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Best Betting Companies in Uganda for 2023

The world of online sports betting is expanding to Africa and Uganda is one of the countries that profits the most from this rapid development. Namely, bettors from Uganda can enjoy various bookmakers with either national or international licenses.

This is indeed true as most adult Ugandans enjoy sports betting regularly. Be that as it may, the right choice of sports betting site is necessary in order to enjoy betting to the fullest. Here are the best sports betting sites in Uganda for 2023.

🏆 Best Sports Betting Companies for Uganda Players in Nov 2023

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⚖️ Uganda Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Uganda Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Gambling in Uganda has been legal for quite some time. In 2016, The state put all the power into the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board’s hands, meaning that this body is in control over licensing, regulations, prosecution, and all kinds of resolutions towards gambling in the country.

Currently, all forms of gambling are legal in the state but getting a license from the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board might be a problem. As the majority of Ugandans over the age of 18 are prone to gambling, especially those in their 20s, the country has put rigorous requirements in order to obtain a license. This is all towards fulfilling responsible gaming politics which will keep the players safe from scams and gambling addiction.

The problems with licensing foreign bookmakers and casino sites culminated in 2019 when the president put an end to providing new licenses. The already existing licenses are still in power and all licensed companies can do business in the country. However, both renewals of the existing licenses and providing new ones will be stopped. This way, the country is hoping to introduce national gaming houses and make more profits.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Uganda?

Yes, gambling online in Uganda is legal. Sports bettors and casino players are free to register at any licensed sportsbook the country offers.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Uganda

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Uganda

There are a few criteria to pay attention to when choosing the best betting site in Uganda. These points should be followed as much as possible or simply you can choose one betting site from the list provided above. In any case, here is what you need to look for:

✅ Bonuses at Betting Sites in Uganda

Every good betting provider in Uganda has to pick you up with a new customer bonus. Without it, no provider for sports betting in Uganda is competitive in the market. You should take a close look, not only at how high the bonus is but also at how high the wagering requirements of a bonus are.

✅ Regular Customers Must Also Be Picked Up

A good betting provider in Uganda allows you to collect points with every bet. The points are used to climb levels and there are further bonus offers and ideally also cashback on the levels.

✅ Variety of Bets and Markets Provided at Gambling Sites in Uganda

Sports betting in Uganda sites provide a number of betting options per event. And here, the more the better. And in as many sports as possible. A football betting provider should cover at least 150 options per game.

✅ Variety of Sports Offered

Always check which sports your betting provider in Uganda covers for your online betting. Great importance is placed on the main sports such as football, tennis, and basketball, and they should be covered more than extensively. However, we also expect that secondary sports such as rugby or boxing will be extensively covered in Ugandan sports betting. The more sports, the better. A good portal covers at least 25 sports.

✅ Customer Service At Sportsbooks in Uganda

Every sports betting site in Uganda must offer suitable customer service. It must be available 24/7 in your native language. The best sports betting providers rely on so-called live chats, with additional contact forms, such as email and phone line. And if a provider wants to collect extra points in this category, it implements extensive FAQs about online sports betting in Uganda, which make it easier for beginners to get started.

✅ Security: License, SSL & Customer Opinions

Every sports betting site in Uganda recommended above has a valid license. In addition, the websites are secured with valid SSL certificates. These two are a must when finding a good sports betting site in Uganda. You can also read the opinions of other bettors in Uganda to find out which sports betting sites are reliable. In these, active customers exchange information about the provider.

✅ Ease Of Use

Of course, every sports betting provider must be user-friendly. For example, we look at how simply the portal is set up, whether you have to scroll or click longer and whether the betting slip always remains in the viewing window, even when scrolling. Only if a sports betting site in Uganda provides maximum user-friendliness does it end up in the top place.

✅ Payment Methods at Ugandan Sportsbooks

Since you want to deposit real money in order to be able to win real money afterward, you should also pay attention to the payment methods. The most important methods such as credit cards or e-wallets are should be present. You should also check whether a sports betting provider charges fees for the sports betting payment options. In addition, every bookie must provide a transparent info page on which the payment methods can be viewed before registration.

✅ Betting Limits in Uganda

This does not only mean that you can limit yourself in terms of your gaming behavior or in terms of deposits per month. Rather, what is meant here is whether the bookmaker allows you to work with low stakes or how high the maximum payout limits are, for example.

✅ Live Betting in Uganda

Many Ugandan bettors want to use a whole range of live sports betting with their betting provider in Uganda. Live betting can be quite exhilarating and this option is a must in 2023.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Uganda

How to Bet on Sports in Uganda

From the moment that you decide to give sports betting a try to the moment of actually placing bets online in Uganda, there are some steps to take. All of this should take just a few minutes of your time and once done, you will be able to bet on sports from the comfort of your home.

1️⃣ Step 1: Find a Ugandan Sportsbook

The first thing to consider when placing a bet is the site you are going to use. Since there are so many in Uganda, it can be hard to know the best one. Follow the guide provided above and you’re golden. Always make sure the site is safe to use and take a look at the different sports you can bet on.

2️⃣ Step 2: Register Account at Ugandan Betting Site Online

When you have found a sports betting site in Uganda that suits your needs, it is necessary to register. Simply go to their website and click on the “register” or “join” button. From here, you will have to provide your personal information, such as name, last name, address, etc. After the form has been completed, it will be necessary to confirm the registration via email. Click on the link and your betting account will be all set up.

3️⃣ Step 3: Claim the Welcome Bonus at Ugandan Sportsbook

Many different betting sites in Uganda give you a lot of different benefits, for example, when you sign up for the first time, you may be given some free bets and even a refund on your first bet. Claiming welcome bonuses upon registration is a must and these can be used to place bets for free.

4️⃣ Step 4: Make the First Deposit

Regardless of the welcome bonus, it will be necessary to deposit money in order to place bets. Go to the banking menu of your profile, choose the payment method that you wish to use, and deposit some money in order to create betting slips.

5️⃣ Step 5: Start Betting in Uganda

Once the money is available on your betting account, you’re ready to start betting. If starting for the first time, it’s a good idea to start by placing small bets until you get the hang of it. This will prevent you from losing a lot of money right away. Also, it will be possible to bet via mobile phones and tablets. Make sure to link your account to mobile devices and place sports bets whenever you wish.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Uganda

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Uganda

While there are many sports to place bets on, not all of them are popular among Ugandan bettors. These are not necessarily the most popular sports in the country, but some of them, like tennis and basketball, provide great profits in the long run. Here are the most popular sports to bet on in Uganda:

Horse Races

Horse racing has long been a popular sport to bet on, especially in Africa, and that is unlikely to change. Horse racing is loved for its various types of betting and the fact that events take place throughout the year – so there is always something to bet on. While there aren’t many horse races in Uganda, this sport is forever popular among the bettors.


Football is big business all over the world and when it comes to sports betting in Uganda, it is a huge market. Many fans make the trip to support their team each season and catch it on TV for more action. Pre-match talks and predictions are essential for placing a football bet, along with post-match analysis in the pub to determine where bets have gone right or wrong. Betting and football are synonymous these days in Uganda, and for good reason.


Boxing is yet another fan favorite in Uganda. Some would say it is the safest sport to bet on, mainly because there are rarely any losses. This is a game that allows bettors to bet reasonable sums with a low risk of being out of pocket. Boxing is also a game that offers bettors an assortment of opportunities when it comes to placing money in betting on the markets, such as knockout betting and round-robin betting, for example.


Tennis is a game that also gives pride to bettors from all over the world. Each fast-paced match allows bettors in Uganda to take stakes on each set of the game – as if it were a separate game, hence the popularity. A unique thing about tennis is that players can place bets on which player will lead in the next half hour during a match.


Basketball offers a seemingly endless number of ways bettors can place a wager. This is mainly because points are scored often and throughout a match. What makes basketball even more exciting for bettors in Uganda, however, is that every tournament is extremely unpredictable, and solid odds are hard to come by. This, of course, makes it a risky sport, but an exciting one at that.

💵 Types of Bets in Uganda

Types of Bets in Uganda

Each sport will have specific types of bets that bettors from Uganda can use to predict the outcome. Be that as it may, most sports share the same general types of bets.

Here are the most popular ones in Uganda:

➡️ 1X2 Bet

The most common bet, especially for team sports, as its simplicity, makes it popular. You bet here on the outcome of the match: the victory of team 1, draw, or victory of team 2. In this context, team 1 is the one who plays at home, and team 2 is the one who plays away. From there, choose the match you want to bet on and check one of the three outcomes mentioned above.

➡️ Double Chance Bet

The double chance bet is interesting because it allows you to reduce the risks when you bet on a match. Unlike the 1X2 bet, it allows you to bet not on one but on two possible outcomes on a single match. You then have a two out of three chance of finding the winning tip.

With this bet, you have 3 possibilities. Bet that one of the two teams wins, without a draw. Bet on the victory of the home team or a draw. Or finally, bet on the victory of the away team or a draw. As players have more chances of winning, the odds will logically be lower than for classic predictions like 1X2.

➡️ Half-time/Final Result Bet

In this bet, you have to find the right result at halftime but also at the end of the match. The probability is obviously lower to win but the odds are also higher. Here are the different possible combinations:

  • 1-1: the team playing at home leads at half-time and wins at the end of the match.
  • X-1: the first period ends in a draw, and the home team ends up winning in the second half.
  • 2-1: The away team leads at half-time but the home team reverses the result to ultimately win the game.
  • 1-X: The home team leads at half-time but concedes a draw at the end of regular time.
  • X-X: Both the halftime and end-time results will end in a draw.
  • 2-X: the away team leads at half-time but a draw will take place at the end of the match.
  • 1-2: the home team leads at half-time but is overtaken by the away team and ultimately loses the match.
  • X-2: the two teams neutralize each other in the first period, and the away team finally wins at the end of the match.
  • 2-2: The away team leads at half-time and wins the match at the end of regular time.

➡️ Correct Score Bet

With this bet, you have to find the exact final score of a match. The possible scores are established by the bookmakers in Uganda, specialists in the sports world. Each score has its own rating. You must choose a prediction from all the scores offered. Betting on this kind of prediction is risky but the odds are often high, even very high depending on the score chosen, which can allow you to maximize your cash flow.

➡️ Goalscorer Bet

This type of bet allows you to bet on a player who you believe will score at least one goal during the match. To be able to win this scorer prediction, you must inform yourself about the conditions of the match and the performance of the players, in particular in certain team sports.

➡️ Number of Goals/Points Bet

You can bet on the number of goals or points registered during a match. Independent of the outcome of the match (win or draw), “Number of goals/points” bets are a good alternative to 1X2 bets, for example, especially when the match appears to be even.

➡️ Over or Under Goals Bet

This bet requires less precision and is, therefore, less risky. Thus, if you estimate that there will be 3 goals during the match, you can opt for the forecast “More than 2.5 goals”. In Uganda, the number of goals is obligatorily registered by half: more or less than 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 goals, etc.

➡️ Bet with Classic Handicap

It consists of betting on the outcome of a match by inflicting a handicap on the presumed favorite of the match. You thus give the opponent a “goal lead”. For example, you predict that the home team will leave with a handicap of 2 goals (or -2). Conversely, it is then considered that the away team starts with an advantage of 2 goals (or +2). In this specific case, the home team must win by 3 goals for your prediction to be a winner.

You can also very well add a goal lead to a club that you consider to be outsiders. In this case, if this team wins, draws, or loses with less than 2 goals difference, you win your prediction. The odds are therefore logically higher than for a single bet. With higher odds, this type of bet is synonymous with greater cash gains but also a greater chance of losing.

➡️ Betting on the Outcome of a Competition

Manu Ugandans also consider longer-term bets rather than predicting single matches. In this case, you can bet on the outcome of football competitions such as national championships, European Cups, or major international competitions. You have several choices:

  • Winner of the competition: bet on the final winner based on the groups and the possible course of the different formations.
  • Top scorer in the competition: opt for a natural favorite or an outsider, it’s up to you to think carefully!
  • Winner of the group: bet on the formation that will come out on top of its group, trust the favorites or take a risk by choosing an outsider!

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Uganda

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Uganda

Odds differ depending on the sport and caliber of the match. However, betting sites in Uganda offer more or less advantageous percentages depending on the sport and market on which you intend to make predictions. A small difference in odds can drastically change a player’s earnings in the long run, which is why it is important to always ensure the highest ones on the market offered by the best Ugandan betting sites. With this in mind, it is therefore essential to fully understand the mechanisms by which bookmakers in Uganda are able to secure a margin on all the events they offer in their schedules. The higher the house edge, the lower the player’s profit.

The first step to getting a clear idea of ​​how the calculation of probabilities is applied to the world of betting in Uganda is to understand the concept of the blackboard. The formula can be used for any type of sport, whether it is the best betting site or not, such as football, basketball, tennis, or horse racing. The calculation consists of the sum of the percentages of all the shares of a specific market.

To make it easier for us, and to adequately understand what is meant by the blackboard and payout, we will examine the odds of a Serie A championship match between Juventus and Roma. The victory of Juventus (1) is given at 2.12, the draw (X) at 3, 75 and the victory of Roma at 3.05. Each odd is nothing more than the expression, in decimal terms, of the probability that a certain event will occur.

To calculate the probability that the bookmaker in Uganda has assigned to each individual odds of the match between Juventus and Roma, it will be sufficient to use the following formula: 100 / odd. The betting site has therefore attributed a probability of winning of 47.1% to Juventus, of 26.6% to a draw. and of 32.7% to the victory of Roma.

The payout of a sports betting site is nothing more than the percentage of the total money wagered that is returned to the player. In the specific case of the match between Juventus and Roma, the payout will be the following: (100/106.62) * 100 = 93.79%. Subtracting this figure from 100, the resulting difference constitutes the margin that the bookmaker pockets. In this case 6.21%.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Ugandan Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Ugandan Online Betting Sites

Of all the initiatives proposed by the bookmakers in Uganda, there is no doubt that the welcome betting bonus is the one on which users’ attention is most focused. This is an offer that provides an incentive to bettors who choose a particular operator to start betting without affecting their budget.

There are different types of welcome bonuses. The most common are on the first payment made or on the first bet placed. The refund represents a percentage (50% or 100%) within a maximum threshold depending on the bookmaker. Choose the best betting sites for the best bonuses.

The biggest advantage of welcome bonuses is that they allow us to start betting without using our own funds. Not surprisingly, the no deposit betting bonuses are also very popular, since you won’t have to pay a single shilling to play. We also have periodic initiatives on various sports and events, for example, those proposed by specific sports: some suitable for experienced players (if they immediately pay out the entire sum, for example), others for newbies (those who pay the sum in weekly installments).

🎁 Bonus on the First Deposit

Simple to receive, immediate to understand: among the betting site bonuses, the first deposit bonus is the most appreciated by experienced users and novices. It is a deposit multiplier on the first payment made. Pay attention to the percentage of the match (50% or 100%) and the maximum achievable threshold.

Like all betting bonuses, first deposit bonuses are also subject to terms and conditions that must be met before you can withdraw your money. So, read carefully what is the required rollover and how many times you will have to replay the bonus before it becomes available for withdrawal.

Sometimes, the higher amounts also result in a higher number of replays. So don’t discard a promo just because it doesn’t have 3-digit numbers. In addition, some operators in Uganda extend the first deposit bonus offer to the 2nd or 3rd deposit as well, so that your extra can be split into smaller parts and therefore will be easier to redeem.

🎁 Cashback Bonus at Ugandan Sportsbooks

For constant bettors in Uganda, the best welcome offer may turn out to be the cashback betting bonus. It is a refund on bets (the first or those in a predefined time interval) of 50% or 100%, both on losing bets and regardless of the outcome.

Pay attention though because, in addition to the maximum amount of the welcome betting bonus, the refund will concern bets made within a specific time frame, usually 7 days from registration. Cashback bonuses are also perfect for novice players in Uganda, as it allows them to understand and experience the world of betting without risking and losing large sums.

🎁 Sports Betting Bonus With Codes in Uganda

Some welcome bonuses in Uganda, but also various periodic promotions, sometimes require the insertion of a promotional code, usually consisting of 5-7 characters, in order to access the offer. This code must be entered when requesting the bonus.

🎁 No Deposit Bonus at Ugandan Online Betting Sites

Some bookmakers (unfortunately fewer and fewer) give out the so-called no deposit bonus. It is a registration bonus, usually ranging between 20000 and 40000 shillings, which is simply paid upon registering with that particular operator in Uganda, without the need to make deposits or place bets of any kind.

Usually, the only condition that must be fulfilled for the no deposit betting bonus to be awarded is the verification of the identity document. At the time of registration, in fact, you will be asked to upload a copy of your identity card or passport in order to confirm who you are and that you do not already have other active gaming accounts.

🎁 Multiple Bonus

A classic offer is a multiple-bonus – a percentage multiplier that increases the potential winnings on the betting slips formed by more than two events. Among the welcome betting bonuses, this is perhaps the most suitable for more experienced players in Uganda.

In fact, many bookmakers activate it starting from the 3rd or 5th event on the ticket. Predicting the outcome of several games together is obviously more complex than a single or a double, which is why the bonus is usually a percentage of the number of bets played in an accumulator. Pay attention as bets eligible to activate the multiple bonus may require a minimum stake.

🎁 The Increased Odds

Another classic is the higher odds bonus. This is a “boost” that significantly raises the altitude of an event compared to the “normal” one. The bonus paid lies in the delta between the two shares: it usually has a maximum (around 40000 shillings). Bonuses of this type are frequently found on cycling betting sites but are less rare for more niche sports such as billiards.

As football is the most popular sport in Uganda, as you can imagine, this welcome bonus is often linked to the most popular leagues or competitions. And above all, it has a very limited duration. Again, odds limits on bets may be required in order to take advantage of them.

💳 Payment Options at Ugandan Betting Sites

Payment Options at Ugandan Betting Sites

Nowadays, some payment methods in online gambling houses stand out more than the rest. These are alternatives that most gambling and betting sites usually offer to their players and from which you will end up having to choose.

First, it is important to know that “payment” methods are not limited to the time of deposit, that is, when you put money in the operator before playing. They are also important for taking your winnings. We can classify them as follows:

  •   Debit or credit cards
  •   Bank transfer
  •   Electronic Wallets
  •   Prepaid cards
  •   cryptocurrencies

More and more importance has been given to payment options at sports betting sites in Uganda. After all, bookmakers know that the more alternatives they can offer, the more users they will be serving and attracting to their bets and services. In this sense, traditional options such as credit cards, transfers and bank slips are important, but virtual wallets and Bitcoin payments have gained space.

The maximum and minimum limits, as well as the deadlines (in hours or days) of payments in online casinos can vary greatly depending on the option chosen. So let’s talk about what you stand to gain from each method below.

Credit/Debit Cards – The most popular choices for online sports betting sites in Uganda are undoubtedly credit, debit and prepaid cards. This is because card companies such as MasterCard and Visa can use technologies present on the internet to offer online banking services. Credit cards, for example, are one of the most common methods among online gamers and gambling houses, and most of them accept them. Also, many platforms allow users to both deposit and withdraw money this way.

Debit cards are common in specific places, for example, in Europe, but most sports betting sites in and out of Uganda have this option. The most common brand in both cases is Visa, but Mastercard is also famous, mainly for allowing simple, fast and secure deposits.

Bank Transfers – Although it takes longer and sometimes requires payment of a fee, it is possible to make transfers via bank accounts. This method is only recommended in certain cases, such as when depositing or withdrawing large amounts, especially as such transfers are safe and reliable.

Electronic Wallets – Electronic wallets have gained popularity in recent years, allowing Internet users to make payments without giving sensitive information to the site, in a practical and very fast way. PayPal, Neteller, and Skill are two examples of virtual wallets that are widely accepted by gaming operators in Uganda.

With the digital wallet, you give the website access to your money through an integration, which can be revoked at any time. Your bank details are safe on the wallet server and there is no way for the sports betting site to access them.

Mobile Payments – African telecommunications providers also feature good payment options. While there have been many provides in Uganda over the years, two mobile payments have been quite consistent in their quality. These two operators are:

  •   Airtel Mobile,
  •   MTN.

The convenience of such methods is that you can top-up or withdraw money from your account at any time, wherever you are. In addition, such transfers are quite safe and secure, but also fast. In terms of speed, they are faster than bank and credit card transfers. The main disadvantage of mobile payments is that not all foreign sports betting sites in Uganda will offer such options.

Cryptocurrencies – Developers of some gaming platforms have already implemented the use of cryptocurrencies by players. This allows for a decentralized and secure experience, with which the player does not need to share bank details. When we talk about cryptocurrencies, we immediately think of Bitcoin. However, some sports betting sites in Uganda also often offer the ability to make deposits and withdrawals in Ethereum, Litecoin and many other popular digital currencies these days. They tend to pay less fees and are more secure than other forms of deposits and withdrawals.

✅ How to Choose a Payment Option in Uganda

To assess the best online payment method in your case, you must first assess which of them you have access to. Then, evaluate which one best meets your concerns with security, speed and practicality (all of the methods provided above fulfill such criteria). Read all Terms and Conditions for processing times and maximum and minimum deposit/withdrawal limits in each sports betting site and payment option.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Ugandan Players?

Although they all have their particular level of security and speed, there are some that are better to protect your identity, for example, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. They are especially useful as players can make payments at various foreign betting sites with them.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in Uganda

6 Expert Tips for Betting in Uganda

  1. There are various sports betting sites that are licensed by the state and can be accessed without any problems. However, if these are insufficient, accessing foreign bookmakers is possible as well. This will increase betting options and therefore, make the whole experience better.
  2. If accessing foreign betting sites, it is necessary to stay extra-cautious. This means accessing only reputable and licensed bookmakers and using virtual private networks (VPNs) when accessing them. Always find foreign bookmakers that accept bettors from Uganda.
  3. Ugandans usually combine popular sports in the country with sports that have better chances of correctly guessing the outcomes. For example, football and basketball are popular sports but not very profitable, while tennis and boxing are not that popular but are often bet on. When making betting slips, emotions should be set aside to maximize the chances of winning.
  4. There are new betting options emerging on the market and younger bettors have seen this potential already. For example, eSports tournaments are present all throughout the year and the market is quite profitable at the moment. Getting into newer markets immediately can turn out to be quite profitable in the long run.
  5. Various casino sites in Uganda will offer sports betting as well. Sometimes these offers can be too good to turn down. Many casino sites in Uganda will offer great welcome bonuses for sports betting as well. Plus, having both sports betting and casino games in one place is quite convenient.
  6. Many experienced bettors in Uganda use system bets. While they often require higher investments and produce lower total odds, these highly increase the chances of winning overall. In the long run, it can bring you a small fortune (if lucky enough).
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  • Immersive Site Design And Interface
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Uganda is one of few countries in the world where all forms of gambling are legal. In fact, players from Uganda can access many sports betting and casino sites without any problems. Of course, there are legal casinos in Uganda, but foreign ones as well.

Online gambling is well regulated in Uganda and therefore there will be various licensed casino sites. Accessing these sites is always safe and secure. Players can also access foreign casino sites as well, but these will need to be reputable and safe as well, and using virtual private networks is recommended.

All forms of gambling are licensed in Uganda, including sports betting. Sports betting is quite safe in Uganda when done at safe and reliable bookmakers. Players can access various sports betting sites that are nationally licensed, or they can opt for foreign bookmakers, but they also need to be licensed and trustworthy.

No specific limitations are set by the state, therefore all deposit limits will be set by betting sites and payment methods in Uganda. These will vary depending on the bookmaker and payment method, therefore, it will be recommended to check the terms and conditions of both. Be that as it may, most sports betting sites and payment options will offer affordable limitations for all players.

Luckily, gaming houses in Uganda have to pay all the gambling tax to the state, and therefore, players don’t need to pay any, nor report any winnings.

After winning a betting slip, the winnings will be transferred to the personal gambling account immediately. From there, the player can choose to transfer the winnings to their preferred banking account. Based on the payment method, these transfers can take from 1 to 7 days. The fastest ones are cryptocurrencies, followed by e-wallets, then mobile payments, credit cards, and finally, bank transfers.

Each bettor will have specific tastes when it comes to sports betting and finding a bookmaker in Uganda that provides such services would make that bookmaker the best. For example, some will want to bet on various sports, therefore the selection of sports at the site is the most important aspect. On the other hand, some bettors simply want the best odds and will look for such a bookmaker.

Sports betting sites in Uganda will offer all kinds of sports, depending on the bookmaker. There will be the most popular choices, such as football, basketball, and tennis, but also less popular sports, such as volleyball, hockey, rugby, eSports, etc.

Unsurprisingly, football is the most popular sport at Ugandan bookmakers, followed by basketball, tennis, boxing, and horse racing.

Ugandan bookmakers will offer odds in decimal numbers, which will represent the probability of an outcome. The lower the number, the more likely the outcome to happen. If there are several matches on one betting slip, the odds of each match will multiply. The total odds of all matches will be then multiplied by the amount of money invested to generate the final profit.

Some bookmakers will offer free bets to their users, although this is becoming scarce each year,

When a player signs up for a sports betting site in Uganda, the bookmaker will most commonly reward them with a sign-up bonus, also known as the “welcome bonus”. Sometimes, all that is necessary is to register, although a bookmaker may ask for a promo code or even a first deposit. In any case, welcome bonuses can be a useful tool to earn money without any investments, if used correctly.

It is, unfortunately, quite common to see players from Uganda that suffer from gambling addiction. Many consider gambling as a way out of poverty, which is a big problem. Fortunately, there are various ways to ask for help. For example, people suffering from gambling addiction can call 0393 – 228819, or visit the Game Care Initiative site. There are many psychiatrists that will confidentially help as well.

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