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🏆 Best Online Lottery Sites in Canada 2024

Playing Canada lotto is as fun as it gets. However, the best players know the essence of choosing their games well, including selecting the right site to make your jackpot. The truth is finding genuine online lottery sites in Canada is the easiest part. You must also decide who is the best from their customer service, draw, user interface, security, payment methods, etc. We understand how important all of these are. Hence, we have curated a list of the best online lottery sites worth your time and every relevant information you need to ace a fantastic lottery experience in Canada.

🏆 3 Best Lottery Sites to Play in Canada for Apr 2024

  1. Lotto Agent – Sign up and stand the chance of acing your first game with many amazing bonuses and a welcome bonus (read more). 
  2. WinTrillions – Fully licensed and encrypted lottery site available on all web platforms and mobile devices (read more).
  3. LottoGo – Enjoy attractive new player bonuses and promotions when you sign up through the mobile app (read more).

Lotto Agent

4.5 (93 ratings)

Unlike most of the other online lotteries sites aforementioned, Lotto Agent is more recent. Yet, it is one of the most reliable lottery platforms and highly secured as it is also regulated by Curacao. Lotto Agent is relatively cheap with minimal fees, making it one of the most affordable lotteries with a significant prize to entry ratio. Another major upside is its massive number of discounts and bonuses.

  • About 35 globally famous lotteries
  • A wide range of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers
  • Android mobile app
  • Varied payment options
  • Licensed and safe
  • User-friendly interface
  • Many country restrictions including USA
  • No 24/7 Customer Support
Why We Recommend
Lotto Agent offers numerous promos and Bonuses. Players like to use Lotto Agent because of their easy-to-use interface and their top-notch customer care service.
Best For
Perfect for any player looking for high-value lotteries with a bit of fee.


  • Website: lottoagent.com
  • Reputation: Great
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball EuroMillions Mega Millions SuperEnalotto
  • Total Lotteries: 34
  • Total Payments: +$70000000
  • Payment Options: Credit cards e-wallets bank transfer
  • Fees: No winning commission service only
  • Countries Available: Restricted in 40+ countries
  • Support: Live chat email call center
  • Languages: ES EN FR PT RU
  • Platforms: Desktop Android iOS Windows Phone


4.3 (103 ratings)

WinTrillions is one of the powerhouses in the lottery industry; a leading online gaming platform with one of the largest gaming platforms in the country. They started up in 2005 and have developed an active customer base of over half a million players. They offer 22 major international lotteries, 9 international millionaire raffles and a wide variety of syndicate games.

It has an easy-to-use interface that can be viewed in as many as nine languages (english, portuguese, spanish, french, russian, german, traditional, chinese, and polish). As a result, it enjoys a favorable reception in many countries (118).

  • 20+ global lotteries
  • Daily deals and other specials
  • No commissions on lottery winnings
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Extra Casino games
  • High fees compared to others
  • No mobile app
Why We Recommend
WinTrillions has done a perfect job in terms of impressive features, friendly user interface, and outstanding customer support. Moreover, their web platform is officially guarded by state-of-the-art encryption so your privacy and safety are guaranteed.
Best For
It is perfect for players who take their lottery gaming time seriously.


  • Website: wintrillions.com
  • Reputation: Average
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball Mega Millions SuperEnalotto
  • Total Lotteries: 20+ Lotteries and 4 Raffles
  • Payment Options: Bank transfer credit cards cryptocurrencies and e-wallets
  • Fees: Slightly above average
  • Countries Available: Excludes U.S. and specific countries
  • Support: Live chat email and telephone
  • Languages: EN FR PT ES DE PL1+
  • Platforms: Web Android iOS Windows Phone Blackberry


4.6 (101 ratings)

LottoGo (formerly World Lottery club) is one of the biggest lottery sites to play lottery games in the Country. Players can enjoy generous promotions, discounts, promotions, and a friendly mobile app that makes it easy to experience a pleasant gaming experience. It was massively rebranded by Annexio in June 2018 to introduce its services in a modern platform to lottery players. Also, it is licensed by four different gambling authorities.

  • 18+ lottery games available
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Great for beginners
  • Decent ticket prices
  • Syndicate Play for top lotteries
  • Reputable licenses
  • Many country restrictions
  • Limited payment options
  • Does not mention jackpot winners on the website
Why We Recommend
LottoGo’s mobile platform is clean and intuitive with stunning graphics and a navigable interface that enhance the gaming experience.
Best For
It is perfect for players who want to enjoy betting on the big lotteries and enjoy bonuses and special offers.


  • Website: lottogo.com
  • Online Since: 2011
  • Min Deposit: €5
  • Payout Speed: 3 to 5 business days
  • Languages: English Chinese German Finnish English Indian Polish Russian Swedish3+
  • Game Types: Slots Scratchcards Casino games Bingo and Keno
  • Licenses: UK Gambling Commission
  • Accepts US Players: No

🏆 Is It Legal and Safe to Play Online Lottery in Canada?

Though gambling in Canada is considered legit, some restrictions are depending on the province you are playing. Such websites have a backdoor – as long as the site doesn’t operate on Canadian soil, it is not bound by that law. However, suppose you search for a website that works for you. In that case, you must double-check to see if the operators have some restrictions for certain Canadian players.

Is It Legal and Safe to Play Online Lottery in Canada

✅ The Change in Lottery Laws

The concept of lotteries in Canada was initially to describe the winning and receiving prizes in contests that involved skills and chance. This concept later changed to protect people from losing their money and property to gambling and lotteries.

In 1930, the Irish Sweepstakes was set up to finance hospitals. However, before the amendment to the criminal code, Sweepstakes was considered illegal. Then in 1067, Pierre Trudeau, the minister of Justice, updated the amendment regarding lotteries. Then in 1968, Montreal Jean Drapeau introduced voluntary tax, allowing individuals to buy tickets for a small amount of money to win a jackpot. However, in September 1968, Quebec Appeal Court deemed the voluntary tax as illegal. These two side-by-side events were regarded as historical landmarks in the country’s lottery law amendment.

Then on 23rd December 1969, after much deliberations, an amendment was made for provinces to govern lottery systems in the way they deem fit.

✅ Current Lottery Laws in Canada by States

Lottery laws vary depending on the provinces and territories in the country. For instance, there is the:

  • Western Canada Lottery Corp – established under Canada Business Corporations govern by Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
  • The British Columbia Lottery Corp govern by British Columbia
  • Ontario Lottery Corp govern by Ontario
  • The Atlantic Lottery Corp govern by Labrador, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick
  • Loto-Quebec govern by Quebec

✅ Minimum Age to Play Online Lottery in Canada

As the discussion on whether or not playing the lottery is legal in Canada, the minimum age to play an online lottery in Canada depends on the province. For instance, in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, the minimum age is over 18. In comparison, the rest of the region is at least 19 years old. 

Canada lotto is not like many other lottos. It is very strict with legality and will even go to the extent of documentation to verify players’ ages before making anyone a functional member of a lottery side.

🏆 Why Play Online Lotteries: Growing Popularity in Canada Explained

Playing the lottery is an agelong culture in Canada. Though not all provinces enjoy legality, people find fun, excitement, and most of all, cash prizes from playing it. The growing influence of the internet has made it convenient for anyone with the proper requirement to play the lottery in Canada. 

Why Play Online Lotteries Growing Popularity in Canada Explained

Online lotteries make the excitement even merrier as players can buy lottery tickets and place bets easily, thanks to websites like Lotto Agents and Lotto Kings. The best online gambling sites in Canada continue to grow popular by creating more lucrative payouts and convenient gaming options.

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🏆 How to Buy a Lottery Ticket and Play in Canada?

There are two major lottery ticket types in Canada: the Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49.

✅ How to Buy a Lottery Ticket?

Like buying physical tickets, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in any lottery game. There is a registration process that you must undergo to ascertain your age. After the registration, you can buy your ticket online and get a digital copy in your email. When you also win anything, you get a notification in your mail that ensures your ticket never goes missing. You can also get discounts and bundles when you buy a Canadian lottery ticket online. 

Buy a Lottery Ticket

Credit: Lotto Agent

✅ How to Play?

If you are playing the 6/49 lottery;

⭐ A player must choose six numbers or randomly ask for a selection of numbers from number 1 to 49. If all six numbers are pulled from the machine, you are considered a winner of the main jackpot.

⭐ Apart from choosing the six main numbers, a bonus number can also be drawn. If a player has five numbers and the bonus number, he becomes a secondary winner.

playing the 649 lottery

Credit: WinTrillions

For the Lotto Max,

⭐ Instead of six, seven numbers are chosen from 1 to 49. If a player’s numbers match all seven numbers, he is considered the winner of the main jackpot.

⭐ Aside from the main jackpot, the Max Millions prizes of $1 million continue to roll over until a player wins the number.

✅ The Requirements to Make a Purchase in Canada

Anyone is eligible to play as long as;

⭐ He is at least 18 years old.

⭐ Playing from the province that allows lottery.

⭐ Provides accurate information.

💵 Lottery Bonuses & Promotions in Canada

The best online gambling sites in Canada reward members with bonuses like deposit bonuses and signup bonuses. You can also enjoy promotions like free entries and free spins.

Lottery Bonuses & Promotions in Canada

Credit: Lotto Agent

Lotto SiteBonusLink/Review
Lotto AgentWeekly Bonus
Up to 12% Cashback
Read our Lotto Agent Review
WinTrillions10% to 30% Off for Most Lottery TicketsRead our WinTrillions Review
LottoGoWeekly Promos
Buy 4, Get 1 Free
Read our LottoGo Review

📱 Best Online Canadian Lottery App to Play on Mobile

The best Canadian sites to play the online lottery in 2024 are mostly known for their significant bonuses and excellent service. However, the best online lottery platform to play on mobile is Lottoland because of its easy interface and excellent intuitive navigation on the mobile app.

Here’s a table showing the recommended Canadian lottery sites with mobile apps.

Lottery SiteMobile App
Lotto AgentAndroid app
LottoGoAndroid and iOS apps

💰 Big Online Lottery Canadian Winners

A few notable Canadian winners are:

Big Online Lottery Canadian Winners

Craig Henshaw from Ontario has an interesting lottery story after buying a $21 million worth ticket in 2011. Craig’s life took a massive turn as he gained a lot of attention from the media. After the smoke cleared, Craig took his earnings to invest in an education fund for his family and created a scholarship fund for Western University, where he worked.

Robert Piluso from North York bought a lottery ticket to gain some money to get a dog walker. He didn’t know how much the next game would change his life as he earned a $20 million prize. From his story, one thing is sure, luck doesn’t sit in your room; it works by some action.

Michelle De Roma from British Columbia decided to reward herself with a lottery ticket during Christmas – what a gift! Little did she know that that gift would earn her over $38.5 million. She got the cheque on her husband’s birthday.

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👍 Play at the Best Online Lottery Sites in Canada Now!

While you wonder how these winners made significant figures by just playing the lottery, why not try them yourself? You can win big by just choosing the suitable online sites to play on.  However, some of the things you must consider are:

You can go through our review on each online site and see what works for you.


Playing is the easiest part! All you have to do is to sign up on your preferred website, fill in your details, fund your account, and you are good to go.

Canada regulation does not consider lottery as income; hence you may not pay tax on your winnings. However, income tax applies after the deposit interest on your winnings is made.

The best mobile lottery app we recommend is Lottoland because of its compatibility with both android and iOS devices.

Once you make your winnings, you should take time to understand what it takes to win and what it means to win on each site. You must know that your winnings are subject to taxation, but your lottery platform will assist with that.

Most of these online lottery sites have a withdrawing feature that allows winners to get their winnings. However, it takes at least 1 – 3 business days to get a withdrawal in most cases.