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How To Be The Best Bingo Chat Moderator

Anyone who has ever played online bingo has undoubtedly met a bingo chat moderator. Those are the guys and gals who make sure the games run smoothly, keep the chat flowing, know all the rules, and are always ready with an answer. This person is also known as a bingo chat moderator or chat host and has the same role as a master of ceremony. The bingo moderators also set the tone of the game and moderated the gameplay.

However, chat hosts or CHs have another vital role in the online bingo game – they host the chat games. The chat games are engaging and fun and often bring attractive prizes. Here I’ll talk a lot more about the bingo chat moderator. I’ll also tell you how you can become a bingo chat moderator.

What Is a Bingo Chat Moderator?

The bingo chat moderator is also known as a chat host or CM or CH for short. The CM is the person in charge of the smooth running of the online bingo chat games. He is also the one who moderates the chat between the bingo players. The moderator takes care of the chat, ensuring there is no hate speech, no offensive words, or anything else that can be considered inappropriate.

The chat host has the power to boot someone from the game and even ban them from the particular bingo site if they make an unforgivable offense. The other task a bingo chat moderator has is to hand out bonuses to the winners of the chat games.

Any new player to a particular bingo site can ask for help directly from the chat hosts. The chat hosts know all the ins and outs of the website, the games, the bonuses, and everything related to the bingo game.

Are Bingo Chat Moderators and Bingo Chat Hosts the Same?

Yes, bingo chat moderators and bingo chat hosts are the same people. This person is the equivalent of the bingo caller in a traditional bingo game held in a bingo hall. The chat moderator or chat host listens to the chats, moderates the action, and entertains the players.

The main thing a chat moderator or chat host needs to have is to know the rules of the online bingo game by heart. Another vital role of the chat host is to assist the players, answer queries, offer clear advice, and resolve issues in a friendly, polite manner.

What Other Roles Does the Moderator Have?

Here are all the roles a bingo chat moderator has:


The chat host moderates the bingo chats, ensuring everything runs smoothly. They need to keep track of the chat, reprimand anyone who is offensive or uses slurring words. If someone is offensive, the bingo chat moderator has the power to ban them from the game or the site.


The chat host announces the drawn numbers. The computer draws the numbers, and if you have engaged the automatic gameplay option, you don’t need to follow the announcements, but it is always more entertaining to see what number is drawn next.


A part of the role of the chat moderator is to entertain the masses. Bingo is a social game, and people usually join the game and tune in on the chat option to chat with other players. The host’s role is to keep the spirits high and offer engaging, entertaining tidbits in the chat.


The chat host promotes the bingo bonuses, upcoming promotions, and possible jackpots. Their role is to keep the audience apprised of all the winnable possibilities. Also, the chat hosts take care of the chat games, in which case they ask questions and announce the prizes.


The last thing a chat host is responsible for is to provide expert help to all the bingo players. They need to know all the rules, as they are the direct go-to person bingo players go for answers.

Personal Qualities that Might Make You a Good Moderator

For a person to be a good bingo chat moderator, they need to possess several essential qualities, as these are essential for anyone looking to make it as a bingo chat host:

  • Knowledge – the chat host knows all the little details about the bingo game. The players ask their questions, and the chat moderator must provide the answers. Also, any chat host needs to expect that some of the players have been playing the game a very long time, and they may even correct the chat host if they are wrong.
  • Enthusiasm – The chat host needs to be enthusiastic about the game to keep the spirits high and keep the game exciting. They need to have a quick mind, joke quickly and have a positive attitude towards the game.
  • Fast Typist – among the things that make an excellent bingo chat moderator is the fast typing skills. The fast responses are crucial; everything is done via the online chat where the chat is dynamic and moves fast.
  • Calmness – the more popular the bingo room, the more people will likely ask questions. It is the host’s job to stay calm, answer everything on time, and keep the smooth running of the game.
  • Impartiality – any good bingo chat moderator needs to have an impartial role, as they are the people who are resolving disagreements between players.

Bingo Lingo and Abbreviations That CH Use

We’ve talked before about the bingo calls and nicknames that mark the separate bingo numbers. But there is an online terminology that applies to bingo chats as well. Here is a list of the most common vocabulary/abbreviations the bingo chat hosts use:

  • WB – Welcome back
  • THX – Thanks
  • Roomie – Player in the chat
  • GL – Good luck
  • HF – Have fun
  • CTN – Can’t talk right now
  • ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
  • LOL – Laughing out loud
  • TC – Take care
  • WDW – Well done, winner
  • GTG – Got to go
  • BBS – Be back soon
  • GB – Goodbye

How Do You Become a Bingo Caller or a Host?

If you like online bingo and want to become a bingo chat host, you can do something about it. First and foremost, look for the bingo brands that are looking for bingo chat host employees. Each brand has a different way of doing things and different requirements. Next, look for the job requirements and work location, as many allow online communication, but some require in-person work.

After you’ve found the brand you wish to apply for a bingo chat host job, you need to prepare your CV, references, and credentials. If you have previous experience in the industry is an advantage, but if not, then you can make sure your CV stands above the competition. It would be helpful if you’ve been working in the customer service industry, have speedy typing skills, and are good with people and computers. Always make sure you check out your CV, read it over and give it to a friend/family member to read as you may miss something and mess up your chance of becoming a bingo chat moderator.

After everything is clean and polished, send in your CV to the brands you’ve selected, applying via the official career pages. If there is no official application page, you can contact the customer service and send in your resume, as many brands will not publicly advertise their need for bingo chat hosts.

How Do You Get Moderator Experience?

Many of you may think that becoming a chat host is an unachievable goal because of the lack of moderator experience. However, you may already have the necessary knowledge and skills to become a good chat host moderator.

But to get moderator experience, you can’t sit at home and do nothing, expecting the experience to fall from the sky. You can try your luck and do an online class or participate in a debate/speech. There are some essential things to note here:

  • Prepare beforehand – always prepare before you take any new job, including becoming a moderator. Preparation is key for the perfect execution of the task, and your employer and clients will notice a well-prepared host.
  • Research your topic – even if you know bingo, you should do more in-depth research and learn everything, and I mean everything there is about the game. This way, you can be of help to the crowd and answer all their questions.
  • Be the perfect host – as the moderator, you act as the host of the online bingo betting platform, represent the platform, and are in charge of the bingo chat room. It is a responsible role, as the players are your guests, and you need to make your guests happy and satisfied. Be hospitable, attentive, and ensure everybody has fun.
  • Making the players feel appreciatedmaking the players feel special and appreciated is vital for an excellent online bingo chat moderator. Many online bingo players keep coming back for the fun they have with the chat games, so the better the chat host, the more players they’ll attract.

How To Become the Best Bingo Chat Moderator – Final Advice

Above, I’ve covered all the traits and vital things a bingo chat host needs to possess and to wrap up the article; I’ll provide the advice you need to follow to become the best bingo chat host that people will love to interact with:

  • Engage the audience in a friendly, respectful manner
  • Announce the bonuses and prized in an irresistible manner
  • Tell tasteful jokes in the chat that people will like
  • Be patient with the bingo players, as not all come from the same background
  • Hone your computer and typing skills, and if you work from home, invest in proper equipment and a comfy chair


What are bingo chat games?

Bingo chat games are the side games that take in the chat room during the bingo game. There are essentially three types of bingo games, and the bingo chat host runs all of these:

  • Number Chat Games – the bingo host calls out the bingo balls, and the bingo players guess the upcoming number. The one who guesses correctly wins the prize.
  • Friend Chat Games – the players compete to share a prize, and the players join in, chat and get a shot at the prize.
  • Trivia Chat Games – the bingo chat host asks bingo trivia questions, and the players answer these. The person who is the quickest to answer will win the prize.

What does a bingo host do?

The bingo chat host is the host that represents the online bingo platform and is the host that welcomes the bingo players via the bingo chat option. The host moderates the bingo chat, announces the drawn numbers, entertains the crowd, provides expert advice on the game, prizes, and promotions, and promotes upcoming games, bonuses, and prizes.

What is a chat moderator?

A chat moderator is the same as a bingo chat host, as the moderator is the person who is responsible for keeping the peace in the bingo chat. The moderator scans the bingo chat, moderates any rude speech, and, if necessary, boots a player from the bingo chat.

Do chat moderators get paid?

Depending on the employer, the bingo chat moderators can receive a paycheck or have another form of payment. However, there are bingo chat hosts who love this work and do it for its fun.

Can the bingo app be rigged?

Ideally, the bingo apps cannot be rigged, as a random number generator draws the numbers. The RNG is a computer program that is continuously tested to ensure the results are entirely random. However, online betting platforms have stated they take measures to ensure the outcome is favorable for the house, not the players.

How do you play bingo on chat?

All the bingo platforms with bingo rooms and live chat options have the chat games in the bingo chat running parallel to the official bingo game. You don’t play bingo on chat; instead, the bingo game goes on in the bingo room, and you get to play side games in the chat. Players get to play the bingo game and they may or may not opt to enter the chat games.

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