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    Ever since 1999, when AmigoBingo was first established, the site has been combining an excellent site interface with a vast selection of games and promotions to provide players with a bingo betting environment of the highest level. With its establishment in 1999, I can say that AmigoBingo is one of the most extended operating bingo betting sites in the gambling industry.

    And you know that sites that are not providing quality service can’t possibly operate this long, especially when considering the fierce competition in the gambling industry. There is a lot I have to cover in this review, and after going through all of the essential information I will present, you will be ready to jump on the platform and enjoy some high-quality online gambling.

    AmigoBingo Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: 25 Free Spins
    Welcome Bonus: 1000% Welcome Bonus Package in Deposit Bonuses!
    Minimum Deposit: £20
    Minimum Withdrawal: £100
    Established: 1999
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Money Transfer, Bitcoin, American Express
    Bingo Software: Parlay Entertainment
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Phone Number: No phone number
    Gambling Commission: Panama Gambling Commission
    • Incredible Selection of Bonuses and Promotions
    • Exciting and Rewarding Promotion Tournaments
    • Blackjack Available
    • Wide Selection of Video Poker Games
    • Great Site Design and Interface
    • No Live Chat Available
    • A Few Complaints Found Online

    AmigoBingo Games

    The first section we have to inspect together is the selection of games on AmigoBingo. Since the platform has been operating for many years, most of you probably expect a significant portfolio of exciting casino games, which makes a great first impression after you arrive at the platform.


    The different sections in the gaming selection are very well separated, making the player experience very pleasant, but I will discuss that more profoundly in the review. For now, we will stick to the gaming selection of AmigoBingo.

    Available Bingo Games

    Of course, we will need to start with the main attraction on the platform. That’s the bingo games. After all, most of the players coming to the site of AmigoBingo will be expected to engage in a thrilling bingo betting experience. But will that be possible on AmigoBingo’s platform?

    The answer to that question is a resounding yes. The platform offers four different bingo rooms that will suit every player and taste, no matter what you are looking for. The one thing that makes a great impression is the two free bingo rooms that offer players a fantastic opportunity to increase their funds without risking their resources. 


    The only thing that may come as a disappointment for some players is the diversity of the types of bingo rooms. On the AmigoBingo platform, you can enjoy 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, which is not bad, but it’s not as good as other bingo betting sites offering up to four different bingo betting rooms.

    Still, in my opinion, the fantastic free bingo rooms will more than compensate for that, and it won’t even make an impression on most of the players enjoying the other perks and features on the site.

    Additional Games

    I already mentioned it, but AmigoBingo is not like most bingo betting sites that focus only on bingo betting to entertain their players.

    That’s evident from the fantastic gaming selection of AmigoBingo that offers flexibility to players and many winning opportunities on some of the most popular casino games.


    First of all, I must mention the slot section of the platform. There are two main types of slots that players can enjoy on the platform. The first one is not so impressive, and the selection there is not as cast as it should be. These are the parlay slots of AmigoBingo. The games there are fascinating, and chances are you won’t ever have played any of them.

    The themes and functions of the slots contribute to some players’ exciting gambling experience, but they may not come to everyone’s liking. Still, I can say that the parlay slots in AmigoBingo are decent.


    However, when I enter the “Mobilots,” I see a whole new scene. The selection is much more extensive and more flexible than the one we discussed in the other slots. But this is not the most exciting thing here. According to the platform itself, in this section are presented the newest slots which are added to the site.

    And from what I see, I can say that aside from the vast selection of thrilling opportunities for players there, the games are stimulating, each of them offering unique themes and features. What I see as a big plus is that most of these slot games are not widely available, and they will provide you with a whole new gambling experience, which is always something to look forward to.

    Combining the two slot gaming sections gives a very diversified slot selection that offers something for everyone, whether a new or veteran gambler. Because of that, I can say that the slot selection of AmigoBingo is among the ones with excellent quality. 

    Video Poker

    From the first moment I saw the video poker selection at AmigoBingo, I was impressed. In some of the best traditional casinos, you can see just a few types of video poker at most. However, here at this bingo betting platform, players can enjoy more than eight different types of one of the most popular casino games of all time. 


    If this is not a diversified gaming selection, I don’t know what it is. This will come as great news for the video poker news, and it can’t be any other way. We can mention a few more things about this fantastic video poker selection, but the best thing you can do is join AmigoBingo and find its secrets for yourself.


    Every gambler knows that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time. And to have it at AmigoBingo, unlike any other bingo betting platform, is a pleasure and a great addition to the gaming selection at the platform. 

    Still, as a disadvantage, I can say that only the traditional game of blackjack is available. But still, the presence of the game will come as a significant boost to the whole gaming selection of the platform.

    Mobile Compatibility

    One of the most critical sections in online gambling platforms nowadays is the mobile compatibility of their games. That’s fair, considering how popular mobile gambling is.

    Players who like to enjoy online gambling from their portable devices don’t have to worry because most of the games in AmigoBingo come from established software developers using HTML5 software, which means that all games will be perfectly fine optimized for gaming on all devices.

    Some of you may be curious if the platform offers a mobile app for download. Unfortunately, at the moment, AmigoBingo does not provide a mobile app that players can download. Still, this is not a drawback, as players can use all of the site’s functionality directly from their mobile browser.

    Gaming Software

    When it comes down to the gambling software used for the gaming selection of AmigoBingo, I am confident that you won’t face any difficulties with it as it’s taken care of by some of the well-established and popular gambling software developers. Among them, we can find: 

    • BetSoft
    • Mobilots
    • Parlay Entertainment

    Design and User Experience

    As a section often neglected by most gamblers, the site’s design is one of the essential things in every betting platform.

    But as an expert in online gambling, I can’t overlook something as important as this. That’s why I will present to you some of the most critical factors about AmigoBingo’s site design and user experience as a whole.

    Platform Fluidity

    Honestly, after arriving at the platform’s main page for the first time, one of the main things that made a significant first impression was the site’s fluidity. The platform’s fluidity contributes to the gambling adventure much more than most players will ever realize.


    When I am navigating through the different pages of AmigoBingo’s platform, it’s evident that even when you are scrolling to their bottom, every element and section flows very naturally, which is the strongest indicator of fantastic website fluidity. 

    Navigation and Interface Cleanliness

    The cleanliness of the interface is another thing that makes a fantastic first impression. Many bingo betting platforms make the crucial mistake of showing all of their features on the first page, which often creates an overwhelming environment for players, resulting in the loss of potential customers.


    However, after exploring the pages of AmigoBingo, I can say that this is not the case there at all. Each section and feature of the site is carefully presented, and you can’t find even a tiny place on the platform where players can potentially feel overwhelmed. This is a great benefit and one of the things that makes the whole AmigoBingo platform enjoyable for surfing and spending a lot of time there. 

    Site Animations

    To wrap up the section on design and user experience, I can’t ignore the site animations of AmigoBingo. That’s because the animations at this platform excel much more, especially compared to other bingo betting platforms.

    After you spend some time on the platform and navigate through the different pages and functions of the site, you will understand what I’m talking about. The animations visible after every action are done very well, and they can even be labeled as top-notch. 

    Bonuses and Promotions at AmigoBingo

    One of the sections on AmigoBingo that will catch the attention of every gambler is the one with bonuses and promotions. After all, who doesn’t like to claim a generous bonus offer?


    What makes the AmigoBingo platform extra interesting is that two different sections separate the bonuses and promotions. And at first sight, by looking at these sections separately, it seems like the selection of bonuses and promotions on the site is massive. But we have to dive deep into them to find out what’s up. 


    The section of bonuses at AmigoBingo might be one of the most exciting out of all the bingo betting platforms I had ever reviewed. Of course, this is partly because of the vast selection of bonuses users can enjoy. However, this is not the main reason behind my claim.

    What makes the bonus section at AmigoBingo special is that it hits every type of bonus a player might even think of exploiting. And it’s only that. The platform makes it in the best possible way by providing much more generous bonus amounts, which are better than those in the average online gambling platform. 

    No matter what type of bonus you might be a lover of, I’m sure that the platform of AmigoBingo got you covered. That’s because on the site you can enjoy the following types of bonuses:

    • Daily Bonuses
    • Loyalty Bonuses
    • Cashback Bonuses
    • Bitcoin Rewards Bonuses
    • Refer a Friend Bonus
    • Birthday And Anniversary Gifts

    The selection and opportunities for players on the platform of AmigoBingo are so diversified that the bonuses section has its calculator. There, players can choose the day they will deposit a specific amount, and the calculator will show for what bonus the deposit qualifies and show the exact amount that the player will get as bonus funds.


    At first sight, I thought that the promotions section couldn’t possibly come near the level of the bonuses. However, it seems that I wasn’t quite right. That’s because the quality of the promotions is on a very high level. The selection and diversity may not be on the same level, but when it comes to the quality of the offers, the promotions are not stepping back an inch.


    When taking advantage of these promotions, players can enjoy various exciting tournaments with different themes and requirements. However, all tournaments have something in common. The prizes are huge. Because of that, players know what they are competing for, and the tournaments themselves are becoming a very interesting and exciting battle for the top.

    Play with AmigoBingo!

    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    All these bonuses might look impressive, especially if you had already checked them out on the platform of AmigoBingo. However, you must keep in mind that every bonus or promotion you claim comes with its terms and conditions.

    That’s something you must never forget, and you have to carefully check the conditions by which you should abide after claiming a particular bonus offer.

    Wagering Requirements

    Like with the terms and conditions, most of the bonuses will come with some wagering requirements. Usually, the bonuses that have requirements like this claim a considerable amount as bonus funds.

    When trying to exploit a bonus like this, you have to be very careful and understand all of the requirements even before claiming the offer. That’s because you must complete the particular requirement before making any withdrawal or claiming the bonus funds as you own. This means that you won’t even take your funds back before completing the requirement. 

    AmigoBingo Community

    The AmigoBingo platform has an attractive section devoted to the players who want to engage more with the other platform members, creating a friendly and helping community.


    There, I can find sections redirecting to the refer a friend bonus of AmigoBingo, the site’s Facebook page, and many other things that some players might find helpful. It’s worth taking a look, especially if you are a new player.

    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    Considering all of the other sections of the platform, I can’t say that the payment methods one lives up to the exact high expectations. However, this is because they are very, very high.


    In reality, the payment section of the platform is very decent, and I highly doubt that there will be many players who are not satisfied with the presented banking options and transaction processing times. 

    Types of Available Banking Options

    As I mentioned above, the banking options on the site are not as impressive as the bonuses or promotions, but they still provide a good variety of options players can choose from.

    That’s because I was able to find some of the most popular payment methods used worldwide by the majority of gamblers online. Among these payment methods, we can find:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Money Transfer
    • Bitcoin
    • American Express

    Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

    When it comes to processing withdrawals, there is nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary. The processing time varies from payment option to payment option, but you can be positive that you will receive your funds in the timeframe of 4-8 days, or sometimes even sooner. 

    However, the fact that it is a bit disappointing comes for the lovers of the high bets. If you are a player like this, you need to know that you will find it challenging to play consistently on the platform. That’s because AmigoBingo has withdrawal limits of £500 per week and £2000 per month, which is significantly lower than other bingo sites on the same level. 

    Safety and Security

    With our digital age, safety and security are quickly becoming one of the most important things for many gamblers.

    That’s why I did extensive research on the safety that the AmigoBingo platform provides to its players.

    Establishment and Reputation

    After my thorough research, I managed to find a few players who were not too satisfied with the service that AmigoBingo provides. The issues were not too serious. However, you need to understand that there is always a risk involved when playing on a betting platform. 

    This first customer was not satisfied with how his withdrawal request was processed. There were many issues with banks and different institutions because of the player’s location, making the process much slower and complicated.

    The other player I found was unsatisfied with the high fees for his withdrawal. It seemed like this problem was also because of the players’ location, which means that it won’t bother most of the users of the AmigoBingo platform.

    Gambling Licenses

    From the information I was able to find, AmigoBingo has a license from the Panama gambling commission, which will come as great news for most players as these licenses are hard to claim, and they are a strong indicator of the competence and reliability of a particular gambling platform.

    AmigoBingo Customer Support

    One of the sections where AmigoBingo trails, in my opinion, is the customer support section.

    There are a few things I want to mention in the following lines about the service you will receive when you contact customer support.

    Customer Support Accessibility

    One of the positives about customer support on the AmigoBingo platform is the fact it’s easily accessible. 


    Generally, this is a great benefit as many gambling platforms are out there where it’s a nightmare to find essential sections like customer support.

    Customer Support Efficiency

    When it comes to the efficiency of the customer support team, I can say that the team can do much better.

    From my conclusion, customer support is sometimes slow to answer different complaints and players’ issues. The answers you can get from them won’t help you every time, which is far from the customer support team of the average top-notch gambling platform. 

    Customer Support Issues

    Aside from the issue I mentioned above, two more things need saying. First of all, customer support is only available through email, which is far from convenient in our time.

    Also, the support is working 15 hours, which is not up to the industry’s highest standard as most customer support teams are available 24/7. 

    AmigoBingo Restrictions

    One of the other minor disadvantages of AmigoBingo will be that the platform has many restrictions when it comes to the players who can join the platform.

    That being said, if you are a resident of any of the following countries, you woné be able to use the services of the established bingo betting platform:

    • Australia
    • Belgium
    • Belize
    • Bulgaria
    • China
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Ethiopia
    • France
    • Greece
    • Grenada
    • Haiti
    • Hong Kong
    • Indonesia
    • Iran
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Jamaica
    • Lebanon
    • Libya
    • Macau
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Saint Lucia
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sudan
    • Sweden
    • Syria
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Turkey
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Vanuatu
    • Yemen

    Our Verdict On AmigoBingo

    AmigoBingo is a betting platform that provides an excellent environment for players with many different games and generous promotions.

    If you are the kind of player who is always after the thrilling experience and the highest bonuses, AmigoBingo might be one of the best places you can join.


    Is AmigoBingo a scam or a legit bingo site?

    AmigoBingo is one of the oldest operating bingo betting sites and has a license from the Panama gambling commission. In other words, it’s entirely safe for gambling.

    Where can I find my bonus on AmigoBingo?

    You can find information about your bonus offer at the bonus section of the platform.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at AmigoBingo?

    The minimum deposit on the platform is £25, and the minimum withdrawal amount is £100.

    How many free spins do I get with AmigoBingo?

    At the moment, you can claim a bonus of 30 free spins after your first deposit with Bitcoin.

    Can I play AmigoBingo from my country?

    If you want to use the services of AmigoBingo, I might have bad news for you. The list of restricted countries is pervasive, and you might not be able to join the platform. The complete list you can find in my review above.

    Can I play AmigoBingo on my mobile?

    Of course! The gaming section of the platform is by some of the best casino game providers, which are providing only software perfectly optimized for mobile gaming.

    What types of bingo can I play at AmigoBingo?

    The bingo betting selection at AmigoBingo is pervasive, so you can easily pick and choose from the different options to make your gambling experience as good as possible.

    Does AmigoBingo have wagering requirements?

    Many of the bonuses of AmigoBingo have wagering requirements players have to be aware of before claiming any offer.

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