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Best Random Bingo Number Generator Tool: Free To Use

Have you ever wondered how the numbers in a bingo game are generated? Yes, the online bingo platforms use a random number generator tool to help them draw completely random numbers. The results from the random number generator are entirely random, just as the throw of a dice, the coin toss, or the shuffle of cards always has an entirely random outcome.

Here you will learn everything and some more about the famous Random Numbers Generator or RNG for short. The idea behind the random number generator has its roots in the 1920s, but since then, there have been many different RNGs to hit the public and find their way into different applications, gambling being one of these.

But online bingo games are not the only games of chance that use a Random Number Generator. Today, casino slot games also use an RNG to provide unexpected results instead of the mechanical reel contraptions the slot machines used in the past. The invention of the RNG helped many games evolve and develop in several directions without the limitation of the mechanical reels.

What is a Bingo Random Number Generator Exactly?

A random number generator is a computer program that provides an entirely random number result. The RNG we know today was designed in the 1960s. When it was initially introduced to the public, it was met with resistance. People believed that the RNG could be easily hacked, and the results could be rigged in favor of one side. However, the random number generator has evolved and is now a standard part of scientific experiments and tests, online gambling platforms, and many other systems.

What is a Bingo Random Number Generator Exactly

The Random Number Generator is also known as a bingo caller, as this is the service that “calls” the drawn numbers. Unlike the traditional bingo caller who is a person and actually shouts the drawn numbers, the modern online bingo caller or the RNG displays the drawn numbers on the screen.

There are two types of RNGs used in online gambling platforms and brick-and-mortar casinos, and while both provide random number results, these two have different operational principles.

The Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)

The hardware random number generator or HRNG is an external device attached to the casino’s server, where the device generates an utterly random number using compound values as starting points. The random numbers are generated by an algorithm that uses core numbers as starting points.

The HRNG is not entirely random, as it uses an external output, for example, like the starting point on a roulette wheel. Online casinos usually prefer the Pseudorandom Number Generator instead of the HRNG to ensure an entirely random result.

Pseudorandom Number Generator (PNG)

The Pseudorandom Number Generator is a computer algorithm that works on seed numbers produced every millisecond. The seed numbers are derived by taking the last two numbers and using mathematical equations to create an outcome. The math equations used are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

For the nerds out there, yes, you are probably correct; the PNG results are also not entirely random. Instead, a limited number of outcomes can be created via the math equations on which the PNG is based. The good thing is that this number of limited outcomes is so high that the users will always get a different result. In the case of 75 ball bingo, there are about 550 sextillion (5.5 * 1026) possible combinations, which is indeed a high number of possible outcomes.

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How Does the RNG Work When Used in Bingo?

Back in the day, when bingo was played in bingo halls, the bingo numbers were drawn by hand from a bag of balls. The announcer would call the number and remove the drawn number, continuing with the next one. It ensures a completely random outcome.

How Does the RNG Work When Used in Bingo

However, technology developed, and the bingo halls introduced a bingo ball blower machine. The balls were put in a big case with air blowing and swirling them around, and a mechanized hand captured one of the balls, drawing a random number from the lot. It was slow and tedious and not suitable for online bingo games.

Enter the random number generator. Whether the RNG is an HRNG or a PNG, all the numbers have their own number designation, meaning that all the numbers have an equal chance of being drawn. Same as drawing bingo balls from a bag of balls or the drawing of the bingo balls from a blower machine, the RNG outcome for the players is always a random number they have to match against the numbers on their cards.

Can the Bingo Number Generator Be Manipulated?

Ideally, no, the random number generators can not be manipulated. The algorithms work on complex predictions and math equations, and there is no way to predict the outcome. The online bingo platforms are also regulated by appropriate regulatory bodies, ensuring that the games are fair for all the players. The eCOGRA is an international governing body that regularly reviews the fairness of the RNGs used by online gambling platforms. When reviewing a bingo site, the fairness of the games is something my team and I always check.

While it is not impossible, there is a way for mathematicians to predict the outcome of the RNG. Still, only when they know the seed numbers the particular casino uses and have adequate time to run complex calculations. However, with so many possible outcomes, the probability that someone could “guess” the bingo numbers is very low.

Rest assured the next time you play online bingo, as there is no way to cheat the bingo software accurately and the random number generator. All the drawn numbers are random, and the games are fair, so it comes down to your luck to get a winning bingo ticket.

Where Can You Find an RNG?

A while ago, the RNGs were only found on the gaming software used by casinos and online gambling platforms. However, today there are many online random generator tools that you can use for free. You can get a bingo card generator and use one of the RNG online tools to have a bingo game with your friends.

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What is the best bingo number generator app?

It is a subjective answer, as there are many online bingo number generator apps online, and the best one for you depends on your needs at the moment.

How are bingo numbers generated?

Bingo numbers are generated using a Random Number Generator. It is a computer algorithm that uses a set of complex calculations to provide a completely random number based on seed numbers.

How do you make your own bingo?

You can make your bingo cards using some relatively complex equations. You can download a template equation and use it in Microsoft Excel to create your own set of 75 ball bingo cards. Then, pair it with a free online RNG tool and organize a bingo game with your friends.

How to make a bingo number card in excel?

You can make your own bingo cards using Microsoft Excel, and pair them with a free bingo random number generator and have a fun night playing bingo with friends. Making a bingo card generator is interesting because you can generate new numbers and print a bunch of bingo cards.

First, open Microsoft Excel, and open a blank sheet. Type the BINGO letters in the first row, in the A1, B1, C1, D1, and E1 cells. Use the center align function for the cards to look pretty. Of course, you can edit the entire bingo card once it is finished.

Next, in cell A1, type =RANDBETWEEN(1,75), and press enter. Copy the content and paste it in the next five cells below, up to A6. Next, copy the A2 to A6 rows and paste them in the adjacent columns from B2 to B6 up to E2 to E6. Every time you change a worksheet, you will have a new set of random numbers.

Now you have 25 random numbers, and you can use this card to play 75-ball blackout bingo. If you wish to play the classic US bingo version of 75 ball bingo, you need to click on cell C4, delete the formula for this cell, and add any custom text or symbol you wish.

Edit the card to your liking. For example, you can change the BINGO cells’ color and add margins and colorful frames to the card. Make the numbers in a larger size in an easy-to-read font, and once you are satisfied, you should save your work and print as many cards as you need.

What are the types of bingo number generators?

There are two main random number generators – pseudorandom number generators and hardware random number generators. Both have the same result – creating a random number result, but both work on very different principles. Online bingo fans need to know that there is no guessing the outcome of both RNGs, and the winning of the game still boils down to luck.

Are there any free bingo number generators?

Yes, the internet is full of various free and paid tools for all sorts of applications, including Random Number Generators. You can select the one that fits your needs and you visually like and have a nice game of bingo with friends.

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