Best Betting Sites in the USA for 2022

Bookmakers in the United States work by connecting the user with all kinds of markets related to sports. Depending on the chosen bookmaker, the deposit and withdrawal requirements, available events, welcome bonuses, and others will differ greatly.

American bookmakers put at the service of the user the possibility of betting on almost everything that can happen during an event. In addition, the best online bookmakers usually facilitate the live broadcast of the event. With this, the user experience will improve exponentially, especially when done from the sports betting apps.

Finally, we highlight how the odds work in the best bookmakers. In short, they ensure a percentage of profit regardless of the chosen quota. Also, depending on the behavior of the users, or how an event progresses, the odds fluctuate to suit the event.

Read on to find out more about sports betting sites in the USA.

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⚖️ US Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

US Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Since 2018, each of the states that make up the US can decide whether to approve online gambling in its territory. A total of twenty US countries allow betting on games of chance.

At the moment, the regulation on online gambling is still in progress, and it will depend on each state. Creating the necessary laws for this will take time, so it is still necessary to wait to find out what will happen to online gambling in the country. However, the legal loophole allows gambling in some states.

Thus, in places like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York they allow you to bet online without any problem. In any case, the operators that we show you in this article will show you a safe and trustworthy environment in the betting exchanges.

✅ Legal and Reliable United States Sports Bookmakers

The first issue that we evaluate when selecting a sports betting website and including it in our list is its reliability. We well know that when it comes to money, one only wants to place it in a place that transmits security. Since this type of information is really sensitive among our US fans, it is something we want to expand on. 

Since May 2018, when the state of New Jersey won its claim to the Supreme Court, all states are allowed to legalize sports betting. The only thing they have to do is promulgate a law that annuls the national law, and regulate it according to their own laws. However, this takes time.

Currently, of the 50 states, less than half allow sports betting. The rest of the states, with the exception of Idaho, Wisconsin, and Utah, are considering legalizing it. The list of states where sports betting is legal includes Nevada, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, and Colorado. A part of these States are still adjusting implementation details, so we recommend consulting in each case.

We know some practices that players perform, such as using VPN to access and bet online. However, this type of attitude should be strongly discouraged, since, in addition to being illegal, they can be harshly punished by US law.

Regarding the list that we offer with the best sports betting sites in the United States, we make sure that they all comply with the laws of each State. In addition, these pages have guarantees issued by entities in the sector, such as eCOGRA. Every time you see this seal of quality, it means that this website has managed to pass each of its demanding security and reliability tests.

Thus, we suggest that if you just want to worry about playing and enjoying every minute, then limit yourself to the pages that are legal in that state. Not all betting pages enabled in the US have the recommended reliability or the certificates that are required for them to be approved.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the US?

After the elimination of the United States Supreme Court in 2018 to the regulations that prohibited online sports betting in the USA, more and more platforms are arriving in the country. Each state has its own jurisdiction to legalize sports betting. There are no penalties or sanctions in case of placing sports bets on online platforms.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in the US

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in the US

Among so many offers and brands available as sports betting sites in the United States, it is not easy to make a final choice. Therefore, our advice is to analyze some points to be totally sure that you choose the right option. These are presented below.

✅ Welcome Bonuses on US Sportsbooks

Releasing bonuses from online bookmakers is a very appealing option to get extra income. To carry out this function, we recommend having a clear understanding of what type of sport you are most interested in.

By this, we mean that if you are interested in betting on soccer in the United States, first choose which online bookmaker offers the best odds. Then sign up and use their welcome bonus or other promotions to increase your chances.

✅ Bet Type

The more options the operator offers to create your forecasts, the better for you. Pre-match, live, handicap, total or partial bets, etc. It all adds up when it comes to making a sports betting section more complete than the best.

So, for example, if you are a player interested in placing combined bets, you will be interested in finding a bookmaker that offers improved odds for it. Depending on the number of selections you have on your ticket, the value of the fee can increase considerably.

✅ Secondary Promotions

Welcome bonuses are important, but they are not everything. When you have been registered at one of the sports betting sites in the United States for a while, you will appreciate the possibility of taking advantage of other bonuses. For this reason, we advise you to consult the ‘Promotions’ section of each house and see their available offers.

You will see that in certain cases they may offer free no deposit bonuses, free spins, enhanced odds, etc. Also, some new bookmakers have a loyalty program. This program (also called VIP) will reward you for all predictions in sports or games of chance. In addition, it is always advisable to consult sports betting house bonuses without a prior deposit.

✅ Payment Methods on US Sportsbooks

Players from the US can choose between the classic payment methods and most modern payment platforms. The truth is that most new sports betting sites in the United States combine the basic options, such as the card, to the most modern, such as Bitcoin.

In addition, other payment methods, such as Neteller or Skrill, are also enabled in certain operators. In the ‘Cashier’ section, the sports betting house offered in the United States will show you the available options and their conditions. In any case, remember that each one has its own list.

✅ Customer Support

The contact section is also included in the sports betting sites in the United States. Naturally, many customers may have questions about betting markets, odds, games, bonuses, payment methods, etc. Therefore, they allow several communication channels to solve your doubts.

Thus, email, live chat, telephone, or the help section are some of them. In addition, it is likely that some bookmakers in the United States also have a presence on social networks. Typically, you’ll find these channels located at the bottom of their web interface.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in the US

How to Bet on Sports in the US

After finding a sports betting site in the United States that best serves your purpose, it is time to place a bet. This 4-step tutorial is applicable to most sports betting sites in the United States.

These are the steps:

  1. Access your web platform.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. See the available markets.
  4. Create your first bet!

1️⃣ Access the Web Platform of Choice

First of all, go to the official betting site of the betting service you wish to join. There you will find a button “Sign up” or “Register”. You will need to create an account in order to place bets.

2️⃣ Complete the Registration Form

Once you click on the registration option, you will be shown a form to fill in. In it, you will be required to enter your personal data, create a user account and verify your email address.

To validate your personal data you will have to provide your ID card and proof of address that certifies in which state you are currently residing.

3️⃣ View Available Markets

Once registered and made the first deposit, you will be able to view the money balance. It’s time to see what markets are available.

Usually, on the left side of the screen, you will see a list of available sports. When you click on one of them you will see all the events that are available. Find what you like.

4️⃣ Create Your First Bet!

Once you have chosen which markets to bet on, place your bet amount and start betting. You can create simple bets, Teaser or Parlays to release the welcome bonus. You can also combine markets from different sporting events.

Basketball, March Madness, and the NBA Finals

Unlike American football, basketball in the United States has crossed borders and is gaining more popularity every day around the world. All thanks to the rise of the university league, the NCAA, and especially the NBA, which every day has more foreign players.

The ratings are not as exorbitant as those of American football. They are still high enough to be able to place the basketball in the number 2 position of the most popular sports in the USA, both to watch and bet on.

The NCAA's March Madness had around 97 million viewers throughout the tournament, with the biggest spikes in viewership during the Final Four in San Antonio. The NBA season runs from mid-October to the end of June, while the NCAA season runs from November to the end of March.

Football and the Super Bowl

Without a doubt, American football is the king of sports in the United States. Whether on campus or in the National Football League, the NFL, stadiums fill up every weekend. They also have all the audience records with millions of viewers each game, especially in times of playoffs and in the famous Super Bowl, the NFL final.

In 2022, more than 112 million people watched the Super Bowl finals. The NFL has 32 teams distributed throughout the main cities of the country that compete from August to February. Needless to say that the NFL is the most betted league in the US.

Baseball and the World Series

The national sport of the United States par excellence, which however has lost popularity in recent years in favor of American football and basketball. The national baseball league in the United States is the MLB (Major League Baseball). In turn, it is divided into two leagues: The National League and the American League, founded in 1901 and 1876 respectively.

The champions of both leagues meet in the World Series (“World Series”), which has an average audience of 18.9 million viewers. The major leagues have a total of 30 teams, with 15 teams in the National League and 15 teams in the American League, spread throughout the American geography. The season runs from April to October, making it an ideal sport to attend during your summer vacation in the United States, as well as to bet on.

Ice Hockey and the Stanley Cup Finals

Although ice hockey is the national sport of Canada, it has also gained a lot of popularity in the United States as a result of sharing the same league. The NHL is the national hockey league in both the United States and Canada and has 31 teams: seven from Canada and 24 from the United States.

Although yes, despite having more teams in the United States than in Canada, more than half of the players in the league are Canadian. What most characterizes this sport are the multiple fights that you have seen in viral videos, which are allowed by the referees, and always fun to put on betting slips. Other than that, it's a great sport that has a lot of fans in America. For example, the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals were watched on television by more than 4 million viewers.

Football (Soccer) and the World Cups

Unlike what happens in Europe or South America, soccer is not the king of sports in the United States. In fact, as you may have seen before, Americans call American football "football" and European football "soccer". However, it is a sport that is gaining more importance every day in the country thanks to the arrival of Latin American immigrants and especially thanks to the arrival of world stars to its league, the Major Soccer League, such as David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Kaká, Ibrahimovic, Beckham, Henry, Gerrard or Lampard.

In addition, it is worth noting the high level of the American women's soccer team, considered the best team in the world. They have won the World Cup twice and have obtained second place and three third places. The team has also obtained four gold medals and one silver in five editions of the Olympic Games.

If you want to bet on soccer games in the United States, you should know that the season runs from March to December and that each team plays 34 games a year.

Boxing and MMA Fighting

If you've seen any Hollywood action movie you'll know that Americans love to see violence. That is why boxing is so popular in this country. American boxing has had stars of the stature of Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Óscar de la Hoya, and Floyd Mayweather.

In addition, the city of Las Vegas has historically been the boxing capital of the world and it is precisely where the greatest fights in history have been held. For example, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in 2017 brought 495 million dollars in television income and more than 100 million dollars to the box office.

Mayweather secured a check for $100 million while McGregor cashed in $30 million. Many bettors from the United States also cash on some money from gambling. Similarly, UFC fights are highly popular among American sports bettors.

Golf, the PGA Tour, and The Masters Tournament

Despite not being the most popular, practiced, or betted on sport on this list, the United States is the most relevant country in the world for golf. With more than 15,000 golf courses spread across the country, the United States leads the world with almost 45% of the total number of golf courses in the world, followed far behind by Canada with 2,295 courses. In addition, three of the four most important men's golf tournaments in the world are held in the United States:

  • The United States Open (US Open) in June.
  • The PGA Championship in August.
  • And the Augusta Masters in April in Augusta (Georgia).

On the other hand, the PGA Tour, the main North American men's professional golf circuit, is played almost entirely in the United States and is the main professional golf circuit in the world. Some sports betting sites in the United States can offer great odds for golf tournaments.

Tennis and the US Open

As with golf, tennis does not occupy one of the first places on this list, but even so, the United States is a world reference for this sport. Without going any further, one of the four Grand Slams, the four biggest tournaments on the tennis circuit, takes place in the United States, specifically the US Open that is held every year between August and September in Flushing Meadows, New York. In addition, four other highly relevant tournaments meet in the United States:

  • The Indian Wells Masters, in California, in March.
  • The Miami Masters, in Florida, 2 weeks after Indian Wells.
  • The Cincinnati Masters, in Ohio, prior to the US Open.
  • And the Washington Tournament, in Washington DC, also prior to the US Open.

Tennis matches take place throughout the year and American bettors can enjoy easy wins because of this.

Motorsports, NASCAR, and IndyCar

NASCAR, the Indianapolis 500, Formula 1, the IndyCar Series, the 24 Hours of Daytona, or freestyle motocross are just a few examples that demonstrate the love of Americans for adrenaline and motorsports (and betting on them). Of all of them, the most popular races are NASCAR, a competition that is characterized by using unmodified series cars that drive for hours on oval-shaped circuits. All engines are supplied by Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet, thus ensuring a level of competition for all participants.

The most important tracks are those of Daytona (Florida), Charlotte (North Carolina), Talladega (Alabama), and Bristol (Tennessee). During the year there are more than 30 races that take place between the months of February and August.

Also noteworthy is the IndyCar competition, which is the most important single-seater category in the United States. The most famous race in this competition is the Indianapolis 500, which is held in Indiana at the end of May.

💵 Types of Bets in the USA

Types of Bets in the USA

A wide offer in the types of bets is an essential requirement for the best bookmakers in the United States. The more options, the more possibilities to place your bets on different sports, events, and international competitions.

In addition to the different markets available, you can find different types of bets. Here are some of the most popular types of sports bets in the United States. Of course, keep in mind that it is only a small sample of all its possibilities.

➡️ Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is well known and used worldwide in sports such as soccer, tennis, or USA basketball betting. One of the variants used by bookmakers is Asian handicap betting. It is a market available with most sports betting sites in the US.

In this type of bet, the user grants a fictitious advantage or disadvantage to one of the opponents. In this way, the forces can be equalized, and with it, the odds will become more interesting. Thus, a match that looks lopsided beforehand will be much more interesting at the same time.

➡️ Correct Score Bets

Correct Score or Exact Score bets are quite difficult. But because of this, USA bookmakers offer higher odds than for other types of bets if you guess them right. You can try by the exact result of a match, a set, a quarter, etc.

It should not be confused with the final result in the event of a win, draw, or loss. In this type of forecast, it is necessary to guess the exact number as well. That is, if a basketball game ends 97-84, or a score in a soccer game 3-1, for example.

➡️ ESports Betting

e-Sports have not stopped growing in recent years and e-Sports betting is the order of the day. These bets encompass world-famous video games by millions of people around the world, many of which Americans thoroughly enjoy. These are very exciting virtual events.

Video games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, StarCraft II, DOTA2, Fortnite, or Overwatch are the main protagonists in the US. These are usually the main options, among other video games. Among their bets, you can bet on total casualties, the winner of each map, and more.

➡️ Combination Bets

Combined or multiple bets allow you to combine two or more bets from different markets. Therefore, you must hit all the forecasts that make up the combined bet to win it. That is, in the event that one of your selections fails, your bet will be void.

This type of bet is attractive to many people throughout the US. The odds increase by increasing the number of bets that are combined, but also their difficulty. Therefore, our advice is that you do not get carried away by the exponential increase and play with your head.

➡️ Betting On Motorsports, Tennis, Or Basketball in the USA

Betting on motorsports ranges from Formula 1, MotoGP, NASCAR, or Supercars. In this type of sports betting, all the results of the race are available. You can guess the winner of a race, an entire championship, or the team that will win the World Cup.

Other sportsbooks also have cycling or tennis bets. Normally, they are offered at major events such as the Tour de France, Grand Slam, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, or the US Open. Of course, the NBA and the Euroleague dominate in basketball betting.

➡️ Custom Bets

Custom tips are available at some sportsbooks for the best odds. Through them, the user can provide a forecast not contemplated in the platform until now. Subsequently, the house will assess the prognosis and provide a personalized fee.

This is quite a fun betting mode since the operator will allow you to bet on a large part of your occurrences. However, this possibility is not added in all the best bookmakers in the USA. Anyway, you can always check their availability.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in the USA

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in the USA

Although decimal odds are becoming more and more popular, American odds are a type of sports betting odds in a format that is used primarily in the United States and Central America, hence the name. European bettors, accustomed to decimal odds (or fractional odds if you bet in the UK), find it strange to see American odds because they can have many digits, and sometimes they are even negative numbers. However, knowing how they are formed or calculated, American odds are easy to understand.

The American odds are based on the fact that they are calculated with respect to a reference point of 100 USD. The odds indicate how much you have to bet on the outcome to get $100 or how much money you can get if you bet $100. In these odds, you will only see the net profit reflected, not the total profit. That is, to know what your possible benefits would be, you will have to add the amount bet to the fee. 100 USD bet reference does not mean that you cannot bet less than 100 USD.

The American odds equivalent to a decimal odds less than 2.0 will take a negative sign (-). If the American odd is equivalent to a decimal odd greater than 2.0, the odd will take a positive (+) sign. For example, with a quote of +170, we will win 170 dollars net risking 100 dollars. An odd of +500 indicates a potential net profit of $500 for every $100 of risk.

With negative examples, things get a little more complicated: in case the odds are less than even or 2.0 (in decimal odds), the odds are showing us the risk we must take to win 100 dollars. For example for a -450 odds, we could have a profit of $100 for every $450 wagered. A quote of -200 gives us a profit of 100 dollars for every 200 dollars wagered.

American bettors can enjoy an incredibly vast variety of betting odds. Apart from the standard and popular ones that the rest of the world offers, sports betting sites in the USA have much more. For example, improved odds are offers that bookmakers make available to new users that increase the value of a quote on a given sporting event. They tend to be irresistible because they allow you to multiply the profits obtained with your bet drastically.

Being such good offers, and rare, amateur players often see them with surprise. However, once they understand what it is, it starts to be the first thing they look for before signing up with an American bookmaker.

Perhaps the best way to understand what Improved Odds, Super Odds, Mega Odds, or Bet Superboost are is through an example that could occur. Suppose that it is the MLS finals, the odds that bookmakers usually offer in such close matches could be between 2.40 and 2.90 approximately for the victory of any of the teams involved.

This would be the case in a normal context, however, if in this game an operator decides to apply improved odds, the value of said odds could rise from $7 to $50. In other words, these quotas would increase considerably.

Sometimes you will only have to bet $1, while at other bookmakers the minimum amount to bet is $5. This is because all the profits generated from the $1 bet are received as a free bonus, while the profits generated from the $5 bet will be received as a free bonus and real money.

These types of prizes do not abound on US bookmaker websites, that is why we take the task of looking for them arduously. And the best thing about this is that all the prizes can be combined.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in US Online Betting Sites

£30 free bets for just £10!
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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions in US Online Betting Sites

Sports betting bonuses are the most sought after by players, and also the most offered by sports betting sites in the US. In fact, today there are no bookmakers that do not offer them.

The online market has acquired such a high level of competition that all platforms make an effort to offer you the most lucrative bonuses since they know very well that it is one of the main elements to add new American users to their platforms.

🎁 Welcome Bonuses on US Sportsbooks

Each betting operator has its own welcome bonus, but they are all credited in the same way. When you register and make your first deposit, a part of the amount will be unlocked, directly related to the amount of money you have deposited. That is, if for example, you make the first deposit of $100 USD, you will normally multiply that amount x2, obtaining a total of $200 USD to start making your sports bets online.

In any case, it is advisable to read the terms and conditions of each betting page beforehand, so that you know in advance the procedure to follow and the benefits you will obtain. Keep in mind that the welcome bonus can only be obtained once, so think carefully about the amount that is best for you to invest, since you will not be able to obtain it again on that page.

🎁 Registration Bonus

The sign-up bonus or no deposit bonus is usually substantially less than the welcome bonus, although some users may be confused if they are not used to the terminology. In this case, it is a bonus that you will receive just for registering at a bookmaker.

That’s right, just for registering as a new user, some platforms in the US will give you a registration bonus or no deposit bonus. This bonus is also very tempting as it allows you to add money to your account right from the start and without having to deposit. Like the welcome bonus, this bonus has a series of terms and conditions that you must review and accept before you can get it.

🎁 Offers and Promotions on US Betting Sites

The offers and promotions sections are the two that cover the rest of the promotions and benefits that you will not find in the sections that we have previously mentioned. That is, you will find the rest of the bonuses, offers, and promotions that the platforms launch regularly.

The best promos usually occur in celebration contexts (of the platform), important sporting events, the beginning of the season, or specific dates, which is why they usually remain active for a certain period of time. So, stay tuned and visit both sections regularly, which will allow you to get the promotions and bonuses that interest you the most.

🎁 Weekly Promotions

In some American bookmakers, you will find weekly bonuses. They can be sports or casino gaming-oriented and can be applied in different ways. Weekly promotions are usually focused on specific sporting events or games of chance.

This kind of bookmaker bonus is oriented towards already registered users. They are highly appreciated since not all operators continue to offer bonuses once the registration promotion has been used. It’s something you can check in the ‘Promotions’ section.

🎁 Cashback/Refund Bonuses

The refunds section is certainly of interest to all players. With them, the best sports betting sites in the USA return a part of the bet in case you have lost it. Thus, you can continue betting with an extra balance. Some refund bonuses are subject to a rollover, but others are not.

In addition, you will find that many of them are focused, for example, on horse racing. However, cashback bonuses can also be found in USA sports betting and casino games.

🎁 Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are very well received by users, as they provide a series of advantages. Its operation is simple – you simply have to place your bets at the operator without worrying about anything else. Everything you play will count towards your program.

Logically, the greater the number of bets, the better prizes you can access. Loyalty programs typically consist of different levels at the best online sports betting sites in the US. You can check the conditions in the program of each bookmaker.

NOTE: All the bonuses and promotions of the best USA bookmakers are accompanied by their own terms and conditions. To know all the details and requirements of the offers, consult directly on their website.

💳 Payment Options at US Betting Sites

Payment Options at US Betting Sites

When depositing and withdrawing money, it is recommended to find sports betting sites in the US that will offer a lot of options, or at least options that you find suitable. But every banking option has its own pros and cons when it comes to money transfers with American betting sites. Here are the most popular ones.

Wire transfer – It is clear that it is one of the most used payment methods by all types of bettors, basically because everyone has a bank account, and now you can make a transfer from your mobile phone in less than putting your shoes on and going out of the house.

Fees: (usually) 0.

Processing time: around 2-7 days.

Debit and credit cards – Another payment method that doesn’t need much explanation either, we use the cards every day to buy even a loaf of bread, so obviously, all decent bookmakers accept this payment method. It is clear that it is one of the most comfortable methods because the transfer of funds is done almost instantly. At the level of credit cards, they usually accept Visa and Mastercard and Visa Electron and Maestro debit cards.

Fees: (usually) 0.

Processing time: instant.

PayPal – If there were an electronic wallet championship, PayPal would undoubtedly be the champion of champions. The most famous electronic wallet in the world is always a very good payment method option because if you associate it with your bookmaker’s account it allows you to make instant deposits in a super-secure way.

Fees: (usually) 0.

Processing time: instant.

Skrill – Another of the most used electronic wallets in the world. And, like Paypal, it acts as an intermediary between the bank and the American bookmaker. Your bookmaker will never know your bank details and it is very, very safe. It also allows us to enter and withdraw funds instantly.

Fees: (usually) 0, sometimes 1%.

Processing time: instant.

Neteller – Another of the electronic wallets most used by users and therefore one of the payment methods that most sports betting sites in the US accept. It is quite similar to Paypal and Skrill so it is still a super safe way to make your deposits and the bookmaker will never know your details.

Fees: (usually) 1%.

Processing time: instant.

Paysafecard – Without a doubt one of the methods that we like the most because Paysafecard is totally different from the rest. If you are wondering what makes it different, it is that it is a prepaid card system that allows you to make online deposits of 10, 25, 50, and 100 dollars. Cards that you can buy in lots of physical establishments such as kiosks, tobacconists, gas stations, supermarkets, service stations, post offices… When you have your card, you just have to go to your bookmaker and enter the 16-digit code to make the deposit.

Fees: 0.

Processing time: instant.

Trustly – Another payment method that we like a lot. Trustly allows you to make deposits online from a bank account in a comfortable and safe way. So far everything is “normal” but really the potential of Trustly is that it is not necessary to register on its platform to be able to make the transfer. Trustly has a lot of potential but at the moment not all banks accept it, so you will have to check that yours is compatible.

Fees: (usually) 0, sometimes 1%.

Processing time: instant.

Fast Bank Transfer – Undoubtedly a payment method that fulfills what it promises on its behalf since basically Fast Bank Transfer is like a bank transfer but faster. Quite an important topic when we are about to make a bet. The only thing to watch out for is that your bank charges you commissions when using this payment method.

Fees: around 2-4%.

Processing time: instant.

What Is the Best Payment Option for US Players?

When accessing legal national betting sites, card and bank transfers are always good, but bank transfers take some time. If accessing betting sites in the USA outside of your country, eWallets are a great option. Cryptocurrencies are also a great option where offered, but many Americans prefer to buy and sell crypto than use it for betting.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Betting in the USA

7 Expert Tips for Betting in the USA

  1. Betting laws in the United States are strict. While there is a huge number of betting sites to choose from, pay attention not to end up in jail.
  2. When a betting market is saturated as it is in the USA, players can enjoy fantastic offers due to the competition. Explore all options, go for the best odds, bonuses, markets…
  3. In order to have the best betting experience in the US, it is always recommended to create several betting accounts. Some will offer better odds for just one sport so combine them.
  4. While some Welcome Bonuses look awesome at first glance, the requirements may hide unwinnable conditions. Always read the requirements before collecting the bonus and see if you can fulfill them.
  5. Most sports betting sites in the USA will offer great promotions from time to time. When you have chosen a site, make sure to visit the promotions page all the time.
  6. Some online casinos can offer great odds and bonuses. Don’t limit yourself to just betting sites if better odds are offered elsewhere.
  7. Always bet on sports, players, and teams you are familiar with. Good knowledge is half the winning.
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In general, gambling is legal in the USA, it all depends on state law.

Gambling is legal in the United States and certified and licensed gambling houses will be 100% safe.

Sports betting sites in the United States are among the safest in the world.

The deposit limits are usually set by casinos, betting services, banking options, but sometimes by the state itself. Make sure to check them all before placing a bet.

Winnings between $600 and $5000 dollars should be reported while winnings over $5000 are fully taxable.

This depends on the betting site and the banking method of choice. It can vary from instant to a few days.

All betting sites offer unique services and therefore it is impossible to pick the best one. What’s important is that the betting site is legal, certified, and offers everything you need.

Generally, US betting sites offer the greatest selection of sports to bet on. All national sports, as well as popular international sports, are available to American bettors.

The National Football League is the most popular sports league to bet on in the US. Basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, martial arts, and moto racing are popular as well.

The American odds equivalent to a decimal odds less than 2.0 will take a negative sign (-). If the American odd is equivalent to a decimal odd greater than 2.0, the odd will take a positive (+) sign. For example, with a quote of +170, we will win 170 dollars net risking 100 dollars. An odd of +500 indicates a potential net profit of $500 for every $100 of risk.

Some US sportsbooks will offer free bets as part of bonuses and promotions.

Sign-up, or a Welcome bonus, is claimed upon registration. With some sites, it is enough to simply register. Some require special codes and some deposits.

Various helplines, institutions, and programs are available throughout the whole country, it’s only a matter of the state you live in. In general, the 1-800-522-4700 National Lifeline can be reached anytime.

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