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    When talking about SkyBingo, I’m talking about a bingo betting platform operated by one of the oldest companies in the online gambling world. Sky has been established for quite many years, so you can expect to receive professional treatment and, before all, fantastic benefits and features for your bingo betting experience. 

    The Sky Bingo platform has been around since 2012, and even though it’s not one of the oldest operating bingo betting sites, it is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to safety and security. That’s mainly because the Sky Bingo platform is licensed by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, which are two of the most reputable gambling commissions in the world of online gambling.

    Aside from that, many other things will make the Sky Bingo platform the preferred choice for your bingo betting experience. In this review, together, we will dive deep into the different features and benefits of the Sky Bingo site. Let’s hop right into it.

    SkyBingo Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: Spend £10 and play with £40
    Welcome Bonus: £40 bingo bonus + up to 100 free spins
    Minimum Deposit: £5
    Minimum Withdrawal: £5
    Established: 2012
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal
    Bingo Software: Playtech
    Email Address: Not Available
    Phone Number: Not Available
    Gambling Commission: UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Commission
    • Some Of The Highest Quality Slots Worldwide
    • Many Bonuses and Promotions
    • Licenses From Two Of The Most Reputable Gambling Commissions
    • Crystal-Clear Reputation Around The Web
    • Only a Handful Of Payment Methods
    • Gaming Section Could Have Been Better

    SkyBingo Games

    When it comes down to the gaming selection, you can enjoy it on the Sky Bingo platform, and I can say that it’s not as impressive as other bingo betting sites of the same caliber. Usually, when I have been reviewing the best bingo betting sites, I was always impressed by their gaming sections, focusing heavily on it instead of just for the bingo section.


    Still, even though the Sky Bingo site does not offer the best gaming selection, that can’t possibly be too big of a problem for the players that want to enjoy a flawless bingo betting experience. That’s exactly what you are going to get from SkyBingo.

    Available Bingo Games

    The bingo betting selection is the thing that makes the Sky Bingo platform stand out. Generally, the quantity of the bingo rooms is still not too impressive, especially when compared to other sites like SunBingo. The bingo rooms are standing at around 12, but this is still more than the average bingo betting site. However, this section is so entertaining because these bingo rooms provide players with many different betting opportunities and cash-out options.

    Whether you are a fan of the higher stake bingo rooms or the regular ones, you are always covered by the diversity in the bingo betting selection of the Sky Bingo platform. You can easily enjoy bingo tickets starting from just a few cents, and even ones that can go as high as several pounds. That way, you can take the best of both worlds for a fantastic bingo betting experience.

    Still, what shines the most about the bingo betting section of Sky Bingo is the different types of bingo you can enjoy there. Most bingo betting sites usually can offer 2 or 3 bingo types for players to engage in. On the other side, the Sky Bingo platform provides you with up to 6 different bingo types. They include:

    • 90 Ball Bingo
    • 80 Ball Bingo
    • 75 Ball Bingo
    • 50 Ball Bingo
    • 40 Ball Bingo
    • 36 Ball Bingo

    All in all, the bingo betting section at Sky Bingo offers you a fantastic diversity and flexibility you can easily take advantage of to realize great profits potentially. No matter what your preferences are when it comes to bingo betting, SkyBingo has got you covered in every scenario.


    Of course, one of the most popular casino games is a must in every online gambling platform. SkyBingo hasn’t missed the chance to provide some entertaining slot headlines, ensuring players will have a good option for a change of pace after a lengthy bingo betting session.

    When I was going through the slot selection on the platform, I thought it was pretty decent. Most of the slots are 5 reel video slots, which are by far one of the most entertaining types of slots you can play online. They usually provide you with many profit opportunities and are a great way of blowing off some steam.


    Although there aren’t too many slots you can play when it comes to quantity, it makes a great impression that the quality of these slots is very high. The games are diversified, and you can enjoy slots with different themes, features, and potential payouts. There is also a good selection of jackpot slots where you can try your luck and hopefully take down one of the enormous jackpot amounts.

    On the note of the quality of the slots selection, I can say that there are quite a few games that are considered some of the best in the slot gaming industry. Among the different slot games, you can find the names of Aztec Bonanza, Rainbow Riches, and of course, the widely labeled as the best slot game ever, Starburst.

    Instant Wins

    Without a doubt, the slot section steals the spotlight from all other games you might be able to enjoy on the Sky Bingo platform. Still, there are quite some games to enjoy rather than slots. After I reviewed most of them, I can say that they are not the most entertaining options you can have.

    But still, they can be a great way to blow off some steam and enjoy a different betting experience. As their name suggests, these games provide instant winning opportunities. These games can be like the popular deal or no deal. These games provide you with additional betting opportunities, and you can often find yourself enjoying them, even though they are not the most entertaining types of games at first sight.

    Mobile Compatibility

    When it goes down to online gambling nowadays, there might not be something more important than mobile compatibility. There are many reasons for that, but it’s enough to understand that most players are already enjoying betting from their mobile devices.

    And this is one of the main disadvantages of the Sky Bingo platform. After doing an extensive review, I can say that the mobile experience on the SkyBingo site is not among the best I had ever evaluated.

    The platform itself is well optimized for mobile gaming, but the problem is that some functions are not functioning too well when you play from your portable device compared to when you are using your personal computer. Still, even like this, you can enjoy a great mobile gaming experience, and you won’t face any major difficulties at all.

    Gaming Software

    What makes Sky Bingo stand out is the quality behind its gambling software. And it can’t be any other way as most of the games and the platform, in general, comes from Playtech. This is one of the most established casino gaming providers worldwide, so you can only expect top-notch work from them.

    That’s one of the main reasons why you probably won’t face any significant difficulties when it comes down to the gameplay, bets, or anything like this. At its core, this is one of the foundations of every of the best gambling platforms, so on that note, I can say the Sky Bingo platform has done a great job by using one of the industry’s best in the likes of Playtech.

    Design and User Experience

    When you arrive at the homepage of the Sky Bingo platform, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first. That’s because there are many features and information you can spot everywhere, especially at the top where Sky had presented their other betting platforms. On top of that, there is also a bit too much information.


    As a new player, it’s best to see the complete opposite of all that. Still, we will go through all of the different components of the theme and design of SkyBingo, so you understand what you can expect when deciding to enjoy betting on the platform.

    Platform Fluidity

    The platform fluidity allows you to navigate the different pages and the piles of features and information more easily. In a platform with great fluidity, you can immediately realize you are cruising along with the different pages without any trouble. Also, the design as a whole should flow very naturally and be practical.


    And when it goes down to the Sky Bingo platform, this is done so well. Generally, no matter which page you are on the platform, you will always find a ton of information and many features. However, you will hardly be overwhelmed as the fluidity is done to present all of this information and features with a fantastic flow and design.

    Navigation and Interface Cleanliness

    Generally, the navigation of the platform is connected to its fluidity. And although the pages of Sky Bingo are not presenting the best possible level of cleanliness, the navigation and the fluidity compensate for that perfectly. That being said, as a whole, the navigation through the site is straightforward, except when it goes down to the first homepage of the site.

    Site Animation

    The site animations are another essential thing that needs to be on the highest possible level to contribute well enough for the excellent gambling experience of every player. The Sky Bingo platform, as I already mentioned, is owned by one of the oldest betting companies, so it’s only natural for an important detail like the site animations to be on the highest level.

    And this is what you are going to find on the platform of SkyBingo. When surfing through the different pages and their features, you can easily spot the great visual animations at times. That’s evident when you are switching between the various bonus offers or games. Judging from my experience with other bingo betting platforms, I can tell that the animations of Sky Bingo are of a fantastic quality.

    Bonuses and Promotions of SkyBingo

    No matter the type of player you are, you will always be interested in the bonuses and promotions of a particular platform. Considering the bad variety of games that the Sky Bingo platform has, I wasn’t expecting much from their bonus section. But after I entered the bonus section for the first time, I immediately realized that I was completely wrong.


    When you arrive at the bonus page for the first time, you will be able to check out a fantastic selection of different bonuses and promotions that you can easily take advantage of and take your game to the next level.

    Types of Bonuses

    When it goes down to the different types of bonuses you can claim on the Sky Bingo platform, I can say that you can enjoy one of the most extensive selections of bonuses and promotions among all of the sites in the bingo betting industry. That’s not an exaggeration as you can enjoy whatever type of bonus comes to your mind.


    Many different bonuses can cover some of the Slingo games on the platform, different bingo rooms, and many others. These bonuses usually proceed with the tournament format, and the players who have the most Rakeback will usually take fantastic rewards home. These bonuses are one of the most exciting types of promotions you can enjoy, and it’s not a surprise they are among the first ones you can come across on the Sky Bingo platform.

    Other bonuses include frequent cashback and cash bonuses for players when they had already spent a specific amount on particular types of games. These bonuses might not be the most generous and rewarding, but they are indeed creating tremendous opportunities for additional thrilling emotions through bingo betting.

    Of course, there are also many promotions, including free spins, as they are also one of the bonuses and promotions players are more than willing to claim at any given time. Generally, the bonus section at Sky Bingo will have something suitable for every type of player.

    Play with Sky Bingo!

    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    Still, no matter what type of bonus you decide to take advantage of, you will always need to abide by the specific terms and conditions of the bonus you claim. Otherwise, there are consequences, and you might end up using your bonus and funds you might have already deposited.

    That’s why you will need to carefully examine the terms and conditions of every bonus before you claim it. That way, you will know what you get yourself into and understand what you should do to protect yourself and your bonus funds.

    Wagering Requirements

    Aside from the wagering requirements, you need to keep a close eye on the wagering requirements that some of the bonuses might have. Generally, wagering requirements have bonuses like the welcome offers where you claim a generous amount of bonus funds. The wagering requirement is active for these bonus funds, as well as the ones you deposit.

    You already understand why this is so important, as if you don’t follow the specific rules or you can’t complete the wagering requirements, you risk losing a significant amount of your playing funds.

    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    Just like some of the other sections on the Sky Bingo platform, diversity is not the one thing that catches the attention. Generally, when I look into the payment options available on SkyBingo, I am not impressed. There is not a fantastic variety of payment options in other bingo betting platforms, especially when it comes to the best ones.

    Still, I can say that this is not a significant problem because the available payment methods on the Sky Bingo platform are some of the most popular in the gambling industry. Thus, you won’t have any problems transferring any of your funds in or out of the bingo betting platforms, which is what matters the most at the end of the day.

    Types of Available Banking Options

    As I already mentioned above, you can’t enjoy a vast selection of payment options when using the Sky Bingo platform. Still, you can use the most practical and payment methods that are perfect for the gambling industry. Among these payment methods, you can find: 

    • Maestro
    • MasterCard
    • Paypal
    • Visa

    They might be only a handful, but in reality, they are more than enough to take care of every gambling transaction you might need to execute.

    Withdrawal Limits and Processing Time

    One of the things I can say that the Sky Bingo platform is excellent is the processing time of their transactions. As you already understand, PayPal is one of the available payment options on the site. There, the transactions are usually processed in under 48 hours, which is very convenient.

    When it comes to the other payment methods, you can usually expect to receive your funds in 3 to 5 days. It will be best if you note that I’m talking about working days. That’s because your potential withdrawal needs to be processed and then executed by the finance team of SkyBingo.

    Safety and Security

    I already mentioned it, but the Sky Bingo platform provides you with one of the most secure gambling environments you could ever ask for.


    There are a few main reasons for that, and we will go through each one of them in the following lines.

    Establishment and Reputation

    First of all, the Sky Bingo platform is owned by the famous Sky betting company. As most of you probably know, this is one of the oldest established companies behind many of the most successful online bookmakers worldwide. Although Sky Bingo was established in 2012, it’s providing one of the most secure bingo betting platforms.

    To prove that, I can say that Sky Bingo has licenses from two of the most reputable gambling commissions. They are the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Commission. This talks volumes about the quality of the service you will receive when enjoying bingo on the platform.

    Gambling License

    To prove my previous claim, I can say that Sky Bingo has licenses from two of the most reputable gambling commissions.

    They are the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Commission. This talks volumes about the quality of the service you will receive when enjoying bingo on the platform.

    Encryption Technology

    Aside from the protection you get from some of the most rigorous gambling commissions, you can rest assured as the Sky Bingo platform follows all of the latest protocols.


    So, you can enjoy a bingo betting experience without thinking twice about your details and information getting exposed.

    SkyBingo Customer

    No matter how good a particular bingo betting platform might be, this won’t mean anything if the customer supports is not on the desired level.

    That’s why I had reviewed the customer support of Sky Bingo very carefully so I can expose to you any platform and issues you might be facing when it comes the time for you to depend on customer support.

    Customer Support Accessibility

    Although finding Sky Bingo customer support is not as straightforward as in other bingo sites. Still, finding customer support is very easy as you will need to navigate at the bottom of the page and click on help and support.


    There, you will find all of the necessary contact details to get in touch with the customer support of the site for any issue you might be facing.

    Customer Support Efficiency

    The customer support service I received at Sky Bingo was fantastic. From my experience, the team seemed to care about your problem and provided a quick and easy solution for you to continue enjoying bingo betting just like before after the issue was resolved.

    Combining that with the fact there are many contact options, the customer support of Sky Bingo is on a very high level.

    Customer Support Issues

    To be honest, there weren’t any significant issues that I could mention about the customer support of SkyBingo. I received fantastic treatment, and I expect that every player on the platform will have a similar experience.

    SkyBingo Restrictions

    One of the main advantages of the Sky Bingo platform is that it’s not restricted to many countries, like many of the other bingo betting platforms online. When it comes to other bingo betting platforms, you can often find ones that have restricted lists with tens of additions. Of course, it’s hard to play on a platform like this as it’s likely you will be in any of the prohibited countries.

    However, in SkyBingo, the situation is different. On these platforms, there are only a handful of countries that are restricted, and everyone that is not residing in them will be able to use the services of the platforms to their fullest effortlessly. The prohibited countries are: 

    Our Verdict of SkyBingo

    Sky Bingo is one of these platforms that are part of one of the oldest online betting companies in the world. Only this fact makes it enough for you to join the platform and enjoy bingo betting there.

    However, the site has much more to offer, and with its fantastic bingo betting selection, on top of one of the most secure gambling environments online and a vast selection of bonuses, you can’t get wrong if you decide to enjoy bingo betting in SkyBingo.


    Is SkyBingo a scam or a legit bingo site?

    As I already mentioned, SkyBingo is one of the established bingo betting sites. It is licensed by two of the most reputable gambling commission, and you will enjoy a safe betting experience there.

    Can I play SkyBingo from my country?

    Chances are you will be able to enjoy SkyBingo’s services from your country. Unlike many other bingo sites, the list of restricted countries on SkyBingo is very shallow.

    Can I play SkyBingo on my mobile?

    Of course. You can enjoy bingo betting in SkyBingo from your phone effortlessly. The games and the platform are well optimized for mobile gaming, so you won’t have any major issues.

    What types of Bingo can I play at SkyBingo?

    There are many types of bingo you can enjoy on the platform of SkyBingo. No matter what you prefer, you will always be covered as the site has one of the best bingo sections.

    Where can I find my bonus on SkyBingo?

    You can easily find any bonus you might be interested in in the bonus section of the site. There, you will find every available bonus with detailed information and terms and conditions.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at SkyBingo?

    SkyBingo has a fantastic benefit when it goes down to deposits and withdrawals. They are set up at £5 each, which is very convenient for players.

    How many free spins do I get with SkyBingo?

    There are different bonuses and promotions you can claim to get free spins. Some of these promotions can easily earn you up to 100 free spins.

    Does SkyBingo have wagering requirements?

    Just like with every site online, SkyBingo’s bonuses have wagering requirements. Still, I can say they are pretty user-friendly, so you won’t have any issues completing them.

    £40 Bingo Bonus & Up To 100 Free Spins