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Best Betting Sites in Estonia for 2023

Betting has become easier since the internet has allowed countless betting sites to come to life. There are also many portals dedicated to posting various analyzes of clubs, teams, state leagues, tournaments and competitions that people place bets on. Betting is much more accessible today than ever before, with bettors able to bet directly at bookmakers or download various apps and register with sports betting websites.

If you’re new to the online betting game, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of sports betting sites in Estonia. Whether you’re looking for a mobile app or a betting website, without a helpful guide you can easily fall prey to unscrupulous sites. There are also many bookmakers, each offering different things that make them stand out from their competitors. This comprehensive guide will help you learn everything you need to know before choosing sports betting sites in Estonia for 2022.

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⚖️ Estonia Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Estonia Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Gambling is completely allowed in Estonia. But in order to run a gambling place with legal status (both online and in real life), you need a corresponding operating license. The same goes for sports betting. Since it is gambling entertainment where the real money is at stake, a license is required to enable sports betting.

In Estonia, the Tax and Customs Board is responsible for issuing the necessary operating license for the organization of gambling. At the same time, sports betting meets the definition of a game in the Gambling Act. First, sports bettors, on their part, make a bet to participate in an entertaining activity. The outcome of the game is then determined by an event in which the final score is not known in advance.

If someone wants to start making sports betting predictions online in Estonia, he must send a corresponding application to the Tax and Customs Board to obtain a permit. However, this is remote gambling within the meaning of Estonian law, as all activities are carried out using an electronic means of communication. This does not make a significant difference to the regulation of gambling at physical locations, but it still creates new requirements, for example in terms of data storage and encryption of communication exchanges.

In the framework of this legislation, sports betting is called toto, which comes from the word “totalizator”. It is important to understand that in order to qualify as a toto, a predictable event must be beyond the control of the organizer. Mostly it does not even function as a totalizer, but in the form of a normal bet. That is why there was a lot of confusion in the first half of the 2000s when the first prediction portals were opened on the Internet. At that time, it was a new area not regulated by law.

If totos are taxed, 5% is deducted as gambling tax. This rate refers to the total amount received from all bets placed after winnings have been deducted. Considering that sports betting is completely prohibited in some countries of the world, taxation at a low rate in Estonia is rather a liberal approach.

We take the issue of licensing extremely seriously, as there are many betting sites on the Internet that do not have a completely legal background. When placing sports bets on these portals, you can easily become a victim of fraud. For example, your credit card information may be resold or smaller amounts may be transferred than allowed.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Estonia?

Online sports betting is regulated and legal in Estonia. There are many sports betting sites to choose from and finding a legal bookmaker is easy.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Estonia

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Estonia

Before placing a bet, it is crucial to choose a reliable site that offers great odds and tips for all the sports you like. This should make a big difference in your decision because different websites emphasize focusing on different sports. Most reliable sports betting websites offer a wide range of sports to bet on and many different markets. This website should also be user-friendly and have a legal license accepted in your state.

In addition, reputable online sportsbooks usually offer welcome bonuses to all new players. If you make a deposit as a new player, you can claim free bets or money immediately after signing up. Before joining the site or making a deposit to receive it, be sure to read all the terms and conditions of using this bonus. Let us discuss some important features to consider before choosing an online betting site.

✅ Live/In-Game Betting in Estonia

Many sports betting sites in Estonia now allow bettors to place bets after a match or match has started, but reliable websites usually offer significantly lower or higher odds depending on how the match or match progresses over time. You can evaluate a sports betting site for live betting by looking at the various matches open for betting and how good the odds usually are.

✅ Live Streaming in Estonia

TV rights deals sometimes mean that the sports you are trying to watch or follow can be a challenge, as the trend towards paid subscription companies for sports channels and online content providers has started to restrict them as soon as they take them over. Due to this, live streaming has become an important factor and many betting sites take it very seriously. For example, a reliable sports betting website that offers effective tennis betting will stream live tennis matches consistently.

So, again, it’s important to focus on the sports you want to bet on more often by researching which sites offer live streaming. This feature is also important for those who prefer to use the cashout feature as it makes betting and withdrawal decisions much more convenient.

✅ Cashout

This feature consists in allowing the bettor to settle the prediction before the last league of the match, helping him to reduce his losses or achieve a win. Cash payouts are great for hedging betting risks; however, the payout level is highly dependent on the platform you use to place your bet.

✅ Tipping Guidelines for Estonian Bettors

Tips guides are especially useful for punters who like to bet on races. This is why tipping guides are more common on sites that focus more on racing because they have experts who tip every day. Many sports betting sites in Estonia now employ racing experts to record podcasts, radio interviews and TV shows and write articles or share knowledge on social media accounts to advise bettors.

✅ Prediction Formats at Estonian Sportsbooks

Different bets on online betting sites can also be a critical factor that can influence your decision. Different sites allow their bettors to bet against each other rather than traditional bookmakers. On the other hand, other bookies may offer you better options for accumulators and other things.

✅ User Experience at Estonian Betting Sites

User experience has become such an important aspect for mobile apps and sites that if it is poor, it will greatly affect the reputation of the betting app. It’s important to look for an app or site that is aesthetically pleasing, organized, easy to navigate, and smooth to use.

✅ Esports Betting in Estonia

Another sector that has seen significant growth recently is Esports. Lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19  pandemic caused the 2020 sporting calendar to be significantly curtailed. The postponement and cancellation of almost all sporting events led to the world gaining massive popularity in Esports like never before. The rise of virtual leagues also led to an explosion in the popularity of Esports betting, which is constant to this day.

✅ Security Measures

Many sports betting websites today require personal information to better serve bettors. They may ask for your age, gender, geographic location, and other similar information. Some may also ask you to provide sensitive information, such as your bank details and credit or debit card details.

Before providing any information, make sure that the site has strict security measures in place to protect your personal information to prevent you from becoming a victim of online fraud and data theft. It is recommended to check whether their terms of service include permission to transfer your personal data to third parties.

✅ Legality or Estonian Sports Betting Sites

The vast majority of bettors do not take this into account when choosing a bookmaker in Estonia. It is important to make sure that the sports betting site is fully regulated and licensed by the relevant gambling commission. Checking the reviews of the app store you are using or forums dedicated to betting can also help you determine if the site is licensed by a government agency. This acts as a guarantee that your money is protected even in case of liquidation.

The legal agreement between you and the bookmaker will also help you learn more about how they provide their services, as bookmakers usually operate on different terms and conditions and you should only choose the one that suits you best.

✅ Payment Options at Estonian Bookmakers Online

Some Estonian punters prefer to connect their banks to the website, while others are looking for ways to exclude their gambling history from all bank statements, so they prefer more private payment and withdrawal methods. You should choose a website that offers a wide range of payment options to suit your needs.

In addition to how you send payments to the website, you need to ensure that the betting site pays you after you win. Check their possible conditions, including minimum deposit and withdrawal accounts.

✅ Reviews

It is important that you first browse online reviews on various platforms in Estonia. You can read reviews of a bookmaker or sportsbook on various blogs, discussion websites, social media comments and forums dedicated to different betting sites. A thorough reading of these reviews can help you see the experiences of other punters, which will help you decide if a particular bookmaker is trustworthy and suitable for you before committing your money.

The more reviews you find for a particular website or app, the more likely it is that the site is trustworthy. However, sometimes you have to be careful. Just because a site has a lot of reviews doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy. It is important to see if they are realistic and positive. Active users on social media and dedicated forums can give you accurate reviews of these betting sites, so make sure you go through all available reviews before choosing a particular online sportsbook.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Estonia

How to Bet on Sports in Estonia

In order to place sports bets online, you will need to register at a bookmaker, a very simple process that can be done completely free of charge through any device with an Internet connection. In just a few steps you can enjoy a wide range of content, detailed information about each of the available titles and even place bets live.

The registration process only lasts a few minutes and is quite similar in all operators, since they ask us for a series of personal data, an email, and generate both a username and password. In addition, this profile does not expire and is personal, so it is recommended not to share the account and change the access codes from time to time to maximize security.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Choose an Estonian Bookmaker

The choice of an operator is the first thing we must assess before focusing on how to register with a bookmaker because online gaming has grown a lot in recent years and the offer in Estonia has multiplied considerably. It is true that all companies have practically the same services, but aspects such as offers, the range of markets they cover or deposit options may vary.

However, one of the first things we should know when creating an account at a bookmaker is that it is a totally free process, so we can always register with several operators that interest us until we find our favorite. From there, one of the factors that can most attract our attention is the offers that are offered to us as clients, which are usually linked to different sporting events or certain titles.

Another interesting aspect is the range of markets they cover. In fact, the diversification of content has become one of the great competitive advantages of bookmakers, since it allows them to attract the attention of new user profiles that are attracted to emerging sports or slots based on novel themes.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Registration at Estonian Betting Sites

Once you have chosen your favorite sports betting site in Estonia, continue registering with them. All these companies have a very similar registration process, based on filling out a form with certain personal data, providing an email and generating a username. Of course, it is a completely free process and can be done through any device with an Internet connection, but it is essential if we want to enjoy the content.

  1. Enter the operator platform and click on the registration tab.
  2. Fill in the personal data (name and surname, date of birth, country of residence, address, etc.), provide an email and generate a username with a password to log in every time we want to access the bookmaker.
  3. Start enjoying all the content offered by the bookmaker.

3️⃣ Next Steps

Once we know how to create an account in a bookmaker, we still have a lot to discover, since it is time to enjoy all the content that is available to us. Thus, we can use the advice offered by the operator to start betting or playing our favorite titles, try some of the available promotions, start with the famous live bets, etc.

In addition, many of these companies have detailed information about their catalog of casino games, news related to the world of sports and even live coverage of some competitions. All this is completely free of charge, with the intention of improving the user experience on this type of platform. Therefore, once the registration is complete, we can spend some time getting to know the platform, its distribution and its content in order to get the most out of it.

If you want to make a profit, you should research the event carefully before you start. Keep an eye on the team’s form, news, weather and other elements that can affect their performance. This is a great way to get an edge over sports betting.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Estonia

Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Estonia

With the rise in popularity of sports betting, many Estonian sports fans are trying to join the market. Established sports bettors spend a lot of money annually betting through organized betting sites and local casinos. Here are the most popular sports among Estonian bettors:


The most watched sport in the world is undoubtedly football, Estonia included. This makes it the most popular and lucrative sport to bet on. Most football bets are straightforward but also the most versatile. You can bet on anything and everything.

Bettors with a deeper understanding of the game may choose to bet on various outcomes. They can, for example, bet on the number of corner kicks and throw-ins and when they will occur in the match. They can even bet on the number of yellow or red cards there will be and who will receive them.


As the game has no ties like football or rugby, betting on tennis competitions is easy for both novices and experts. Tennis offers a variety of basic and easy bets. However, predicting the winner of a match or tournament is the most crucial. Other elements influence tennis betting, as some players excel on grass courts and others win more matches on clay.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports today. In fact, it is the second most watched and followed in Estonia. Although the NBA is the most well-known league in basketball, global betting on US college and European club leagues is also attracting big bucks these days.

Basketball betting involves predicting whether one team will beat another by a certain amount. When a popular team plays an away game, the riskiest bets are those that focus on the margin by which one team will win against another.

American football

Rugby is currently seeing a significant rise in betting lists in Estonia, with a number of new countries rising to higher places in the rankings. There are now 30 nations playing rugby on the ground, 20 of which qualify for the World Cup, which is the biggest rugby event today.

american football
American Football

The National Football League (NFL) is the one that takes the most money in bets each year in the United States. Even though sports betting is still not legal in many US states, football fans still bet on league games.

Estonians have no problems with the legality of betting, therefore placing bets on American Football is easy. The biggest event in American sports betting history is the annual Super Bowl, with NFL fans around the world spending billions of dollars on the outcome of that game.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has always been one of the most popular sports bets in the world, with fans flocking to the racetrack to bet on their favorite horses and watch them succeed. With the advent of Internet betting, this tradition has changed.

To win bets on these events, you need to know the elements of the horses that influence their potential to compete and succeed. Changes in weather, balance and the mood of handlers are factors that can affect a horse's performance.

popular games
Other Popular Sports

  • Cricket: It is very popular in the countries where it is practiced, such as the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Australia, etc.
  • Boxing: This type of martial art is very popular with players all over the world, especially in the United States and Europe. UFC is also a popular variation of martial arts betting.
  • e-Sports: Due to the fact that electronic sports events are becoming more and more popular, they are generating money on online bookmakers.
  • Cycling: There are many different cycling events held annually around the world, so it's no wonder it makes a lot of money at the bookies.

💵 Types of Bets in Estonia

Types of Bets in Estonia

There are different ways to bet. Those players in Estonia who bet for fun and hope for a big win with a small bet make combo bets. Those players who are chasing success in betting place single bets as hitting a single bet is much more likely. System bets are made when there is a desire to place several bets on one coupon or ticket. Both amateurs and professionals in Estonia use system bets.

➡️ Combination Bets

Combination bet is called in several ways: combi, combo, multi. When making a combo bet, the odds are multiplied. For example, by betting €10 on a combination of matches, your net profit can be over €620, which can be hardly achieved by single bets.

The goal of the combination bet is to get a large coefficient on the ticket, but since there are more options in the ticket, the win is also considerably higher. However, the probability of winning decreases with the addition of games to the ticket. With this type of bet, the win is much higher, but the probability of winning is also much lower. Combo bets are made by players who want to get rich quickly and do it for fun, without proper preliminary work.

➡️ System Bets

System bets are actually exactly the same as single and combo bets. It just makes betting easier if you want to make several combinations at once. With the system bet options, you can combine and choose which combos or individual bets you make will be enough for a betting slip to be won. In other words, you can choose, for example:

3x single – bet 3x combo bet with two games. This means that you will be combining three doubles (Germany+Spain) + (Germany+Japan) + (Spain+Japan)

The more games you add to the ticket, the more possibilities there are for combining.

➡️ Single Bets

Single bets are the most popular and also the most profitable, where the probability of winning is the highest. Pros generally do not add more than one game to their ticket. Be sure not to trust the recommendations of others and do your own statistics and research before placing a bet!

➡️ The Most Popular Betting Options

➡️ 1×2 or 1-2 or Game Winner

The choice of the winner of the game is the most popular among bettors in Estonia. Per game, generally 60-70% of the total bet amount is bet on the winner of the game.

1 – Home team wins

X – game ends in a draw

2 – Away team wins

If there is a 1-2 choice, the same logic applies, but in this case there is no possibility of a draw in sports such as tennis and volleyball.

➡️ Handicap

In the case of a handicap, one team is given an advantage. For example:

Germany – Sweden (+1) 2.35 – 3.30 – 2.65

In this case, a one-goal advantage has already been given to Sweden before the start of the game, and this increases Germany’s coefficient from 1.52 to 2.35. If you now bet on the victory of Germany, then in order to win the bet, Germany must beat Sweden by at least two goals. However, if you bet on Sweden and the game is a draw, your bet has won. You can place handicap bets in almost all games.

➡️ Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is a bit different from the handicap, which is even more profitable for the bettor. Even lines can also be selected. For example, games Over/Under 3.0 goals. If there happen to be exactly three goals, the bet is returned.

➡️ Over/Under

In the Over/Under Betting option, you can bet on how many goals/baskets/sets etc. will be scored in a given game. For example, if the final score of the game is 2-0, then there were less than 2.5 goals in the game and the Under option is the winner.

➡️ Moneyline

It should be noted that when betting on the winner of the game with the possibility of a draw, only normal time is valid, but in the case of moneyline, extra time and penalties are also taken into account. For example, in this football match:

  • Germany 1.18
  • Sweden 4.85

If the game happens to be a draw in normal time, bets are returned.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Estonia

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Estonia

Let’s take a closer look at how bookmaker margins are created, i.e. how pairs or triples of odds for tennis or football matches are created. This also applies to bets placed on a single winner, but includes multiple values.

From a mathematical perspective, the sum of probabilities must always be 1.00 (00%). If the bets are made fairly on both sides, the sum of all calculated probabilities is calculated based on the ratio coefficients p = 1 / the coefficient would be exactly 1.00. In practice, this amount is always greater than 100%, and since the relationship between probability and odds is inversely proportional, it is clear that the odds are unfair to the average bettor. The difference between this amount and the bookmaker’s amount allows the bookmaker to make a long-term profit.

A sum of events greater than 100% is called an “overround” (or margin) in the betting community. The bookmaker’s “overround” in this case refers to the difference between both amounts, and the total amount is usually indicated in percentage bars. An amount of probabilities that is less than 100% is called “overbroke” and it means that the bettor could bet on all possible outcomes and his deposits are lower than the amount won. It is extremely rare, however, such opportunities can arise when a bettor searches for and selects odds that differ from the bookmaker.

Let’s look at a specific “overround” example in Estonia. We assume that Barcelona will play Manchester United in the Championship and there are three possible outcomes:

Barcelona to win = 50%

Man U to win = 25%

Draw = 25%

In this case, the fair odds are:

Barcelona to win = 2.0

Man U to win = 4.0

tie = 4.0

However, bookmakers set the odds slightly lower, for example:

Barcelona to win = 1.8

Man U to win = 3.6

tie = 3.6

In this case, the overround is 1/1.8 + 1/3.6 + 1/3.6 = 1.1111, about 111% (11% bookmaker margin). In order to reduce the risks, online bookmakers use a higher overround for lesser-known football leagues, for example, 115% and more.

A very large overround indicates that the price (odds) is not yet at market value. This does not mean that one of the odds cannot be estimated, but it suggests that it is worth waiting for better odds (or trying to find them elsewhere). It is also worth mentioning that the “overround” is always significantly lower for small possible outcomes (e.g. tennis matches) than for larger possible outcomes (bets on exact results, outright winner in longer predictions or who will score the first goal).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use an “overround” to simply identify whether the odds have value, as they are not always equally distributed across all possible outcomes (for sporting events). For example, in a tennis match where the odds are set at 2.5 and 1.4 in favor of both possible outcomes, the “overround” is about 111.4%, whereas claiming that the odds are simply 11.4% lower than they should be is an oversimplification and is incorrect. The allocation of “overround” between individual results depends on several factors.

Since the betting exchange practically destroyed all the differences between the bettor and the bookmakers’ odds, it is interesting to learn about the “overround” from the bookmaker’s perspective as well and use it to reject certain misconceptions that exist even in fairly professional circles. “Overround” is not the same as income, even though the two are often very similar to each other. “Overround” can be seen as an indicator of market efficiency: the lower it is, the higher the bettor’s probability that the bets are fair.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Estonian Online Betting Sites

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  • 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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  • Competitive Odds
  • Immersive Site Design And Interface
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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Estonian Online Betting Sites

🎁 No Deposit/Signup Bonus in Estonia

The advantage of a no-deposit bonus is that you don’t need to fund your account to get it. If required by the bookmaker, you must register and verify your identity using only one available means. The downside is that the free bet is usually less than $1,000. Moreover, there are several limitations to its use. Sometimes it is quite difficult to fulfill the wagering requirements of the bookmaker’s betting bonus. This offer is mainly suitable for beginners who are just getting into the betting business in Estonia as the bonus would help them assess their strengths without spending a penny.

🎁 First Deposit Bonus at Estonian Gambling Sites

To get it, you need to register, go through verification and fund your account. After that, you will receive a free bet equal to your first deposit but not exceeding a certain fixed amount. European bookmakers give free bets on average between $500 and $1000. You must meet the playthrough requirements to withdraw these funds. This usually takes 30 days. The bookmaker can also make a number of playthrough requirements. These can be certain types of bets, minimum bid rates, etc.

🎁 Bonus Codes and Discount Codes for Estonian Sports Bettors

There are two types: disposable (for a specific player) and reusable (for many users). Promo codes usually have expiration dates, so you need to activate the discount in time.

Codes are distributed by bookmaker partners such as information resources, media personalities, etc. The most popular example is game streamers. Many of them post promo codes on their websites and distribution pages, usually consisting of pseudonyms. After activating the key, users will receive an additional incentive from the bookmaker. This form of cooperation is beneficial for all parties.

🎁 Free Bets in Estonia

A free bet is simply a bet of a fixed amount of money where the bookmaker pays the bet. This is an opportunity to bet risk-free and pay net winnings if the bet wins. For example, a player has a $1000 free bet. He bets on it with 1.57 odds. If the bet wins, the player receives $570. Free bets usually have odds limits, less often on market type. Some bookmakers only offer free bets on specific tournaments to increase their popularity.

Players receive free bets for fulfilling certain conditions:

  • Account reload,
  • Checking in,
  • Betting a fixed amount per week or month.

🎁 Bonuses for Regular Players at Estonian Sportsbooks

Many sports betting sites in Estonia offer loyalty programs to active customers. With the help of such programs, users can get constant extra profits by making bets. Terms and conditions depend on the bookmaker. But let’s highlight the general points:

  • For each bet made (or in some cases lost bet), the user gets points. The system for assigning these points depends on two factors: the amount of the bet and the player’s status in the loyalty program.
  • At the end of the reporting period (usually a month, less often a week), points can be used to buy free bets. At some bookmakers, points can be withdrawn immediately to the main account or used to purchase prizes such as club merchandise.
  • As the points accumulate, the player’s status increases. The higher the status, the faster the points are issued. Also, the number of free bets received depends on the player’s level in the loyalty program
  • The main difference from other bonuses is that there are no restrictions. Users can bet on any sports and events with all odds. Loyalty programs are beneficial to the bookmaker itself, as customers are motivated to bet more to get more status. The amount of cashback offered is offset by the bookmaker’s margin, which each bookmaker sets as the odds.

The above are the most popular benefits. Also, many bookmakers periodically organize sports betting competitions with prizes – they encourage customers with holidays, offer weekly bonuses, etc.

💳 Payment Options at Estonia Betting Sites

Payment Options at Estonia Betting Sites

The abundance of payment options in online bookmakers is important, that’s why many sports betting sites in Estonia will offer several options to deposit and withdraw money. Each method has specific characteristics, such as transaction speed, fees, etc. It is up to the player to choose what suits them the best.

Credit and Debit Cards – Traditional credit and debit cards such as Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners Club and others are supported by almost all the best sports betting sites in Estonia. Depositing with these cards is a good option for most players.

Credit or debit card payment is usually fast and secure and eligible for most bonuses and offers. This last point is important because many sites remove bonuses and promotions for deposits using other methods.

You can usually transfer any winnings back to the card you used to deposit, which is convenient, and the service fees for deposits and withdrawals tend to be minimal.

E-wallets – One of the fastest and most convenient ways to process payments online is using e-wallets. Therefore, the most popular online casinos and bookmakers accept at least a couple of them. The most popular e-wallets are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

A potential downside is that some casino sites exclude e-wallet deposits, sign-up bonuses and other promotions. Be that as it may, it is difficult to find a payment method that is faster in making withdrawals. If a quick withdrawal is important to you, e-wallets are definitely a good option if available.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies – The cryptocurrency revolution was not left out of the online gambling industry. There are many legitimate online bookmakers that work with Bitcoin and other popular digital coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more.

Using cryptocurrencies is a fast and cheap way to make online deposits and withdrawals. This is also a particularly good solution in countries with restrictive internet gambling laws, which is not the case in Estonia.

Other Popular Methods – The following banking methods are not as popular as the ones mentioned above, but they are available at most reputable sports betting sites in Estonia and are used frequently by some players.

Money Transfer Services – Options include services such as Western Union. This is a good choice in countries with restrictive internet gambling laws but not so much in Estonia.

Bank Transfers – It is simple and reliable, but not the fastest. Bank transfer withdrawals often come with a fee and are usually not available for smaller amounts.

Prepaid Cards – There are many ways to purchase and finance prepaid cards. The biggest problem with this option is that it is only available for deposits, not withdrawals.

Mobile Payments – This is an increasingly popular option as more and more people gamble through their mobile devices. Simply put, you can deposit small amounts of money that will be added to your phone bill at the end of the month. This is useful for making quick deposits, but you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings this way.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Estonian Players?

All online payments have their pros and cons, and for Estonians, credit cards come on top as they are widely accepted and offer great service. In terms of speed, e-wallets are definitely the best choice.

👍 7 Expert Tips for Betting in Estonia

7 Expert Tips for Betting in Estonia

  1. To get the best out of sports betting, all Estonians who wish to bet on sports should consider opening several accounts. By joining various sports betting sites in Estonia, punters will have more options to choose from and hence increase the chances of winning.
  2. Estonians should not limit themselves to joining national bookmakers. There are plenty of foreign betting sites that offer great service.
  3. Novice bettors should always look for sports betting sites that offer free bets and no deposit bonuses. By using these, the punter can learn about sports betting and the site itself before depositing more money.
  4. Experienced bettors will combine sports betting with casino gambling. Having the possibility to access both online, e-wallets can come quite in handy as it is easy and fast to use the same fund for both types of gambling.
  5. Some casino sites in Estonia will offer sports betting as well, so it is not a bad idea to check them out.
  6. Sports betting is mainly a statistical and mathematical activity. Creating different systems and placing a lot of bets at once is a good way to earn money.
  7. Money can easily go away when betting big. Therefore, limits must be set each month in order to avoid gambling addiction and bankruptcy.
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Gambling is legal in Estonia at all gambling houses that possess a valid gambling license issued by the state.

There are many sports betting sites, both national and international, that are licensed by relevant authorities and which are absolutely safe and secure.

No limits will be set by the law, although it is recommended to set your own limits through Responsible Gaming options. This will prevent any unpleasant money spending over time.

As bookmakers will be the ones that pay the tax, Estonian punters are free from paying the tax. Only the lotto winnings are taxed at 18%.

Some withdrawal methods are faster than others, for example, e-wallets take less than a day while credit cards take 1-2 days. Bank transfers are way slower, taking around 5-7 days.

As there are dozens of sports betting sites that can be accessed from Estonia, and each offers something different, it would be impossible to select a single best one. Instead, players should focus on their needs and find bookmakers that will best fulfil such needs.

Almost all sports are available, such as football, basketball, handball, golf, tennis, rugby, volleyball, esports, etc.

Like in most countries, football is by far the most popular sport among Estonian punters.

Odds are most commonly presented in decimal odds and show the most likely outcome. Lower odds mean a better chance of an outcome happening. Several odds are multiplied to create the final odds, which are then multiplied by the stake to calculate the potential winnings.

Several online bookmakers will offer free bets, but these are quite scarce.

All bonuses, including the sign-up bonus, are available after a successful registration. When the account has been verified, you can claim the welcome bonus (sometimes you might need to deposit funds or use promo codes).

There is a national counselling center that can help players with gambling addiction – it can be reached by calling 15410.

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