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What Are Winning Keno Patterns and How Do They Work?

If you are involved in keno or you are a beginner, you are definitely interested in the best winning strategies. It will not take you a lot of time to comprehend and master the rules, as they are completely simple. However, there are details that should be considered to succeed. Ensure that you know all the options that are available with keno, as that will allow you to have control over the process to some extent. They are not obvious, but they will give you a higher chance of winning.

You can try the patterns, playing from the comfort of your home. Choose a reputable online keno site and get engaged! But before that, let us invite you to read this article to learn more about your keno opportunities. We are going to describe the narrowly known patterns after a quick outline of the rules of the game.

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A Brief Review: How to Play Keno

If you have had experience with any lottery or bingo (by the way, you can find many different types of bingo games), you will cope with keno without effort on the first attempt. This Chinese-originated game is a popular form of entertainment nowadays. It offers 80 numbers numbered from “one” to “eighty.” They are laid out on a table with eight lines and ten columns.

What are you expected to do? You should buy a card (or ticket), the price of which varies depending on the bet amount, the number of numbers, and the draws. Commonly, you are allowed to choose 20 numbers at most. The number of numbers, however, can be limited to 15 or 10. The minimum is not restricted.

You should bet on any numbers you like. The amount of the stake can also be restricted by the casino. The common range is from $1 to $20. After your decision, the Random Number Generators will draw the numbers, and it is all better if they are the same ones you have chosen. The selected numbers are referred to as Spot (if you play 3 numbers, they say about 3 Spot.), while the announced numbers are known as Catch. In other words, all the drawn numbers or part of them (Catch) should be coincident with the choice you have made before (Spot) so that you can get your prize.

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The rules suggest that you choose a group of numbers from 1 to 80. The result will depend on how many numbers win. And the payout will be calculated on the basis of the parameters and the bet amount. You can play for as long as you want, and you can wager as much money as you like. You play against the house only.

The result depends on the luck of the draw. The spin launches the Random Number Generator, which cannot be predicted or managed. Each round, it will announce any combination of numbers.

Keep in mind, this is a game of chance meant for pure entertainment, not a career choice. However, it’s teeming with thrilling patterns and bountiful bonuses, including the irresistible friend referral bonus at Wild Casino.

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Is there a Pattern to Keno?

Again, you should not rely on some magic strategy that will provide you with a winning outcome for sure. Any gambling based on the use of a Random Number Generator is unpredictable. However, there are recommendations that can increase the winning chances. You’d better know them and use them to make the most out of this game.

Be careful not to get hooked by the fraudsters who sell their “perfect” strategies to win keno without failure. The pattern, introduced at a price, is hardly worthy of your attention. You may try, but the outcome will highly likely be disappointing, as there are no guarantees of the result.

That is why you’d better use the below patterns for free and to your advantage. You will definitely have more fun following the strategies that other gamers prefer. They are mostly associated with a specific number combination, but they are not limited to that.

Which Keno Pattern Wins the Most Often?

The patterns were developed by players who had noticed the higher probability of the desired outcome during a range of sessions. The trend is usually confirmed for years. Here, math and other approaches are used. They determined the numbers that were drawn by the Random Number Generator over and over again. Then they decided, within reason, that these numbers provided a bigger winning chance.

Let’s have a look at the most popular and adequate betting patterns. Enjoy this precious, rewarding experience!

The Four Card Keno Pattern

You should play on four tables simultaneously, choosing various numbers (between two to ten), simultaneously playing on four tables or boards. In this way, you cover more numbers and get a better winning chance. Pick any number of spots on each card in a succession that allows you to overlap. Try various combinations.

The Twenty Card Keno Patterns

When you play more numbers, you have a better chance of getting them drawn. That is why the 20-card keno pattern brings a more frequent and higher payout. Thus, you should play up to 20 numbers on your cards and on 5 spots in each one (not less than 3 spots). Be ready to show your ability in math, as splitting 20 numbers among 20 cards is not as easy as it sounds.

The Multi Card Keno Patterns

If you want to balance the outcome, consider a multiple-card keno pattern. It may reduce the odds, but the winnings can be rather large. When you are deciding on the numbers, consider the following lucky ones: 23, 34, 72, 1, and 4. They say these numbers are frequently drawn by the Random Number Generator.

Individual Keno Pattern

You can apply your experience to develop your own winning keno strategy. Just think, what combination of numbers has brought repeated winnings? Analyzing can be a very engaging and enjoyable activity. Try this way to get more satisfaction.

Hot Numbers

There are numbers known by insiders that are drawn more frequently compared with others. They are referred to as “hot numbers.” You can build your pattern based on these choices. Again, you should not rely on them, as nothing can really beat the RNG systems. Every spin is random. Still, why not believe that the hot numbers work?

Consecutive Numbers

Another way to succeed is to select numbers in a consecutive sequence. Some gamblers insist that the pattern comes with higher winnings compared with selection without any concept.

Spreading the Risk

Now, we want to consider a betting strategy for keno that allows for mitigating the risk. It is very simple. When you use a multi-card keno pattern, you should choose multiple cards. For instance, you should select 6 numbers and take 3 cards. Now make different combinations of those numbers. Every card should have four numbers.


You decide to bet on the following numbers: 25, 22, 1, 32, 64, and 70.

It is suggested that you combine them in the following way:

Card 1 – 70, 22, 1 and 64

Card 2 – 1, 70, 22 and 25

Card 3 – 32, 1, 22 and 25

A range of variations increases your winning chances and, on the contrary, reduces the risk of losing. Moreover, you can be so lucky to get all the numbers on all the cards matching the Catch. Just imagine your payout in this case!

How to Boost Your Chances Playing the Keno

The ancient Chinese gamble, keno, has been surrounded by mythical stories and beliefs from olden times. Nowadays, gamers continue to develop plenty of winning strategies, which can seem efficient or have zero value. All that storytelling is amusing. It makes the game more involving, raises hope, and attracts beginners.

Still, you should know that if the casino is properly licensed, the outcome of Keno is always random. It does not mean that you should not try any winning systems. But you should not place your faith in a single strategy.

Place bets on various choices to avoid disappointment! Follow the key recommendations mentioned below.

Look for the Best Odds and Bonuses

As we have mentioned, the basic rules of the game are simple. It is suggested that a player select some numbers. The Random Number Generator draws random numbers. If the drawn ones match the ones selected by the player, he wins. If he manages to guess all the numbers, he gets a large payout. Thus, the more precise the choice, the higher the odds.

The first thing to do is to monitor the terms of various online casinos and find the best odds for keno. This will directly impact your payout.

You should know that there are some variations of the game that differ from each other in terms of rules and winning prizes. Look through a range of offers to decide on the most favorable terms. Keep in mind that winning twenty numbers does not often happen. We’d recommend preferring up to 8 numbers. Commonly, these games come with the best winning odds. Also, the best casinos usually offer bonuses, which will add to your profit.

Choose the Golden Middle

It seems that keno is very simple, yet it can be complicated as its variations have lots of rules. And again, it is really possible to win all 20 numbers. The statistics prove that winning the jackpot is possible. Just look at a list of famous lottery winners (the lottery is very much the same as keno). However, you’d better play the game soundly. Such a successful outcome is extremely rare. That is why it is much better to choose more reasonable strategies, which will make winning more likely, even though the matching will not be perfect and the winning prize will not be huge.

Also, the more numbers you choose, the lower the payout you get. On the other hand, when you select a lot of selected numbers, you increase the chance you’ll have matching numbers. Here, you should find the balance between the number of numbers and the size of the payouts.

Follow the experienced players who prefer 7, 6, 5, or 4 Keno games. It looks like a happy medium.

Find Progressive

You should know that this game comes with progressive jackpots. Not all casinos offer this option, but there are some with it.

A progressive jackpot is a huge payout, which is possible due to a growing amount of the prize. If a player does not win, the winner’s pot will be increased, and that will repeat with every next losing player until the winning outcome happens. If you are lucky enough to hit a winning combination of numbers, you will get this accumulated prize, which will be reduced by a large house edge, but the remaining sum will still please you for sure.

The only disadvantage of the option is that it is not frequent at all. So, you should not hope until the last breath. However, you should agree that it is nice to have the title with such an option.

Everything is possible!

The jackpot will not impact your winning chances, but if you are lucky, you will get progressive keno.

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Only Use a Reliable Casino

Choose a reputable online casino. There are lots of websites in the industry. Narrow your choice by focusing on the providers of keno titles that meet your preferences. 

  • Assure that they are licensed and guarantee fair gambling. You can check out the references to the regulatory bodies mentioned on the sites.
  • Read other users’ reviews.
  • Consider the terms of the selected online houses, including bonuses, payment methods, and other benefits.

Our review will help you find the best casino.

Determinate a Limit on Your Keno Losses

Keno is very simple. That is why you can play it in a fast manner. Select the numbers, find out the Catch, and take the win or lose. Even a dummy can start playing and winning on the first try!

The important issue here is to manage the budget carefully. Do not forget about an account balance. Casinos often provide their users with a loss limit feature. It is recommended that you set the amount as a threshold to protect yourself from severe losses.

Experiment with Keno for Free

If you still feel confused by the rules of the keno game, do not hesitate to try its free versions. There are demo keno titles or just free titles with restricted functionality. You will not win real money here, but you will not lose either.

Test patterns, build your own strategy, and refuse impulsive decisions. Try variants, and learn more about the rules and options. Finally, you may set your goals and open an account where you can play with real cash.

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The above patterns are really good. However, if you play keno online, those strategies just add entertainment and offer hope. They do not affect the outcome greatly. Remember that in keno, the Random Number Generator is used. It means you can never predict the outcome. There are some patterns that can improve your winning chances but without guarantees.

Anyway, it is much more interesting to try to keep the process under control and employ the above recommendations to have more fun. Decide on the available gambling budget and do not exceed the set amount. Consider the various titles of keno and choose the game with respect to the odds to get the biggest winnings possible.


Is math useful for predicting numbers in keno?

You can try it if you want. However, we believe it is completely useless because the outcome is unpredictable. The outcome depends on fate alone, as in keno, the Random Number Generator is used to announce the numbers. The experts are sure that it is impossible to calculate the random outcome of a spin.

What are the hot numbers in keno?

There are “hot numbers,” which are drawn more frequently but without any system. The statistics prove that 61, 66, 67, 74, 3, 16, 44, 58, and 78 are such numbers in keno.

How viable are hot and cold numbers in keno?

You should try them as they are better than nothing. The Random Number Generator does not give even a dog’s chance to predict the outcome. However, it is true that there are numbers that it draws more frequently. Do not rely on them, but we recommend using the “hot numbers” to increase your winning chances, even if the draws are random.

Of course, you can believe in your magic number, which brings good luck. It is none of the business of others to know why you believe in it. You are welcome to try it! But, deep in your bones, you must remember that there is no way to predict the outcome in keno. It follows that you should not bet the money you need to live. Just enjoy gambling, as keno is pure entertainment. Nobody can tell what Lady Luck has in mind.

Is it possible to cheat at keno?

Keno provides no possible way to cheat a player. The process is completely automated. The Random Number Generator is tested by reputable industry regulators. As well, a player has no chance to cheat in an online casino. And you should always remember that any attempt to cheat at a casino will bring fraud to criminal responsibility.

What is the secret to winning at keno?

You should find the best casino with the best terms. You may enjoy recklessness, but we recommend sticking to the above patterns. They really can increase your winning chances. And do not forget about the loss limit and keeping a cool head.

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