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    Established back in 2015 and somehow staying out of the main picture of the best online bingo betting platforms, HunkyBingo is one of the bingo opportunities that haven’t gotten too much attention through the years.

    However, by observing the platform with its different components and features, I can say that there is a lot it can offer even to the most demanding players in the industry.

    What is very interesting about the platform is that it mainly focuses on the female audience, which is evident with the unique theme design of the site that includes hunky muscle men. But this is not the feature that makes the site so special.

    The customer support on the site is much more significant than those on other bingo betting platforms, and the slot selection is one of the most diversified. Still, I will reveal all of these features in detail in the following lines.

    HunkyBingo Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: Not Available
    Welcome Bonus: £10 Bingo Bonus, 5 Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins
    Minimum Deposit: £5
    Minimum Withdrawal: £5
    Established: 2015
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Maestro, PayPal, PaysafeCard, Visa, Wire Transfer, Apple Pay, Interac
    Bingo Software: Dragonfish
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Phone Number: 0808 238 9814 (UK Only)
    Gambling Commission: UK Gambling Commission
    • Simple Site Interface
    • Exciting Bingo Betting Rooms
    • Top-Notch Slot Selection
    • Customer Support Easily Reachable
    • Phone Support Only Available In The UK
    • Very Limited Bonus Selection

    HunkyBingo Games

    As I already briefly mentioned, HunkyBingo’s main feature is its gaming selection that attracts most of its users. Like most bingo betting platforms in the industry, HunkyBingo also focuses mainly on its bingo betting rooms. However, this doesn’t mean bingo betting will be the only attraction players can enjoy on the platform.

    HunkyBingo also has an extensive selection of other games that will provide players with a thrilling gambling experience, whether they are up to enjoying some online bingo or other casino games. To understand better the actual capabilities of the HunkyBingo gaming selection, you will have to stick with me for the following lines as I will reveal everything.


    Available Bingo Games

    When I was first looking into the bingo betting section of HunkyBingo, I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that will come to your mind when you visit the bingo section of the platform for the first time will probably be connected with its unique presentation. I was staring at the section for minutes and couldn’t find even a single misused element. 

    All of the available bingo rooms are connected into one large board. Players can easily move over to the particular bingo room they are interested in based on the picture of the room’s theme. They will be able to see more details about the specific bingo betting room. Of course, these will be details of the room, the type of bingo you can enjoy there, the price of every ticket, and the grand prize you can win if luck is on your side.

    What makes the bingo betting section at FunkyBingo so good is the diversity and flexibility it provides players with. That’s evident when we start with the type of bingo users can enjoy in the different bingo rooms and the flexible ticket prizes. That being said, the tickets in the different rooms start at £0.01 and can go as high as £10 in some of the higher-stake bingo betting rooms on the platform. 

    All of this will satisfy every type of player that decides to enjoy some bingo betting on the platform of HunkyBingo. I also slightly revealed that the different types of bingo players could enjoy on the site are one of the other significant benefits of HunkyBingo. That’s because generally, users can enjoy one or two types of bingo in most of the bingo betting sites online.

    However, in the case of FunkyBingo, players have the pleasure of using two of the most popular types of bingo, the 90 and 75 ball bingo, and one of the unique bingo variants in the industry, the 52 ball bingo. Combining these particular bingo types contributes to the fantastic bingo betting experience for every player on the platform. 

    When I consider that there are also more than 20 different bingo rooms players can choose from at any given moment, I can claim that the bingo betting section of HunkyBingo can easily compete with the ones of the best bingo sites online. At the moment, one thing I can say for sure, the design of the bingo section at this platform is the best I have ever seen.


    Additional Games

    The bingo betting selection is the one stealing the show on the FunkyBingo platform. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be more entertaining options on the site, especially for users who do not like bingo betting that much and prefer other casino action.

    That’s where the extensive gaming selection of HunkyBingo kicks in to provide players with more diversity and thrilling betting opportunities. The other thing that makes a great first impression is that there are other games besides the standard slots that users can find in every modern bingo betting platform online.

    The presence of other casino games provides much more flexibility to the players, allowing them to have a greater chance of pace after a fast-paced and thrilling session on the bingo tables or any of the many slot machines.



    Of course, when it comes down to other games on HunkyBingo, the spotlight is taken by the slot games available on the site. And it can’t possibly be any other way. Generally, slots are one of the most popular casino games that every gambler online enjoys. That’s why they are an essential part of the bingo betting platforms simply because they are an excellent alternative for players to bounce back from a long bingo betting session.

    When I was exploring the slot section at HunkyBingo, a few things stood up to me. First of all, the simplicity and the way all of the slot games were presented were still on the highest possible level. 

    I am sure that there won’t ever be a player who will get lost in any of the sections in FunkyBingo. The interface is so straightforward that something like this seems impossible.

    But this was not the only thing that caught my attention. After browsing through the different slot headlines available on the platform, I concluded that the quality of the available games is very high.

    From what I see, I can say that the platform of FunkyBingo relies solely on quality before quantity, which is also backed by the fact the slot selection is not the most extensive, with a bit more than 300 headlines. 


    Scratchcards are not one of the most common casino games you will encounter in a bingo betting platform online. However, FunkyBingo offers them as an alternative to slot games and bingo betting rooms. Still, scratchcards shouldn’t be underestimated as they are also one of the popular casino games that most gamblers online enjoy.

    The selection of scratchcard games on the FunkyBingo platform is not among the most diversified. However, as I already mentioned a few times, FunkyBingo bets solely on the quality of its games, rather than their numbers.

    That’s why players can expect to engage in high-quality scratch card games whenever they feel like having a change of scenery and trying out this betting option.

    Mobile Compatibility

    As mobile gambling is beginning to become an essential part of the online gambling industry in general, it’s only natural for players to expect that betting sites of a high caliber will provide the option of mobile gaming. And on that note, I can say the platform of FunkyBingo doesn’t disappoint one bit.

    Players will be able to enjoy all of the features and benefits of the FunkyBingo platform, whether they will be playing from an Android, iOS, Blackberry, Kindle, or any other mobile device. And the best thing out of all is that players won’t have to download a particular mobile app so they can enjoy the site to its full capabilities. 

    That’s because the platform is fully optimized for mobile gaming, no matter what device the players are using. This means that players can easily open their mobile browser, visit the main page of FunkyBingo and start taking advantage of all the features and benefits immediately.

    This is significant, and it’s something that makes the FunkyBingo platform much appealing to many players.

    Gaming Software

    Like I already mentioned a few times, players can enjoy some of the industry’s most popular and high-quality casino games. Because of that, it’s evident that the gaming software that the HunkyBingo platform uses should be top-notch. 

    I quickly confirmed this by going through the list of the casino gaming developers with which HunkyBingo cooperates. I spotted some of the best casino game developers in the industry. Among the list with all the developers, I was able to find the sound names of Dragonfish, IGT, Microgaming, and NetEnt.

    Each of those casino gaming providers is among the best in its respective fields, providing players with the best possible gambling experience. For example, Dragonfish is mostly niched down when it comes to bingo betting games.

    For the slot gaming headlines, the best providers are Microgaming and NetEnt. Generally speaking, players on the HunkyBingo platform will always enjoy a fantastic casino gaming experience.

    Design and User Experience

    Many players neglect the section of the site design and don’t understand its impact on the user experience in general. When a particular online gambling platform has a clean and straightforward interface, even new players can easily navigate the site, which always contributes to the gaming experience.

    After spending quite a lot of time looking through the different sections of HunkyBingo, there is a lot I can say about the platform. We will together go through each of the crucial components that form the user experience at HunkyBingo.


    Navigation and Interface Cleanliness

    The interface cleanliness is one of the sections in which the platform of HunkyBingo excels, especially when compared to other bingo betting platforms. Generally, in many online gambling platforms, overwhelming site designs and challenging navigations are among the most significant issues new players face.

    However, on the site of HunkyBingo, I came across one of the cleanest website interfaces I had ever seen in an online gambling platform. I mentioned it when I was reviewing the bingo betting section of the site, but there isn’t even one misused detail across the whole site.

    Every feature, game, or information on the site is packed very nicely, providing players with one of the most pleasant gambling interfaces.

    All this has a significant impact on players’ user experience because they don’t have to wander a ton of time on the site, trying to find what they are looking for. Instead, on the HunkyBingo platform, everything is easily accessible, and you will always quickly find the exact section or game you are looking for. That’s the utmost convenience you are provided within HunkyBingo. 


    Platform Fluidity

    Usually, platform fluidity is a crucial feature on platforms that have a ton of information, features, and games that should be presented. Here comes one common problem in sites that have a pretty simple interface. These platforms usually don’t have the best level of fluidity simply because they don’t have clear opportunities to use them.

    However, this is not quite the case with the HunkyBingo platform. Even though the interface of the whole site is super clean, the flow when players scroll to the bottom of each page is maintained perfectly. When there is any additional information, the site has added unique buttons that expand it across the page so players can read it. 

    Also, on every page, you can see that each part of the information or a different section flows into one another naturally, without causing players any issues with the navigation. All of this is the core of every fantastic platform fluidity, and from what I can see, HunkyBingo has done a tremendous job in tailoring this crucial component to their platform.


    Site Animations

    The site animations are usually the last component that wraps up the user experience at every online gambling platform. When a particular online gambling site doesn’t have integrated animations, it just feels wrong when you are cruising through the different pages, features, and sections.

    That’s why every reputable bingo betting platform must have an excellent level of site animations to keep players in the zone, providing them with the best possible gaming experience.

    On the platform of HunkyBingo, I can say that I see just that. Unlike some other bingo betting platforms, the opportunities where the site animations shine are more significant in numbers in the HunkyBingo site. I’m mainly talking about the homepage of the platform.

    There, players can quickly come across many features, information, and games, where the site animations pop up and create a great and cozy environment for online gambling. This brings together all the different features of the site, setting up players for a fantastic user experience down the road with their adventure at HunkyBingo. 


    Bonuses and Promotions at HunkyBingo

    No matter which online bingo betting platform you are playing, bonuses and promotions will always be an essential part of the gambling experience for most players. Rewards are convenient, easy to claim, and they provide users with numerous opportunities they can exploit in the hope of making some additional profits.

    After looking for available bonuses and promotions on the HunkyBingo site, I was pretty disappointed. It seems that simplicity is the most important thing on the platform, and this goes to show in the bonus section of the site. 

    Types of Bonuses

    In most of the best bingo betting sites like CyberBingo, players can enjoy a vast selection of different bonuses and promotions. As I already mentioned, this is essential as it opens up many opportunities for users to exploit.

    However, after exploring the bonus section at HunkyBingo, I can’t say the same thing. Unfortunately for the passionate lovers of bonus offers, the site of HunkyBingo provides only one bonus users can claim. 

    This is the welcome bonus offer on the site. In some bingo betting sites, this was going to be enough. However, for this to be the case, the offer itself has to be very generous.

    But the welcome bonus one provided from HunkyBingo can’t be labeled as too generous after all. This offer will give you a cash bonus of £10, 5 tickets for one of the popular bingo rooms, and 20 free spins in one of the most popular slot games. 

    Of course, this is not bad at all, but considering this is the only offer on the platform, it can’t be compared to the best bonus offers out there.


    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    Even though there is only one bonus offer for claiming on the platform of HunkyBingo, you should carefully go and observe its terms and conditions before claiming it. The reason behind this is straightforward.

    If you break any of the offers’ rules, you will end up losing even the tiny edge that this bonus provides to you in your bingo betting experience on the site. When we add that this is the only available promotion on HunkyBingo, the consequences are even more significant. 

    Wagering Requirements

    Aside from the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus offer you have to abide by, the offer is a specific type, so you will encounter the need to complete wagering requirements before you can withdraw any of your potential winnings.

    Most bonus offers that provide you with any bonus funds or free spins have wagering requirements attached that you can complete. These requirements act as insurance for the online gambling platforms as otherwise, players could claim the bonus funds and withdraw some profit immediately.

    That being said, you need to go through the wagering requirements carefully so you understand what you are getting yourself into.

    As the general rule states that you can’t withdraw your funds without completing the wagering requirement first, you need to understand it perfectly. Otherwise, you might end up losing both the bonus funds and the ones you had deposited. 

    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    A fantastic gambling experience is not only created directly in the particular online platform. One of the essential sections of every online bingo betting site lies outside the betting platform. This is the section with the payment methods players can use to take care of their transactions on the site.

    As this section is crucial for many players, I took my time to explore the payment options available for HunkyBingo carefully. We will look through all of them together in a bit.

    Types of Available Banking Options

    One of the essential things for every online bingo betting enthusiast is a vast selection of payment methods that could be used. Most online bingo lovers are probably aware that these platforms usually don’t provide a fantastic selection of banking options. However, this won’t be too applicable to HunkyBingo.

    When I’m going through the different banking options on the site, I see that the selection is more extensive than in other similar platforms. However, what makes a better impression is that all of the available payment methods are among the most popular in the gambling industry. 

    Because of that, I don’t think there will be many players who won’t be satisfied with the payment method section on the platform. That being said, among the collection of payment options, I was able to find the names of the following:

    • Maestro
    • PayPal
    • Paysafe Card
    • Visa
    • Wire Transfer
    • Apple Pay
    • Interac


    Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

    As in the HunkyBingo platform, we discuss some of the most popular payment methods in the gambling industry, and it’s only natural to expect quick withdrawal and processing times. Generally, this all depends on the bingo betting platform you use, but at its core, the withdrawal times lie mainly in the payment method used for a particular transaction.

    Because of that, I can say that your funds will hit your account in 1 to 6 working days, depending on the payment options you had chosen for your withdrawal. This is pretty standard for the industry, so players can’t complain about this. 

    Safety and Security

    Safety and security are among the most important things for many players in the gambling industry. These two critical components might even make or break any user’s decision that wants to possibly engage with a particular bingo betting platform.

    Nowadays, everyone must keep their personal information and details safe. And considering the fact we are sharing them frequently with many platforms online, we have to make sure that we are doing this in a safe and secure environment. 

    That’s why I take this section very seriously and take my sweet time exploring each component of a particular bingo betting platform connected with the state of their safety and security.


    Establishment and Reputation

    The first thing that will speak volumes about the safety of a specific online bingo betting platform is the date when it has been established. More specifically, I’m looking at how long the particular site has been operating in the gambling field.

    There is a particular reason for that. The online gambling industry has been growing exponentially, and with the power of the internet, players can now quickly check if a site is safe for their gambling experience. Numerous gambling forums discuss the different platforms and their services.

    Because of that, there are rarely unreliable platforms that can survive more than a year in the competitive gambling field. That’s why gambling sites operating for many years can generally be labeled as some of the most reliable.

    In the case of HunkyBingo, the site was established in 2015 and has an excellent reputation online. Generally, there is nothing more you should look for. But if you want to dive even deeper and remove any doubt you might be having, there are some other things you can look into. 

    Gambling Licenses

    Gambling licenses are among the most vital indicators of the competence of every bingo betting platform online. These gambling licenses are provided by special gambling commissions, which are very picky.

    For a particular online bingo betting platform to acquire a gambling license, it has to go through rigorous testing across many different sections. That’s why presenting a license from a gambling commission is such a good indicator of safety and security.

    HunkyBingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the most reputable commissions in the gambling industry. This means nothing less than a safe and secure gambling environment for all players on the site.  

    HunkyBingo Customer Support

    Customer support is also one of the essential parts of every online bingo betting platform. Even if the site is perfect in many categories, players will always be bound to have some questions or face an issue they might need resolving quickly.

    That’s where a competent customer support team is essential for the success of the bingo betting platform. That being said, I will share my experience and expert opinion on the customer support of HunkyBingo, so you understand what you can expect and make the necessary preparations if necessary. 

    Customer Support Accessibility

    One of the easiest things on the HunkyBingo platform is reaching out to customer support. You only need to log into your account, go to the section with the support, and you will find a live chat feature with many agents on standby who are waiting to resolve every issue you might be facing.

    If this is not enough or you don’t like to communicate via live chat, you have other options in front of you. You can reach customer support via email, or if you need even quicker help, you can contact them via phone number. However, it needs mentioning that phone support is only available in the UK.


    Customer Support Efficiency

    Just like what you would expect from a top bingo betting platform, the customer support service of HunkyBingo is on a very high level.

    The customer support agents seem very friendly, and they always try to put themselves in your place and understand the issue you might be facing. After that, a solution always comes quickly, providing yourself with a fantastic experience and happy that your problem is resolved promptly. 

    Customer Support Issues

    The only issue I can point out about the customer support service at HunkyBingo is that the phone support is only available for residents in the UK.

    However, when we consider that there are many country restrictions and most of the players will be located in the UK, I doubt this will come as a significant problem for the platform’s users.

    Our Verdict of HunkyBingo

    After visiting the platform of HunkyBingo for the first time, you can’t help but feel impressed by the clean and straightforward interface of every page. This contributes a lot to the fantastic gambling experience by making navigation and surfing the site much more manageable.

    With the top-notch quality of different casino games and the excellent variety of payment methods, players will hardly face any issues regarding the gambling experience or transferring their winnings from the platform.

    When I add that HunkyBingo provides users with some of the most secured online bingo betting environments with the license of the UK Gambling Commission, I can say that the platform is one of the best you can choose for your bingo gambling endeavor. 


    Is HunkyBingo a scam or a legit bingo site?

    HunkyBingo is one of the most reputable bingo betting platforms operating for many years in the competitive gambling space. On top of that, it presents a license from the reputable UK Gambling Commission, which shows the platform’s competence and reliability.

    Can I play HunkyBingo in my country?

    The question about the restrictions at HunkyBingo is a controversial one. The UK Gambling Commission licenses the platform, so UK residents can join the site, but there isn’t any additional information about restricted countries.

    Can I play HunkyBingo on my mobile?

    Of course! The platform of HunkyBingo is optimized for mobile gaming, and you can even enjoy the games and features directly from the browser of your portable device.

    What types of bingo can I play at HunkyBingo?

    The diversity of the bingo types you can engage in the HunkyBingo platform is great. You can play both the most popular bingo types in the likes of 90 and 75 ball bingo, as well as one of the most exciting types of bingo, the 52 ball bingo.

    Where can I find my bonus on HunkyBingo?

    You can easily find all of the available bonuses on the HunkyBingo platform’s bonus section.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at HunkyBingo?

    One of the great features of the HunkyBingo platform is that both the minimum deposit and withdrawals stand at a modest number of £5.

    How many free spins do I get with HunkyBingo?

    The easiest way to claim free spins at the HunkyBingo site is to get the welcome bonus offers. It will grant you 20 free spins on one of the most popular slot games on the site.

    Does HunkyBingo have wagering requirements?

    Yes. Because of the nature of the bonus available at HunkyBingo, there are wagering requirements attached to it. You should carefully go through them and understand them before claiming the offer.

    Hunky Bingo
    £10 Bingo Bonus, 5 Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins