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6 Things to Bet on Except Sports

As the technology evolves, so does everything else that goes with it. Today, people all around the world can enjoy sports betting from the comfort of their homes. It is only necessary to create an online betting account at one of the bookmakers and place bets in a few minutes.

But as exciting as sports bets are, there are more things to place bets on. People can now enjoy betting on various activities that are known worldwide, all of which can be found at certain bookmakers. Here is what you can bet on except sports.

Top 6 Alternatives to Sports Betting

Let’s now dive into the meaty part and talk about the top 6 alternatives to betting on sports. We’ll list the picks first and then discuss each in-depth. Here goes:

  1. Video games (eSports)
  2. Virtual football
  3. Dog tracks
  4. Politics
  5. Academy Awards
  6. Casino games

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Video Games (eSports)

Until recently, video games were just a form of entertainment, a way to spend some time having fun with your friends and improve cognitive reasoning a bit. Today, it’s a completely different story as the best video gamers can earn millions of dollars through tournaments and people watching such events can earn money while betting online. In a way, playing video games has become a sport.

Video Games


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Although few people thought it possible twenty years ago, eSports is becoming one of the most attractive branches of the industry, as well as the fastest growing branch. As expected, sportsbooks immediately smelled the potential profit and began investing heavily to compete. Today, the eSports betting market is very developed, and the number of players actively placing bets is high, with a constant tendency to grow.

For this reason, the group of sports has been expanded by another member, the world of eSports competitions. There are some of the world’s biggest tournaments, which are often played in the most popular eSports games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Overwatch and Starcraft II.

Considering that the eSports industry is developing at a high speed, it should not surprise us that the betting industry, wanting to keep up with the trends, has made big changes! Of course, it also included betting on eSports in her activities, which pays off!

Tips for Betting on eSports – Steps to Success

Competitive video gaming is at its peak right now, thanks to tournaments and numerous events. Many teams, organizations and players are now making millions thanks to numerous professional competitions. Thanks to those same competitions, we also have the opportunity to bet on our favorite eSports games and favorite teams. Whether it’s video games like CS: GO, DOTA 2, or League of Legends, betting tips are more than welcome.

So, let’s see how to enjoy successful betting in the best possible way. Before we get into the tips, we’ll emphasize one thing – none of these tips guarantee you victory! Tips for betting on eSports are here to spice up your experience.

1. Start With Small Stakes

Betting on eSports is still unknown to many who wish to expand their betting arsenal and earn easy money from betting on video games. The best advice you can get and will almost always hear when it comes to betting is this – start small.

Instead of risking large sums of money, it is advisable to use a strategy called percentage investing. Namely, it is up to you to simply choose a percentage of your total stake, from 10 to 25%, and place a series of smaller bets limited to that amount. This is a much smarter decision than risking everything.

We believe that you are already familiar with the unwritten rule – the more bets you place, the more experienced you become and the more chances you have to win.

Start With Small Stakes

2. Check the Team Compositions

We assume that you already have a favorite team and a favorite eSport that you bet on most often. So, if you want your betting to be successful, we advise you to pay attention to the composition of a certain team whenever possible. If a certain team lacks a leader, or is prevented from participating in the competition, you yourself know that the chances of winning will be much lower. It is very important to be familiar with the composition of the team as well as the performance and capabilities of the players who are in that same team.

3. Check the Form of Players and Teams

Simply, look at their past success and everything will be clear to you. These types of information are easily available today, and in just a few steps you will be able to see what a certain team or player has done and achieved in previous competitions. As eSports tournaments are taking place all the time throughout the year, it is quite easy to keep up with the form of teams and players.

4. Be Thorough

Anyone who sees success in eSports betting has invested a lot of time in researching, watching or playing their favorite video games. Quite simply, if you want to get the best out of eSports betting, you need to master all the technical and mechanical aspects of the video game. League of Legends requires tactics, as does Fortnite, but the two tactics are also different.

Most eSports competitors stream almost daily, so don’t leave out Twitch where you can follow and study the styles and groats. This is a great starting point for newcomers and all those who want to bet on specific competitors. In addition to Twitch, you can also join Discord channels where you can also track the success of certain teams.

Dedication and research will help you make the most of the odds that bookmakers offer you. And once again, don’t forget that eSports betting tips do not guarantee you winnings, just betting fun (although they can be quite profitable).

Virtual Football

With the Virtual Football League, you can bet whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The League consists of 16 teams, 30 rounds, 8 parallel matches per round, resulting in over 100 events per hour within the League, as well as over 50 within the Cup. All information on which Virtual Football is based (such as player performances, events during the game, etc.) is based on real statistics derived from real football. Additionally, many bookmakers offer you almost the same betting options on Virtual Football as on real football.

Virtual Football

After logging in to your User Account, you need to select Virtual Games in the main menu, and then select Virtual Football League in the menu on the left. The offer always includes 8 matches of the current round. After you have selected the type of ticket on the right (single or combined), and by clicking on the desired odds, below the match display screen, the bet will appear on the “ticket”, usually displayed on the right.

In the Virtual Football League, you can place a bet up to 10 seconds before the start of the match. After that, you can follow the match on the display screen. 8 matches of the round are shown at the same time.

A season lasts for a total of only 141 minutes. It is divided into 3 parts:

  • “Season announcement” – a period that happens before the match. It lasts 2:30 minutes.
  • “Season Rounds” – the total duration of the season, lasts 137:30.
  • “Season Report” – a period that happens after each season. Lasts 60 seconds.

One round lasts 4:35 minutes. It is divided into the following components:

  • “Match announcement” is a period of 60 seconds before the match.
  • The “first half” lasts 90 seconds.
  • “Half time” lasts 10 seconds.
  • The “second half” lasts 90 seconds.
  • “Match report” lasts 10 seconds.
  • “Round report” lasts 15 seconds.

Each season includes 30 rounds, within which home and away matches are played.

Within the 3-Way bet (Final Outcome), the following types of games are available to you:

  • 3way (Final Outcome)
  • Halftime – 3way
  • First goal
  • Asian Handicap
  • Handicap
  • Over/Under
  • Correct Score

Betting on matches from the following rounds is possible until the end of the season. If you select a round that has not yet started, by clicking on the “Select round” option, the offer of matches played in that round will automatically open to you, along with the offer of games and odds for that match.

If you haven’t played the ticket yet, you can delete the type from the ticket very simply by clicking on the “X” next to the selected game and the desired type will disappear. If you want to remove all types from the ticket, click on the bin symbol located in the lower left corner of the ticket window.

You can cancel the ticket no later than 5 seconds before the end of the countdown. You can cancel a ticket by selecting the ticket you want to cancel in the “My tickets” list on the right, clicking on the three dashes in the upper right corner of the ticket, after which you will be asked “Do you really want to cancel the ticket?”, if you really want to cancel the ticket you want, confirm by clicking on “Yes” and you will receive a confirmation that the ticket has been canceled.

The minimum and maximum deposits and winnings will be set by the bookmakers themselves.

Dog Tracks

Dog racing may not be as popular among local bettors as, for example, football and basketball, but there are still a large number of people around the world who choose to bet on this type of racing. The best online sportsbooks in 2022 will certainly offer you this option as well.

They are very interesting, dynamic, sometimes harder to predict, but betting on them can be very profitable. Before you try your hand at betting on dog racing you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the most important things about these specific races.

We will try to give you a good introduction to the types of bets that are currently available to you on the betting market, but also to familiarize you with the basic rules and terms important for successful betting. And if you are new to betting dog tracks or just getting warmed up, you should first learn some basics that will help you better understand this sport and these specific athletes in order to discover the best way to bet that can bring you a satisfactory profit level.

First of all, you should know that not every dog ​​race is the same and that there are several different types.

  • Sprint – a fast race that ends after 2 corners.
  • Standard – a longer race that will end after 4 corners.
  • Extended – the end of the race comes after 6 corners.
  • Marathon – a longer race that will be over after 8 turns.
  • Hurdles – in most cases, the race is of standard length, but there are also hurdles.
  • Handicap races – dogs of different abilities take part in the same race, so the slower ones get an advantage.

Dogs participating in the races are given marks based on what their strengths are and which races they do best. The tags are as follows:





In addition, you should know that sometimes it does matter where the dog starts the race, that is, the position on the starting line is important.

  • Rails – this position means the first two places located in the interior, so the distance to the goal is the smallest.
  • Middle – refers to the two places in the middle (3rd and 4th), when dogs move here they can go very fast.
  • Wide – the last two positions (5th and 6th) are the farthest from the corners, the distance to the goal is the greatest.

When you bet on dogs, you have to pay attention to their markings, the place where they start, what kind of surface they run on, etc., as well as the breed.

Betting on dog racing comes down to several types of bets available, which are similar to betting on horse racing. We advise you to study them and think about each type separately, and then choose carefully which one to start with. Of course, we recommend the least risky first, as well as that your bet be well measured, so that you don’t lose more than you are ready for.

  • Betting on the winner – here you choose one dog on which you bet because of the belief that he will win. Betting of this type is simple in terms of the rules of the game, but not so simple when it comes to making the right prediction. You will need knowledge and experience to win.
  • Each way – your bet is divided in half here, half goes to the victory of a certain dog, and the other part to the position, which means that the dog should be in one of the first three places. The odds are lower than when betting on the winner.
  • Exacta – if you choose this betting method you need to predict which dogs will finish in the first two places. The odds are always good here, but the risk is also higher as you need to guess the correct order.
  • Reverse prediction – here the chances of a hit are higher because you choose two dogs that will be in the first two places, but the order itself is not important, it only matters that one of them is the first and the other of them is the second place.
  • Trifecta – this bet is even more serious than the exacta bet because you need to predict the dog that will finish first, the dog that will finish second, and the dog that will finish third. The odds are very tempting, but this is not a bet for beginners.
  • Combined Trifecta – here you have to guess which three dogs will be in the first three places, with the fact that you don’t have to guess the order, so it’s much simpler and less risky than Trifecta.

When it comes to betting, remember that without learning, analyzing and following up, you will hardly win often. If you are serious about betting or just want to become a serious bettor, your goal should be regular winnings, and winnings will not be regular if you rely only on luck. No one is so lucky that they accidentally win in the long run at the bookmaker. That’s why you should seriously enter this business.

If you are going to bet on dog racing, you should first know the rules of the sport. After that, research and find out as much as you can about the dogs, the way they run, what suits them in terms of track conditions and position, the type of race, and based on that, choose which ones to bet on. Follow the analysis and statistics. Data of this kind is not hard to come by although betting on dog racing is very popular in America and England and on the internet you have a lot of useful information, advice, and the like.

Also pay attention to:

  • Weather conditions – some dogs run better on wet tracks, while others cannot perform at their best in such conditions.
  • A break between races – too big a break has a negative effect on form, but too little too. A week is the ideal break between races.
  • Dog ratings – pay attention to this as you can track the dogs’ form and performance.
  • Breed of dogs and how old they are – information about breed and age is really important, as it has been observed that certain breeds at certain ages do better in certain categories. Do your research on this topic, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Betting on dog racing can be just as fun and rewarding as betting on any sport, but it also requires commitment and long-term planning to get the best results. If you’re broke and want to get into these waters, start gradually, with smaller stakes until you gain experience and the confidence that goes with it.

Politics (Elections)

The current political landscape is an unstable and fluctuating environment in which anything can happen. Therefore, it is not surprising that political bets are gaining more and more followers. Sometimes a session in Congress or a debate prior to a general election is lived with more passion than a football derby! Discover why political bets on elections or on the result of a referendum can be as exciting as sports bets.

It has been a long time since political betting had an event that will generate the interest and expectation of betting in elections to the community. Perhaps the reason we have to look for this is in the general context of political tension around the world. Either way, people can bet on politics online and hence earn money.

A great example would be political bets on the US Elections back in 2020. Although more than 70 million United States citizens have voted in advance, there was a lot of uncertainty about who will be the next President of the country. It depended again on states like Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona. That was more than a good reason for bookmakers to put different odds on the two remaining candidates:


Joe Biden – 1.44

Donald Trump – 2.75

The United Kingdom and bets on the next general election – it is clear that the United Kingdom is the mirror in which to look at yourself when it comes to political bets. Partly because of the remarkable development that they have acquired in the British Isles, partly because of the political context they have, many bookmakers have open markets related to English politics. For example, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, better known as Brexit, was incredibly popular among the bettors. Not only that, but the Parliament elections gain a lot of bets.

Bets greater number of seats (September 2019)

Conservatives – 1.36

Labor – 4.50

Liberal Democrats – 13.00

As for Brexit, it was another great British issue present in the political betting section of the different betting houses.

Bets on when the UK will leave the EU (September 2019):

Before December 31, 2019 – 1.65

In 2020 or later – 2.10

Being informed and knowing where the shots are going when betting on situations related to politics, such as the last General Elections in the US or the Referendum on Independence in Scotland, for example, is vital to be able to win money. Pay attention to the press, follow specialized blogs and listen to talk shows on the radio!

In political betting, odds changes and rollovers occur, generally more unpredictably than in betting on sporting events. In the US elections, for example, the favorite at the beginning of March was Donald Trump while a few weeks later, the odds turned around towards Joe Biden.

Until very recently, surveys and polls were quite reliable for “taking the temperature” of public opinion in terms of political preferences. However, in recent times, the polls have not been able to predict the results of key electoral events such as the Brexit Referendum in the United Kingdom, or the last elections for President of the United States. Do not trust the surveys one hundred percent!

Academy Awards

In the world of cinema, there is no award ceremony as important and as popular as the Oscars. The Academy Awards are awarded each year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, with the aim of rewarding the best in the world of cinema. The Oscars paralyze movie lovers every year for one night, in said ceremony awards are given to the best films, actors, and directors of each year. And in 2022, there were many expectations around this event.

For example, the Oscars ceremony took place on March 27 and there were many bookmakers that allowed us to place bets on the different prizes that were awarded on this important night for moviegoers. Although the Oscars are not part of the world of sports, they are an event that is present in many online sports betting houses. There are a few things to know before placing such bets:

How to Bet on Academy Awards: Learn Everything About the Nominees

As in any other bet, it is necessary that we know very well about the subject. If you are not a lover of the world of cinema or if you are not up to date with the latest releases and their impact on the world of entertainment, it is better that you inform yourself well before you place your bet.

On the internet there are hundreds of news articles about the Oscars and you can find information about the different categories in which bets are offered, all so that you can bet with much more security. Information is power, and if you want to hit your bet, you will have to consume content related to the topic, which are the favorites and what has been the impact caused by each of the films.

And if we talk about consuming content, we also need to be able to judge for ourselves which is the best option to bet on. How do you know which are the best films nominated for each category, how good was their soundtrack, or how well did an actor perform their role? Simple, watching the movies, and in turn it could also help us to read the reviews made by experts in the field.

The Oscars reward the best of cinema and the best way to know which films, actors, directors will have the most chance of winning is to enter that world and enjoy each of the films, so we can judge by our own criteria and not just bet to bet.

Every year, bookmakers offer the possibility of betting on the Oscars online and present different categories that are awarded during the ceremony. On this occasion, some of the bookmakers presented us with a wide variety of bets on the 2022 Oscars and here are some of them.

  • Best film – This is perhaps the most important award or at least the one on which much of the attention is focused. On this occasion, The Power of the Dog was listed as the favorite film to win this award.
  • Best director – If the film is important, so is who is behind it, and the mastermind is also awarded at the Academy Awards. In this edition, we had Jane Campion and Steven Spielberg as nominees and favorites to win the award for their work in The Power of the Dog and West Side Story, respectively.
  • Best Leading Actor – In this category, the most outstanding actors who served as protagonists of the best movies are considered.
  • Best Leading Actress – The Academy Awards also honor the actress who stands out the most each year as a lead, taking into account, of course, the best films of the year.
  • Best Original Screenplay – This is an award given to those behind the story of a film. This award is aimed at original scripts that do not take elements from books, plays or other films.

Casino Games

Online game developers are constantly updating the variety of recreational games of chance, among which slots stand out for their infinity of themes that they pose. If you are curious to know what is new in this sector, you can play casino games for free to check that each developer gives it a different touch and design, while constantly updating the themes, including characters and plots from TV series, movies, comics, or characters that are trending today.

Casino Games

In Europe, online casinos became popular until it became a boom, which has crossed the ocean and reached North America and Latin America simultaneously. Here are the most popular casino games that are quite enjoyable to play and that many bookmakers offer in their casino section:

  • Slots – They are known as slot machines, and in the United States and some other countries simply as slots. It is the most requested game for its wide variety of features and themes. Another of its attractions are its pay lines or combinations to win, the rounds that grant bonuses, also known as mini games, and the number of reels they offer.
  • Slots With a Jackpot or Jackpot Slots – They are also called progressive slots, in which a jackpot accumulates, depending on the amounts of the users’ bets. This accumulated amount is distributed as a jackpot and they are very tempting, since they can reach amounts that reach millions of euros/dollars/pounds. It is common for there to be several jackpots in the same game.
  • Roulette – It is considered the most emblematic game of online casinos and they are available in their European, American and French versions. They are obtained with or without croupier. American roulette is not highly recommended, since by having a 00 box, the advantage of the casino is greater.
  • Blackjack – There is a wide variety of tables and versions, depending on the developer and casino providers. The best known are Classic Blackjack, American, European and the Surrender version. It is one of the most complex games, so it is recommended for experienced players.
  • Baccarat – It is a simpler version of Blackjack and became popular all over the world, because it is the favorite game of the well-known James Bond movie character. Very similar to Blackjack, with the advantage that it is easier. The objective of the game is to add a number of points as close to 9.
  • Dice – In some countries, they are known as craps, although they are not very common in all online casinos. It’s fun and very fast: if you roll a 7 or 11 you win immediately, but if you roll 2, 3 or 12 you lose immediately.
  • Bingo – It is the easiest and often most fun, and has the advantage that you can interact with the rest of the players and with the casino moderator. They are available with 75, 80 and 90 balls.
  • Video Poker – They offer several versions, such as Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better. Unlike traditional poker, it is played against the machine. The mechanism includes 5 cards and their versions come depending on the game lines. There are from 10, 25, 50 and up to 100 lines.
  • Live Dealer Games – When you think of games of chance, most often you think of a physical casino and all that it has to offer. However, the situation in the gambling industry has changed a lot in recent years, and now you can enjoy all the charms that an online casino offers you from the comfort of your home. And not only in standard online casino games, but also in games where you meet a live dealer.

The first thing you need to understand is that live dealer games are also a type of online game. Therefore, it is quite logical to ask what makes them different enough from ordinary online casino games. In most online casino games (including live dealer casino games), you’re actually playing versions of the games of chance you’d find in a land-based casino. The only difference is that now you play them online, from your home or anywhere else on the planet.

And what is a live dealer? It is a real person who, through streaming and thanks to the technical possibilities available online, leads the game. It deals you cards, communicates with you through an interface, and makes you feel like you’re in a land-based casino.

How to Choose Bookmakers and Casinos That Offer Various Markets?

Finding an online casino or a bookmaker is easy but finding a great one that will fulfill all the needs should be considered thoroughly. Here are the most important criteria to follow when choosing a gambling house:

How to Choose Bookmakers and Casinos

License and Security – The bare minimum that an online bookmaker should offer is a secure platform. Regarding licenses, online betting sites are regulated by serious bodies in the sports betting and gaming industry. That is, they are prepared to comply with all Responsible Gaming guidelines and correctly pay the player.

As for websites, all must offer a safe environment from the registration to the realization of the online bets itself. Therefore, they all work with SSL/TLS protocols, which guarantees an encrypted connection and confidentiality with sensitive information.

The best bookmakers offer security features on their platforms. So, there is no reason to be concerned. Just register, enjoy the bonus, and have fun.

Markets and Odds – Here is another very important point in the best bookmakers: the variety in terms of online betting. Each bookmaker must offer a large catalog of sports betting, but also additional types of bets, as mentioned above. That way, you can bet on basically anything you want.

So, for example, there is much more than football. You can place guesses on basketball, tennis, volleyball, American football, ice hockey, Formula 1, horse racing, eSports, political elections, and more.

As far as competitions are concerned, the menus must also be extensive. There should be championships of all sizes in basically all sports and more. That way, it’s very easy to find the event you want. As for the markets, that is, the types of bets, there is also nothing to complain about. After all, sportsbooks have a lot of options for placing guesses. It is worth looking at each platform.

Last but not least, we need to talk about the odds. It should be noted that good odds are essential in betting. After all, they are the ones that determine the potential returns of the bettor if he gets his prediction right. So the higher the odds, the better.

Welcome Bonuses – All the gambling houses should offer bonuses, at least a welcome offer for new customers who register on their platforms. In fact, offering bonuses is a very common practice these days. After all, many beginner gamblers are often attracted to an interesting bonus.

So the big companies in the industry are always looking to offer bonuses and other offers. And, of course, they improve their bonuses from time to time. And there are other bonuses in different formats. Therefore, we always recommend that you check each bookmaker’s website to find out more. Also, also check out the other promotions for old customers like other bonuses and offers.

Live Streaming – Several of the best bookmakers have the live streaming feature. In this way, they allow the bettor to follow the events in video directly from their platforms. And that’s a big bonus when gambling on more than sports.

Of course, not all the best bookmakers offer streaming. Anyway, it is worth noting that some online betting operators have this feature. So always check the website to see if the feature is available and at what events it is available.

Apps – With people increasingly connected to their cell phones, bookmakers have adapted to this reality. Thus, basically all betting sites have adapted their platforms to the compact screens of smartphones. But some of the best betting sites have gone even further and created their own apps.


How to Join Bookmakers and Casino Sites?

After finding a gambling platform where to bet on, it is necessary to create a gambling account. Visit the website, click on “join” or “register”, and fill in the form provided by the house. Insert the real information, accept the terms and conditions, and confirm your account creation. After that, you can deposit money and use it to gamble on everything you wish.

What can I Bet on Except on Sports?

People can bet on many things besides sports. For example, video games are becoming incredibly popular and you can bet on various games and their tournaments. Also, dog tracks have been forever popular and now it’s possible to bet on dog races online as well. Oscar’s awards and political elections are now becoming more popular as well.

Can I Bet on Sports and Play Casino Games at the Same Time?

Yes, many casino sites will offer sports betting in addition to their standard casino games. Likewise, some bookmakers will have their dedicated casino sections where you can enjoy various casino games. Finding a gambling platform that offers lots of bets is always a good option.

What are eSports?

E-Sport is the term used to classify virtual game competitions, especially those held by professionals, which can be watched by the public on television or streaming platforms. Many types of games are covered by E-Sports and most athletes start their career in an unpretentious way, playing a game at home. Today, people can bet on many eSports competitions.