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Best Sports Betting Sites in Thailand for 2023

Although many laws do not allow gambling in Thailand, it is still a thriving market in the world of gambling. In addition, the internet gives Thai local gambling enthusiasts access to gambling, as they can easily play various games from abroad. This allows Thai betting enthusiasts to access a wide range of markets and major sporting events from all over the world via the internet.

They also have access to gambling advantages, bonuses, and offers while enjoying safe online gambling. Players can also access various review sites to learn more about which gambling sites offer great betting experiences. If you are Thai and looking for great sports betting sites in Thailand, keep reading.

🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Thai Players in Nov 2023

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⚖️ Is Sports Betting Legal in Thai

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Thailand?

Online sports betting in Thailand is not legal but you can bet on sports on international online gambling websites as international websites are legal. Those websites are licensed and secure so Thai people can gamble with fun and peace of mind. Proper licensing of the service is something that can guarantee security and transparency.

When it comes to online gambling in Thailand, it can be done to some extent. The technology now allows one to connect to online casinos and sports betting sites outside their home country domain for convenient gambling services. All of this could be done with utmost privacy and secrecy via VPNs and some Thai sports enthusiasts opt for this method.

Thai Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

While the usage of online gambling websites in Thailand is becoming more popular, the popularity may not be as high as in other countries because there is a prohibition law (gambling is illegal in Thailand). Plus, the country has introduced improvements to the rules in being able to supervise and regulate online gambling sites. The Thai government argues that gambling is harmful to everyday modern life and may even be the root cause of autism and problems such as debt, theft, bankruptcy, etc.

✅ Online Gambling Is Illegal

Even though gambling in Thailand has been popular for a long time, according to the law of Thailand, online gambling is still illegal. No matter what reason you gamble via the Internet, there are restrictions under the Gambling Act, B.E. 2478 and under Section 20 of the Computer Act, it is stated that online gambling sites are content that is against the good morals of the people. This has divided the types of online gambling together into 3 types as follows:

  • Gambling type A

It consists of a total of 28 types of gambling games that are forbidden to be played but can be played when the state considers the establishment to be appropriate, hence issuing a royal decree which allows the establishment legal.

  • Gambling type B

Consists of all 28 types of gambling games, which are legal to gamble, but must have a website that has a license or an official granting permission as specified by the Minister of Interior.

  • Other types

It is a type of gambling other than all 28 types and has different playing styles. And to be able to play this type of gambling, the ministry must issue rules or specify conditions clearly for it.

✅ Types of Online Gambling Offenses (Computer Act 2008)

For online gambling offenses that are up to the Computer Act Law, they are punishable either by a fine of five years imprisonment, a fine of not more than 100,00 baht, or both. It refers to:

  • Importing data into the system by fraud or deceit, or there is a misrepresentation of false information causing damage to the Thai people.
  • Falsely imported data into the computer system which has damaged the security of the country or caused panic to the people.
  • importing data into a computer system and is guilty of terrorism under the Criminal Code.
  • Importing data containing pornographic images onto computers that Thai people can access.
  • It also refers to gambling by means of communication or sending messages via telephone, radio, etc. at a distance, or similar. This is also considered an offense under Section 36 of the Computer Crime Act.

✅ The Facts of Online Gambling in Thailand – 1,000,000 Search Traffic Per Month

The growing trend of foreign online gambling websites is getting more and more evident in Thailand every day and for this reason – the government has issued a prohibition of gambling and various measures to control and deal with both the players and the capitalist builders.

But despite raids or strict control rules, online gambling numbers are always going up. The government seems to be unable to reduce the number of people who are interested in online gambling websites. In fact, it has increased greatly – over the years, the statistics have shown that the number of searches for online gambling sites goes over 1,000,000 times per year. This has influenced the popularity of online casinos in Thailand and, of course, the convenience that they offer, such as great bonuses for Thai players, payout promotions, etc.

✅ How To Avoid the Rules for Gambling Online in Thailand – Play Safe

Nowadays, we can easily find online sports betting sites in Thailand. By opening a Google search engine, there will soon be a website popping up for you to join. It has become something that children and adults can do with ease. Bearing that in mind, there are lots of scam betting websites going around in Thailand.

These concerns about the risk of encountering illegal online gambling websites in Thailand are strong and should be taken seriously. And this is the principle of taking into account the trust of gambling sites that players should remember to use. As for the good gambling website owners, the methods of avoiding the website from scammers are as follows.

  • Choose an online gambling website that has an overseas company location.
  • Online gambling sites must be legal, have a business license, or issue rules to establish appropriate gambling experience, such as Curacao E-gaming license and similar.
  • Attractive welcome offers and bonuses that players should receive from the moment they sign up must be attainable.

✅ Conclusion

Online gambling is actually illegal in Thailand. But it may not be clear and comprehensive. Even if there are laws regulating certain sports or lotteries, you can still bet. What’s more, the Act B.E. 2478 and the Computer Act, every section in charge of this act is like a solution to the destination problem because it is a punishment for those who have already gambled legally online. This means that it can be interpreted in several ways and gambling cannot be controlled from the beginning.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Thailand

​With the specific situation around sports betting in Thailand, it can be incredibly hard to pick the right sports betting site as many scam sites are present. In order to find the right sports betting site in Thailand, you will have to pay close attention to certain criteria (listed below).


License and Security on Thailand Betting Sites

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Thailand

Reliability is a key factor when it comes to online betting in Thailand.

A good online betting site must provide customers with trust and integrity. If players feel insecure about the service, like fear of being cheated, it will hurt the casino’s reputation and make it difficult for the casino to grow its customer base.

The key element that guarantees which online sports betting sites in Thailand can be trusted is a license from a leading organization in the world’s casino business. Apart from certification from an independent auditing organization, positive customer reviews and conveying impressive customer experiences about the organization and data from such customers is the strongest source of casino reviews.

Without a license from an organization that is recognized in the gambling industry, it is considered a pirate casino and every Thai bettor should avoid using this type of service. On the other hand, licensed casinos are considered standard sources that Customers can trust.

  • The importance of SSL security

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a system for protecting Internet users’ information from hackers with strong encryption. Even if the user’s data is intercepted, the hackers cannot decipher it. Therefore, the online casinos that use this system are highly secure.


Bonuses and Promotions on Betting Sites in Thailand

Bonuses are extremely important as well when choosing the best sports betting site in Thailand. The more diverse and high-value bonuses, the more fun and chances of winning a player has. This is if the conditions are not too complex and difficult to achieve. Because if there are difficult conditions, even if the bonus is high, it lacks interest and usefulness.

In addition, various promotions can be present as well. These are as important as Welcome bonuses as they keep the regular players engaged.


Compatibility and Experience

Part of the attractiveness of a website is the theme of the website and graphics. A quality website must contain an interesting but user-friendly design, starting from the general design of each page, the layout of content, images, and so on. The graphics must be easy for customers in Thailand to use. The graphics must be beautifully designed and sharp as both the image and the color can motivate players.

Moreover, each page must be loaded quickly. This is especially important for live betting where different odds can fluctuate.

Another important part of this segment is mobile support. Good and reputable websites will have either a betting app or good internet web browser compatibility. Betting at all times is important for avid bettors in Thailand.


Markets and Odds

There are always various betting options in Thailand.

A good online betting site must have a wide variety of games for customers to choose from, as well as having to add new games continuously. A service that should not be missed is the prediction of various sports events, especially football, which is the world’s most popular sport, Thailand included.


Deposits and Withdrawals on Thailand Sportsbooks

There must be a variety of payment methods.

A good online casino must have a variety of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing to facilitate customers’ gambling experience. The payment option is another variable that affects the decision of the customer because if they can conduct financial transactions easily and securely, they will impress customers.

Withdrawal conditions should not be difficult.

Withdrawals should not be subject to difficult and complicated conditions. In addition, the system must operate quickly in order to attract gamblers to decide to bet. On the other hand, if online casinos set conditions and methods for withdrawing money as difficult, gamblers will not dare to gamble.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Thailand

Even though illegal, gambling is very popular in Thailand, which leads to the growth of the online gambling market. According to statistics, more than 60% of Thai adults participate in such activities, which is a significant increase from when there was no online gambling.

But since the state doesn’t allow gambling, Thai people can access a variety of gambling sites via the internet as many Asian bookmakers offer betting markets to Thai players. But it should be noted that the government of Thailand prevents access to such websites as much as possible.

However, players can easily bypass these restrictions with a VPN. The foreign gambling sites that are open to Thai gamblers are reliable, safe, and secure. There is always an opportunity to explore the odds in gambling and better deals from different websites. There are just a few steps as follows:


Choose An Online Gambling Website to Apply for The Service

How to Bet on Sports in Thailand

Nowadays, there are many online sports betting websites that accept players from Thailand and support baht currency. It is always recommended to choose sports betting sites that accept Thai players and Thai baht currency.


Deposit To Receive a Welcome Bonus for New Members

When you choose an online sports betting site in Thailand that you want, fill out the information to apply for membership and make your first deposit. It is recommended to take the Welcome bonus to receive additional deposit bonuses for the best value. Some sports betting sites in Thailand have a deposit bonus of up to 300%.

However, before you sign up, make sure that the online gambling sites offer a variety of deposit options, such as Paypal, Entropay, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, bank transfer. Please choose an online gambling website that has a deposit method that is most convenient for you. This ensures that you can deposit money smoothly.


Start Your Betting

After you create an account and receive a welcome bonus for new members, you can start your bets now. Use the Welcome bonus if possible to gain more betting advantage over the betting house.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Thailand

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Thailand

There are many sports and markets that Thai players can bet on. Generally, Thai players are known to have certain tastes when it comes to betting, especially bull and cock fighting. But since the majority of betting sites that are available in Thailand come from other countries, football betting is still where most gamblers pay attention. Naturally, apart from football, other sports are also popular, such as basketball and tennis, like in most countries.

And while Thai culture has different tastes when it comes to betting, traditional sports betting is what you have in Thailand. Therefore, the most popular sports are:

💵 Types of Bets in Thailand

Types of Bets in ThailandAs Thailand is flooded with international sports betting sites, mostly from Asia, there will be a variety of bets available to Thai players. And as mentioned above, Thai culture often had 50-50 bets throughout history and therefore these kinds of bets will be the most popular among Thai bettors, be they newbies or experienced ones.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Thai Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Thai Online Betting Sites

Sports betting promotions and bonuses are special prizes set up by the betting website. This could be in the form of free play credits, refunds that bettors lose from bets, free bets, even prizes such as mobile phones, authentic soccer jerseys from famous teams, and many others. These will be offered to bettors although some sites might not offer physical prizes to bettors from Thailand.

Bonuses and promotions are available when the rules and conditions set by the website are met. Here are the most common bonuses and promotions available on sports betting sites in Thailand.

💳 Payment Options at Thai Betting Sites

What Is the Best Payment Option for Thai Players?

Generally, Thai players should always opt for safe and secure eWallets, such as Skrill and Neteller. If cryptocurrencies are available for both parties, then by all means.

As discussed above, online sports betting is a gray area within Thailand. Credit cards and bank transfers are widely accepted, but due to the situation, these direct payments can sometimes fail. 

Payment Options at Thai Betting Sites

If the payments are successful, your Thai-based payment method records the transaction as associated with your chosen betting site. You may want to choose a method that allows for a greater level of discretion.

£30 in Free Bets + £10 Casino Bonus
  • Great Diversity Of Betting Opportunities
  • Competitive Odds
  • Immersive Site Design And Interface
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Gambling is not legal in Thailand. Only betting on horse races and the state Lottery is legal in Thailand.

More or less. While the use of VPN when gambling at international gambling houses certainly helps, the Thai government is looking into ways of cutting all illegal gambling short.

Unlike big casinos, sports betting sites are less attacked by the Thai government and are therefore much easier to bet on sports online. Of course, betting online is still illegal so the use of VPN at international betting sites is quite important.

As betting is illegal in Thailand, there are no state limits like in some countries. Therefore, deposit limits will depend solely on chosen betting sites and perhaps banking methods.

Absolutely not. Gambling, including sports betting, is illegal in Thailand and therefore any reports of winnings can lead to incarceration or huge fines, or both.

Usually, the withdrawal process takes around 24 hours. It can go faster (up to a few minutes), depending on the betting site and banking method chosen. On the other hand, it can last for days when going through bank transfers, which is not recommended for Thai players.

All betting sites in Thailand are international ones and therefore there are no Thai legal betting sites. Bearing that in mind, players from Thailand should always go for safe and reputable betting sites that have operating licenses and a great selection of sports.

Many international betting sites offer a variety of sports to bet on. The most popular are football, basketball, tennis, horse races, moto races, even eSports.

Like in most of the world, football is the most popular sport to bet on online in Thailand. Football offers many different odds and competitions and is generally loved by all the people around the world.

Thai bettors can choose whether to have the decimal, fractional, or American odds. The most common ones are decimal as they are the easiest to calculate. Each odd on a betting slip is multiplied, and the total odd is multiplied by the deposit amount (2x2x2=8 (3 matches); 8×100 (deposit) = 800 (winning)).

Free bets are often offered to bettors as a form of a bonus or promotion.

Often bookmakers offer the sign-up bonus immediately after creating an account. Sometimes bettors will have to make a first deposit in order to claim such bonuses.

For those who are addicted to gambling and want to seek advice to find a solution, they can contact organizations that work in Thailand, such as the Department of Mental Health, which provides a mental health hotline, Drug Treatment Center, The Dawn Chiang Mai, and various psychiatrists.

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