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The Most Famous Lottery Winners in the World

Most people who are fond of lottery games and even those who have caught up on the news are familiar with some popular stories. The most famous lottery winners became known for their stories or the uncommon situations they were put in. Therefore, our selection includes both positive and negative outcomes to inspire those who are after the huge prize.

Famous Lottery Winners You Might Know

We selected the top trending names when the subject is lotteries or winning the jackpot. Hopefully, our readers will learn some lottery strategies from them, or at least understand what they did right or wrong.

Stefan Mandel: Sure Shot Player

Mandel is a popular name among those who know about the lottery strategies and the people behind them. However, his method would not work nowadays thanks to the systems applied by lotteries. He basically won the lottery a total of 14 times buying all possible combinations.

Yes, he managed to deal with the trouble, logistics, and borrowing it took to do it fourteen times. Needless to say, the investors were not happy with the results, and nobody actually became rich from that scheme.

After being in jail in 2004 for acting illegally for the first time, back then in Israel, he retired. Considering what is known from his history, it is not possible to affirm that his life is similar to that of a jackpot winner who did not need an expensive scheme, at least not because of the grand prizes.

Richard Lustig: Seven Times Winner

Although Richard Lustig never won more than $1 million in prizes, he collected seven jackpots to a total of $1.05 million. He became famous, and there are a lot of theories about him cracking lottery systems. That fame made him multiply his winnings by selling his famous book Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.

He passed away in 2018, which means he will not win the lottery as many times as Stefan Mandel. However, it might not be through his book, which in summary tells people to keep playing until they win. As an additional lottery tip, they tell them to stop playing a combination after they win.

There is no actual tip that helps people win the lottery in his book. Therefore, Richard Lustig is one of the most famous lottery winners out of pure luck.

Mavis Wanczyk: Powerball Millionaire

Mavis Wanczyk, born in Massachusetts, is one of the most famous lottery winners. She received $336 million after taxes, but she won the total announced prize of $758 million in a Powerball draw on August 24, 2017. That huge difference tells us a thing or two about preferring the lump-sum payment instead of annuities.

She obviously quit her job in a local hospital, and now it is safe to say she is living comfortably somewhere. From the moment she won, it was clear that privacy was one of the pillars of her new life.

Bill Morgan: That is What People Call Luck

While Stefan Mandel only increased his odds to 100% and Lustig tried a lot, Bill Morgan is a genuine lucky player. After almost dying and spending two weeks in a coma, a consequence of a heart attack, he scratched a car worth $30,000 from a card only a few months after being almost reborn.

When TV channels decided to invite him for a broadcast on a lottery retailer for the story, they caught him winning the outstanding amount of $250,000. That was definitely a year to remember, and he never accomplished another lucky streak.

Lerynne West: Powerball Winner and Single Mom

Perhaps the name of this famous lottery winner sounds familiar if you were watching the Ellen show back in the year 2018. She is a single mom from Iowa whose first attitude after claiming the prize was not to pay the bills or to travel abroad but to hire a specialist to help her.

Besides showing signs of the responsibility expected from someone with her history, she founded a charity to support veterans, the education of children, and also animals. Her appearance on Ellen was featured by her $500,000 donation to the Travis Mills Foundation, which supports veterans and their families.

Gloria Mackenzie: You Don’t Get to Pick Family

With more than 84 years of experience in life, Gloria Mackenzie managed to take home $2708 million after taxes – from a jackpot prize of $590.5 million, as she also chose the lump-sum payment as the majority of the famous lottery winners.

She bought herself some comfort, including a mansion by the seaside, but did not forget others and was responsible for other charity acts. However, her history, unfortunately, became famous for another reason. Her son, Scott, was accused of misspending her money. We have no clue if she currently still enjoys her large prize.

The Stocklas: Famous Lottery Winners and Siblings

James Stocklas won the Powerball jackpot in 2016 and received $291.4 million. His brother, Bob, was also lucky enough to be a winner. Unfortunately for him, his low-tier prize only gave him $7. That funny coincidence and the huge difference between both prizes made them famous for a while, especially on the internet and among memes.

Now, even though James is the one true rich member of the Stocklas family, he promised that his brother and everyone else in this entire family would never have to worry about money.

Gillian and Adrian Bayford: Famous Lottery Winners who Divorced

Money was definitely not the problem in the marriage of Gillian and Adrian Bayford, or at least it wasn’t until they won the EuroMillions jackpot. The couple received the incredible amount of €190 million and started to live a good and comfortable life together, but decided to go separate ways a year later.

They have both got a great deal and split the money, but that incredible story was featured for a while.

Callie Rogers and Tracey Makin: Youngest Lottery Winners Ever

People can play the lottery in the United Kingdom from 16 years old, and it seems that Tracey Makin did not want to waste any time, winning €1 in 1998 playing Lucky Dip Lotto. Five years later, Callie Rogers won £1.9 million and reached her record in 2003. Tracey is currently an office worker, while Callie seems to face drug problems now and then.

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Famous Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

While some of the anonymous and famous lottery winners managed to live decades of comfort and even ensure that same liberty to their family, others were not so responsible. For varied reasons, some of them simply lost their huge prizes, and you are about to know what not to do.

Michael Carroll: You Only Live Once

If there is someone among the most famous lottery winners who believe in that principle, that person is Michael Carroll. He won £9.74 million and managed to spend it all in 4 years with everything that could give him pleasure. From 2002, being only 19 years old, to 2006, he spent that money on drugs, prostitutes and even created a makeshift demolition derby.

Jack Whittaker: When Lottery Does Not Improve Your Life

Jack Whittaker is a famous lottery winner who already had a comfortable life before getting the huge jackpot of $315 million on U.S. Powerball. Maybe he would have had a better life had he not won that draw in 2002.

His house was invaded twice, and many people tried to take a share of his money in all possible manners, including false accusations. Things only got worse, as his granddaughter used the money he gave her in drugs and had an overdose. He lived until recently when he passed away in 2020.

Lisa Arcand: Famous Lottery Winners Can Get Unlucky

Lisa won far less than many other famous lottery winners in this article, but her $1 million prize was enough to pay for her son’s school and buy themselves a new home. She even opened her restaurant, Fisherman’s Corner, and concluded her dream. However, her dream did not last much, and her business went bankrupt, closing doors and leaving her in debt.

Martin and Kay Tott: Lost Their Money Before Using It

We always advise people to save their tickets and keep them in safety. Martyn and Kay Tott were not so cautious and lost their $5 million ticket. They did not give up at first and even almost turned their place upside down to find it. They lost the total claim limit and will never put their hands on that money.

Lou Eisenberg: Lottery Jackpots are Not Endless

The last person in our list of the most famous lottery winners is Lou Eisenberg, most probably only known to those born in the 70s or earlier. He won $5 million, which was an outstanding sum back then, and became famous. He lived in comfort for many years and never stopped helping others. However, it seems he did not pay enough attention to managing his money, and he now lives penniless in a trailer home in Florida.

Lessons the Most Famous Lottery Winners Tell Us

First off, never lose the lottery ticket and look for a wealth manager as soon as you win the lottery. Those are the most important tips for those who want to become lottery winners at some point, even without the fame part. But, first of all, choose the legit lottery and then follow the rest expert tips.

However, friends and family might not follow the script of your dream and bring unpleasant surprises. Make sure to know who is beside you and who should know when you become a winner.

Other than that, simply live your life and try to balance the quality you deserve with making the prize last for as long as possible. And, of course, keep away from drugs and other addictions that can ruin your life.