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Is Gambling a Sin According to Religion?

Gambling has been around for much longer than most people think. We can track the first traces of gambling activity even before the 9th century, where the first card games took place. Ever since then, gambling has become a daily activity for many people worldwide. 

When we add the fact that online gambling is now taking all over the place and people have access to numerous casino games around the clock from the comfort of their homes, the influence of this thrilling activity will continue to rise.

However, nowadays, gambling has sparked many controversial discussions, which led to simple gambling being banned in many countries, especially for those that share more strict religious beliefs. 

Is Gambling a Sin

When gambling is connected in any way with religion, this has sparked prolonged discussions and debates around the world. The primary question that lies at the center of these debates is if gambling is a sin, whether this could be in general or according to one of the world’s religions.

Can We Consider Any Type of Gambling to Be a Sin?

Before we dive deep into how the most widespread religions interpret gambling, we have to think about whether we can consider gambling a sin.

We have modernized numerous areas of our lives in the last few decades, and the simple thought that gambling can be seen as sin is something more relatable to the distant past. Nowadays, there is an available casino around every corner. 

We are not even mentioning the boom of online gambling sites that make gambling as widespread as television. That being said, if we take the time to ask as many people as we can what they think on the topic, we will probably get many answers that gambling is not considered a sin.

Still, we should be careful while doing this activity because of the different risks that it hides. To understand if this is the correct thinking, we have to answer another question.

What’s Actually Considered a Sin in Today’s Society?

How can we determine if something is a sin if we are unsure what this definition is, especially in today’s society? Most people will have different things in mind when we are talking about sins.

Some may say that sin is everything someone does, as long as it is considered a crime by law. This will be partly correct because religions are usually based around the general wellbeing of people, which includes them living a life free of any crime.

Talking about religion, the only way we can get to the roots of gambling and understand if that widespread activity is a sin is to dive deep into the different faiths and check if there are unique passages specifically for that activity.

The Bible Has Its Say About Gambling

What Bible Says About Gambling

If you are a Christian, you should know that the Bible doesn’t mention gambling directly in any of its passages. Because of that, you might be thinking that gambling won’t be a sin, coming from the standpoint of the Bible, correct?

However, this is not quite the case. Although the Bible doesn’t mention gambling activity directly, it often encourages people to stay away from the love of money because it is the root of the devil.

After all, everyone who engages in gambling does it partly because of the hope of winning. According to the Bible, money is the root of the devil, which you should avoid at all costs.

In other words, gambling is not directly stated as a sin for Christians, but they should stay away from it because one of the primary motivators while engaging in gambling, money, is the root of everything wrong. 

Gambling and the Quran

What Quran Says About Gambling

The situation with the Quran, the Muslims’ holy book, is entirely different from the previous one we mentioned. If you are a Muslim, you must know that gambling is specifically stated in the Quran as a grave sin. 

When you encounter the world of gambling along with the book, you will find that it’s frequently in the same verse as alcohol, both of them which are labeled as social deceases, which turn into addictions and destroy families and lives. 

All of the games of chance you can think of, like lotteries, slots, card games, and more, will be considered a grave sin, and if you are Muslim, you shouldn’t even be thinking of engaging in any of these corresponding games.

Still, usually, gambling is referred only to these few games, and you easily engage in some healthy competition or sports, which won’t be a problem at all.

Is Gambling Dangerous?

Whether gambling is a sin or not, one thing is for sure, and it can lead to many problems if you are not careful enough. The problem with gambling is that it quickly provides you with a thrilling and enjoyable experience, and you can soon find yourself often going to the closest casinos or going online to play some casino games on your PC or phone.

That’s becoming a habit of many people, especially with the tremendous growth of the mobile casino gaming industry. The options are endless, and the casino games are one click away from us now.

And if we are not careful about how much time we spend enjoying these options, and most importantly, don’t monitor the funds we spend, gambling can become from a thrilling and relaxing experience to an unhealthy habit that can easily ruin your life. 

Still, you should know that it’s not that common for people to go that deep into a state of mind where they will need to participate in gambling activities daily. But to understand how serious this matter can get, we had prepared a few of the worst pitfalls that gambling can lead you to.

Worst Pitfalls That Gambling Can Lead To

Gambling Worst Pitfalls

Before you engage in any gambling activity, the most crucial thing is to set boundaries. If you come into gambling with the right state of mind, you won’t have any problems stopping your gaming adventure whenever you need, leading to potential problems or pitfalls. 

  • Gambling Addiction

Of course, the obvious thing that some gamblers go down to is developing an addiction to gambling. And the bad thing is that usually, this addiction is not only to a particular game but rather to the act of gambling itself. 

In other words, players addicted to gambling have numerous options in terms of games they can choose from, and they are bound to play until they reach the depths of their bank account. Additionally, even players go beyond that and take loans to fulfill their greed and addiction.

  • Taking Other Substances

It’s not a coincidence that gambling and alcohol have been mentioned in the Quran in the same verse.

Most gamblers who are addicted to gambling usually start to consume a lot of alcohol or even begin taking other substances to go through their challenging period, often after losing a significant amount of funds. This is all like a never-ending cycle, and it’s tough to get out of it. 

  • Prioritizing Gambling Over Family and Friends. 

One of the worst things that gambling can lead to once you are addicted is putting your gambling experience and the thrilling emotions you receive before your family and friends. 

Once a gambler does this, it quickly becomes a habit, and they dive even deeper into the never-ending cycle of combining gambling with loans and consuming different substances.


Some of you may have already started to feel very bad, especially if you are someone who enjoys gambling from time to time.

However, you shouldn’t feel like that at all. It’s rare for players to get that deep into this matter and develop a gambling addiction of this caliber. Usually, what we described above is the worst-case scenario, closely related in the Quran and more briefly in the Bible.

Depending on your religion, you might have to quit gambling once and for all, but it all goes down to your decision. 

If you can find the balance and don’t get overboard, being drawn by greed and emotions, you can have a lot of fun at every casino, especially if sometimes you are lucky and get your hands on a good profit.