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Bingo Lingo: Terms and Slang Examples

The online bingo gambling industry have been steadily growing in the last few years. Many players are even starting to transition from many other betting platforms to enjoy the exciting opportunity that bingo gaming presents. This is understandable, considering how interesting and catchy can the bingo betting experience become.

Especially when talking about some of the newest bingo betting platforms, this is even more relevant. These platforms always provide players with new and exciting bingo betting rooms that have many winning opportunities and new themes and features added.

That’s also one of the main reasons why a particular feature of the best bingo betting rooms is beginning to rise in popularity drastically. Of course, I am talking about the so-called Bingo lingo. 

Some players think this is a different type of bingo, but this is not quite right. It’s more like a feature of the exciting online bingo rooms you are probably used to. Still, there are quite some things I have to reveal about Bingo lingo, so you should stick with me to the end. 

What is Bingo Lingo?

Like I already mentioned, many players think Bingo lingo is a whole new type of bingo. However, this is not quite right. Bingo lingo is more like a feature of the bingo betting rooms you can enjoy online in some of the best bingo betting sites. Generally, I can say that bingo lingo can be referred to as the bingo dictionary, with many phrases. 

Players usually use these phrases in the chat room to spicy the game up, connect, and have fun with the other players. This is a much more common practice than some of you may think, and some bingo betting rooms can become much more engaging and fun when players inside are engaging by using the Bingo lingo phrases.

What Are The Bingo Sayings?

This may sound like a lot of fun, but I have some bad news for you. There are numerous bingo sayings, so you need some experience to use them correctly and don’t happen to become the laughingstock of the whole chat room. Of course, it can’t get that bad. 

What Are The Bingo Sayings

Still, it would be best if you came to understand most of the terms before you try to use them and spark a great connection with the other players in your bingo room. To do that, you will need a list of the phrases to learn them by heart.

That’s what I’m going to provide you within the following lines, so you better get prepared. Generally, as the phrases are so many, they have been separated into two different categories.

By numbers

When starting with Bingo lingo, one of the easiest things you can learn is the lingo phrases for numbers. 

They are a total of three, and on top of that, they are some of the most common in the bingo rooms, so you will have the opportunity to learn them and raise some eyebrows in your next bingo betting session.

Keep in mind that there should also be other players who don’t understand Bingo lingo well enough. So, the number Bingo lingo phrases are:

  • 1tg – Which means one to go
  • 2tg – Two to go
  • 3tg – Three to go

As you can see, the number phrases are pretty straightforward, and you can’t possibly mess them up in any way. However, when it comes to the other types of phrases, the scene is a bit different.

By Alphabet

The alphabet is pretty extensive, and naturally, there are numerous things you can say using words, obviously. That’s why there are phrases you can learn for each letter. 

A AFK – Away from keyboard ASAP – As fast as possible
B BBL – Be back later BBS – Be back soon BLNT – Better luck next time BRB – Be right back BTW – By the way
C CYA – See ya
E EMSG – Email message
F FAQ – Frequently Asked Quesitons FYI – For your information
G GF – Girlfriend GL – Good luck GLE – Good luck everyone GM – Good morning GN – Good night
H H&A – Hug and kiss HB – Hurry back
I IC – I see IRL – In real life
J JK – Just Kidding JMO – Just my opinion
K KIT – Keep in touch KOTL – Kiss on the lips
L L8R – Later LY – Love ya LMAO – Laughing my ass off LOL – Laughing out loud
N NP – No problem NET – Nobody ever tells us anything
O OIS – Oh I see OMG – Oh my god
P PM – Private message PPL – People
Q QT – Cutie
R ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing RTQ – Read the FAQ
S SAC – Sorry all close S – Sorry SWAK – Sealed with a kiss SYS – See you soon
T TC – Take care TCFN – Take care for now TY – Thank you
V VEG – Very evil grin
W WB – Welcome back WTG – Way to go WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get

Main Bingo Lingo List of Terms and Slang

As you can see, Bingo lingo is not one of the most complicated things in the world. It would be best if you only tried to see the different phrases, and you will be a master at them in no time, being able to impress everyone at the bingo betting table. 

That being said, there are quite some phrases, so the best thing you can do is use only the most popular ones.

Because of that, I’m going to present these phrases and why they are essential in every bingo betting session, you will make from now on. 


If you have been engaging in bingo betting for a while, you have probably encountered this phrase a few times. As you already understand, it means that a player is very close to winning the game, usually waiting just for one number. Generally, this is by far the most famous phrase you will encounter in the bingo rooms’ chats, and it can’t be any other way as the excitement when you are close to the win is hard to explain the least.


Is there a better way than building some tension and pressure on the other players than declaring you are getting closer to snatching the game? Yes, I think this is the best way too. This phrase means that a player is waiting for only two numbers to win the game, making it one of the best contenders for that hefty bingo price.


Most of the time you are engaging in bingo betting, you will come across great people there just for fun and the exciting gambling experience. That’s why even the players who lose are pretty happy when someone takes down a significant price.

That’s why if you have been around different bingo betting rooms, you had probably encountered the phrase GL, which means good luck, one of the most frequent phrases used.


At first sight, this phrase might not mean too much to you, but if you engage in bingo betting for a while, you will spot that players use it quite often. This is also connected with the way players interact throughout the games, wishing only the best for everyone in the bingo room.

This phrase is one of the most popular ones when something exciting happens, as it means, way to go, expressing an encouraging emotion to another player on the table.


As I already mentioned a few times, the online bingo rooms are places where players go mainly to have fun and an exciting gambling experience when interacting with other individuals in a light-hearted way.

All of this creates a very light and funny environment, where each player expresses their feelings. As the game of bingo can get quite exciting, there are always some incredible things happening because of its fast-pace.

The phrase used most frequently in situations like these is LOL, which means laugh out loud. In other cases, players can use another famous saying, OMG, Oh My God! Obviously to express their surprise at something happening in the bingo room.


When playing any game online, it frequently comes a time that you need to do something else or take a quick break. Due to the nature of the bingo gaming, you can’t pause the game, so this is where the BRB phrase comes in handy. Players use it to say they will be right back, and it’s a common thing you will encounter in the bingo rooms.


How do you call bingo funny?

You can easily make the bingo game even funnier by using the so-called bingo calls. With them, you can mention one of the numbers on the board with its specific nickname.

What is the 69 bingo call?

For the 69 bingo call, it is used the nickname Either Way Up.

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