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    Everyone who is involved in the online gambling industry has heard of Betfair at least once. And it can’t be any other way. Betfair is one of the oldest established gambling companies. It has a fantastic reputation online as it provides players with an exciting gambling experience. However, Betfair is usually primarily famous for its sports betting platform rather than its bingo betting one.

    Still, as Betfair is one of the best in its respective field in the gambling industry, I expect its bingo betting platform to also be on a very high level. And from what I see as I firstly arrived at the main page of it, I can say this is probably the case. Still, we will go through each of the essential components of bingo betting to understand how good the Betfair bingo betting platform is.

    Betfair Bingo Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: No
    Welcome Bonus: Bet £5 on Bingo rooms to receive 200 Free Tickets.
    Bet £5 on eligible Slingo games to receive a £20 bonus.
    Minimum Deposit: £5
    Minimum Withdrawal: £10-12
    Established: 2013
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Neteller, PayPal, PaysafeCard, Visa, Skrill, Bank Transfer
    Bingo Software: Playtech
    Email Address: Not Available
    Phone Number: 0800-083-1988
    Gambling Commission: UK Gambling Commission;
    • Exciting Bonuses And Promotions
    • Advanced Security
    • Clean Interface
    • Good Bingo Section
    • Many Restricted Countries
    • Phone Support Available Only A Few Hours Daily

    Betfair Bingo Games

    The first thing that immediately makes a great first impression after you arrive at the main page of Betfair Bingo is the vast selection of gaming opportunities players can enjoy. Even after a single glance, it’s evident that you won’t ever be bored when you decide to play on the Betfair Bingo platform or you want a change of pace from the bingo betting rooms.

    betfair bingo

    Still, from my extensive experience reviewing bingo betting platforms like these, I can spot even the finest details that can reveal an issue with a particular platform’s gaming section. And this is what I spotted from the Betfair Bingo gaming section when I was going through it. Still, you will learn more about that in the following lines.

    Available Bingo Games

    One of the things that makes a great first impression is the bingo betting section of the site. Generally, I can’t say the variety of the bingo betting rooms on the platform is one of the best compared to other bingo betting sites. However, something a bit different makes the bingo betting selection on BerfairBingo stand out from all of the other sites in the industry.

    betfair bingo

    First of all, the bingo betting rooms on Betfair Bingo allow players to enjoy bingo betting from all stake sizes. Different rooms will come in handy whether you like to enjoy low-stake bingo betting or prefer the thrilling emotions and gambling experience coming from the bingo rooms with higher stakes.

    The ticket prices in the betting rooms at Betfair Bingo vary from a few cents and can go up to a few pounds in the bingo betting rooms that have progressive jackpots players can takedown.

    Still, this is not the most impressive feature of the bingo betting selection at Betfair Bingo. What makes them the go-to bingo rooms across all of the bingo sites in the world of online gambling is the exciting and original themes for the bingo betting rooms. 

    These themes create a great environment for the bingo enthusiasts, making the gambling experience much more fulfilling and pleasant. With these themes, the complete list of the bingo betting rooms players can enjoy becomes very extensive and thrilling. With them, the list of the bingo betting rooms players can enjoy includes: 

    • 90 ball bingo
    • 75 ball bingo
    • Rainbow Riches Bingo
    • Deal or No Deal Bingo
    • Cash Cubes
    • Lucky Numbers Bingo
    • Bouncy Balls Bingo
    • Who Wants to be a Millionaire Bingo

    Additional Games

    Without a doubt, the bingo betting selection at Betfair Bingo steals the spotlight, and many players might think there won’t be anything too interesting to explore rather than the bingo betting selection. However, this will be far from the truth when talking about the Betfair Bingo platform.

    Generally, I can’t say that the gaming selection rather than bingo is one of the best on the site. However, the available games stand out with their quality as they come from some of the best casino gaming developers in the world. But I will go deeper into that in the following lines.


    The best type of games you can enjoy in Betfair Bingo aside from bingo are the exciting slots provided by the platform. The quantity of games itself is not among the most impressive traits.

    There are a bit less than 200 slot gaming headlines on the platform. Generally, this is an excellent number as most players probably won’t be able to go through all the different slot gaming headlines after all. 

    betfair bingo

    Still, I need to mention that some of the bingo betting platforms I had reviewed in the past had been impressive with slot gaming selections with more than 700 headlines. But the one thing that makes the Betfair Bingo slot selection unique hides in its quality.

    After inspecting the different slot games, I was pleased to see some of the most popular in the gambling industry in general. Among the slot games you can find in Betfair Bingo is the Bonanza slot, Rainbow Riches, and the one that is considered the best slot game ever, Starburst. 

    On top of the best slot games you could ever enjoy online. I can say that there is a good selection of progressive jackpot slots that can get your head spinning if you have the luck to take home any of the life-changing jackpot amounts.

    As the quality of the slot games is so high on Betfair Bingo, it’s only natural to expect various types of slots with interesting and exciting themes. Generally, I can say that there is nothing more you could ever ask for from a slot section.

    Instant Wins

    Without a doubt, the slot selection is what steals the spotlight at Betfair Bingo. Still, from my research, I can say that one more option can come in handy for some online gamblers. This is the instant wins game category. Generally, users can find these instant wins among the slot selection.

    Like many online bettors probably know, these games are a great way to enjoy some quick and pacey gambling without having to break the bank, while the winning opportunities are fantastic. One great example of that is the game Deal or no Deal.

    You can start with a minimal bet in this game and build your way up to the highest possible scores. And the best thing out of all is that you immediately receive the winnings into your playing account, and you can use them whichever you feel is right.

    Mobile Compatibility

    As Betfair Bingo is a site from one of the established gambling companies Betfair, it’s natural for players to expect they will be able to enjoy top-notch gaming software. Indeed, this is the case with Betfair Bingo, but some users might not be too thrilled to understand that there aren’t too many of the best gaming providers on the list with which Betfair Bingo works.

    Still, while I’m scanning through the list, I can say that you can enjoy fantastic gaming software, as the game developers behind it are among the decent ones in the gambling industry. Among them, we can find: 

    • Playtech
    • NetEnt
    • MGT
    • Play’n Go

    Design and User Experience

    To contribute to the fantastic cleanliness of the whole platform, the fluidity of the site should also be on a high level. Although, usually, when the cleanliness is on point, the fluidity is naturally enhanced, and the site looks fantastic. This is pretty much what I can say about the Betfair Bingo platform.

    betfair bingo

    Mostly because of the platform’s cleanliness, the fluidity does not have too much to handle, and every page on the site looks very clean and easy to navigate.

    Platform Fluidity

    To contribute to the fantastic cleanliness of the whole platform, the fluidity of the site should also be on a high level. Although, usually, when the cleanliness is on point, the fluidity is naturally enhanced, and the site looks fantastic. This is pretty much what I can say about the Betfair Bingo platform.

    betfair bingo

    Mostly because of the platform’s cleanliness, the fluidity does not have too much to handle, and every page on the site looks very clean and easy to navigate.

    Site Animation

    The site animations are an important part of every bingo betting platform. They provide players with that extra finest detail that makes the gambling experience even more immersing and entertaining.

    The animations of the Betfair Bingo site are on a very high level, and they contribute perfectly to the other features, making the platform of the company very pleasant for every user out there.

    Bonuses and Promotions at Betfair Bingo

    What makes the bonus section at Betfair Bingo stand out does not lie in the quantity of the promotions like many other bingo betting sites. Instead, Betfair Bingo relies on providing players with desirable and exciting promotions that can engage them and give them fantastic opportunities for bigger wins.

    betfair bingo

    After exploring the section with the bonuses and promotions in the platform, I encountered some fascinating promotions that are not widely available on other bingo betting platforms I have reviewed.

    Play with BetFair Bingo!

    Types of Bonuses

    As I mentioned, there aren’t too many different bonuses you can enjoy on the Betfair Bingo platform. However, what makes the section so good is the quality and type of bonuses players can enjoy.

    betfair bingo

    When I was looking through the bonus section of the site, I was able to spot a few types of bonuses like:

    • Welcome Bonuses
    • Loyalty Bonuses
    • Free Bingo Play Bonuses
    • Guaranteed Cash Reel

    These four types of bonuses are usually the cornerstone of most bingo betting platforms, and the situation is not different with BerfairBingo. Still, there are other promotions players can enjoy on the site, including quizzes, tournaments, and other promotions with special bingo lounges.

    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    Without claiming any of these bonus offers, it’s best to check out their terms and conditions. That’s because they are essential, and if you break them by any chance, you risk losing all of your hard-earned profits.

    This is relevant to some bonuses that have specific terms and conditions where many players participate.

    Wagering Requirements

    The wagering requirements are the other essential thing you need to pay close attention to when claiming a particular bonus offer. They are primarily relevant to any bonus that adds a significant amount of bonus funds to your account. 

    This usually comes with the price of wagering requirements, and you need to roll over the amount of your deposit and the bonus a few times before you can withdraw

    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    As one of the biggest online gambling companies, you will expect for Betfair Bingo to offer a wide selection of payment options players can widely use for their bingo betting experience.

    But from what I can see, the variety of the payment methods on the site is rather average.

    Types of Available Banking Options

    The payment selection at Betfair Bingo is decent, but it can’t be quite compared to other bingo sites that have a much more extensive selection of payment options like CyberBingo.

    Still, what makes it effective is the fact players can use some of the most popular payment methods in online gambling. This covers the needs of most players, so having a bit of shallow payment method selection is not a major problem for the Betfair Bingo platform. Among the available payment options, I can find:

    • Neteller
    • PayPal
    • PaysafeCard
    • Visa
    • Skrill
    • Bank Transfer

    Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

    What makes a fantastic impression is that most of the payment methods that the Betfair Bingo site uses do not have a withdrawal limit. This will come as one of the best news that every high-stake player can receive, and that’s why it needs a specific mention.

    Aside from this, the payments section offers a general average processing time. Usually, a player can expect to receive their transaction between 2 to 5 days after their withdrawal request.

    Safety and Security

    As the company behind Betfair Bingo – Betfair is one of the oldest online gambling sites out there, and it’s only natural for us to expect we can get the most advanced security protecting our accounts and data.

    And to be honest, I can say the site of Betfair Bingo delivers in this aspect.

    Establishment and Reputation

    The bingo section of the Betfair platform was introduced into the gambling scene back in 2013, which is not impressive, considering there are many other bingo betting sites created even before the year 2000. Still, as Betfair Bingo has operated for more than seven years, it’s evident that the site is credible and treats users right. 

    betfair bingo

    I went through the different forums and sites to get a hold of the online reputation of Betfair Bingo, and from what I found, I can say that the site does a great job in answering and resolving players’ issues, which is always the cornerstone of a great sites’ reputation.

    Gambling License

    The gambling license is another strong category that the Betfair Bingo site can present. The platform is licensed to provide bingo betting services online. But what makes an impression is who the Betfair Bingo platform is licensed from.

    It turns out that the commission behind the license is the gambling commission of the United Kingdom, which is one of the most reputable in the gambling industry. Only this fact speaks enough about the competence and trustworthiness of the site.

    BetFair Customer Support

    Even on the best bingo betting platforms like these, you are bound to encounter some minor issues along your gambling adventure there. That’s why a great customer support team is vital for every online gambling platform’s growth and prosperity.

    Fortunately, from my experience, I can say the customer support of Betfair Bingo is on a very high level and will provide you with everything you want to solve any issue you might encounter.

    Customer Support Efficiency

    As I already mentioned, just like you would expect from a top-rated bingo betting platform, Betfair Bingo customer support is top-notch and will always make sure to resolve your issues promptly.

    betfair bingo

    From my experience, I can say that the support is decent, and you don’t have to worry about a thing when playing at Betfair Bingo as someone always has your back covered.

    Customer Support Issues

    One of the major issues of Betfair Bingo customer support is that the phone support is available only for a few hours daily, which is not too efficient and can create problems with many users. 

    Still, from my experience, I can say there aren’t too many bingo betting platforms offering phone support, so the sole availability of a feature like this should be appreciated.

    Betfair Bingo Restrictions

    One of the major disadvantages of Betfair Bingo is that there are too many restricted countries. This immediately means that most players won’t take advantage of the platform’s services, which is a total waste. Among some of the countries where Betfair Bingo is prohibited, I can find: 

    • Australia
    • France
    • Germany
    • The Netherlands
    • Greece
    • Russia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • USA

    Our Verdict of Betfair Bingo

    Betfair Bingo is one of these bingo betting platforms where you will enjoy advanced security and exciting promotions, packed in a simple platform that’s easy to navigate. 

    Generally, these are the essentials that every gambler out there is looking for, so it’s understandable why Betfair Bingo is so popular in the world of online bingo betting.


    Is Betfair Bingo a scam or a legit bingo site?

    As I already mentioned, Betfair Bingo is licensed by the reputable United Kingdom Gambling Commission so that you can enjoy a safe gambling experience there.

    Can I play Betfair Bingo from my country?

    Betfair Bingo is one of those bingo betting sites that are prohibited in many countries. That being said, chances are you won’t be able to play on the site, so you need to try and see.

    Can I play Betfair Bingo on my mobile?

    Yes! The platform of Betfair Bingo is optimized for mobile gaming. It even offers a unique mobile app where you can easily enjoy all of the site’s features.

    What types of Bingo can I play at Betfair Bingo?

    The platform is famous for the exciting types of bingo it provides. When it comes to the kinds of bingo, you can enjoy almost every type, except 80 ball bingo.

    Where can I find my bonus on Betfair Bingo?

    All of the bonuses and promotions you can enjoy on the platform can be found in the bonus section of Betfair Bingo.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at Betfair Bingo?

    The minimum amounts vary depending on the payment methods you use. Still, we can say that the minimum deposit is around £5 and the minimum withdrawal around £10-12.

    How many free spins do I get with Betfair Bingo?

    Unfortunately, Betfair Bingo does not have any promotions offering free spins. Still, they have many promotions that can provide you with free bingo tickets.

    Does Betfair Bingo have wagering requirements?

    Yes. Just like with most of the bonuses, you will ever encounter in a bingo betting platform, the ones from BetfairBingo have attached wagering requirements.

    betfair bingo
    Bet £5 on Bingo Rooms Receive 200 Free Tickets