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What Casino Game Has the Best Odds?

The best online casinos and gambling houses in the world offer high payouts to their players. Return percentages vary from one betting site to another, but in general terms, this practice is gaining more and more space within the betting market.

We delved into the odds and  house edge associated with each game, highlighting which ones offer better chances of consistent wins and significant payouts. We have considered several factors to consider how the house advantage would affect the winning probabilities, such as the level of complicity, volatility, and the speed of the game.

To have a more profound understanding of odds and high payouts in casino games, take a look at our list of games with the best odds for a payout. By grasping these concepts, you can gain a more in-depth understanding of odds in games and choose the best casinos according to your needs.

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How to Determine the Best Casino Game Odd?

Every game has its own odds. They inform a gambler about the winning probability and the amount of his prize if he wins. These are the numerical rates. There are several types of odds, but in online casinos, you will find only the odds expressed as whole or broken numbers (fractional odds) or as a percentage.

You should agree that knowing your chances of winning in percentages is the most straightforward way to find the casino game with the best odds. This value is known as the “Return to player”, or RTP, of the game. It shows a certain percentage that will return to players when they play this game at this casino for some time. For instance, if you see an RTP equal to 95%, it means that, on average, the statistics prove the return is equal to $95 for every $100 wagered. Of course, you personally can win much more by covering your deposit, if you are lucky or skilled enough, depending on the game rules.

The difference between a wager and an RTP includes the profit of a casino. Let’s say RTP is 95%. In this case, the casino takes 5% of the bet and reduces the potential prize. It is clear that the value is calculated as an average return. Online gambling websites engage analysts to perform calculations, and that is not as easy as it seems. Thus, we’ll not go further into detail. We’d better have a look at the casino’s profit.

Understanding House Edge

This term is also known as a “house advantage”. It shows the money that a casino makes on gamblers’ bets on every game. The profit is expressed as a percentage.

You most likely have heard that the “house always wins”, and it is true. Because random number generators are used to ensure a random outcome in most games, the administration is not capable of interfering with the process.

The mechanism is under the strict control of the regulatory bodies, which protect gamers against fraud. In order to ensure this protection, look at our list of the best gambling sites and choose a fully licensed online casino, even if some unlicensed operators provide better conditions at first glance.

The house edge is an average value. For instance, the operator shows an edge on the slots equal to 5%. It means that when a gambler stakes $100 on the slots, the house is going to get $5 if he wins. This is the reverse of the odds. The higher the house edge, the lower the odds that you are offered, and vice versa. There are strategies that allow a player to alter the balance in his favor.

Things to Consider When Reviewing the House Edge on Casino Games

You should take the above values (odds and house edge) into consideration when you choose a casino. In addition, the following issues should be noted:

  • The level of complicity in the game—the more complicated the title, the higher the house edge.
  • The risk of losing, also known as volatility — indicates the frequency of wins and the size of potential payouts. There are commonly three levels: high, medium, and low.
  • The speed of the game — shows how much time you are expected to spend playing. Just compare roulette and multi-round poker.

Now, let’s have a look at the games that come with the smallest house edge and, as a consequence, the highest odds.

Casino Games with the Best Odds

You can have any preferences as a gambler, but if your area of focus is to win, you should sacrifice your amusement to mercenary interests and choose the titles that provide the best odds and are easy to win. Let’s consider those games.

Roulette — Nearly 50% Chance of Winning Odds

Roulette provides any player with a winning chance, even if he does not know a lot about the game, which is not as demanding as others. As a result, the outcome is largely determined by chance rather than the player’s abilities. You cannot predict your win, as the wheel runs down absolutely at random. Still, let’s remember the rules.

American roulette

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In offline casinos, roulette takes the form of a wheel established on a table – the so-called betting area or layout. The wheel includes pockets placed circle-wise and marked with a number each. The number order is strict, but the numbers are not placed consecutively.

There is American roulette and European (or French) roulette. There is American roulette and European (or French) roulette. The wheel of the American style has 38 pockets. 36 of them are marked with numbers and colored in red and black fifty-fifty. The two green pockets are marked “0” and “00”. The wheel of the French style includes only one zero. In other words, there is only one green pocket with the mark “0” on a wheel. The layout is divided into three sections for quick bets.

At the beginning of a game, the players place their bets using chips, which are painted in a special way. There are tables with a different range of bet amounts available and various options. The player can bet on the “inside” and the “outside”. He can bet on a single pocket, or on two adjoining numbers, or on a small range of pockets next to the coming winning number, or on a wider range of such pockets, or on a color, or in other ways.

Then a dealer announces: “All bets are off. No more bets. ” The wheel starts spinning. At the same time, a dealer throws a small ball in the opposite direction of the movement of the wheel. The ball makes at least three complete rotations along the wheel until it lands in a pocket. It defines the winning number, which is announced by a dealer. The winners may continue betting or redeem the chips for cash in a cash register. The payout may be different and depends on the size and type of the wager.

Playing roulette on a website is much the same as in a land-based casino, but all the above-described processes will be reproduced on the display of your device. Due to a random choice, it is impossible to impact the RTP. But, you can choose a lower house edge. There are average values:

  • 2.7% for European roulette.
  • 5.26% for American roulette.

It means that the former has higher odds, and that means that if you win, you can gain more by playing European roulette.

Also, you can benefit from the following tips: by betting on ‘black’ or ‘red’ for each spin, you will have a probability of winning equal to about 47.3% in American roulette and 48.7% in European roulette.

You should know that different bets can result in different probabilities of winning. If you bet on colors and numbers, the probability of winning is about 50%. While, if you bet on columns and dozens, it is about 33%.

The statistics do not change the fact that the online wheel stops when a random number generator decides, and nobody can make it decide in someone’s favor.

Yet through it all, roulette comes with huge bets and progressive variations. Here, a stroke of luck is quite normal!

Blackjack – 49% Chance of Winning Odds

This is a table game, which is one of the oldest titles, popular with both experienced players and beginners. It is so inviting because it is a kind of challenge to a gambler, proving his quick and clear mind and skills. Non-professional gamers may find blackjack a little bit complicated, as it requires concentration on the game to remember the cards that go out of the deck.

Blackjack 22bet

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When playing blackjack, you have to take this game seriously! Some gamblers stick to the existing strategies, and it helps. Here, the player can influence his future and not only keep his fingers crossed.

Still, blackjack is really fun. In this game, the sky’s the limit! It is also known as “twenty-one”. This name is derived from the basic condition of the game, which we are going to explain.

Commonly, a game is played with several decks, each consisting of 52 cards. Every gambler at the table competes with the casino’s dealer but not with one another. The aim is to beat the dealer, and it happens when a player has 21 points, generated by the cards in hand or any other number exceeding the number that the dealer has, but without going over 21. The cards are calculated in the following way: from two to ten are counted correspondingly; the jack, queen, and king have 10 points each. An Ace is equal to 11 when the total sum in hand is less than 21. Otherwise, the ace is counted as 1. So, a player can wait for a chance at any moment, because he does not know which cards will be given next and how they can change the course of the game.

At the very beginning of the game, a gambler makes his bets, receives his cards, and decides if he should continue. He may show his cards immediately because he has blackjack. If a dealer has it, all other players lose. In order to get the next card, a player should pronounce “hit”. If he is not going to participate in the current round, he says “stand”. If he has more than 21 points in hand, he loses.

The probability of winning is equal to about 49%. And if you are a skilled player, you can increase the rate. The house edge in blackjack is only 1%. However, you should be skilled to succeed.

Craps – 50% Chance of Winning Odds

Craps is another table game. At any stage of this game, you can place a bet on the outcome of a dice roll. The concept of the game is to roll a particular number with two dice. Then you are expected to roll the same number again before you get a seven.

There is a shooter who rolls bones. He can win if he gets a seven or an eleven on the first roll. This result is referred to as “coming out” in the game. Any other number, rolled by the shooter, becomes the “point.” A shooter who misses over one point is disqualified.

To increase your payouts, you can try to bet on a particular number, but in this case, your winning chances will be reduced.

Video Poker— Different Chances of Winning Odds

Almost all the rules and conditions in online casinos are kept just as they are in offline ones. The gamers take place around a virtual table. The number of players gambling over the Internet exceeds the number of players at a real table, and that makes the game even more interesting.

Video Poker Chances of Winning Odds

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Video poker combines the features of a poker game with slots. The banker deals five cards at random to each player. You should choose the cards that you want to discard. And here, the way you play the cards can impact the outcome. Finally, your hand is checked against the pay table.

The odds here are very different. However, the average payout percentage is about 99.5%. In fact, it can exceed 100%, but this is a matter of skill.

Slots — Different Chances of Winning Odds

Online slot machines do not require a lot of engagement from a player. Start with a few spins and get your win. Of course, first, you should place a bet, choose your lines, and click a virtual button on the screen of your device. The reels will spin. In a couple of seconds, you will see the result of a random choice, which is determined by the random number generator. The action of this generator is strictly controlled by regulatory bodies. Thus, nobody can impact the outcome.

Slots Chances of Winning Odds

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The RNG picks the particular symbols and displays them on every reel. The player’s purpose is to line up a winning combination, from which a computer will calculate the payout. The amount of the prize depends on the amount of the deposit and on the odds that the casino sets.

Let’s say you can count on about 90 % for most slots. However, you can find a game with a higher RTP. Thus, the house edge varies from 1% to 10%.

You can find the rates on the websites of online casinos that release their actual payout percentages every month. Analyze the data and perform the calculations. And do not forget that the house always has an advantage. So, keep your funds under control and read about Quick Hit slots to get some useful tips.

Casino Games with the Worst Odds

Now, we’d like to list a couple of titles that we recommend you avoid if you do not want to lose your money or spend time on tiny prizes. However, it is for you to decide. You can try to ensure it.

The Wheel of Fortune

You may find it referred to as the Big Six Wheel or the Money Wheel. The game comes with lots of symbols. It is suggested that the player place a bet on one of them. The wheel should stop on it. You’ll hardly win a lot here as the house edge is 16%.

Online Keno

If you’ve ever played the lottery, you’ll understand this game. You should select a set of numbers and wait until the computer draws random numbers. If certain of them fall within your range, you’ll win. If you guess all the numbers, you can count on high odds.
This game comes with the worst RTP. The house edge here is very high (20% to 40%). As a result, the payout percentage is about 75%.


Play the games with the best odds if you want to increase your winning chances. However, you should understand that there is still a risk to bear. And anyway, casinos will get the house edge, but it can be minimal.


What’s the best way to win at a casino?

The best way to win at a casino is to comprehend the odds, RTP, and house edge in order to find the most beneficial conditions. It is also suggested that volatility be considered. High volatility provides larger amounts of the prize, but higher risks, and vice versa.

What casino games are the easiest to win at?

Consider blackjack, craps, roulette, and video poker as the easiest games to win at.

How to reduce the effects of the casino house edge?

There are three tips:

  1. You should have a basic strategy to avoid making simple mistakes, which can increase the house’s edge in many games.
  2. Take advantage of bonuses in the form of promotions, discounts, free games, and other rewards, which balance against a house edge in the final result.
  3. Manage your bankroll by bringing the volatility of the game into correlation with your wagers. Do not risk huge amounts in a single session.

What casino game has the lowest odds?

We’d say that Keno is the worst one in this regard. The house edge here can reach up to 40%. You can play for amusement, but you’ll hardly win here.

Do casinos let you win at first?

The outcome does not depend on a betting order, meaning that the principle of beginner’s luck fails here. However, some casinos may provide so-called welcome bonuses. They do not increase your winning chances but add some benefits.

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