention to data protection, as well as player protection. Some bookmakers have already received approvals, which also speak of safety and reliability. So this is the first thing to check. 

Not all sports betting sites in the world offer their services in all corners of the planet. In fact, some of the best online gaming sites like to focus their service on specific countries or regions. This allows them to offer games on the most popular sports in that country, bonuses that are in line with trends in that country, and in the end, simply a better all-around experience for a unique bettor base. Such betting sites must be compatible with Singaporean betting culture.

✅ Payment Options

One of the most important things to check on a sports betting site in Singapore is the payment options they offer. Many bookmakers are expanding their payment options. Actually, this is a good sign as you will have more options to choose from.

Before you start betting, you should check what payment options the website has. You should choose a website that offers the payment option that suits you best. Most gaming sites have various payment options including bank transfers, e-wallets, credit cards, checks, and others.

Singaporean players often have problems withdrawing or depositing money to their gaming account if this criterion is not met. If you want less hassle, you should choose a website based on the payment options they offer.

✅ Offers and Promotions

Singaporean players should also consider the promotions that the site offers. Take a look at the promotions they have. This will give you a good idea of ​​whether or not the site is worth your time.

Almost all betting sites offer other promotions. One of the most common is the welcome bonus for new players. Some sites also offer you free games, while others may offer free refunds. All of this may sound exciting, but before you fully trust them, you should always read their terms and conditions.

You never know if an offer is too good if you don’t dig deep. You will find many promotional offers on betting sites in Singapore. You should take advantage of these offers, but be careful.

✅ User Reviews

It also makes sense to study the opinions of users and experts. The right professionals know what a good game provider is all about and quickly find out how good a provider is. Among other things, there are many platforms on the internet that feature genuine reviews. They are informative and show that the provider offers excellent betting odds. In general, it’s a good idea to get opinions from different fellow Singaporeans. So, in the end, everyone can get an idea and consider which provider is worth making a sports bet with.

✅ Customer Service and Support at Betting Sites in Singapore

A good betting site is expected to have good customer service. When choosing a sports betting site in Singapore, make sure that the website has good customer service. You want to make sure you can get help when you need it.

Most gaming sites have chat, email, and phone line options that allow you to contact customer support. But they must be cooperative enough to help you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you never know when you’ll need help. That is why it is important to have good and helpful customer service.

✅ Selection, Markets, and Odds

Whether it’s a major championship, the culmination of a tournament, or an iconic event, there are plenty of special dates on the sports betting calendar to get excited about. The air seems a little cooler when you wake up and it’s Super Bowl Sunday, or the Champions League finals, or similar. These are just a few examples of some of the busiest times for sportsbooks, both in Singapore and worldwide.

Different online gaming sites seem to regard major sporting events with different gravity. Some people go crazy for some important events, while the same places can ignore another important event. If you want to bet on any of these events, you need to know which Singaporean websites are suitable for them.

This generally means that online betting sites in Singapore should offer more types of bets on that sport, more games, more leagues, and better promotions that focus on that sport. A good selection of matches, sports, and odds can increase both the pleasure of playing and the chances of winning,

✅ Payment Bonuses and Bonus Conditions in Singapore Sportsbooks

Just as online casinos offer welcome bonuses like free credit, match bonuses, and many others, online bookmakers also offer their new customers various bonuses. Some bookmakers in Singapore offer a deposit bonus on the first deposit. Other providers offer money-back if a betting slip has failed. A Singaporean sportsbook may award a free bet of a certain amount.

These actions always look very attractive. However, several factors must be considered. The terms of the bonuses must be verified at first glance. Such bonuses are marked with a wagering requirement that must be met in order to collect any winnings.

If the betting requirement is too high and the betting period too short, it can be difficult to meet the requirements. This means that the sports betting bonus is ultimately invalid. By the way, there are also occasional bonus promotions to discover for existing customers, but this also depends on the betting provider in Singapore. Promotions for existing customers should also be reviewed in more detail as well when it comes to bonus terms.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Singapore

How to Bet on Sports in Singapore

Due to gambling legalization in Singapore, the online sports betting market has grown exponentially in recent years. Digitizing betting actually makes betting on sporting events easier and faster. Now users can play directly from home, without going to the betting place, or on the street, wherever they are, using smartphones and tablets.

Below you will read how to bet online in Singapore, what betting tools are available to you, and how to use them properly. However, we remind you that this game is intended for adults and can cause pathological addiction. Therefore, we encourage you to play responsibly.

✅ How to Register

  1. The most important step to enter the world of online sports betting is registration. This is doubly important in Singapore as legal national sites offer just football and horse racing, while international betting sites offer much more. When you have chosen the betting site (either a sports betting site in Singapore or from abroad), you will have to go to the site’s home page and click on ‘Register’.
  2. Regardless of your preferred betting site choice, you will need to enter your valid personal information. This is so you can collect bonuses but more importantly to deposit and withdraw money. In addition, entering incorrect information can result in your game account not being created, suspended, or terminated.
  3. When all the documentation has been completed, all that is left is to confirm your authenticity. This is usually done via email and takes just a few seconds.
  4. You can either use the Welcome Bonus (if the betting site offers one) or simply deposit money onto your account. The deposit options and methods will depend on the Singaporian betting site of your choice. Choose the preferred method and top up your account.
  5. And that’s it, your account is created and ready for betting.

Here’s some important information about the registration process:

  • Registering to an online betting site is free, but for adults only.
  • On the registration form, you will be asked to enter information such as tax code, address, proof of residence, and more, so you better complete it.
  • Depending on the bookmaker you sign up for, you’ll get a special spot at the beginning or at the end of the form where you can enter a promo code or a special bonus code.
  • Some betting companies also require proof of residence – proof that the registered address is actually the same as your address. Bank statements, utility bills, or statements from your city will work.

Once you follow all the steps correctly, you can start playing and betting on sporting events in Singapore offered by various bookmakers.

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Singapore

As said, at legal sports betting sites in Singapore, only football and horse racing are legal to bet on. That being said, these two sports are the most popular at bookmakers. On the other hand, international betting sites offer more markets and possibilities, therefore bettors from Singapore can enjoy a variety of sports. Here are the most popular ones:


Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A... The best European competitions offer hours and hours of pure entertainment and football quality. European teams are in one of their best moments, making star signings and delighting us with new players of excellent level. In the international field, we cannot forget the most essential competitions that take place. From the World Cup, where teams compete to win the coveted World Cup, to the Champions League and Europa League.

Not only that, but Asian football leagues are quite popular in Singapore as well, although to a lesser extent. Football betting is legal at all sites and therefore attracts the most players, apart from being the most popular sport in the world.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is known as Sport of Kings in Asia, also the second legal sport to bet on in Singapore. Horse racing is played in all corners of the world and only differs in terms of the distance of the race, whether there are obstacles, the surface, and shape of the track, and so on - the premise is always the same. Gamblers in Singapore spend millions each year to get to the winning line first.


After football, basketball is arguably the most popular sport in the world. Players from Singapore like to bet on various basketball leagues and competitions, however, the competition that arouses the most interest in the world is the unique NBA. The American basketball league, with 30 clubs in total, is the one that offers the highest quality matches with the most impressive players. In sports betting sites in Singapore, you can make predictions in these leagues and up to 30 other leagues around the world, depending on a betting site.


In recent years cricket betting has exploded in Asia, Singapore included, as several international betting sites offer instant access to online betting on all cricket events. Why cricket is so popular to bet on in Singapore is easy to understand:

  • Easy access to matches and many betting options.
  • A safe betting environment at Asian betting sites.
  • Free streams, bonuses, and more during games.
  • Cricket's popularity is booming in the region.

    These international sites are aware of how massive cricket is in some parts of the world, Asia in particular, so they offer a huge selection of cricket matches and betting markets for each game. Singaporean cricket fans can enjoy all the charms of cricket and bet on games however they see fit, with markets covering individual player performance, overall team performance, and more.

    Online bookmakers not only allow cricket fans to bet on matches but also watch them. To make things even more interesting, bookmakers offer special bonuses, free bets, and other promotions to attract Singaporean cricket fans. This means that gifts and extra money are given to all cricket fans who decide to bet on international betting sites, and that makes the appeal of cricket betting for Singaporean sports fans even greater.


Like tennis, badminton is played with rackets on a court divided by a net. But in the case of Asia, it is much more popular.

In the past, finding badminton lines was virtually impossible. Apart from the occasional underground betting in the countries where the game is most popular, betting on matches was simply not an option.

The Internet is a powerful tool for bringing together people from distant geographical locations based on similar interests, which also applies to badminton betting websites. It doesn't matter where the major championship events are held or how many fans of the game there are in Singapore, there are enough fans online to support odds publications for this niche market. And as people of Singapore love badminton, it is great news, especially for betting fans.

💵 Types of Bets in Singapore

Types of Bets in Singapore

When it comes to the style of sports betting, Singaporean players differ little from the rest of the region. In fact, it could be said that Asian bettors pretty much love “safer” bets, meaning higher chances of winning the slip. As the majority of international sports betting sites in Singapore offer the same bets and markets as in the rest of the region, bettors from this country will have a variety of bets to choose from. The major types of bets in Singapore are:

➡️ Asian Totals

Betting with the Asian Handicap on total goals (also called ‘Asian Totals’) is similar to betting over/under, except with Asian Totals you can get a higher return: you receive 50% of your bet if you ‘half lose’ ‘ or 50% of the profit if you ‘half win’. This way, the chances of winning are more than 50%, and players from Singapore love it.

➡️ Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a type of bet, mostly used in football, where the stronger teams start with an imaginary disadvantage to balance the match and need more goals to be considered winners.

The system originated in Indonesia and gained popularity all over Asia, Singapore included. It is a form of margin betting, that is, it pays the more precise we are. Handicaps range from a quarter goal to multiple goals, in half or quarter goal increments.

➡️ Single Bet

As the name suggests, a Single bet is just one match placed on a betting slip. These games are usually played on one team to win, therefore, the whole betting slip will be a 50-50 chance.

For example, in a football match between Arsenal and Manchester United, you can place money on Arsenal to win. If they do, you win the amount invested times the odds (SGD 100 x 2.00 odds = SGD 200 win).

➡️ Betting on The System

Betting systems allow Singaporean players to divide the betting slip into two, making them easier to win. The types of systems you can place will vary depending on the number of markets included in your bet slip. If three matches are selected, you will be able to choose 2/3 System, Trixie System as well as Patent System.

This basically means that a match can be lost and the slip will still be a winning one as long as other matches are guessed correctly. This drastically improves the chances of winning, which Singaporean players love.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Singapore

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Singapore

There are many aspects to the art of betting, but one of the main ones is the very concept of opportunity. It will allow you to understand the odds or coefficients at Singaporean bookmakers and how they are formed in principle. The player must clearly understand what is meant by chance.

The chance is the percentage probability that an event will occur. Let’s take the simplest example: a die. In this case, the probability of any outcome here is 1 to 6, since when the die is rolled, one of six possible numbers can appear. To calculate the percentage probability of any event, you must divide 100% by the number of possible outcomes. In the dice example, the percentage probability would be 16.66%.

When betting on sports, almost all winnings and losses are calculated by odds. They can be presented in different formats. As sports betting sites in Singapore come from various sides, different formats are present as well. These are the most used ones, in order:

✅ Decimal Odds

First of all, we must talk about decimal odds, as they are used the most in the world, Singapore included. This fraction reflects the probability of an outcome not as a percentage, as many are used to, but as a decimal number.

For example, if the probability of your bet winning is 80%, then the value of the odds at the bookmaker will probably not exceed 1.25. The calculation is made by dividing 100% by the probability, that is, 80%.

100% ÷ 80% = 1.25

Therefore, if the bettor wins, the bet will be multiplied by this number and the player will receive the winnings from it. Consequently, the return is the sum of the bet and the winnings.

To put it in monetary terms, if the bettor bets SGD 1,000 at odds of 1.25 and wins, he will receive SGD 1,250. This is the result of multiplying the odds of the event by the amount of the bet.

✅ Fractional Odds

In addition to the above, fractional installment is also popular in Singapore, although quite less. If in the example with decimals there was an odd of 1.25, here it will be a little different. Success will be valued at 1/4 and will directly reflect a win of 0.25. The odds of 1/4 is understood as a probability of 1 to 4. This means that you must bet 4 units to win 1.

In this case, with a bet of SGD 2000, the player will be able to get SGD 500 of net profit. Therefore, fractional odds indicate not the amount received, but the amount of the net profit.

✅ American Odds

This is not the most popular odds format, but it is also used in some betting sites in Singapore. Many bettors point out that these coefficients are the most difficult to understand. This quota is expressed in numbers greater than 100 and has a “+” or “-” value. If the value is positive, it indicates how much the player can win if he bets one hundred monetary units (SGD). The negative value, on the other hand, shows how much the player must bet to obtain a net profit of one hundred currency units.

The advantage is that this format is easily converted to decimal. If it is negative, you must divide one hundred by the coefficient and add one. If it is positive, divide the coefficient by one hundred and add one.

So if the player is faced with odds of -400, then they should divide one hundred by four hundred and then add one. Therefore, you get the same coefficient of 1.25.

(100 ÷ 400) + 1 = 1.25

It is clear that the key to success in sports betting lies largely in understanding the odds. And here we talk not only about their value but also about how they are formed, which is especially important to consider in the process of analyzing the event. As for the type of odds and available alternatives, then, of course, each player should choose the format that is most understandable and convenient for him.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Singapore Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Singapore Online Betting Sites

Online betting sites in Singapore are trying in every way to attract new players and keep those who are already there. That being said, there are several types of bonuses and promotions, and players from Singapore can enjoy many of them.

🎁 Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most common type of betting bonus in all sports betting sites in Singapore. With this type of bonus, sports bookmakers are trying to attract as many new players as possible to register with them. This bonus applies only to Singaporean players who will register in the online bookmaker for the first time, and if you have already registered on their site, unfortunately, you will not be entitled to this type of bonus, because it has a certain expiration date.

The welcome bonus basically means that after registration and after the first payment you will receive a certain amount of money, from 50% up to 100%, depending on how much money you have deposited. In other words, if you have paid SGD 500 into the betting account, you will have 750/1000 dollars available for betting.

Like other bonuses, this one has certain requirements placed by the betting site in Singapore that need to be met before you have the opportunity to withdraw money from your account. It is usually necessary to turn over the money from the deposit and bonus several times in a certain period of time.

🎁 Best Welcome Bonus

The best welcome bonus is 100% of the money invested. In some sports betting sites in Singapore, this bonus has a percentage of 25% or 50%, but the best offer is 100%. If you get a bonus of 200% or 500%, you usually need to make a big turn, so, as we always note, pay attention to the conditions of use. Sometimes, welcome bonuses can come as a No Deposit or Free Bets, but that rarely happens in Singapore.

🎁 Free Bets

A free bet means that the bookmaker gives you certain funds for free that you can use for sports betting, and these are generally the most popular among Singaporean players, but not among betting sites in Singapore. Therefore, apart from being scarce, there are usually some restrictions, so read the terms and conditions before using this bonus.

For example, you have 100 SGD of free bets and pay them at odds of 4. You make a profit of 400 SGD, but the bookmaker keeps 10 SGD, while the remaining 30 are available for you to withdraw or play.

Free bets are often given by sports betting sites in Singapore to new customers but can come as part of weekly/monthly promotions. If you play the first ticket, and it is not won, the bookmaker wants to help you by giving you a second chance and offering you a return on the money invested. That way you get a free bet.

🎁 Deposit Bonus

Usually this type of bonus applies to all users, whether they are new or existing. This bonus is intended for all Singaporean players who wish to make a deposit. Usually, the percentage of this type of bonus is around 50%, but it can go up to 100% bonus among more reputable sports betting sites in Singapore.

All you have to do is deposit SGD at a certain time and fulfill the requirements and that’s it. Deposit bonuses usually come with higher and more complex betting conditions than other types of bonuses. This is because bookmakers want to keep players to play and spend longer, not just take the bonus they play and never come back. Eligibility options are different in each bookmaker and can vary from 15 to 50 times as long as it takes to turn over funds to be able to withdraw them. Keep in mind that it is always good to read the terms and conditions before taking the bonus.

🎁 No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus exists with most bookmakers in Singapore, and it is most often given by those who are less known in the betting world in the desire to promote themselves, to intrigue players, and to persuade them to bet on them. This is a good chance for any player from Singapore to take.

As the name suggests, no money is needed to get the bonus. All a player has to do is register and contact customer service for further instructions. This bonus allows players to earn money without risking losing part of their funds.

Bookmakers are protected by the fact that this bonus is allowed for one family member, more precisely for one registration from one IP address. You can rarely find a no deposit bonus promotion in a bookmaker, precisely because there are many people who try to abuse it in all possible ways.

Before you decide to take this bonus, be sure to read the rules and conditions of use, because, in order to withdraw funds, you usually have to meet certain conditions, first of all, you need to “pay” several times with a certain quota on the ticket to get paid.

🎁 VIP Programs and Refunds (VIP/Cashback)

Refunds as a type of bonus are evolving more and more and are becoming part of the online betting industry. Unlike physical bookmakers, this return is a little different. Players can be awarded funds one or more times during the week, month, etc. As Singapore has many international betting sites available, it is easy to find VIP and Loyalty programs online.

VIP programs are part of the world’s most famous bookmakers, some of which can be found in Singapore. They usually consist of several levels, so the level you are at is determined depending on your activity. If you are a member of the VIP program, it often means a return of lost funds to a certain percentage. Usually, this yield ranges from 1% at the lowest level, and even up to 20% at the highest level. Of course, if you have a bad period and you have lost significant funds, this program would come in handy so you can make up for the lost time.

🎁 Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is very similar to the welcome bonus. They are usually given in a smaller percentage (less than 100%) and are intended for existing users. For example, you can get it in the so-called Happy Hour where, if you make a deposit in a certain period of time, the same amount will increase by 30%. In short, reload bonuses are funds offered to Singaporean players who have already made a deposit in the past, i.e. the reload bonus is a way of rewarding loyal users from Singapore who actively uses their bookmaker.

🎁 Loyalty bonus

Some of the bookmakers offer their Singaporean players a loyalty bonus, and it is valid for regular users who constantly bet with them. For example, some bookmakers pay tribute to players who have constant payment every day in one week. In short, sports betting sites in Singapore can recognize players who are loyal to them and reward them with certain bonuses.

🎁 Mobile betting bonus

The title itself says what this bonus means. It is intended for all users who will use the bookmaker via mobile phone. Although this type of bonus is very rare in Singapore, it still exists. If you come across it, don’t miss the chance to collect it.

💳 Payment Options at Singaporean Betting Sites

Payment Options at Singaporean Betting Sites

To use either homegrown or foreign sports betting sites in Singapore, you will normally have two options for depositing. The first and easiest thing to do is to use internet banking. When setting up an account on the betting site, simply click on deposit and you will be given the option to make an online bank transfer. All major banks in Singapore can be used.

The second option is to set up an e-wallet, preferably with Skrill. This will allow you to fund foreign betting accounts in SGD. All other e-wallets work perfectly well as well, and players from Singapore can choose Neteller, PayPal, and similar.

Bank transfers – Bank transfers are generally the most popular payment method in Singapore as they are quick and reliable. Also, there is no additional work to be done over the internet – simply put your details and deposit money. Players from Singapore can use cards as well (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard), as well as eNets (the multi-banking system).

  • Bank transfers
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • eNets

E-Wallets – Throughout the world, e-wallets are the best choice for online betting and they are present in Singapore as well. Although the majority of Singapore players use bank transfers, those younger ones who use e-wallets will know how fast they can be. In Asia, the most commonly used e-wallets are Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill.

  • Neteller
  • Sticpay
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill

Crypto – Some sports betting sites in Singapore can offer cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Although crypto is incredibly rare in these parts, it is still a possibility. Those who work with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can use them for betting online in Singapore as well.

Below is a shortlist of the most popular payment methods in Singapore and their fees, minimum, and maximum deposit limits.

Payment MethodFeesMin DepositMax Deposit
Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard)0%20 SGD$100,000
Bank Transfer0%$10$100,000

What Is the Best Payment Option for Singaporean Players?

In general, bank/credit card transfers are great as they offer no transaction fees and great limits. However, going for international casinos with bank transfers could become risky if new laws are to be put in effect, therefore e-wallets should be considered as the fastest and safest.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Betting in Singapore

7 Expert Tips for Betting in Singapore

  1. Those who wish to bet on football only can do so with Singapore Pools – it’s legal, it’s fast, it’s convenient. But anyone who wishes to bet on other sports as well must go with international betting sites.
  2. Creating various betting accounts is always recommended in order to compare odds, markets, and bonuses. Claiming several welcome bonuses can lead to a lot of free betting.
  3. Those who wish to play at foreign betting sites should create accounts as soon as possible, and use e-wallets for payments, as well as VPN for accessing betting sites.
  4. Even though European football leagues are the most popular for betting, players who follow Singaporean leagues or those of neighboring countries should bet on such leagues. The more you know about a market the better.
  5. The Singaporean league has been a target of harsh criticism regarding match-fixing. Betting on it can be either disastrous or profitable, depending on how well you know the outcomes in advance.
  6. Although tennis is not as popular in Singapore as in some other countries, betting on tennis can be quite profitable. A fair amount of time must be dedicated to following the sport though.
  7. Players from Singapore usually prefer simple bets with better chances of winning. But risking a bit can turn out to be more profitable than safe bets with low odds.
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Gambling in Singapore is legal but with quite a few restrictions. Although people can go to casinos and bookmakers, certain types of companies, as well as playing particular sports/games are illegal.

Gambling online in Singapore is quite safe. All one has to do is stay away from risky sites, which is quite easy to do – simply go with gambling sites that are licensed.

Sports betting is legal in Singapore but only for football and horse racing. All other forms of sports betting can be done via foreign betting sites.

Currently, there are no limits proposed by the state, although that might change soon. Therefore, the only limits are based on sports betting sites in Singapore and deposit methods.

No, you don’t need to declare any winnings from sports betting.

This depends on the betting site and the withdrawal banking option. It can go from immediate (e-wallets), 24 hours (cards), to several days (bank transfers).

There are numerous popular sports betting sites in Singapore, many of which are famous internationally, therefore picking a single one as the best is impossible. What’s important is that the site is licensed and safe and it provides the best service to the player’s needs.

Legally, Singaporean players can bet on football and horse racing, when it comes to sports betting. When playing on foreign sites, they can bet on anything that the site offers.

Football. Betting on football is legal and Singaporean players love football nevertheless.

Various betting sites will offer various betting odds. The most common ones are decimal odds as they are most commonly used in the world. Finding the best odds is very important as well, therefore comparing various betting sites is crucial to winning big.

Yes, some sports betting sites in Singapore offer free bets as part of welcome bonuses and promotions.

Welcome Bonuses are either claimed directly upon registration or after the first deposit (depending on the site). Sometimes it is enough to simply create an account, sometimes a promo code must be typed in, sometimes customer service must be called. Make sure to read the requirements before collecting the bonus.

Call the All Addictions Helpline at 6-7326837 or National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1800 6 668 668.

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