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Can You Trick a Slot Machine to Win?

Slots are played by millions of gamblers all over the world. Players can win regardless of their level of competence and experience. They are available in both offline and online casinos. If one is involved in gambling, he has definitely tried this game.

Slots are not predictable. There is no system or strategy to apply to increase the winning chances. However, they say, there are some secrets to how to win at slots. Is that true? Let’s get all this straightened out.

Key Takeaways

  • Cheating a slot machine is illegal and you should avoid it completely.
  • Slot machines employ a Random Number Generator, so it’s almost impossible to cheat the game.
  • Some of the best ways to win at slot machines ate to choose titles with higher and RTP and take advantage of bonuses.

How Slot Machines Work

There are several types of online slots: classic, with 3, 5, and more reels, 3D, video, and progressive. They come with a range of peculiarities based on the same key elements. It is vital to comprehend how slots work before you know how to win and whether you can trick them or not.

Do you know the offline slot machines with the display and well-known lever arranged on one side? If you play an online game, you will have the display with almost the same content, including a graphical representation of the title with a detailed description of the rules.

A player should read the rules carefully to comprehend the details that allow him to benefit from the bonuses. After registering, a player should deposit funds into his account so that he can place a bet.

trick online slot machines

The next steps depend on the game. Commonly, there is a virtual button that sets the reels into random motion. A computer generates different figures and shows the result in the form of symbols in various combinations, which can be winning or losing. If you are lucky enough to win, you can continue gambling or withdraw the money using one of the available payment options. Before registering, ensure that the withdrawal conditions suit you.

As you see, it looks like there are no ways to impact the result. But, some players still believe that this is possible. The fact is that slot machines employ a random number generator chip (RNG). It operates on a huge spectrum of values and decides on the combination of symbols for every spin. When a player presses the spin button, the result is already preprogrammed. Nothing can be done to change it.

It is only fair to say that slots are not absolutely random from a technical point of view. But the RNGs are really very close to being truly random. Thus, it is impossible to cheat somehow. The key point here is to choose a reputable and responsible service provider.

Choose licensed slot developers. For instance, you can choose one or several from our list of the best online gambling sites.

How RTP Affects Your Chances of Winning

Return to Player, RTP for short, is a ratio or percentage that shows how much money a player gets on average for playing a particular title.

Online slots have an RTP in the 94-96% range. At live casinos, it can be about 90%. In both cases, this is not a perfect one. For instance, roulette comes with an RTP of 97% and card games can boast of an RTP exceeding 99%.

The Most Famous Mechanical Methods to Cheat Old Slot Machines

Yes, when only offline slot machines were used, there were methods to make them display winning combinations. There are examples in the historical record of such huge amounts of illegal winnings resulting in long-term detention in jail because all the attempts to cheat when playing slots are regarded as an infringement of the law. Let’s take a look at those notable cases.

The Most Famous Mechanical Methods to Cheat Old Slot Machines

1. Fraud with Fake Coins

This method was very popular and forced offline casinos to refuse coin-operated games. Actually, this is not a trick, but a simple fraud. The players used fake money to deposit and spin. Thus, they did not impact the RNG but got access to the game without paying a penny. Eventually, they reaped the benefits from a winning combination by fooling a slot machine.

You can find coin-operated machines in some casinos around the world now, despite the risks. Just a while ago, Louis Colavecchio, known as “The Coin,” was arrested for the above-described infringement. This American casino counterfeiter did not stop his activities and continued after his release in 2006.

2. Magnet

There are rumors that if a player uses a magnet, he can make the slot machine generate a winning combination. Indeed, if the magnet is placed on the outside wall of a metal machine, it is able to stop spinning at the moment when a winning combination appears on the display.

There is evidence of huge winnings received in such a way. But, you cannot use this method with the software. The process is launched by the computer which cannot be influenced by a magnet.

3. The Yo-Yo-coin that Kept on Paying

The next method is the so-called Yo-Yo technique. The coins used for depositing the slot machine are attached to a nylon wire. The machine could not detect this material.

After spinning, the coin is taken out of the machine and used again. Thus, the player spends nothing, but if he is lucky, he wins the money. There is no sense in saying that this approach is a criminal offense.

4. Using a Light Wand

The light wand was made by Tommy Glenn Carmichael in the 90s. He was sentenced to five years in prison the first time he was caught. This invention convinced the slot machine that this was the time to pay out. The light should be directed right into the payout chute. It lights up the payout sensor, and the machine starts paying. Of course, the producers of slot machines have removed this defect. Now, nobody can repeat this trick.

5. Cheating with Bill Validator Device

A bill validator is another device that is able to make the slot machines think that they have gotten a deposit equal to $100 when, in fact, it is a dollar bill. The authors of this method are Billy-Joe and Uncle Fuzz, who were cheating in Nevada.

The fate of this invention is very similar to that of a light wand. The producers enhanced the design of slot machines, making the trick impossible.

6. Fraud with Replacement of Computer Chip

The first slots based on computing appeared in the 1980s. The scammers did not give up. Dennis Nikrasch reprogrammed the slots with his particular microchip and made them pay out jackpots. It was easy to steal huge amounts. Officially, the aggregated financial damage to casinos was about $17 million. As a result, Nikrasch spent 23 years in prison.

7. Slot Bugs

The players find such defects and benefit from them by placing and canceling the bet almost simultaneously. Such a way helps them to get the money back and continue playing as if the deposit had been transferred to their game account. Such practices, like the ones listed above, are illegal and should be avoided.

How to Hack Online Slot Machines

What about cheating on online slot machines? There are some ways to do it, but, of course, it does not mean you should follow the example. Let’s have a look at others’ attempts.

How to Hack Online Slot Machines

1. Software Glitch

There have been incidents when casinos failed to pay out to the winners who got the winnings thanks to problems with the software. The much-talked-about software glitch happened at the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo in 2015. Then, the casino did not pay $41 million to the “winner”, who even initiated the lawsuit, because of the refusal. The appeal still did not result in the payout.

The cheaters use software glitches to their advantage, trying to confuse the machine so that it commits an error and pays a jackpot. We hope you understand that this is illegal. But, if it happens that a software glitch occurs without your participation, you can count on such sudden luck. There are easy riders who get their money, but in most cases, they are refused.

2. Computer Bots

The can-do men develop computer bots playing online slots and looking for defects in the random number generator to benefit from them and cheat. Here, RNG is built very carefully and tested by responsible gambling authorities. There has been no evidence that someone has succeeded in this cheating until now.

3. Exploit the Source Code

Some experienced hackers are able to get the source code for the slots and cope with the mechanism. But again, this is cheating, and even the attempt to get the code can result in a heavy fine.

Is it Really Possible to Trick Slot Machines?

Some people believe they know how to beat the slots. There are even websites that sell such tips. These guys only want to earn living, do not believe them.

Do research and study the slot machines in detail. But, if you do not want to spend some years in prison, you’d better refuse this temptation. We are going to tell you how to win slots without cheating!

How to Win at Slot Machines Without Cheating and Have More Fun Playing

There are ways to improve your chances of winning without cheating the casino. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

How to Win at Slot Machines Without Cheating and Have More Fun Playing

1. Start Small…

We advise that you place small bets until you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

You can increase the bet a bit after your win to get more money. In this type of gambling, a number of spins can be more important than the initial amount of the deposit.

2. Pick the Right Slot

Find the title with the most favorable slot machine odds. The slot games are played almost in the same way, but they are different as to opportunities. That is why the RTP of various slots is different.

Find the highest RTP (you can get such information on gambling websites), say, over 96%. But usually, it is lower. We recommend reading how much casinos pay for slot machines.

Thus, you have to consider a lot of titles to choose the right one. We offer you a wide range of casinos, which you can look through. For instance, at Spin Casino, you can get detailed information on the subject.

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3. Decide the Right Amount to Bet

You should know that the size of your win depends on the size of your bet. The lower amount of your bet will not reduce your chances of winning. But, in this case, if a winning combination comes along, the spin wins less money. To balance this issue, you can choose slots offering such features as free spins, bonus games, and expanding and falling wilds.

4. Check the Paytables of the Slots You’re Playing

Once again, the slots games are different even though they seem to be the same. They can have low or high volatility, various hit rates, and, as a result, various payables.

The high volatility brings frequent offers but small winning amounts. The hit rate shows the frequency of a winning combination. By knowing these, you can understand how much your winnings will be.

5. Set a Stop-Loss

Slot machines are enjoyable and a player can get completely engrossed, forgetting about his budget. To avoid such a situation, set a strict stop-loss for a session that allows you to not exceed your safe money limit.

6. Take Advantage of Free Spins

Commonly, online casinos offer free spins to try the title in demo mode before placing a bet. You can choose the game that suits your preferences and understand the rules without risking losing your funds.

On our website, you will find a lot of casinos that provide players with free spins. For instance, you can look at JackpotCity Casino.

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7. Use Promos and Bonuses

Before choosing a gambling site, look at the bonuses! This could be the best way to win more. If you do play online, using bonuses to your advantage is the best thing you can do.

An online casino bonus will add cash on top of your current balance and give you more chances to play the slot machines of your choice. This way, you can play higher stakes, and if you win, you will win a bigger amount.

Of course, bonuses do come with some restrictions in place, but that’s actually OK. In reality, a casino bonus increases your balance, and depending on the wagering requirement in place, it can even give you an actual edge in some slot games.

On our website, there are so many reputable casinos with stunning offers. For instance, consider the bonuses at Casino.com, Slots Empire Casino, Casimba Casino, and others.

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Slots machines are fun casino games you should consider playing. Keep in mind that the outcomes are unpredictable. If you make any attempts to cheat the slot machines, you’ll end up in jail. So, have fun, test your luck, and win money!


Can You Win Real Money on Slot Machines?

Of course, you want win real money on slot machines in both offline and online casinos. The prizes can be different. They depend on the size of your bet and the payout table of the casinos.

Is Tricking a Slot Machine Illegal?

Cheating in regard to slots is illegal. The result is serious conflicts with the law.

What to Do If You Know How to Hack a Slot Machine?

Hacking is cheating. If you know how to hack a slot machine, you should see the above. These days, it is almost impossible to hack properly protected and tested gambling software.

If you find the defects accidentally, don’t try to take advantage of it. The temptation to get lots of money for free will be strong, but you must resist.

It is much better to remain a law-abiding citizen. Contact the online casino’s customer support team and inform them of your find. You can even make some money by asking for rewards. First, you should discuss the terms of the reward and only then let them know about the bug.

How Can You Tell When a Slot Machine is Ready to Give You Money?

You cannot predict the outcome of a spin as the Random Number Generator guarantees an absolutely random result. Keep in mind that you can not betting systems when playing slots.

Are There Any Tricks to Consistently Winning at Slots?

There’s no guarantee that you will win every time you spin the reels. Be ready to lose a lot before you get a winning combination of symbols. That is why it is recommended that you bet small amounts of money to manage your budget.

Is There a Trick to Slot Machines?

Before you start playing, do some research and find the slots with the Return to Player exceeding 96%. It is the best way to win.

What Kind of Slots Pays the Best?

Consider classic slots, which offer just a few paylines. They can boast a rather high Return to Player. If the title does not provide players with jackpots and big bonuses, its volatility is lower.

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