Best Sports Betting Sites in the UK for 2022

Choosing the best online sports betting sites in the UK was a great challenge, but Gambling ‘N Go has a dedicated team. Combining the best of promotions and fixed odds with security and reliability resulted in our list, counting only on websites punters can trust.

From the information summarized below, bettors from the United Kingdom will be able to pick the websites that offer the best payment and betting conditions. Unlike punters in other countries, those users have the advantage of being backed by the most reputable licensing authorities out there. In other words, your bets and winnings will be safe if you opt for trustworthy sports betting sites.

🏆 4 Best Online Sports Betting Sites in the UK - Top Rated Sportsbook Review in May 2022

  1. William Hill – 300% bonus in two free bets, established and licensed in the UK (read more).
  2. MansionBet – 200% free bets for UK punters and great horse racing odds (read more).
  3. NetBet – Exclusive free bet for betting with the NetBet app for UK bettors (read more).
  4. Karamba – UK punters get a free bet on their first deposit (read more).

William Hill

£30 free bets for just £10!

William Hill operated as a betting house since 1934, and its website started in 1998, currently licensed by the UKGC and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Therefore, United Kingdom punters are allowed to bet and collect winnings from sports events. Additionally, it is worth noting that the UK is the place of origin of William Hill.

Registering is easy and, for those looking for more than sports betting, it is one of the best sportsbooks out there. That applies not only to the different betting sections but also to the variety of sports. Even though its reputation makes them an optimal choice for anyone, William Hill keeps its odds in line with other less popular competitors.

It offers free bets for new users, just like the other online sports betting sites for UK bettors. However, William Hill’s free bets have the best conditions: two free bets of £15 for depositing and betting only £10, plus no wagering requirements. Add to that their app available for iOS and Android, and you have the perfect conditions to start betting.

👍 Why We Recommend

Wiliam Hill is the best online sports betting site in the UK and has great promotions.

🏅 Best For

Bettors from the UK who want reliability and opportunity at a single sports betting site.

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Bet $10 Get $10 when you join!

Established in 2004 as a casino, MansionBet decided to expand and convert its complete platform to embrace sports betting. Now, punters from the United Kingdom can place bets from £0.10, which allows up to 100 different lines with their minimum deposit of only $10.

Duly owner of a Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner Remote Gambling License, it also offers live chat support and phone for its bettors. There are over 30 different sports and countless markets to bet on. Winnings can get up to £100,000.00 without any problems if the bettor is lucky enough to get that amount.

Its odds match those of the average market, but they do count on an exclusive UK horse racing odds boost promotion. If that is your sport, they will cover the odds of any other bookie out there. Add to that the free bets promotion that applies 200% to the first £10 deposit, and that is a perfect scenario for new bettors.

Finally, punters who own an iOS device can bet from their phones or tablets using the exclusive MansionBet app.

👍 Why We Recommend

MansionBet is a reliable website with good limits and opportunities in horse racing bets.

🏅 Best For

Punters looking for free bets and great odds at horse racing.

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$50 on sports or up to $200 on the casino as a welcome bonus!

NetBet offers sports betting since 2011 and is currently licensed by two of the most reputable licensors out there: MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). They maintain the license in Malta since 2006, which is a great sign of reliability. Besides, they offer full support to their users via live chat.

With over 35 sports, including the opportunity to bet on the main events of eSports, NetBet covers most opportunities out there. Their odds match those of other bookies, and they even allow their punters to watch events live while betting. In 2019, NetBet’s payout average reached 96.54%, which is quite reasonable.

Bets can start at only £0.05, and deposits and withdrawals have their minimum amount set at £10 only. There are several payment methods available for UK punters, but withdrawals should not be large for those willing to avoid paying fees.

NetBet also has a sports betting app for iOS and Android users, which also comes with an exclusive bonus offer. Simply deposit and bet from any mobile device with their NetBet app to receive a free bet.

👍 Why We Recommend

NetBet has almost 20 years of history and a remarkable reputation as a sports betting site.

🏅 Best For

Punters looking for great betting conditions and who do not withdraw large amounts.

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100% Match Bonus up to $200! + 100 Spins

Karamba is a legit sports betting site for UK punters, established in 2005. They are licensed by four different authorities, one of which is the UKGC. They collect an award for their casino operation and several indications, which we can take as a great sign of reliability for sports as well.

Similar to the other websites above, they count on an exclusive Karamba app. An alternative for Android and iOS devices, that application is not necessary to activate their free bet. Their sports betting platform is quite intuitive via browser or app and even comes with an odd calculator.

Among several sports available for betting, horse racing and football are the top favorite picks. Their odds are agreeable, in line with what we found on the other best sports betting sites in the UK. Bets can start as low as £0.10, while maximum monthly earnings are capped at £90,000.

Finally, betting on Karamba results in loyalty points and also points for the VIP status, both responsible for providing more bonuses to the users.

👍 Why We Recommend

Karamba has been building a solid reputation in the sports betting market.

🏅 Best For

Bettors from the UK looking for a reliable sports betting website.

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🏆 Choose the Best Sportsbook to Bet in the UK with Fixed Odds

There are several parameters necessary to consider a sportsbook in the UK as one of the best out there. In fact, there are websites that are not even legally operating. Therefore, trust GNG to check the criteria we hold necessary to approve sports betting websites, such as:

☑️ License and Security

UK punters should only bet on websites that are duly licensed to offer their markets in the United Kingdom. Fortunately, all the best online sportsbooks we recommend are 100% licensed, so following our recommendations equals no worries.

☑️ Bonuses and Promotions

Free bets and deposit match bonuses are great additions to multiply the numbers of bets on sports. They come with certain terms and conditions, and evaluating their adequacy is an important step.

☑️ Compatibility and Experience

The interface of a website and sports betting app for UK punters is a significant parameter. It not only makes it a much better experience but also helps during live betting.

☑️ Markets and Odds

Besides the variety in sports, the best online sports betting sites in the UK should provide enough lines with odds in line with the overall market. Checking the levels of fixed odds may take a while if you do not have a website like GNG to help you out.

☑️ Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing money from sportsbooks in the United Kingdom should be easy and favourable to the user. Besides minimum and maximum amounts, it is essential to check the payout speed and if there are any fees.

Those parameters are important and already covered in all the sports betting reviews by Gambling ‘N Go. Besides, we identify information on the types of bets and hidden opportunities most punters would pass by. Therefore, trust what our team of specialists prepared, rather than losing several hours studying the terms of each website.

☑️ How to Bet on Sports in the UK

☑️ How UK Sports Betting Sites Set Lines

Understanding how UK betting sites set lines and odds is essential to know when a wager is worth your money. Those sportsbooks count on odds compilers, automated to some degree but also counting on specialists, to determine the odds. They usually consider possible weighed outcomes, their desirable commission (the house’s profit), possible betting patterns, and the odds offered by competitors.

Some punters might get confused by the concept of “fixed odds”, but keep in mind they do alter, and a lot, until the event. If the bet is placed, then those fixed odds are granted, but they keep changing for other punters. That happens because all the aspects considered for setting the lines tend to change with time, and not adapting odds would result in large losses.

Punters who desire to look for an alternative system could prefer exchange bets, better explained below.

☑️ UK Sports Betting Sites Odds and Margins

When staring at a sports betting platform, punters will be able to define how they want to look at odds. They may be displayed in three different formats:

Those odds include profit margins that keep the sports betting site working. That is why the calculation surpasses 100% and considering the websites with the lowest margin guarantees better winnings.

Sports betting is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the popular UKGC that authorizes the websites we recommend. It was formed by the Gambling Act of 2005 and currently controls all other gambling alternatives. In order to be legitimate, a sportsbook must acquire the UKGC license or have one of the whitelisted ones:

Therefore, if a sports betting site does not restrict UK punters but does not hold a license from those places, keep away. It is relevant for punters because that is how they have the assurance that bets are conducted fairly and that the winnings are granted.

Bettors can start from the age of 18 years old, and there are no taxes applied to their winnings from sports betting within the UK. That is thanks to the Gambling Act of 2014, responsible for the Remote Gaming Duty, which makes bookies pay 15% on all placed bets. Therefore, punters do not pay for the taxes because they were already paid upfront.

Besides, there are alternative dispute resolution services approved by the UKGC to assist gamblers. Among them, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS, up to £10,000) and GambleAware. If they are mentioned in the websites you are betting on, that is an additional “layer” of security and tranquillity.

Long story short, UK punters are free to bet on online sportsbooks, regardless of their country of origin. They need to be at least 18 years old and to make sure those websites are duly licensed by the aforementioned authorities. Other than that, other parameters such as auditing companies, live support, and encryption are great additions.

Our reviews made it clear that the variety of sports usually range between 30 and 50 options, considering eSports. It would be overwhelming to acknowledge all at once, so first get used to the most popular sports markets offered in the UK.

Football, or Soccer Bookies

Football betting may remind UK punters of the Premier League, but that is only one of the many events featured in the best sportsbooks. From local matches to the World Cup, no bettor misses those lines at William Hill, with its free bets for new users.

Horse Racing Bookmakers

Together with football, horse racing is the most popular choice for punters in the UK. Millions of people attend those events, and now they can bet from their mobile devices. MansionBet is a great pick for horse racing betting, as they cover the odds of other bookies.

eSports in UK Betting Sites

The industry of eSports betting has been growing massively, making a billion over the period of a year. Bookies noticed that popularity, and some of them even offer an entire section for eSports. Give them a try at NetBet, perhaps with their exclusive app bonus with a free bet on eSports like LoL (League of Legends), Dota 2, FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others.

Tennis Betting

Tennis betting involves participating in events that occur on a daily or weekly basis. That means it works like football, and there is always some live opportunity to bet. Among the favourite markets, punters like to bet on the WTA and the ATP from the comfort of their homes using the Karamba app.

Darts in UK Betting Sites

Yes, the famous pub sport is also featured in the best online sportsbooks in the UK. There are big tournaments and some small tours as well, some of them with quite impressive odds. Whenever you have the chance, try the PDC tournaments for a change. We recommend using the William Hill betting app.

💵 Types of Bets in the UK Sports Betting Sites

After signing up for one of the best online sports betting sites in the UK and choosing a favorite sport, there are countless betting types. We know it may seem impossible to choose at first, but that is only for the first minute. First, decide if you would rather have the sportsbook fixed odds or opt for a betting exchange.

The traditional sports betting platform count on lines decided by the sportsbook’s team and software. Betting exchanges, on the other hand, are governed by the deals between punters. Although there is no house’s margin within the odds, the sportsbook will collect a small commission for every exchange bet.

Then, we have the option for some different kinds of bets. Among the most popular, spread bets allow punters to focus on fictitious advantages or disadvantages, disregarding the real results of a match. On the other side, special or prop bets ignore the winner completely and tries to guess particular events or statistics that may come true.

Another great opportunity is to get the best odds through outright bets, which are normal bets only placed long before the event.

Finally, whenever choosing a bet in a sportsbook, notice it is possible to add up several bets to the slip at once. Those are accumulator bets, which can result in incredible winnings and conclude wagering requirements much faster. However, as with anything related to betting, that also means there is a greater risk of losing.

Now, all those bets are often placed as pre-match bets. With live streaming and the excitement of a real match, live betting is also a great alternative.

🖥️ Live or In-Play Betting and Streaming for UK Punters

In-play wagering allows a degree of excitement that cannot be experienced through pre-match bets. Those who do not believe that never tried streaming with both thoughts and hands dedicated to finding the best opportunities in terms of odds. Of course, there are also those punters who prefer to set their bets and simply watch for the results.

The number and variety of markets change compared to pre-match bets, especially as the match goes, to keep it fair – for both the punters and the sportsbook. However, while all sportsbooks allow live betting nowadays, only a few of them offer live streaming. Those who do not have that possibility only show statistics and animatic graphics.

UK punters who consider that possibility relevant can rely on two favorite online sportsbooks for live bets:

✔️ William Hill – they stream dozens of thousands of events every year, from an enormous range of sports, including football and horse racing. With their schedule, punters acknowledge which events and when they will be streamed.

✔️ NetBet – the famous sportsbook offers NetBet TV for its punters. Like what users of William Hill will notice, it is necessary to have a positive balance or have recently placed a bet to view the streaming.

Therefore, in case in-play betting does sound fascinating, or even if you are just curious, prefer one of those two. With live streaming, punters can actually experience the same degree of excitement as if they were betting on site – such as it happens with horse races.

💵 Best Online Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions in the UK

Bonuses are a great way to increase the number of bets one can place, regardless of the sport or event. They come in varied shapes and terms, and knowing which one you are accepting can be the difference between being lucky and getting winnings locked.

💵 Free UK Bet Offers

UK free bets are what they name exactly describe: bets that punters get without paying any additional cost for them. William Hill offers two free bets worth 3x the first deposit of only £10. Differently from instant bonuses, it is necessary to place a qualifying bet first. On the bright side, that bet is of really low value, and the bonus does not come with wagering requirements.

💵 UK Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are popular in the UK but are not offered as welcome offers that often. Usually, they are a reward to VIP or loyalty points, or a simple reload bonus. They give the player a percentage of the deposit in credits, which are applicable in any bets from a given range of odds. The percentage varies between 50% and 200%, and NetBet has one of those.

💵 Free UK Bet Clubs

Clubs or VIP programs are a way to get rewards such as bonuses and VIP treatment simply for betting often. Karamba has a club of its own, and all you need to do to participate is to create an account and start betting.

💵 Accumulator Insurance for UK Punters

Accumulator insurance is how sportsbooks encourage bettors to place accumulator bets, which we already explained. In exchange for taking that great risk, punters receive some of their bet back in the case they lose. William Hill often offers accumulator insurance.

💵 UK Odds Boost

Odds boosts are popular for major events and tournaments or may simply be a weekly promotion at a website such as MansionBet. They offer the possibility of raising the odds of any market, as long as another bookie is beating their levels.

💵 Money-Back Specials for UK Punters

Cashback or money-back promotions may be temporary or fixed and work similarly to accumulator insurance. In short, if the losses reach a certain level, punters get a predetermined percentage back in the form of bonuses.

🖥️ Best UK App to Bet on Sports in 2022

Using UK sports betting apps has the same level of security and navigability as the browser betting platforms. Better said, that is assured when the punter opts for downloading UK sports betting apps from the websites we evaluated and recommended.

While the browser websites are accessible with virtually any mobile device, the apps are more restricted. Usually, there are only versions for Android and iOS devices, normally comprising both aged and the newest releases. The most popular choices when it comes to sports betting on apps are:

🥇 William Hill – Available for both Android and iOS, it applies its expertise from over 20 years of online betting in a perfectly balanced app. From sports betting to the cashier and their live support, everything is accessible via the app.

🥈 MansionBet – Available only for iOS devices, MansionBet also enables access to everything UK punters can find on their website.

🥉 NetBet – They have an exclusive app bonus for those who bet using their app, either on Android or iOS devices.

4️⃣ Karamba – The only one that manages to keep its Android app on Google Play. It also has all the website features and can be downloaded for iOS devices.

📱 Mobile Sports Betting in the UK

Choosing between apps and mobile browsers to bet on sports is a matter of preference. The fact is that gambling from mobile phones or tablets is increasingly common nowadays. Among the many advantages, it is worth highlighting:

💳 Deposit and Withdrawal in Sports Betting Sites for UK Punters

Deposits are not only how you start betting but the first step to activate free bets without wagering requirements. Therefore, it is relevant to pick the right alternative from the start, as you want the money to be available as soon as possible. Also, bookmakers often require that same deposit method to be used for withdrawals, so choose wisely.

Minimum deposits start considerably low, around £10, which is also enough to trigger a free bet bonus. By the way, pounds are almost always included as a possible currency. Withdrawals are not much different, and bookies do not add fees most of the time – although institutions and companies responsible for the transfer do.

Among the most popular deposit and/or withdrawal methods, we should highlight:

✔️ Visa Debit cards: instant payment with no extra charge, and some online UK bookmakers allow its use as a withdrawal method.

✔️ Credit and other debit cards: also instant, might not be possible to use as a withdrawal method, except for direct transfer to a linked bank. Some examples are Visa, MasterCard, Laser, Solo, Maestro, and Delta cards.

✔️ Apple Pay: those playing from iOS sports betting apps are able to use this method, exclusive for iOS devices, and not eligible for withdrawals.

✔️ E-Wallets: also instant or almost that, they allow punters to hold a balance there and can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Paypal, Skrill, EcoPayz, and Neteller are the most popular choices in the UK. Unfortunately, they charge fees on transfers.

✔️ Prepaid Cards: Paysafecard and Ladbrokes are popular among UK punters, allowing the insertion of fixed amounts without providing any financial information online.

✔️ Crypto: cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are getting a fair share of the payment methods on the online sports betting sites for UK bettors. They are instant and considerably safe options.

Just like cryptocurrencies, Boku and other methods that accept phone bill credits are starting to become popular. Whichever method is used for withdrawing, make sure to check the payout speed in our reviews, which may vary from a few hours to several days.

👍 Online Sports Betting Tips for UK Punters

Thanks to the advice, reviews, and guidelines by the GNG team, now every UK punter can be ready to bet safely. In order to extract the maximum benefit from what you have learned from us, top up your new knowledge with the following tips:


Each one of the top online sports betting sites in the UK has its own advantages and benefits. Therefore, each punter will choose one as the best, according to personal needs regarding payment, bonuses, and bets.

Free bets in UK sports betting sites can be triggered with a deposit or even by using an app to bet (NetBet). In all cases, it can only be redeemed once a qualifying bet is set, and therefore an initial deposit is necessary. After the result, the punter receives the free bets.

Less than two or three minutes, as all the information sportsbooks need is easily added to their form.

UK’s punters are especially fond of prepaid cards and e-wallets, namely Paypal. Fortunately, they are featured in the best online sportsbooks in the UK.

Yes! UK residents over 18 years of age can gamble on websites that are duly licensed by the UKGC or one of the whitelisted jurisdictions.

Like with the betting websites, an app can be a better suit for a punter according to specific needs. In terms of reliability, all those listed in this article are duly safe and efficient.

Yes, most sportsbooks allow a cash-out feature for its users in specific conditions, which results in profit before the match ends.

Yes, sportsbooks reserve the right to ban accounts with illegal or suspicious behaviour, or at least limit them in some manner. To prevent that from happening, never register more than one account on one website, especially if the intention is to get more bonuses.

William Hill and NetBet allow live streaming for bettors with money in their account or who have recently placed a bet.

No. The ones we listed are the best among the safe possibilities, but there are frauds out there, websites without a license that might not pay their users.

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