Best US Bingo Sites: Checked & Authorized in 2022

Online gambling has been one of the most popular activities in the online space for quite some time now. Considering how many people look for ways to lose and kill some of their time, that’s understandable. That being said, is there a better alternative than online gambling, especially for online bingo betting.

The online bingo betting rooms in the USA provide players with fantastic winning opportunities, and on top of that, gives them the thrilling emotions and experiences they are after. The best thing out of all is that players generally can’t enjoy bingo in any land-based casino as it is banned from the country as an illegal activity.

Still, you can make the most of the thrilling game by engaging in gambling in a few of the legit US bingo sites. We have to dive into quite a few things, so you understand the bingo betting scenery in the country a bit better. For that purpose, stick with and breeze through the following lines.

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As I already mentioned, one of the most significant problems for US citizens is that bingo betting is considered illegal in numerous states in the country. 

That being said, on the flip side, you can enjoy online bingo only from a few states. These are the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. 

However, the good news is that most players in the USA can easily enjoy the perks and thrilling emotions that come hand in hand with online bingo betting activity. This is possible by using any of the legit bingo sites in the US I mentioned above. These sites may be providing online bingo services, but they are not doing it directly on the country’s territory.

That’s how you can also enjoy the game of bingo without being responsible for your actions. Hypothetically, you are not breaking the wall as you are not playing any bingo games on the territory of the USA, so there is no way you can get in trouble for that. That’s the power of using online betting platforms that allow US customers.

🏆 How Much Tax To Pay On Online Bingo Winnings?

Taxes are one of the biggest enemies for online betting enthusiasts. And for the ones in the USA, this is not an exception. That’s because the taxes placed on bingo winnings are hefty, and you can’t be happy with the amount that’s being taken away from you. 

But as you already understand, you can’t go around the rules. Generally, you can expect to pay around 15% in taxes for all of your online bingo winnings. 

Still, with some of the online bingo betting platforms I provide here on my site, you can sometimes enjoy tax-free winnings, but this is not something I can recommend to be done frequently. 

This is possible in rare scenarios as these gambling platforms don’t abide by US law, and they can’t punish them in any way. That’s why you can sometimes withdraw your winnings without filling them for any applicable tax. 

Most of these bingo betting platforms you can enjoy are mostly made for users from Europe, especially the UK. That’s why generally these sites make US citizens a favor by making their online bingo betting services available to them. 

That’s because these sites are made targeting the masses in the UK and Europe. However, the opportunity with the struggling US players who can’t get a hold of the thrilling bingo gaming is too significant to ignore, which is one of the main reasons why many of the biggest online bingo betting platforms in Europe started accepting players from these regions. 

🏆 Do You Need To Register At A US Bingo Site?

Some people may be wondering if it’s necessary to register at any of these USA bingo sites. But asking this question, they don’t probably think rationally about this. As I already mentioned, these sites and platforms are not entirely based in the USA. They are more like helping US citizens who want to enjoy online bingo betting to its fullest.

That being said, if you see a particular online bingo betting platform that accepts US customers, you can be sure that you are looking into one of the biggest platforms for bingo betting online. 

That’s because only the most competent and resource-rich companies will only reach that length to exploit a user base like this. That’s one of the easiest ways you can filter these sites and join them immediately. 

🏆 What Information Do You Need To Provide?

Some of you might be wondering what the general information you must provide to join any of these platforms is. But the truth is that I had reviewed each of them, and I provide you only with the options that will require the tiniest personal information. 

That being said, the registration process and the information you have to deliver on these platforms is relatively standard, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Most of the time, you will need to provide the sites with an email, username, password, country of residence. Of course, when it comes the time for withdrawing potential winnings, you will have to share a bit more of yourself to go through the KYC procedure and verify your account successfully. But generally, joining these platforms is straightforward. 

🏆 Are There Any Wagering Requirements?

One of the major things that concern many gamblers is the wagering requirements that come into play when they claim a particular bonus offer from the bingo betting platforms. But the harsh reality is that you can’t escape these requirements as they are an essential part of most bonuses you will claim. 

Of course, there are some bonuses and promotions for pure entertainment where you will participate in exciting tournaments and stuff like that. However, these promotions will hardly come with many bonus funds to exploit. 

On the other hand, you will use welcome offers, free spins, and others for the most profitable bonuses. There will always be attached wagering requirements, as you get large bonus funds from the start. 

These wagering requirements are the safety policy of every online bingo betting platform. If these requirements were not present, these companies would quickly go bankrupt, and you can’t possibly take advantage of generous offers like that. You can see how this works both ways, and there should be rules and conditions that should be followed rigorously. 

🏆 What Types Of Bonuses Are There?

While we are on bonuses and promotions, it will be beneficial for many players to understand what type of promotions they can enjoy on the US bingo sites. From my extensive experience in the online bingo betting scene, I can say that players on these sites can enjoy some of the industry’s most generous and most profitable bonuses. 

I can say a lot about these bonuses but the best thing we can do is to through each type of them separately. Only then can you understand the pros and cons of each bonus and how to take advantage of every presented offer fully. 

✅ Welcome Bonus Offers

These are among the best offers you will come across the bingo betting platforms. They are not only the most generous, but they also present the best opportunities you can exploit.

It would be best if you kept in mind that you will receive a significant amount of bonus funds you can acquire a lot with these offers. However, the winnings will always come with attached wagering requirements, so you must carefully learn the terms and conditions and the type of wagering requirements awaiting you before you claim any of these offers. 

✅ Free Spins

Free spins are among the most frequent and desired bonus offers for all players in the bingo betting industry. They are claimed quickly and provide players with a thrilling and straightforward gambling experience with the potential of enormous profits.

However, the free spins are another bonus that comes with attached wagering requirements every time. Still, I can say that the requirements and rules you have to abide by are much more user-friendly, so your chances of completing them are much higher. 

✅ Free Bingo Tickets

One of the most significant demands for bingo betting lovers is the free bingo betting experience. That’s why there are so many different bingo betting sites that provide their players with frequent free bingo betting tickets.

These tickets can be used even daily, and as you can already anticipate, the winnings will come with some wagering requirements. 

However, the requirements for these winnings are minimal, so you won’t ever have problems completing them and taking the full amount of your winnings no matter in which one of the USA bingo sites you play. 

✅ Tournaments/Competition

Some US bingo betting platforms like competitiveness and provide players with many competitions and tournaments with fantastic prizes.

These tournaments are the perfect place where you can test your resolve and skills in the hope of getting one of the top places on the tournament roster. Because if you can do that, you will claim a very generous prize, without a doubt.

✅ Bonus Funds For Deposits In Specific Days

The other bonus type that is very popular among many US bingo sites is the one that runs on particular days of the week. Mostly, these bonuses are running through the week, providing players with fantastic opportunities to exploit even on working days.

Usually, these bonuses are in the type of deposit bonuses you can claim by depositing a specific minimum amount on a particular day.

🏆 Are There Different Bonuses Available For US And Non-US Players?

Some of the players in the USA will probably be curious about if they are eligible for any bonuses and promotions exclusive only to them. Unfortunately, I can’t say that this is the case and that there are bingo betting platforms that offer bonuses and promotions exclusively for US players. 

As you can already understand from the information I provided above, the USA bingo sites offer all players exciting and thrilling promotions, and no one is getting better offers. All players receive fair offers, which is a great fair play from these bingo betting sites, even though they can have better profits by providing specific players with unique bonuses. 

🏆 What Are The Common Types Of Bingo Games?

The bingo betting world is very diversified, which is evident in the best US bingo sites. Their bingo betting sections are always very diversified, and players can enjoy many different betting and winning opportunities there. The bingo rooms in these sites come with all kinds of themes, rules, and types. 

However, you can almost always come across a few types of bingo in every online bingo betting platform. These are the 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and the 75 ball bingo. These are three of the most popular online bingo types, and you will come across each one on most of the sites you decide to engage in your bingo betting adventure. 

🏆 Are There Any Withdrawal Or Deposit Limits?

The most frequent question that the high-stakes players ask is connected with the deposit and withdrawal limits at these USA bingo sites. Unfortunately, I can’t give a one-sided response when it comes to the withdrawal and deposit limits. That’s because they are usually different for every platform you play online bingo on. 

Each site has its requirements and regulations, so the deposit and withdrawal limits will vary greatly. Still, in most of the online bingo betting platforms, I can say that the minimum deposit limit will stay at a rate of around $10. 

The good news is that there aren’t too many sites that have a withdrawal limit, but you should keep in mind that it will still probably take some time to withdraw a significant amount like jackpot winnings, for example.

🏆 What To Look For In US Bingo Sites?

Even though you already understand the most frequent bonuses in the best US bingo sites and how to exploit them, there are still many things you need to consider before diving deep into your next bingo betting adventure. The online bingo world is vast, and many platforms won’t live up to your high expectations as a valuable player.

Many sites are just in the game to make profits, and the treatment of their clients is not the best. That’s why it’s a crucial moment when you decide which platform to choose next for your bingo betting experience. Luckily, you don’t have to go into all US bingo sites blindly and struggle to select an option for hours. 

The best thing I recommend is following a proven structure that goes through the core sections of every bingo betting platform. When you do that, you will have already explored the cornerstones of every online bingo site and understand its value and competence way faster than everyone else. We will go through each of those sections together, so you know what you should look for in each of these sites. 

✅ Security

In the digital world we live in, security is of the highest priority for each individual out there. That’s understandable, considering the problems and pitfalls that lie around every corner. Because of that, you have to be without any compromise decisions when it goes down to the security of the particular online bingo betting platform you choose. It should always provide you with the highest security protocols and features to ensure your personal information is secured.


Hand in hand with security, comes the safety that the particular bingo betting platform can provide you with. Some people even can’t make a difference between the two. But the safety of a specific site illustrates how safe is the platform you are betting on daily.

This includes all of the different safety features, protocols, and general protection of the platform. The best online bingo sites I present on my site here have the safest platforms for online bingo betting in the industry, without exception. 

✅ Game Choices

In the dynamic online gambling world in the last few years, it’s evident how the selection of games, no matter what type, the gambling platform will always be in the center of every player’s mind.

And it can’t be another way around this. Many online betting platforms provide numerous thrilling opportunities where players can enjoy some of the best games that the casino world offers at the moment. 

This is always what the best US bingo sites provide you with, as they always stand on top of the latest trends to have the best possible online gambling experience of their lives. 

✅ Payment Methods

The payment methods are another crucial section where you should look for diversity and quality. It’s hard to cooperate with many payment processors, which is good for us as we can quickly filter the bingo betting platforms without the resources and competence to pull off something like this. 

The best USA bingo sites will always have an extensive or at least top-notch quality selection of payment options players can choose from. If a particular site checks any of these boxes, you can be sure that you will have a fantastic gambling experience there. 

And this is what is the case with the bingo sites I present to you here on my site. I had already done the necessary research, and I had filtered the online bingo betting sites that will provide you with the bingo betting adventure of your life.


Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact answer to that. There are many bingo betting sites you can win on. You just have to choose one from the ones I present here.

The bingo sites that payout the most are usually the ones with the best progressive jackpot sections. One of them is FabulousBingo. 

Yes! Generally, most US bingo sites are actually not operating on the country’s territory and are licensed elsewhere, so it won’t be a problem for Europeans to play in them.

I have attached a table with the best online bingo sites accepting US players at the beginning of this article. You can check it out.

At the moment, there are only three states that allow online bingo betting. These are New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada.

You can if you prefer, but it’s not necessary as the platforms of the best USA bingo sites are well optimized for mobile gaming.

Of course! The best US bingo sites have many progressive jackpot games where you can enjoy fantastic winning opportunities.