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Boxing Betting Odds Guide in 2024

The significant red ring battles are always huge media events that are discussed by everyone, regardless of their experience or understanding of the sport. Even total, overwhelming enthusiasm for football is not able to throw boxing in the shade and steal the show. That is why boxing betting is becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of bettors. But spectacularity, provided with various fighting styles, is not the only reason. The betting odds are some of the highest in the industry. That means you can win a lot here by placing real-money bets online.

If you want to be a big winner, just investigate the subject, learn how to read boxing betting odds, and benefit from the opportunities suggested on the market.

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What Are Boxing Betting Odds and Why You Should Understand Them

Betting odds show a wager and a win (or a loss) for a bettor. In boxing, you can decide on the outcome, choosing between yes or no in a diversity of variations. Sportsbooks can offer their customers to bet on whether:

  • A knockdown will come or will not come in the fight (here, the choice of the fighter is of no importance).
  • Is the draw possible or not?
  • During the bout, whether or not a point deduction will be made.
  • Any fighter will submit or not submit in the boxing match.

There are lots of issues to guess, and you can choose any offer. But first, you’d better get a comprehensive idea of the rules and know that your bet comes with lots of opportunities. You can get various amounts based only on the size of your wager.

Also, you should know that boxing betting lines are not constant. The sportsbook shows the current odds and changes them before the fight begins and even during the event. This interference depends on several factors, including the bettors’ choices. If there are a lot of bets or a lot of money placed on a particular outcome, as most bettors suppose that this outcome is highly probable, the line can be changed. In such a way, a bookmaker prevents big losses. For this reason, professionals who understand the sport can worsen the odds. On the contrary, betting at the sites used mostly by dummies can provide you with favorable lines.

It is essential to know the right moment to place a bet to get the best value. You should decide whether to bet right now or wait.

How Boxing Betting Odds Work

There are various types of markets on which you may bet with varying odds. Also, there are different formats for the odds, and you will commonly find the American one. We will explain what it means and how the boxing betting odds work.

Boxing Betting Odds at 20bet

Let’s start with the most common bet market. A moneyline bet is a choice between a winner and a loser. In other words, a bettor should decide which athlete will win regardless of any other conditions. Some sportsbooks offer the third option referred to as a “draw”. Thus, you can place a bet on the draw or one of the two possibilities for a winner.

The number comes with a “plus” or “minus” sign. The negative number indicates a favorite, whereas the positive number indicates an underdog — the boxer who is expected to lose. This format is known as the American boxing odds. More information about the definitions of these betting terms can be found in our Glossary.


Fighter 1 (+200).

The “plus” sign means that this fighter is predicted as the one who is going to lose the fight. As for the number, it represents how much you get back proportionally to a $100 bet. Therefore, a $100 bet returns $200 in profit, while a $10 bet returns $20, and so on.

Fighter 2 (-150).

The “minus” means that this fighter is predicted as the one who is going to win the fight. The number indicates how much you would have to bet to get exactly $100 back. Considering that specific scenario and a victory, your total payout would be $250 ($150 + $100).

Still, you can find other formats like British (fractional) odds and European (decimal) odds. Some sportsbooks allow their users to switch between all available types. The possible profit does not change, as the difference is in reading only. In our betting odds explanation, you can get more information about this.

Also, you should know that if the chances of a favorite to win (or an underdog to lose) are high, your winnings will be lower (a sportsbook offers low odds). The higher the risk of being mistaken about an outcome, the larger the amount you can win.

How to Determine Possibilities Using Boxing Betting Odds

So, now let’s look at the ways to use the knowledge above to choose the most favorable odds. We recommend converting the odds to percentages and calculating the probability of the outcome that way.

✅ When Is it Better to Pick the Favorite to Win?

We may compare two favorite fighters from two different fights to understand the differences in risk and profit. If you see such a line as Fighter 1 (- 300), you know you are expected to win $100 with a $300 bet. The fighter’s odds can be represented as 1 out of 3. To get to percentages, you should divide the expected win by the total bet, $100/$300 = 0,33 or 33%.

When you see a line like “Fighter 2 (- 200),” you know you win $100 by betting $200. The fighter’s odds can be represented as 1 out of 2. To get the percentage, you would then divide 100 by 200 and multiply by 100. The result is 100/200 = 0,50 ×100 = 50%.

You can say that Fighter 2 has higher winning chances compared with Fighter 1. That is why you would win a smaller amount but have better chances.

✅ When Is it Better to Pick the Underdog to Win?

When you place a bet on an underdog, the calculation is different.

If you see a line like Fighter 1 (+ 300), you know you are expected to win $300 if you bet $100. The fighter’s odds can be understood as three times the actual bet. While better payouts can be tempting, that also means that the boxing odds for that fighter are tough. Try to balance your picks, and most important of all, study the fight upfront to determine if there is actually any chance of winning.

Most Popular Online Boxing Bets

By following our experience, we came down to six popular boxing betting lines that are interesting for beginners. Let’s have a look at them.

Popular Online Boxing Bets

✅ To Win / Moneyline Boxing Bets

The to-win bet is the most common one. Just decide on an athlete you believe will win the fight, but make sure that your decision is not based on what you want to happen but rather on actual knowledge. Although boxing matches are unpredictable, you may study the fighters before the fight actually happens.

✅ Group Round Betting

Here you should choose the group of rounds needed to finish the fight. You are not expected to decide on an accurate number. Just choose a range, picking a varied number of rounds, like a group of 2 rounds (from 1 to 2) or a group of 6 rounds (from 1 to 6). This approach has better boxing odds in terms of payout because there is an increased risk.

✅ Number of Rounds (Over/Under)

A boxing match, as you may know, is divided into rounds that last for regular periods of time with pauses in between. You can bet on the assumption that the fight will be shorter or longer than a specific number of rounds. This is referred to as over/under betting, which is not about a win but rather the number of rounds of the match.


The fight is listed with an over/under of 8.5 rounds.

It means you should choose “over” if you believe that the fight will continue up to the 9th round or longer, or choose “under” if you believe that the fight will be over before or including the 8th round.

✅ Total Rounds Betting

The “total rounds” line means that a bettor has the option to place a bet on the duration of a fight. You are not expected to predict the score, winner, or loser. Just guess the total number of rounds the fight will last and get your winning prize.

✅ Method of Victory Bets

Place a guess on the method of victory. There is no need to guess the winner. It is the decision of a judge declaring the end of the fight that matters. There are lots of possibilities, and you may choose between the following:

  • TKO (Technical Knockout), which means a fighter is unable to continue the fight, even if standing.
  • Knockout (KO), which occurs when a fighter is knocked down and does not recover before the count of 10 ends.
  • Corner Retirement (RTD) occurs when a fighter doesn’t return to his corner before the next round begins for any reason.
  • Disqualification (DQ) occurs when a fighter fouls an opponent.
  • Unanimous Decision (UD) of all judges to announce a winner after the scheduled rounds have finished.
  • Split Decision (SD) of two judges to choose a winner after the scheduled rounds, with one judge choosing another fighter as a winner.
  • Majority Decision (MD) of two judges to choose a winner after the scheduled rounds with one judge insisting on a draw.

✅ Double Chance Boxing Bets

Do not be fooled by the word “double” here. This kind of betting will not double your winnings. Indeed, it comes with higher payouts. But, as you know, the larger amount of winning is possible because of the higher risks you bear. You are expected to guess the winner and the way he gets to victory by the above methods, including TKO/KO or Decision. Commonly, the variations come with various boxing betting odds.

Where to Bet on Boxing?

It is highly recommendable to pick a reputable website with competitive boxing odds and lines.

Given the fact that sportsbooks change the odds in accordance with the current probabilities and the choices of other bettors, you should consider several bookmakers and prefer the most favorable conditions. Besides, consider the following issues when you decide on a betting site:

  • A proper reputation that demonstrates a service provider’s reliability.
  • Good availability of bonuses.
  • Diverse and convenient payment options.
  • Guarantees of secure betting with protected transactions.
  • Technical features that suit your requirements.
  • Friendly interface, comprehensive layout, and simple navigation.
  • Friendly and competent customer support.

You can count on finding sportsbooks that meet the above requirements on our website. Look through the diverse offers and find the most favorable conditions and the best odds in our reviews.

Now that you know what should be considered, just apply your knowledge and choose the appropriate sportsbooks to place a bet on. Go ahead and enjoy playing with probabilities!

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Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

After acquiring basic knowledge to bet on boxing matches, increase your winning chances by following the following tips:

  • Find the best odds: There are odd comparison services. Use them to facilitate the search.
  • Take into account matched betting and arbitrage betting: These methods can bring more money to the table to those who are experienced enough to mix bets and make good use of the variation in odds found on sportsbooks.
  • Pay attention to expert predictions: Experts who know the environment and understand boxing better than you can be a great source of information.
  • Do not try to start with large wagers: It is better to take small wins. When your strategy is polished, try riskier bets.
  • Do research to make predictions: Do not count on favorites only, especially because they can still lose while offering low odds. Study the fight to understand what may happen.
  • Remember that a majority can impact the odds: When a lot of bettors predict the same outcome, the sportsbook tends to change the odds.
  • Don’t follow others’ opinions without reason: They can make mistakes in their predictions. It is better to check twice and come to your own conclusions.

Final Words and Factors to Be Considered for Success

Boxing is not an easily predicted sport. Still, you may place a bet with good odds in boxing if you find out more about the fighters and their statistics. You’d be better off by understanding the boxing style of both competitors and considering external factors.

Fighting history is another piece of information worthy of your attention. The fighter may have a perfect reputation, but he might never have faced a rival like the current one. It means that his winning chances are different. Compare their age, weight, and height — every detail matters. The physical shape can change dramatically and become the reason for the failure of a fighter who was successful in the past.

If you want to get money on boxing betting, stay tuned to the news in this sport, read the analysts’ reviews, look through the correspondent forums, and do not forget about the rules and tips above. We wish you good luck, frequent wins, and enjoyment!


How are boxing betting odds calculated?

The boxing betting odds are calculated by the sportsbooks analysts, who consider a wide range of factors impacting the outcome. In addition to the probability, the odds include the margin of a bookmaker, which consists of its income and risk management. You should know that the odds are adjusted after they are released to encourage the bettors.

What is the most popular bet for boxing?

The winner bet is the most common one in this sport. You may try any other variant, like the method of victory or round betting.

What does +500 mean in boxing odds?

+500 is an example of positive American odds for non-favorite bets. They show the amount a bettor will get, in this case, $500, if he bets $100 on an underdog – a fighter who has fewer chances of winning.

How often do favorites win in boxing?

There are no readily available statistics to show how often favorites can win in boxing. Instead, it takes a complex calculation to determine, for each individual round, the probability of its specific favorite.

What does 3-way mean in betting boxing?

There rarely is a 3-way bet in boxing betting. It means that a bettor has three options to choose from. The bettor should decide on a winner between two options or a draw. Usually, boxing does not end in a draw.

Can people bet live on boxing matches?

In boxing betting, it is allowed to bet during the fight. In fact, sportsbooks can adjust the odds all the time, and many of them allow their customers to bet on live fights while they are on.

What types of promotions do bookmakers offer for boxing betting?

There are numerous bonuses and other special offers to encourage bettors to get involved. You can enjoy free bets for those who try out the betting website for the first time or as a reward for being a loyal user. Also, there are bonuses that increase the deposit or loyalty bonuses with additional benefits.

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