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7-Step Guide To Bingo Chat Rooms

Almost all online bingo platforms have a bingo chat room as an addition to their bingo rooms. A bingo chat room is a little pop-up box that appears once the players get into the bingo game. It is where the bingo players get to talk to each other, interact, ask and answer questions and play side games for fun and small prizes.

Bingo chat hosts, also called bingo chat moderators run the bingo chat rooms. These guys and girls represent the online bingo platform and the people who organize the bingo chat games. They are the ones that make sure everyone is satisfied and happy; the ones with all the answers about the bingo games, and the ones with answers on any other member inquiry.

Here I will discuss the bingo chat rooms in more detail, and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to join a bingo chat room the next time you decide to play online bingo.

What Are Bingo Chat Rooms?

A bingo chat room is a part of the bingo room where the players can chat and socialize. Bingo is a social game, and playing online has limited the socializing options. The bingo chat room is a way to bring the social aspect of the game much closer to the players.

But this is not all players can do in the bingo chat rooms. The chat rooms allow players to chat, ask questions, play games, send gifts, and more. Here is a rundown of all the features players can find in the bingo chat room:

Bingo Chat Games

One of the bingo chat rooms’ primary goals is to keep the players entertained. The best way to do this is via bingo chat games. There are three primary types of bingo chat games:

  • Trivia Chat Games – in the trivia chat games, the chat host asks trivia questions, and the first player to give the correct answer wins the prize.
  • Guessing Chat Games – in this bingo chat game, the players guess which number will be drawn next, and the correct answer wins a prize.
  • Friendly Games – in the friendly chat games, the chat hosts hold small challenge games; for example, the first one to say a particular word when a number is drawn wins the prize.

Bingo Chat Live

The live bingo chat is another of the essential roles of the bingo chat rooms. The live chat is a way of socializing between the players and is a means to bring the players closer together, even though they play in a virtual environment. The live bingo chats are fascinating, and depending on the current crowd, many in-depth discussions may develop, where people get to share opinions, experiences, and much more.

If you decide to partake in a live bingo chat, please note that you are required to keep your tone respectful at all times, do not use any offensive words, and always be polite. Otherwise, the bingo chat hosts have the power to boot you from the bingo room, and in more severe cases, even ban you from the website.

Bingo Chat Gifts

Many online bingo platforms have an exciting feature in their bingo chat rooms: the option to send a   gift to another player partaking in the bingo chat room. The gifts are often purchased with loyalty points and don’t cost much. Instead, these are small tokens of appreciation and a great way to make someone smile.

However, the bingo chat hosts can also send gifts to the players. These are also small tokens like a free bingo card for an upcoming game, a $1 (or £1) gift, or something else that can brighten the player’s day.

Bingo Chat Line

The bingo chat line also serves as a helpline for players. The bingo chat hosts are very knowledgeable and friendly people who are always ready with an answer. Complete newbies can learn much more about the games and the rules here than by only reading the Terms and Conditions. The chat hosts can explain everything clearly and offer friendly advice to newbies so they’ll be more comfortable playing the bingo games.

The experienced bingo players can also learn in the bingo chat line and from the bingo chat hosts. It is especially true for players looking to join in a promotional deal but are unfamiliar with the promo rules.

Are Bingo Chat Rooms Safe?

The bingo chat rooms are as safe as possible, as with any other online entity. All the good online bingo betting platforms have house rules for chat rooms, and when all players abide by these, the bingo chat room is a genuinely safe space for all.

The main rule in keeping the bingo room safe is to have all the members or roomies, as they are popularly called, to be respectful and treat everyone like they expect to be treated. Also, the players need to refrain from using offensive language as they can be booted from the bingo platform.

How Can You Tell?

If you are wondering how you can tell if a bingo chat room is safe or not, you can scroll up through the messages and see what the members have written and take note of their behavior. You will see that usually, there are plenty of jokes and emojis and much friendly banter, but there is no offending the players or the chat host or anything else that may deem the chat room unsafe.

How Do Bingo Chats Work?

The rules of the bungo chat room are simple: the game starts, and the players get to decide whether to join a chat room or not. Joining the bingo chat room is not mandatory for the bingo players, but it is much more fun to join them and have interactive fun.

Bingo Chat Hosts

The bingo chat host is the one who runs the bingo chat room. You will see them by their initials CH for chat host, and this is almost universal on every bingo chat room. The bingo chat host in the online bingo chat room is equivalent to the bingo announcer in the traditional bingo hall. The chat hosts moderate the chats, help resolve issues, answer questions, and help the fun flow nicely.

Bingo Chat Etiquette

The bingo chat rooms have a certain etiquette that all members need to uphold to keep the fun going. Here are some of the main etiquette rules that all online bingo chat rooms have in place:

  • Be friendly, polite, and considerate
  • No foul language or swearing
  • Stay positive and keep your chat clean
  • No shouty capitals
  • No controversial subjects
  • No harassment towards the other players and the chat host
  • Be patient and give the players a chance to respond
  • Keep your privacy, don’t infringe on other people’s privacy
  • Don’t impersonate another player or the chat host
  • No advertising and no-repeat posting of the same post

When to Use Bingo Rooms?

I would say as soon as you join the bingo game room. If the online bingo platform you’ve selected has a bingo chat room, then you can join one as soon as you join the bingo game room of your choice. Before the bingo game starts, the chat host announces the rules and invites the players to join in on the fun of the bingo chat room. It is your cue to join, as you will instantly see the available promo deals, maybe a progressive jackpot, or the side bingo chat games that are available in the particular bingo session.

How to Start Playing Bingo Chat Games?

Simple, to start playing bingo chat games, you need to join the bingo chat room and wait for the chat host to announce the upcoming bingo chat game. If the game is to your liking, you can opt-in to the game. The beauty of the bingo chat games played in the bingo chat rooms; you don’t need to apply and wait to be allowed in.

Main Features of a Bingo Chat Room

Like many other online chat rooms, the bingo chat rooms have some distinct features. The particular design depends on the bingo betting platform, but several features are almost universal to all bingo chat rooms. Here is a rundown of all the bingo chat room features:

  • Background color – usually it is in style with the rest of the bingo betting platform
  • Number of roomies – the number of people partaking in the chat room at the moment
  • Font – the option to increase or decrease font size in the chatbox
  • Font color – the option to change the font color
  • List of roomies – a list of the names of the people participating in the chat room
  • Chatbox – the section where you see the others’ texts
  • Typing box – the section where you type in your text and
  • Emoji box – the section with the available emojis you can use in the chat room

Of course, there are chat rooms with more features and some with fewer features, but these are generally the main features found on almost all online bingo chat rooms.

Bingo Chat Rooms’ Terms and Acronyms

Now that I’ve covered most of the tech stuff, it is time to talk about the most common terms and acronyms you will encounter in a usual bingo chat room. These are different than the bingo calls and nicknames the bingo callers use and are more similar to the usual abbreviations found in other online chat services, with several terms unique to bingo:

Abbreviation Meaning
A/S/L Age? Sex? Location?
BBL Be Back Later
BBS Be Back Soon
WB Welcome Back
B4N/BFN Bye For Now
AFK Away From Keyboard
BAK Back At Keyboard
BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
BRB Be Right Back
GN Good Night
GR8 Great
JK Just Kidding
OMG Oh My God
LOL Laugh Out Loud
NP No Problem
OIC Oh, I See
IRL In Real Life
ROFL Roll On The Floor Laughing
TTYL Talk To You Later
TC Take Care
TY Thank You
1TG 1 Ball To Go
2TG 2 Balls To Go
3TG 3 Balls To Go
BLNT Better Luck Next Time
CH Chat Host
CM Chat Moderator
FJP Fixed Jackpot
FFH For Full House
FH Full House
GG Good Game
GL Good Luck
GLA Good Luck All
GLE Good Luck Everyone
JP Jackpot
NT Nearly There
PJP Progressive Jackpot
UL Unlucky
WTG Way To Go
WD Well Done
WDW Well Done Winners

Can You Use the Bingo Chat Room In an App?

Yes, using the bingo chat room in a mobile app is possible.  However, the way you use the bingo chat room in the mobile bingo app depends on the design of the app you’re using. The vital thing to note is that even if you opt to play online bingo using the bingo platforms’ mobile app, you will not lose the opportunity to partake in bingo chat rooms and socialize with your fellow online bingo players.


What are bingo chat rooms?

The bingo chat room is an option most online bingo platforms have. It is an interactive section of the bingo room where the players can socialize, talk, chat about the game and on other topics, play bingo chat room games and have fun. Bingo chat hosts or chat moderators run the bingo chat rooms; these are the people who are responsible for keeping the peace and the player’s spirits high.

How to play at bingo chats?

The bingo chat rooms often have bingo chat games run by the chat hosts. To play at one of these, you need to be an active participant in the bingo game room and the bingo chat room. Everything else is straightforward, and the chat hosts will share the upcoming game’s rules and invite the players to play them.

Are bingo chat games safer than the rest?

The bingo chat games usually have low prizes, but these don’t come with any strings attached. For example, a usual prize won at a bingo chat room game is a free bingo ticket for an upcoming game, a gift certificate, or something similar. These games can be considered safer, as you don’t have to buy tickets to play the games.

How to become a bingo chat host?

I’ve covered the way of becoming a bingo chat host in more detail in another article. So here I’ll only share that to become a bingo chat host, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills, be a very fast typist, be patient, have a great sense of humor, and, if possible, experience in customer service. If becoming a bingo chat host is your dream, you should apply for this job to one or more online bingo betting platforms.

Are bingo chat rooms paid?

No, bingo chat rooms are free to use for all paying and playing members of the bingo platform. The only things you need to pay for in a bingo chat room are the gifts you choose to send to your chat roomies.

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