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What Are Quick Hit Slots?

Among all the other games at an online casino, slots can be considered the most popular. You just press a virtual button, and fate offers a chance to get a pocketful of money. The online format eliminates the need for large and awkwardly shaped mechanical systems with a hand-operated level. You view animated images on the display, whether it is on your desktop or smartphone, and enjoy amusement without a hint of a dull moment!

And among all the slots, Quick Hit slots are the most profitable, offering incredible jackpots. If you’ve ever played a fruit-style slot game, you know what should be done. Just get engaged and be ready for large prizes. If you still need some directions for using this game, we’ll provide them.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about Quick Hit slots. Do you want to know the secrets that will bring you a fortune? Let’s begin!

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Why Are Quick Hit Slots So Popular for Beginners and Experienced Bettors?

As we have already said, the online slot machine has no mechanical devices. It is designed with bright graphics and music in the background. The diversity of titles is much higher here than at an offline casino. Almost the same process plays out in all of them, including Quick Hit Slots.

The player places a bet, chooses lines, and pushes a virtual button using a keyboard or with a single click. The reels will spin on the screen, delivering the result of a random choice. The random number generator runs in a non-systematic fashion, absolutely haphazardly. It produces different figures, which correspond to certain symbols that are displayed on every reel.

The purpose of the game is to line up a winning combination of the symbols. This will bring the payout. The winning amount depends on the rules, including the amount of a stake. If there is no combination of winning symbols, the computer will wish the player good luck on the next try while he loses his stake.

It is important to know that nothing can be done to predict the outcome. If you can use different betting systems when playing other games, nothing will work here. So, you are not expected to do research, decide on a choice, or anything else. You should just press the button and wait. That is why this game is so popular with beginners. They do not have to get skilled in this activity.

It’s a game in which both skilled gamblers and dummies can play with even chances.

Why do experienced gamers like slots? The answer is a great diversity of titles and options, which allow them to have fun and money if they are lucky. Not the least of these factors is excitement. Tempting fate is always thrilling for a gambler. And you know that good fortune comes to those who play. Join!

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As to Quick Hit slots, you should know that the initial concept was developed in the 1970s. Then, software developer Bally designed red and blue symbols for his Quick Hit jackpot slots games. The brand new look was gladly accepted by the audience. Nowadays, these icons are used for all classic Bally gaming machines and online analogs. You must be familiar with them if you are a gambler. The symbols are as follows:

  • Sevens with flames
  • Red cherries
  • BAR and 5BAR
  • Handbells.

The meaning of these symbols varies depending on the combinations and number of items displayed on the screen. You should know that when three Quick Hit symbols land, you return your stake. You can increase your stake by a factor of three or five if four of them land. When five or more symbols land, you are lucky, as you get a jackpot.

Every next figure, beginning from five to nine, brings a progressively bigger jackpot. It is clear that you’ll gain the largest pile of money when you see nine symbols on your screen. However, there are titles providing the gamer with a jackpot exceeding the commonly offered one. Quick Hit Slots offer a full range of options and bet limits.

Benefits of Quick Hit Slots

Even if you have a modest deposit, you can count on a jackpot. The prize depends on the size of your bet, but not dramatically. As we have mentioned, the rules are very simple. Thus, the most attractive features of slots are simplicity and excitement.

In addition, there are some other advantages:

  • A wide betting range is available, which is convenient for any player.
  • There are bonuses and various additional options for greater excitement.
  • Even a few similar symbols on the reels can result in large payouts.
  • A gambler can win a progressive jackpot worth up to 7500 times his bets.
  • There are titles to play for fun or for real money.

Let’s take a look at some of those numerous versions of the game!

The Most Popular Types of Quick Hit Slots

The developer of Quick Hit slots spent a lot of years developing tons of variations on the original title. There are 40 lines in Quick Hit Pro. Just imagine! Moreover, Quick Hit slots come with a standard reel (5×3), which has thirty paylines. While the design is close to the first concept. You will find the famous Sevens, Cherries, and Bells. Also, you may count on free games and the wild. There are some titles with unique styling that are developed on the basis of the Vegas slots.

Well, it’s much better to proceed to concrete examples.

1. Quick Hit Pro

This 5-reel game is famous for its vivid graphics and forty paylines. It includes some quite interesting side games. Here you can benefit from the so-called stacked wilds, which are symbols covering an entire reel and introducing higher chances of bigger wins. They come with a free spin round when a player is offered to collect silver balls, fire them, and pick up prizes, provided that all conditions are fulfilled.

2. Quick Hit Black Gold

This 5-reel slot comes with thirty paylines. A player can enjoy free spins rounds, which are available when a player has 18 titles on a bonus screen. Also, there are symbols that bring up to 2,500x your stake, win multipliers, locked wild symbols, and more interesting options.

3. Quick Hit Las Vegas

The design of this game is adapted from the architecture and observables of Las Vegas City. And that is really cool. As to the options, a gambler is offered the chance to try to win 2,000x his bet if he is lucky enough to get 9 Quick Hit symbols on the screen. There are a lot of other features worth trying, like a tile-picking feature that provides a gambler with free games.

4. Quick Hit Platinum

This variant looks and plays just like the original. The difference is 5 reels, 30 paylines, new symbols like a wild icon substituting for others, and a prize of up to 5,000x instead of 2,000x the total bet. Here, you get boxes with bonus games and multipliers.

5. Quick Hit Cash Wheel

Here, if a player gets nine Quick Hit symbols on his screen, he will increase by 1,500x his bet. It is possible to double your winnings in the free games round and multiply the gain even more by unlocking other free games.

6. Quick Hit Super Wild Wheel

When choosing this game, a player will get lots of bonuses with extra opportunities.

7. Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon

It is designed in the Chinese style with red dragons. The player can be awarded free game bonuses, extra winning ways in Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon slots ga,e. These wild symbols help to complete payline combinations, and a curtain can rise to unlock extra winning ways in any spin. Want to check out slot machine games without investing money ahead of time? Check out our free slot selection and practice spinning the reels.

How to Play Quick Hit Slots?

Let’s have a look at the Quick Hit slots in detail. Begin by registering with a gambling site or online casino that offers the widest variety of this game. Then, deposit funds and get access to the virtual money equivalent to your investment. You can bet with them. You are not expected to place a bet using all the amount. You get coins of various denominations (from 1 cent to $50), so, you can decide what sum to put at risk.

The limits of bets and payouts are different for different titles. The traditional Quick Hit Slots have a maximum bet of 600 credits per spin and a maximum payout of 2500 credits x bet.

Why is the Max Bet Prefer for Quick Hit Slots?

If you want to get a really large progressive jackpot with Quick Hit slots, it is suggested that you bet the highest limit. The maximum bet is vital because commonly, jackpots are connected with this amount.

There is a proportion – higher max bets bring higher jackpots. This is a peculiarity of Quick Hit slots. Keep in mind, that a bet limit varies between titles.

When Max Betting is Not Required

Once again if you are interested in a progressive slot game, you should know that you will have to place a maximum bet. But, indeed, the progressive slot games are pretty tricky, and some players refuse them. Also, if the casino does not offer progressive jackpots, max betting does not make sense. Enjoy fixed jackpots, which are not calculated on the basis of your stake.

What is Quick Hit Slots RTP

There is such a term as the Return to Player, or RTP, the value of which is different in various casinos. It indicates the amount a player will win as a percentage of his stake. When you choose a gambling site, you should consider this performance. Find reports from gaming jurisdictions that inform gamblers of paybacks common to particular casinos and/or popular titles.

It is important to know that the RTP of online slots is higher compared with slots in land-based casinos because of their rather high operating expenses.

Experts tell us how much casinos pay for slot machines. They say that a player, betting for the long term, can count on over 93% of his bets. For instance, if he is engaged in gambling on the Quick Hit Las Vegas game, he will likely win 93.95% of his bets. Quick Hit Sun Dragon will bring 95.97%.

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Quick Hit Slots Volatility & Bonus Rounds

Volatility in this game defines the risk level of a title. Gambling is risky anyway, but there is still a difference. Quick Hit slots are designed to have a medium to high level of volatility. You can spin for lots of time until you get a winning combination, and that means you will place bets without payouts until you are lucky.

The big prizes cover the expenses up to the hub. So, high volatility is compensated with high RTP.

Quick Hit slots come with lots of bonuses, including diverse bonus rounds like win multipliers, free spins, spins of fortune wheels, and others.

Quick Hit Slots Online Casino Bonuses & Free Spins

Speaking of bonuses, we should mention free spins, meaning that a player does not bet with his real funds. The Quick Hit slots offer them when a player signs up for an online casino, for instance.

The casino can provide a player with bonus funds for his initial deposits, cashback, and rewards for various activities. These benefits add a lot to the winning, but you should read the terms and conditions for such bonuses as they can restrict withdrawals or the use of such funds. For instance, you may be allowed to spend them on bets within a particular range of titles.

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Free Quick Hit Slots Online

There are free Quick Hit Slots that are developed to help players learn the rules, features, and options. You can find a list of such gambling sites in our reviews.

Quick Hit Slots Mobile Apps

It is now possible to play Quick Hit Slots on the go thanks to applications developed for iOS and Android-powered devices. They allow adjusting the format based on individual preferences. Almost any popular and reputable online casino has software that can be downloaded for free and used by any player.

Where to Find Quick Hit Slots?

Quick Hit slots are in demand. That is why you can find them everywhere, meaning that you can find them in most online casinos and land-based casinos. We recommend taking a look at the list of the best gambling sites that we’ve prepared for you. Compare the design of the platforms, conditions, and assortment to choose the best one and play the Quick Hit slots with progressive jackpots!

Are Quick Hit Slots Worth Playing?

We hope that the article proves the simplicity and efficiency of Quick Hit Slots. If you are a beginner, you should definitely try them, and if you have previous experience and have forgotten about slots, you should definitely refresh your memory about them. There are so many new releases and good old titles. But remember that there is gambling addiction. We recommend avoiding risk factors and taking this activity easy.

Try your luck and have a good time in addition to your high winnings!


How to get free spins?

You cannot get free spins when you like or need them. This option is provided by the title as an award. It can be triggered by a particular symbol on the reels, but still, they are random, so a player cannot predict this event. You do not have to increase your deposit or the number of winnings. This is a kind of present. Commonly, the title has between 5 and 25 free spin rounds.

What are progressive jackpots in Quick Hits?

Quick Hit Slots are so popular because of the available progressive jackpot (but there are games without this offer). A progressive jackpot means that the payout for a winner becomes larger each time the game is played, but the jackpot is not won. When a lucky player gets it, the jackpot is decreased to the basic level and will start growing again each time the game is played without it being claimed. The accumulated amount is displayed at the top of the page when a gambler is playing.

The condition for a big win is getting 5 similar symbols on any of the reels. The probability is random. The player is not able to manage it. The jackpot can become as high as 7500x the value of a bet.

Are Quick Hit Slots mobile friendly?

Yes, there are mobile apps that are of high quality. They are compatible with devices with the Android or iOS operating systems.

Do I need to download Quick Hit slots?

No, you do not need to download them. But you can do it if you prefer playing from your desktop.

What are the slot symbols in Quick Hit slots?

The classic slot symbols of Quick Hit slots are sevens of the particular design, cherries, and BARs. There are others, but these are the most popular ones.

What is the best casino to play Quick Hit slots?

You are welcome to look through the best online casinos on our list. Here you will find the most favorable conditions and the widest choice of titles. We have tested them and guarantee that they are safe and enjoyable.