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69 ratings
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  • Reputation: Good
  • Best Lotteries: Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions
  • Total Lotteries: 55+
  • Total Payments: +$100,000,000
  • Payment Options: Mastercard and Visa
  • Fees: Average
  • Countries Available: Preferably India and South Asia
  • Support: Live chat, WhatsApp, and Email
  • Languages: English only
  • Platforms: iPhone, Android, Computers
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We decided to review LottoSmile India, a sister operator of theLotter.

Meant for Indian and South Asia customers, there are some minor differences between it and theLotter. We plan on revealing them all, although it is certain that they count on the same level of security.

Among the main features available, expect more than 55 lotteries around the world and a 24/7 support chat that actually works.

Without further ado, start by acknowledging its pros and cons.

Pros / Cons

  • 55+ Lotteries
  • 24/7 Customer Service with Chat
  • Good and Stable Reputation
  • No Commissions on Winnings
  • Already Paid More than US$100 Million
  • Apps Available (Android and iOS)
  • VIP Club with Discounts
  • It Could Have More Discounts
  • Few Payment Methods
  • Service Fees (Average)

How Does LottoSmile Work?

LottoSmile India is a lottery operator, which means it purchases tickets on behalf of players around the world. It is a brand owned by theLotter, which we already tested and reviewed.

While we are not located in India, our test purchasing tickets from its sister lottery operator resulted in a satisfactory experience.

The process is quite simple and can be summarized in a few steps:

  1. Players create an account or start off by adding lottery tickets to their cart.
  2. The cart can be filled with countless tickets from over 55 different lottery games.
  3. It takes only a couple of minutes to finish registering an account.
  4. After selecting all possible discounts, players can proceed to payment.
  5. Payments are processed under encryption and 100% secure.
  6. The LottoSmile staff located in the lottery country purchase an official ticket and scan it.
  7. Players can save their tickets and accompany the results through the website.

What is the Difference Between TheLotter and LottoSmile?

LottoSmile India belongs to The Lotter Limited and is a brand of the popular website theLotter. We are certain that both websites count on the same degree of security, while some features and resources may differ.

It is also worth noting that LottoSmile is directed to Indian and South Asia players.

We already purchased tickets using theLotter and, although we did not have lucky numbers, we were satisfied with their service.

That said, we will still go through the features on LottoSmile to help players decide if that is where they want to purchase their tickets.

P.S.: For players in other countries, accessing the general Lotto Smile website is like using The Lotter with fewer options, like scratchcards.

Is LottoSmile Legit & Safe: License & Security

Our conclusion regarding the safety of playing on LottoSmile India is the same regarding theLotter. It is a brand of the approved lottery operator and owned by a duly registered company, The Lotter Limited.

Even so, we took some precautions, as it is still a different website domain. Our analysis revealed that the website is encrypted with a GeoTrust 128-bit SSL certificate, which means our and your data and payments are processed safely.

Also, our McAfee test returned a 100% malware-free scan:

LottoSmile India is Safe

How to Register on LottoSmile India and Play

First of all, notice that LottoSmile India is directed to a certain region, and players are only allowed to have one account between LottoSmile and theLotter.

Therefore, as we already registered and purchased a ticket with theLotter, we will only guide you through their simple process. There is a clear sign-up button as soon as the player opens the LottoSmile India website.

Register on LottoSmile

It is also possible to first choose the lottery numbers and then register. Feel free to follow whichever order you prefer. When registering, the only initial necessary step is to provide some account details.

Account details

Account created

Before depositing or proceeding to checkout, it will be time to provide some personal details. We find it relevant to highlight that their GeoTrust 128-bit encryption keeps that kind of information safe.

LottoSmile India Personal Details

Had we proceeded, we would be able to purchase official tickets the same way it occurred on theLotter.

Restricted Countries

LottoSmile India is intended for Indian players, although people in some countries from South Asia can also register. We reached their support, but the agents could not precise which countries are allowed.

Instead, know that except the restricted countries below, players can access and play on either LottoSmile India or theLotter freely:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Yemen

Our investigation also revealed that India is among the countries that had lucky winners playing on theLotter and, consequently, on LottoSmile India.

Fees and Commissions

LottoSmile India does not charge any commissions on the actual winnings of any Indian player. In exchange, they need to keep the business running, and that is why a small fee is added to purchases.

No Commission

That fee is slightly above average, resulting in an increase of ~140%, which is expected for online lottery operators.

User Interface and Experience

Our experience navigating on LottoSmile India could not have been better, as everything could be located within a couple of seconds. All lotteries can be selected within one or two clicks, and tickets are easy to fill.

LottoSmile India Interface

Of course, we also checked the mobile website, and it was as user-friendly as their computer version. Everything we went through to bring an honest review of LottoSmile India would have been as easy if we had used a mobile device.

Best Lottery Games Available on LottoSmile

Indian players can benefit from the large selection of games on LottoSmile. We scrolled down through more than 55 lottery games with big jackpots.

LottoSmile Lotteries

There is a benefit for the players of LottoSmile India that we did not have when we purchased a ticket on theLotter, its sister brand. LottoSmile has the advantage of allowing 1-line purchases, meaning players can pay reasonably less to play their favorite games.


U.S. Powerball holds the world’s largest jackpot of $1.6 billion – ₹ 116 trillion – and every now and then accumulates another large prize. LottoSmile India also offers the Powerball versions from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Players can start playing with a single line and opt for discounts such as signing up for a subscription or opting for a multi-draw purchase. It is definitely one of the most popular lottery games on LottoSmile India.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions also counts on impressive prizes and occurs twice a week in the United States. Players from India can purchase up to 25 lines at once or simply get one for the week. U.S. agents will purchase those tickets on your behalf, similar to what happened to us while reviewing theLotter.

We also checked that they offer great syndicate opportunities for those looking to cover hundreds of lines. Incredibly cheap, as long as you are willing to share the prize.


The most famous European lottery is also a hit among Indian players on LottoSmile. It is one of the three favorite picks, together with the two lotteries above. Consider their bundle offers to get extra lines with better odds, including personal entries.

Scanned tickets like the one we have got will grant the safety of any Indian player. In the case of getting the right numbers, which was not our case, LottoSmile India emails the winners.

Other LottoSmile Games and Syndicates

While LottoSmile India does not count on scratchcards like its sister brand, theLotter, it comes with special bundles and group plays.

Syndicates offer a chance of purchasing up to thousands of lines at once, for a really small price. That is possible because hundreds of Indian players will share the same numbers.

It goes without saying that syndicates increase the odds, and sharing big prizes still results in interesting rewards.

Extra Results and Info

On the “Results and Info” tab, we found information on the lottery results of 60 different lotteries. They also provide results and prize alerts as tools, even though LottoSmile India emails its winners.

Results and Information

Together with results, it is possible to learn more about the 60 lotteries, from how to play them to specific details such as their foundation and draws.

LottoSmile Bonus Offers, Promotions & Loyalty Program

LottoSmile India has a special section with bonus offers to Indian players. We analyzed it, and there are some promotions that should suit some players.

Promo Codes, Vouchers, and Discount Codes

Our investigation did not reveal many special discount codes available at LottoSmile India. As it is a feature of theLotter, we advise players to keep attentive. Normally, lottery operators would announce temporary discounts via email.

At the moment, players can purchase 2+ shares of the Loteria Nacional Extra from Europe with a 10% discount.

Subscription and Multi-Draw Bonus

Subscriptions are available for every recurrent lottery game. In exchange for signing a subscription, players receive their 10th ticket free of cost. It is a common deal offered by online lottery operators.

Subscription Bonus

In addition, 25 VIP points are added to the account just for signing it.

VIP Club

Players receive an upgrade when they reach 51 VIP points on LottoSmile India. They can level up from the Bronze to the Diamond level, and each status results in a different discount.

LottoSmile VIP Club

Among the most relevant benefits of advancing in the LottoSmile VIP Clube, the following are noteworthy:

  • Discounts from 5% up to 20%
  • Exclusive promotions for VIP players
  • Personal manager and support priority

VIP Levels

LottoSmile Bundles

Bundles are special offers found together with standard and syndicate entries. Those are a combination of group entries (syndicates) with personal ones, allowing the player to choose at least one line to play alone.

LottoSmile India Bundles

LottoSmile Mobile App to Play Lottery Online

Our experience visiting the LottoSmile India mobile browser version was satisfactory, and we also tested their mobile app.

LottoSmile Android App

When we selected to download the Android app, we were redirected to download the theLotter mobile app. We already reviewed it, and it offers the same resources and opportunities the browser version does.

The download is available via APK, and it takes only a couple of minutes to have everything ready to log in.

LottoSmile iOS App

Next to the Android app download button, players can find another one meant to provide the iOS app. It redirects to the App Store, showing it is a safe and tested app. Similar to the Android app version, it counts on all features available on the website.

LottoSmile India Payout, Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Our review investigation showed that LottoSmile is considerably limited when it comes to payment methods. Players can only opt for using credit cards to deposit and withdrawal, as our screenshot reveals:

Deposit on LottoSmile India

Payout Rules

Players who win in any of the lottery games available on LottoSmile India can withdraw their secondary prizes. That amount is added to their funds after the system accrues the lottery results.

However, similar to other online lottery operators, LottoSmile India requires that jackpot prizes are claimed in the lottery country. That is expected and, due to the huge number of winners connected to the theLotter brands (6+ million), it is not a concern.

How to Withdraw Money from LottoSmile

After winning a prize, players receive a notification from LottoSmile India. Of course, they are also free to check the results. The website funds should be updated, taking into account the good reputation of LottoSmile. That is when withdrawals become available.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The only deposit and withdrawal method available is the use of credit cards. More precisely, Mastercard and Visa Secure ones. Despite being limited, those are instant methods that should fit the needs of most players.


Service and Customer Support

We tested their customer support via an online chat. As our proof shows, we were immediately and cordially assisted by their agent:

LottoSmile Support

It is also possible to contact them via WhatsApp or to send an email (less than 24 hours).


Does LottoSmile Hold a Percentage of Any Prizes I Win?

No, LottoSmile holds nothing as commission from your winnings.

How Do They Make Money?

Instead of collecting a big sum from winnings, LottoSmile India prefers to charge a small fee on tickets.

How Do I Know if I Won a Prize?

LottoSmile sends an email to warn any winner of their prize. Also, it is possible to check results online on the same website.

Did Anyone Ever Win With LottoSmile?

Yes. LottoSmile India is connected to theLotter, which already paid over $100 million to players around the world. There were Indian winners already.

How to Get Paid?

Simply request a withdrawal once your funds are updated. Jackpot prizes require assistance via support, as they must be claimed offshore.

Who Can Play at LottoSmile?

Anyone above the age of 18 years old. However, consider your local legislation as to gambling age before registering.


LottoSmile India belongs to the same group that owns theLotter. They are very much alike, and we were pleased to verify that is fulfilled the necessary security requirements.

The highlights of our analysis are the great number of lotteries (55+) and discounts available, including their VIP program and their support channel. On the other hand, they could improve their range of payment methods.

In short, Indian players can benefit from playing on LottoSmile, as it is directed to them. As for players or other countries, theLotter remains a better option, as you can only have an account on one of them. But if you’re not interested in lottery site oriented at Asian players, you can check other worthy lottery sites (there’re enough to choose the one exactly for your needs!)

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