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What is The Best Time of Month to Play Slot Machines

Slots are the most popular casino games and the amount of misconceptions surrounding them is proportional to their popularity. Although some of them are relatively harmless and more akin to conspiracy theories, others could really have a bad effect on the gaming experience itself.

In order to debunk the biggest misconceptions about slots, we have prepared a list of the most common and biggest ones, focusing on the time of month to play and win! Let’s take a look at them.

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The Best Time to Play Slots

One of the most popular misconceptions about slot machines is that there is a specific period in the month when the machine will give high payouts. However, with improvements in technology and especially in gambling industry today, slot machines have evolved so much that there are no “special conditions” to win. The outcomes of each play are completely random.

In other words, they are the product of coincidences. Each turn is completely independent of the previous one and has no effect on the next. The chances of winning or losing are equal on every spin, and the outcome will be determined only by your luck. Each spin comes with the same probability and there is always a possibility that during your session you will have two big wins in a row or none. Remember, in a game of chance you never make assumptions about the probability of an outcome based on past results.

Even though you may have a few spins while playing that will reward you richly, it’s not because the game is getting “hot” and the time is right. It is a product of chance, and you just got lucky and won the prize. So, don’t expect a slot machine to give you a big payout just based on the fact that you (or anyone else) haven’t won in a long time. Everything is a matter of luck and not the specific time of playing!

Does the Day or Time Make a Difference in Your Chances of Winning?

This misconception is more often associated with land-based casinos, although there are also online players who do not deviate from it. Basically, this myth is related to the belief that slots, as well as other casino games, will bring a higher number of winnings during a certain time of the day.

For some players it is the morning, for others it is the evening, and sometimes even the dead of night. This fallacy is undoubtedly absurd and there is no proof that it is true. If casinos could change the odds of winning or paying out in their games, those same games would no longer be random. This is considered illegal and is prohibited in all serious jurisdictions. Maybe people were simply lucky that day around noon but tomorrow it will most likely not be the case. You must know that slot machines behave unpredictably.

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Top Myths About The Best Time to Play Slots

  • For example, according to Victor Royer, author of the book Powerful Profits from Slots, the best hours to play slot machines in casinos that are open 24/7 are between 1 and 7 a.m. because slot machines are more likely to have had a long game period without awarding prizes.
  • On the other hand, Gayle Mitchell agrees with this statement but provides a narrower time frame. Mitchell claims that the best time to play the slots is between 2 and 6 am on Mondays, right after a weekend.

As there are those who swear that gambling is more profitable on certain days than others, and although it is true that some days you will have more success, you should know that this is a product of your luck, and not a certain that slots give more winnings on certain days. Casinos have no control over how often or on what days or hours slot games will pay out.

Top Myths About Slot Machines

1. Hot and Cold Slots

Many players believe that certain slots will give higher payouts because they are “hot” and will stop doing so when they “cool down“. This is wrong for several reasons:

  • First, casino games have no built-in memory, and previous spins have no effect on future spins.
  • In addition, RNG (random number generation systems) are designed to provide random results on each individual spin.

2. Slots are Rigged

When it comes to the biggest misconceptions about slots, one of the most common is that casinos rig slot machines so that players lose. This is absolutely false for several reasons:

  • For starters, people wouldn’t play in casinos at all if they didn’t have a chance to win something. After all, no one likes to invest their money with no return.
  • Who wins and who loses depends entirely on the player’s luck. Any kind of rigging in the casino is completely illegal.

3. Playing a Certain Slot and a Certain Game Increases the Chances of Winning

Players think they increase their chances of winning a significant sum by spinning the reels long enough on a particular slot machine. They also think that if they have already won one of the same size, they are less likely to make a big win. As said, the outcomes of each play are random, each turn is completely independent of the previous one and has no effect on the next.

4. The Method of Pulling the Lever Gives Better or Worse Results

There are those who believe that a strong pull on the lever, as opposed to a gentle one, will produce a better outcome. For online casinos, players also believe that a certain pause or aggressiveness of spinning the reel will result in winnings. Even the most famous slot machine cheaters would laugh out loud at this claim.

Secrets to Winning at Slots

And while it is certain that slots work based on RNG (random number generator), and the outcome of each hand will be completely random, there are a few things to try out in order to increase chances of winning. Here are the most notable ones:

Playing High RTP Slots

RTP, or return to player, is the payout percentage and it shows how much money players win compared to how much money they deposit while playing a slot game. For example, if a game has an RTP of 90%, it means that the player will get 10% of the investments back in the long run. The keyword is “long run” as RTP is calculated over a million spins. Theoretically, the higher the RTP, the higher the chances of winning.

Big Stakes

It is no secret that both traditional and online casinos love big stakes. Hence, in both cases, players who play with big stakes will certainly see better results. While the outcomes of spins are totally random, on average, slots give more winnings when more coins are used. However, beware – playing with high stakes does not mean always winning. Also, we saw winnings of thousands of dollars being won with a single penny.

Casino Bonuses

Each online casino will offer various bonuses to both regular and new players. These bonuses can be used for gambling, of course, although under certain conditions, such as wagering requirements and time limits. Be that as it may, bonuses give a boost when gambling and players who use them to play slots have increased chances of winning as they have more funds to gamble longer. For slots, Free Spins are quite important as they allow players to spin the reel for free numerous times. There were many cases where players have won nice sums of money with free spins.

Demo Practice

Some casino sites will provide “demo mode”, where players can play slots for free. And although this does not guarantee any winnings (no money deposited means no money won), players will be able to see how the game works. After a while, a player will get “a feel” of how the machine works, learn the rules, discover bonus rounds, and generally come prepared to play for real money in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are casino machines programmed?

It depends on the type of machines. Programmed: The prize works through an internal program, that is, after a sequence of several plays, the machine itself returns a certain amount of what has been wagered on it. This can be explained as a casino margin (the house always wins), or RTP (return to player), which is always below 100%. However, winning is more than possible.

How does the algorithm of a casino machine work?

The way it operates in slots is through a special algorithm, which allows players to see how the result of the spins was produced and to verify that the operator has not manipulated them in any way. This is called RNG (random number generator), which provides fair gambling to all.

When are the slot machines available?

Enjoyable by newbies and experienced players alike, slot machines are generally available 24/7 at locations across the country and online.

What is the importance of the day of the week in the game of slot machines?

Some players think that certain days will result in a higher reward than others, but most experts say that it doesn’t matter which day of the week you play. Many experts say that the day of the week has no importance in predicting slot machine winnings.

Why are casinos busier on weekends?

Since most people have free time on weekends, casinos are more crowded and the cost of accommodation is higher. Also, time off from work cuts into benefits as there may be a loss of income for the day. Nothing to do with certain period when slot machines provide more winnings.