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🏆 Best Online Lottery Sites in South Africa

The online lottery market in South Africa is huge, estimated to be valued at 3.72 million Rands by 2023. You can play the world’s biggest lotteries, especially those with the highest jackpots and favorite odds on online platforms. There are numerous options for you to consider, and a new player could be overwhelmed by a large number of options. 

However, it is crucial to only play with the best online lottery sites in South Africa for a pleasurable gaming experience. This article is filled with all of the information you will need to know about the lottery.

🏆 Best South Africa Online Lottery Sites

  1. theLotter Play with theLotter to enjoy international lottery games with huge jackpots (read more).
  2. Lotto AgentPlayers can access high-quality lottery games on a secure platform (read more).
  3. WinTrillionsEnjoy bonuses, promotions, and discounts when you play on WinTrillions (read more).


4.7 (131 ratings)

theLotter is a popular online lottery site that offers the country’s biggest lotteries, including South Africa Lotto and the South Africa Daily Lotto. It has a huge gaming catalog of over 50 different lottery games. theLotter also enjoys a sterling reputation as a high-paying online lottery retail outlet. They started in 2002 and have paid over $100 million to over 5 million winners globally.

The Lotter platform is user-friendly and offers 24/7 customer support, primarily through its email, WhatsApp, telephone, and Live Chat feature.

  • Almost 60 lotteries are found on the site
  • Some of the most popular global lotteries
  • 24/7 Live Chat customer service
  • Convenient payment methods for SA members
  • Discounts up to 25%
  • Average to high fees
Why We Recommend
It is secure, easy to use, and offers plenty of bonus offers.
Best For
Anyone looking for a simple site to bet their money.


  • Website: thelotter.com
  • Reputation: Good
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball EuroMillions Mega Millions Lotto 6/49
  • Total Lotteries: Almost 60
  • Total Payments: $115000000+
  • Payment Options: Credit Cards and e-wallets a total of 18 options.
  • Fees: No commission service only
  • Countries Available: All but Australia Canada France Israel USA and a few more1+
  • Support: Live Chat and Email
  • Languages: English Russian German French Spanish Portuguese Romanian Hungarian 3+
  • Platforms: Desktop Android iOS Windows Phone

Lotto Agent

4.5 (93 ratings)

Lotto Agent is a reliable online lottery site that welcomes all players from South Africa. It is very convenient and covers over 35 lotteries from around the world. They offer a secure gaming platform and a user-friendly gaming interface that provides an enjoyable gaming experience. They also run promotions, discounts, and bonuses for lottery players.

  • Almost 35 famous global lotteries are available
  • No commission on winnings
  • Instant deposits
  • Various payment method options for South African players
  • Discounts &amp
  • promos of up to 50%
  • No 24/7 live chat customer support
  • Slight commission on withdrawals
Why We Recommend
It is a trustworthy lottery agent that is PCI compliant, regulated, and offers 256- bit SSL encryption on its website.
Best For
Players who place emphasis on security as they play.


  • Website: lottoagent.com
  • Reputation: Great
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball EuroMillions Mega Millions SuperEnalotto
  • Total Lotteries: 34
  • Total Payments: +$70000000
  • Payment Options: Credit cards e-wallets bank transfer
  • Fees: No winning commission service only
  • Countries Available: Restricted in 40+ countries
  • Support: Live chat email call center
  • Languages: ES EN FR PT RU
  • Platforms: Desktop Android iOS Windows Phone


4.3 (103 ratings)

WinTrillion is a perfect choice for any player in South Africa. It offers a wide variety of games alongside numerous promotions and bonuses that promise to keep players engaged and excited.

WinTrillions has a customer base of over 500,000 customers in many countries around the world. Players regard it as one of the best lottery sites due to its massive jackpot games, millionaire raffles, and lottery syndicates.

  • About 20 lotteries are available
  • Syndicate play available
  • Impressive mobile website
  • Accepts ZAR Deposits
  • Excellent casino games available on the site
  • Somewhat high fees
  • Limited Withdrawals
Why We Recommend
It has one of the biggest jackpots.
Best For
Individuals who value entertainment and user experience.


  • Website: wintrillions.com
  • Reputation: Average
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball Mega Millions SuperEnalotto
  • Total Lotteries: 20+ Lotteries and 4 Raffles
  • Payment Options: Bank transfer credit cards cryptocurrencies and e-wallets
  • Fees: Slightly above average
  • Countries Available: Excludes U.S. and specific countries
  • Support: Live chat email and telephone
  • Languages: EN FR PT ES DE PL1+
  • Platforms: Web Android iOS Windows Phone Blackberry

🏆 The History of the Lottery in South Africa

The lottery industry in South African lotteries started later compared to other nations. There are not many recorded histories of lottery businesses until the national lottery was established. However, some lottery games thrived during that period.

The History of the Lottery in South Africa

In 1984, a lottery was established in the non-functional homeland of Ciskei, which was operated by Score-A-Lot. This lottery became the first to work in the Video Lottery Terminal in Africa. Another one was established in the Transkei in 1989, also operated by Score-A-Lot. This one became the first cashless operation; however, it was closed in December 2001.

Today, the National Lottery operates as the only recognized lottery operating in South Africa, introduced on March 11, 2000. When it was introduced, it was run by Uthingo, which was formed in 1996 to operate lotteries in South Africa. The core responsibility of Uthingo was to raise money for the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund. They held at least 70 percent ownership locally. The remaining 30 percent was invested by foreign players responsible for providing knowledge and tools to run the lottery system. However, in July 2006, Uthingo lost the license to run the lottery system and had to hand it over after several deliberations to Gidani in October 2007. 

Gidani introduced the sales of tickets, and within the first three hours, more than 200,000 lottery tickets were sold. Then in 2015, the license to operate was transferred to Ithuba, which is the official operator of the South African National Lottery to this day.

🏆 Lottery Laws in South Africa

Several laws govern the activities of the lotteries in the country. Some of them are:

The Lotteries Act states that only one licensed operator is allowed at a given time. At this point in time, the ITHUBA organization is the only licensed operator.

⭐ The Act also counts any act to derive benefit from any lottery competition as a criminal offense.

⭐ It is also a crime to conduct or organize in any scheme that directly or indirectly supports players taking a significant amount of risk.

⭐ It is an offense to advertise any lottery or game under false indications.

⭐ It is an offense to influence any prize-winning via coercion, fraud, or tampering with software, tickets, or materials.

⭐ It is considered a criminal offense for any seller to sell a ticket at a higher price.

Lottery Laws in South Africa

✅ Age Limit and Eligibility for Purchasing Lottery Tickets

The age requirement to play the lottery in South Africa is 18 years or older. It is also not allowed for someone to buy a lottery ticket for a minor; otherwise, the ticket will be invalid. Other people who are not allowed to purchase or participate in lotteries are the directors of Ithuba and members of the National Lotteries Commission. Any ticket bought or prize won by these two in the above categories will be repaid to the Ithuba immediately.

Also, authorized retailers have the right to refuse ticket sale to anyone they observed would interfere with the game without explanations.

🏆 Different Online Lottery Games in South Africa

There are several types of lotteries in South Africa, some of them are:

⭐ The Lotto: This is one of the traditional games played in South Africa. It works similar to other lotto games where players have to choose six numbers at random or manually. They have to choose randomly from 1 to 49. Buyers are recommended to write down their names and contact details at the back of their tickets. They must also remember to collect the receipt because it is essential, especially when claiming the prize money. The draw happens on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 pm on SABC.

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⭐ Lotto Plus follows the same format. The only difference is that an additional number must be chosen, and an extra jackpot gets that selected number. The game is also drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays on SABC.

⭐ Powerball Jackpot: This one is a bit different from the last two lotto games. Here, players have to choose five numbers from 1 to 45 and an extra digit from 1 to 20. Players can also make multiple draws, which helps them lock the same number in multiple draws. The Powerball jackpot happens every Tuesday and Friday at 9 pm.

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⭐ Sportstake 13: this one is one of the most recent games in the South African lottery. It combines live sporting activities and fixtures with a lottery format. However, compared to other lottery games, the ticket is more expensive. 

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⭐ PICK 3: this is a daily draw game that selects 3 numbers from 0 to 9. There are different bets in the game, from the Front Pair, Split Pair, Back Pair, 6 Way Mix, and 3 Way Mix.

🏆 Impact of the Lottery in South Africa

In 2003, nearly 27 percent of lottery players in South Africa were unemployed, of which 43 percent of those players earned less than R2000 per month. The legalized lottery created at least 50,637 jobs in 2000. Another report states that an average player in South Africa spends at least R18 on lotteries per month. One will begin to wonder how the revenue from the lottery system is utilized. However, you will discover that 34 percent of the payment is paid to a major charity. 6 percent is paid as part of the retail commission for the year, 10 percent is retained and used for operational costs. The rest is used to pay winners.

Even though the South Africa lottery is relatively new, they have recorded a lot of success and have produced many happy jackpot winners. Also, after the launch of the National Lottery, other lotteries that weren’t scaling before were revived by careful strategy and marketing by the members of the National Lottery System.

🏆 How to Buy a Lottery Ticket Online in South Africa

Buying lottery tickets in South Africa is super easy. It is user-friendly and an opportunity to explore several enormous jackpots with attractive prize tables. So how do you buy your ticket online? ⭐ Open an account: Playing the online lottery requires that you have a valid account with an online lottery agent. Though you can open accounts with several agents, it is advisable to pick a top-ranking agent and open an account with them. You will be asked for details like name, email, and age to determine your eligibility.
Buying lottery tickets in South Africa
Open an account on lottery site

Credit: theLotter

⭐ Choose your Lottery Game: Pick the lottery draw that suits you: you may want to pick the game with the best jackpot or the one with the favorable odds of winning.

Choose your Lottery Game

Credit: theLotter

⭐ Complete your purchase: After setting up your account, you will need to validate your account, especially if it is a new one. You need to fill in your details like the preferred payment method and other information your agent requires. Once you do all that, congratulations, you are now eligible to participate in the game.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Online Lottery Sites in South Africa

Lottery games in South Africa are expanding by the day, creating tons of options for prospective users. All of the lottery sites listed above rank highly as the best online lottery sites in South Africa. They guarantee a fun gaming experience. Here are some of the factors we checked for during our review:

⭐ Security: You want to ensure the lottery site will not disappear when it is time to payout. Hence, check if the website has SSL encryption, reliable data protection standards, and a good privacy policy.

⭐ Jackpot Size: Another factor you must consider is the winnings you will get. Look out for those with the best odds and jackpots, one that is enough to retire early and in style. However, remember to check the reliability and safety of the website, don’t be greedy.

⭐ Payout Speed: It would be unfair if you do not have peace of mind until the money gets to your account. We recommend that you choose a site with a quick payout time and a good security verification process.

⭐ Variety of Games: Variety is the spice of life. You might be interested. The best lottery sites offer numerous options – classic lotteries, raffles, syndicates, and more.

⭐ Mobile Compatibility: Many people have more access to their mobile phones than their desktops. Hence we only select lottery sites that you can efficiently operate from your phone. If a lottery site doesn’t have a mobile app, the website must be mobile-friendly.

⭐ Winning Claiming Process: We recommend that you only select lottery sites that are simple and reasonable in their claiming process. Make sure they have an acceptable standard for paying winnings.

💰 Claiming Your Winnings

Online lottery sites usually have a set procedure for claiming your lottery winnings. Small winnings would get paid into your gaming accounts within hours of the draw. Larger winnings and the Jackpot prize may take time before they get to you.

Ithuba states that they won’t be sharing the details of winners as long as the winner has provided the organization with written consent and agreement. However, Ithuba can decide to use the winner’s name and photograph in public communications, especially when it involves a jackpot win.

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The cash prizes are usually between R2001 and R50,000 given by authorized prize payment centers. However, the winner will need to provide a valid state identity and a completed claim form. If the winning is more than R50,000, the winner must reach out to the Ithuba helpline number to get advice on the best way to claim the prize.

If you wish to play varied lotto games and even play some online casino games, WinTrillions is a great opportunity for you!


Lotteries in South Africa are tax-free.

The local lottery costs about R5. But the international lotteries have different prizes on the various online lottery retail sites.

It depends on the lottery game. Some jackpot prizes enjoy the rollover feature and can amount to massive amounts.

The tickets are valid for at least 365 days from the second the draw is made.

It depends on the jackpot size and payment method. For prizes up to R50,000, the payout is often immediate. But for prizes between R5,000 and R50,000, it usually takes up to 72 hours and for a cheque, 10 business days. While prizes of more than R50,000 are paid by EFT.