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    When looking for a reputable online gambling platform, one of the best things you can do is join one of the established gambling sites in the industry. And here, we are not talking about betting sites that have been operating for one or two years. As it stands now, the most reputable platforms have usually been operating for more than 10 or even 15 years.

    That being said, when talking about veterans in the bingo betting industry, one of the first names that comes to my mind is BingoCafe. The platform has been operating steadily in the industry since 2003, which makes for a total of over 15 years. We can already consider the platform to provide fantastic service, as a bingo betting site can’t survive for this long without bringing value to the players.

    Together, we will go through the different sections of the platform to understand its strong sides and cons. Only then can you know for sure if BingoCafe is the one for you and your bingo betting preferences.

    BingoCafe Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: Not Available
    Welcome Bonus: 100% Up To $100 On First Two Deposits
    Minimum Deposit: $20
    Minimum Withdrawal: $50
    Established: 2003
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, ecoPayz, iDebit, Instadebit, Interac, MasterCard, NeoSurf, Neteller, PaysafeCard, Skrill, Visa
    Bingo Software: LeapFrog Gaming
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Phone Number: Not Available
    Gambling Commission: Alderney Gambling Control Commission
    • Great Variety Of Exclusive Games
    • One Of The Most Extensive Selections Of Payment Options
    • Additional Casino Games
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • High Amounts For Minimum Deposit And Withdrawal
    • Support Not Available Via Phone

    BingoCafe Games

    The available games are always the most exciting section of every online bingo betting platform. This is understandable, considering the importance of the gaming selection for players. After all, every platform user like this is chasing a thrilling gambling experience and hefty profits, which can only be achieved through an extensive gaming selection.

    When we are talking about the gaming section of BingoCafe, I can say that it is one of the most exciting gaming sections in the bingo betting industry. Many of you may be wondering why that is? Generally, I’m used to seeing bingo betting platforms that cooperate with many different casino gaming providers to ensure players can take advantage of extensive gaming selection.

    However, in BingoCafe, the scene is entirely different. First of all, while I was looking through the casino game providers that BingoCafe cooperates with, I was able to find only a few names. Aside from that, it seems that most of the games on the platform are exclusive. This is something scarce when it comes to online bingo betting platforms. That’s why it’s interesting to dive into this gaming selection and explore it more thoroughly.


    Available Bingo Games

    Of course, when we are talking about a bingo betting platform, the bingo selection will attract the most attention. Although there are some impressive things in the bingo betting selection of BingoCafe, I can say that it’s not as unique as in other similar platforms.

    That’s because it seems the company focuses more on the different types of games, which is strange, considering BingoCafe is essentially a bingo betting platform.

    Still, this doesn’t mean the bingo betting experience on the platform is not worth a go. Actually, after researching the selection a bit more, I can say that there are many things you can experience while engaging in bingo betting on this platform. There is a good variety of bingo rooms with exciting themes. 

    However, there is something else that may excite many players. BingoCafe offers only two types of bingo you can enjoy on the site. However, I can say that they are two of the most thrilling and entertaining bingo types in the world of online gambling.

    I’m talking about the famous 75 bingo and the exceptional mega bingo. These two are among the most exciting bingo betting types, attracting many players with many winning opportunities and unique gameplay, especially when it comes to mega bingo. 

    Additional Games

    I already briefly mentioned that the platform of BingoCafe focuses more on the additional gaming selection it offers rather than the bingo-betting one. And after I dove a bit deeper into the research of the other games that the platform provides, I was more than impressed with the diversity and quality of these casino gaming headlines.

    Even more, I can say that in terms of exclusive games and thrilling gambling experience, the selection at BingoCafe might be even better than the one in bingo betting platforms with the most extensive selection of different gaming headlines like SunBingo. But how is this possible? Stick around through the following lines to learn more about the impressive gaming selection at BingoCafe.



    Of course, the slot selection at BingoCafe is the one that catches the attention of players the most. Like you would expect from a veteran bingo betting platform like BingoCafe, things are done very differently from other similar platforms.

    As I already mentioned, I am used to seeing the standard bingo betting platforms cooperating with many different casino developers to create extensive slot selections.

    However, from what I see on the BingoCafe platform, they are taking a different approach. First of all, when looking at the number of slot games, the platform itself claims there are more than 50 different casino gaming headlines players can enjoy. When we compare this to the number of games in other bingo betting platforms, it seems that BingoCafe lacks a lot.

    But there is a significant difference between the casino games on the other platforms and the ones in BingoCafe. Almost all of the games on the platform come from the little-known casino gaming developer Leapfrog Gaming.

    Thus, I can say that most games in BingoCafe can be considered exclusive, as you can’t go into the next online gambling platform and find the same exciting gaming headlines. This can be considered a fantastic benefit as players are always looking for something unique. 

    Many players might think that the selection of a little-known casino gaming developer can’t possibly compare to the ones from the most popular casino game providers in the world of online gambling.

    However, this is not quite right. After carefully exploring the slot selection on the BingoCafe platform, I can say that there is a good variety of 5-reel slots with exciting themes that will provide players with a fantastic gambling experience.

    But what made me a real impression is the winning opportunities on these slots. Many of the slots in the gaming selection have numerous features that can make every spin to provide you with very significant profits. 

    And when I add that there is an excellent section with progressive jackpot slots where players can expect even more enormous profit opportunities, the slot selection at BingoCafe can prove to be one of the most exciting, regardless of the small number of games. 


    Lottery gaming is not something that I had come across in bingo betting platforms at all. But in BingoCafe, players can enjoy good lottery gaming headlines.

    Just like you already expected, the selection in terms of the number of games won’t be the best, but the quality of the lottery games on the platform is remarkable.

    One thing is for sure. The lottery games at BingoCafe provide something different and a way to bag in some additional profits.

    Video Poker

    Video poker is not among the most popular casino games you can come across. Still, you will find it provides thrilling emotions every time you dare to enter one of the video poker games on the platform of BingoCafe.

    The video poker games on the platform again stand out with their quality rather than quantity. The less-known casino gaming developers BingoCafe works with continue to make a great impression.


    Hands down, roulette is one of the most exciting games you can enjoy, no matter which bingo betting platform you play. That’s why the simple presence of this game is so significant on the BingoCafe site.

    From what I see, I can see that the selection of roulette games is a bit better than the other games on the platform, and players will have different opportunities they can take advantage of.

    Mobile Compatibility

    As something that has become extremely important in the online gambling industry, mobile gaming should be accessible in each reputable bingo betting platform. The case in BingoCafe is no different.

    According to my research, I can say that every lover of mobile gaming will have no trouble enjoying all of the BingoCafe games from their portable device. There are a vast number of mobile operating systems that the site of BingoCafe effortlessly supports. Among them, we can find:

    • Android
    • Blackberry
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • Windows
    • Mac

    As you can see, you can fully enjoy the games on the BingoCafe platform, no matter which mobile device you rock. But this is not the best thing that I can say about mobile gambling on the site. The best thing about mobile lovers is that they can use all of the features and games on BingoCafe, directly from their mobile browser. 

    They don’t need to go through the annoying downloading of a particular mobile app and installing it on their device. Instead, users can go to their mobile browser and head to the platform’s address, as they can play directly from it. That’s because the BingoCafe platform is perfectly optimized for mobile gambling directly from every mobile browser.

    Gaming Software

    I already briefly touched upon this topic. BingoCafe is one of these bingo betting platforms that do not have partnerships with many different casino gaming developers.

    However, that doesn’t mean that players will get less of a thrilling gambling experience. After all, everything lies in the quality of the casino gaming developers that the platform is using and the games they present.

    In the case of BingoCafe, the platform cooperates only with a handful of casino gaming providers. On top of that, some of them are not the most famous in the industry, despite providing players with a fantastic gambling experience, as you understand from the information I provided above. That being said, the gaming developers that BingoCafe works with are:

    • LeapFrog Gaming
    • Evolution Gaming
    • QuickSpin

    Design and User Experience

    The design of every bingo betting platform is crucial for the user experience of every player. Many of the users don’t understand this, so the design of every platform is heavily neglected.

    However, as I understand how important this is, I explore every part of the design and the platform interface of every bingo betting site. That way, I ensure you will have the best possible experience by presenting you the essential information about this section of every platform.

    When I’m looking into the site design and interface of the BingoCafe platform, there are quite a few things that need mentioning. Without a doubt, the site is slightly different from the ones of other bingo betting platforms.

    It seems that just like with the other sections, BingoCafe chose to take a different approach. That being said, together, we will go through the different sections that contribute to the user experience of every player.


    Platform Fluidity

    The first thing that becomes visible when you enter the site of a particular bingo betting platform is its fluidity. Some of you might not fully know what fluidity is, but I will explain it briefly in the following lines. Fluidity is the strategic placement of all the features, information, or games on the platform, creating an easy-to-navigate environment. 

    When I’m looking into the fluidity of the BingoCafe platform, I can say that it’s on a very high level. There are many different sections with information you could get lost in if you are a new player. However, practically this can’t happen as everything is placed very nicely, allowing you to have effortless navigation through each site section.

    That’s what it means for a bingo betting platform to have great fluidity. You can change the scenery and jump from page to page, only to find that everything will be the same and the navigation will be just as easy. That’s a significant benefit and one of the main factors for a fantastic user experience for every player. 


    Navigation and Interface Cleanliness

    Like I already mentioned above, the navigation through the site is very straightforward, even for the new players. That was mainly because of the fantastic fluidity that the platform of BingoCafe integrates with. However, there is one more factor that significantly contributes to this. Of course, this is the whole interface cleanliness of the platform.

    Even though the fluidity makes everything look more precise, I can’t argue that the general design of the platform is straightforward. There isn’t a ton of information or features that have been splashed all around the place. Instead, every piece of information is carefully placed so it won’t overwhelm even players who don’t have any experience with bingo betting platforms. 


    Site Animations

    The site animations are usually the final factor that creates a fantastic user experience for every player.

    Like the site design in general, the impact of site animations is downplayed a lot by the majority of players in the industry. But if we carefully think about this, we can spot a huge difference between the platforms that have great animations and those that don’t.

    When you are surfing through a gambling platform that overflows with different mesmerizing animations, you are keener to play there because the whole vibe of the site practically changes. 

    On the other hand, when you go through the different pages of a platform that doesn’t have any animations, it just doesn’t feel right. As gamblers, we are used to thrilling experiences. That being said, animations that catch the eye of players breathe life into the gambling platform itself.  

    Bonuses and Promotions at BingoCafe

    No matter what type of gambling player you are, chances are you are interested in bonuses and promotions one way or another. That being said, players need to understand what they are getting themselves into, joining a particular bingo platform.

    That’s why I will go through the most critical aspects of the bonuses and promotions at BingoCafe. After cruising through the following lines, you will have everything you need to know about the available bonuses and promotions at BingoCafe.

    Types of Bonuses

    After exploring the bonus section of the platform, I can say that it’s not as diversified as in other bingo betting platforms. Still, this doesn’t have to concern people too much. The bonus they can claim is very generous and of the highest quality. Keep in mind that I’m talking about a bonus rather than several offers.

    On BingoCafe, players can take advantage of only one bonus offer at the moment, which is the available welcome bonus. The one thing that makes this bonus worth claiming is that it’s a bit more generous than the ones I’m usually coming across the other bingo betting platforms.

    The joining offer bonus at BingoCafe can pocket you up to $200 in bonus funds, which is a significant amount. The offer spreads across the first two deposits of every new player, and just like you already understand, the offer for every deposit is a 100% bonus, up to $100. 

    Claiming a generous welcome bonus offer like this opens up many opportunities as players will get their balance doubled, not once, but twice. Increasing their bankroll so much is a significant benefit, and as most players probably understand, a bigger bankroll equals a much larger chance of pocketing excellent profits.


    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    It’s evident generous bonuses like the joining offer at BingoCafe open up many doors for players in terms of rough winning potential. However, all of this may be gone straight through the window if players are not careful when claiming these offers. That’s because each bonus comes with its terms and conditions users must not break at any time.

    Well, that’s, of course, if you don’t want to lose all of your winnings. That’s the main reason why following terms and conditions is such a crucial process. If you indeed break one of the terms in a particular bonus offer, the bingo betting platform keeps the right to confiscate all of your winnings, including the funds you deposited yourself.

    That being said, before you claim any of the available bonus offers in any particular online bingo betting platform, you must carefully go over the terms and conditions. That’s the only way you can be assured you won’t break any of the rules without meaning it, potentially saving your hefty profits from being seized. 

    Wagering Requirements

    Like the terms and conditions, the wagering requirements are essential for many bonuses and promotions players will ever claim.

    Of course, there are bonuses without attached wagering requirements, but they won’t be as generous as the ones that do. That’s primarily because wagering requirements come to bonuses that provide players with generous amounts of bonus funds.

    Thus, these offers need wagering requirements as players can quickly run off with the bonus otherwise. The truth is that players should pay even more attention to the wagering requirements of a particular bonus offer.

    Some bonuses might have very high wagering requirements, which are practically impossible to execute unless you have unbelievable luck.

    The problem with the bonuses that have attached wagering requirements is that you won’t withdraw your winnings and even your deposited funds unless you complete the requirement. 

    This is a rule of thumb, and you generally accept it by claiming a bonus offer like this. That’s why you should read the wagering requirements very carefully before proceeding with taking advantage of an offer like this.

    BingoCafe VIP Program

    One of the exciting things I was able to find on the platform of BingoCafe is the VIP program. It’s not too common to see a loyalty program like this on other bingo betting platforms. That’s why I was very curious to check just how good this program is and report it to my readers.

    From what I see, the VIP program’s structure is pretty standard for the online gambling industry. The most active players on the site are rewarded with different rewards. Just like you probably think, players get the chance to climb the VIP ladder by playing a lot.

    The more you play, the more points you earn, resulting in better results from the loyalty program. This makes perfect sense as most VIP programs online follow the same structure.

    However, from what I can see, the VIP program at BingoCafe provides players with a rather rewarding program. When I was looking through the list of the potential benefits and perks players can claim just from playing as much as possible on the platform, I was impressed. That being said, among the list with these perks and features, I was able to find:

    • Re-Deposit Bonus
    • Special Bonuses
    • Weekly Promotions
    • Birthday Bonuses
    • Access To Free Bingo
    • Monthly Status Review
    • Personalized VIP Promotions
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Exclusive VIP Promotions
    • VIP Gifts
    • Tickets For Holidays Or Days Out

    As you can see, the rewards from the VIP program that players can receive are very extensive. On top of that, I can only assume the fantastic quality of these bonuses and perks, especially considering the presence of tickets for holidays. 


    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    No matter which bingo betting platform you use, payment methods and withdrawals will always be one of the essential sections you will be looking into.

    When I was researching the payment method section of BingoCafe, I didn’t expect too much, considering the dry gaming section and the whole appearance of the platform that seems to rely much more on quality than quantity. However, I can say I was pleasantly surprised, and you will understand why.

    Types of Available Banking Options

    When I’m looking into the BingoCafe payment method selection, I see one of the most extensive payment selections among all bingo betting platforms online. As I already mentioned, this came to me as a big surprise, considering the platform’s philosophy to rely on quality rather than a considerable number of options.

    It’s even more exciting that the quality of these payment options is even more impressive than the diversity in the whole section. While going through each of the payment options, I can spot some of the most popular payment methods in the online gambling industry. That being said, in this list, I was able to find:

    • Bank Transfer
    • ecoPayz
    • iDebit
    • Instadebit
    • Interac
    • MasterCard
    • NeoSurf
    • Neteller
    • PaysafeCard
    • Skrill
    • Visa

    As you can see, you can virtually use each of the payment methods that have been used by the majority of players in the online gambling industry. That’s not by chance, though, as these are the most practical and widely considered the best payment methods worldwide. I can only say that the finance team of BingoCade had done a fabulous job with this one.

    Withdrawal Processing Times

    After the information I provided about the payment selection at BingoCafe, I don’t even feel the need to explain the withdrawal times further.

    Like I already mentioned, the company is working with some of the best payment method providers in the gambling industry. Because of that, every player at BingoCafe can expect average processing times of their transactions at the very least.

    Generally, the whole processing time of a withdrawal depends on the platform. Still, considering BingoCafe uses the best payment methods, players shouldn’t face any issues with the quickness of the transactions.

    Still, after more in-depth research, I can say that your winnings will hit your account in a timeframe of 1-7 days, depending on the payment methods you chose for your withdrawal. Withdrawals with e-wallets and debit cards will be the fastest. 

    Safety and Security

    Like with the payment method section, no player will ever join a weak platform in terms of safety and security.

    After all, we provide these bingo betting platforms with our details. We expect complete confidentiality and a safe platform where we don’t have to think about whether our information is secured.

    However, all of these concerns are not relevant when we are talking about BingoCafe. The platform is one of the veterans in the bingo betting industry, and this is not by chance.

    Establishment and Reputation

    Established in 2003, BingoCafe is one of the oldest operating bingo betting platforms in the industry. You should already understand that online gambling platforms operating for more than a few years can be considered safe and secure. 

    That’s because the competition in the gambling sector is fierce, and there is not a single platform that still operates without providing players with a valuable gambling experience and service.

    This reason is solely enough for us to consider BingoCafe a safe bingo betting platform where we can join and enjoy a fair gambling service. However, you can never get wrong by doing some additional research when it comes to safety and security. And there are a few other factors we can consider.

    Gambling Licenses

    Nowadays, gambling licenses have become the cornerstone of safety and security for every bingo betting platform out there. When you research a particular platform and find out that it presents an authentic license from a reputable gambling commission, you can say that the site is safe and secure. But why is that?

    The gambling commissions had made acquiring a gambling license very rigorous, which means every platform should live to the high expectations of the gambling commissions. Each section of these platforms is being tested up to the most delicate details to ensure players are getting the best possible gambling experience. 

    And when we are talking about BingoCafe, I can say that the platform holds a license from one of the most reputable gambling commissions in the industry. This is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Adding another layer of trust and security, I can say that BingoCafe is one of the safest bingo betting platforms you can join online.


    BingoCafe Customer Support

    Customer support is an essential part of every bingo betting platform. That’s because players face some issues one way or another, and there should be a team of competent individuals they can rely on in situations like these.

    With BingoCafe, I can say players shouldn’t be concerned about things like customer support. That’s because I can say the support available on the platform is pretty efficient.

    Customer Support Accessibility

    Players must access customer support fast, as a particular platform may need a quick and efficient solution. That being said, players on the BingoCafe platform are lucky because customer support can’t possibly be accessed more easily.

    The only thing players have to do is look into the right-down corner of the main page. There, users can spot a small window to reach the customer support’s live chat with just one click. Additionally, players can also contact customer support via email, but of course, live chat is the quickest option.


    Customer Support Efficiency

    Easily reachable customer support won’t mean a thing if the team behind your back is not competent enough to resolve your issues.

    But that’s not something you should be concerned about on the BingoCafe platform. From my personal experience, I can say that customer support is always quick to understand what issue you are having, and they provide a simple solution the fastest way possible. 

    Customer Support Issues

    When I think about it, there aren’t any significant issues I can point out about the customer support at BingoCafe.

    However, if I have to pick anything, I will say that it would be a bit better if the customer support were also reachable via phone number. Still, I don’t think this is necessary, considering the support is available 24/7 via live chat. 

    BingoCafe Restrictions

    The topic of restrictions at BingoCafe is a very interesting one. Usually, due to many circumstances, most of the bingo betting platforms online have many limitations. However, on the BingoCafe site, we can’t find a list with the restricted countries.

    Instead, the site states that players are fully responsible for their decision to play on the platform in terms and conditions. Thus, this will mean users from restricted countries will be able to enjoy the platform’s services at their own risk. 

    Also, this will mean the platform itself doesn’t have any specific restrictions, and players should check the laws of their country if bingo betting is legal to be able to play without any doubts in BingoCafe. 

    Our Verdict of BingoCafe

    At first sight, BingoCafe looks like the traditional veteran bingo betting platform. Established in 2003 and with a license from one of the most reputable gambling commissions, BingoCafe provides players with a safe and secure environment for online gambling.

    However, after more profound research, it’s evident that the platform does things slightly different from the other bingo betting sites. It makes an impression that BingoCafe uses fewer casino gaming developers, and their gaming selection includes mostly exclusive games. 

    One of the important things that need mentioning is that the slots in the platform offer a bit more winning opportunities and features, opening the door for players to hit significant winnings if luck is on their side. 

    To wrap it up, I can say that the platform has one of the most extensive payment method selections among all bingo betting sites online. On top of that, this list includes some of the most popular payment options in the industry, which will satisfy even the pickiest users when it comes to payment methods.


    Is BingoCafe a scam or a legit bingo site?

    BingoCafe has been working successfully ever since 2003 and has a license from a reputable gambling commission. Thus, it’s without a doubt a reliable bingo betting platform.

    Can I play BingoCafe in my country?

    As long as bingo betting is legal in your country, you can enjoy the services of BingoCafe without a problem.

    Can I play BingoCafe on my mobile?

    Definitely! Bingo Cafe’s platform is perfectly optimized for mobile gaming on numerous devices so you won’t have any issues when playing from your portable device.

    What types of bingo can I play at BingoCafe?

    BingoCafe offers two of the most popular types of bingo to its players, the 75 ball bingo and mega bingo.

    Where can I find my bonus on BingoCafe?

    Unfortunately, BingoCafe doesn’t offer a ton of promotions. Because of that, you can find the available welcome bonus offer from the platform’s home page.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at BingoCafe?

    The minimum deposit at BingoCafe is set at $20, while the minimum withdrawal amount should be at least $50.

    How many free spins do I get with BingoCafe?

    Unfortunately, free spins are not something you would be able to claim on the platform of BingoCafe at the moment.

    Does BingoCafe have wagering requirements?

    Yes. The welcome bonus offer on the platform does indeed have wagering requirements attached to it.

    100% Up To $100 On First Two Deposits