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Best Betting Sites in Turkey for 2023

Foreign betting sites in Turkey are more preferred than domestic betting sites. The most important reasons for this are the services that these sites offer. When we look at domestic betting sites, unfortunately, we can see low betting odds. Especially in terms of live betting, unfortunately, we encounter options that are not very wide on these sites.

On the contrary, foreign sites offer a wide range of live bets and high odds. Apart from this, high bonuses are also given when you register for the first time. We do not recommend trusting every brand, we only recommend making a deposit to companies that have proven themselves. You can always trust these brands, login, and register.

🏆 Best Sports Betting Sites for Turkey Players in Oct 2023

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⚖️ Turkish Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Turkish Sports Betting Laws & Regulations

Turkey is experiencing active days in terms of online betting markets. In particular, people come across a brand new site name every day. Users who are members of these sites can earn money with different sports and betting games. In this context, the question of whether betting sites are legal comes to mind.

You can prepare betting slips under the title of sports bets and take advantage of live betting games instantly. Apart from that, there are really high-quality and reliable online sports betting sites in Turkey these days. On these sites, you can make different betting moves at any time of the day and fill your wallets with solid money.

However, people must know that the betting sites in Turkey are foreign nationals. In other words, it proceeds illegally in general by taking its resources from foreign countries. This leads many users to anxiety at certain times because sports betting is getting more and more complicated to find an answer to the question of whether sports betting is legal or not in Turkey.

First of all, according to the Organization of betting and games of chance, it is illegal to place sports bets on online betting sites. However, you should know that this situation will not cause any problems for betting lovers in Turkey. In other words, those who bet on online betting sites are not subject to any penalties from the country’s legal sanctions.

This is a factor limited to procedures only. For this reason, you can always bet by starting a membership on the existing betting sites. Moreover, although these addresses are not legal in the country, they never ignore the reliability of their users.

The Telecommunications Communication Presidency, namely TİB, has banned foreign national betting sites in the country. For this reason, the betting sites that serve are exposed to transportation barriers from time to time. Betting sites that want to stay away from these obstacles find the solution in address changes and updates. In other words, many betting sites change addresses at certain times. However, this does not affect the reliability and quality of the sites. On the contrary, the sites start to provide much faster services thanks to the updated addresses. In particular, you should follow the current addresses of betting sites that change addresses.

Illegal betting sites, however, require documents from their users. This proves that the sites always proceed on a reliable line no matter what. You can easily withdraw the money you earn through illegal betting sites that require documents, and you can create a good betting environment for yourself. It should definitely not be forgotten that, no matter how illegally the sites have progressed, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront. This is one of the important factors that reinforce betting games in the country.

From the moment you become a member of these sites, you can benefit from many important legal services, especially the privacy policy. You can always play your betting games in the markets in our country and add mobility to your weekly betting earnings.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Turkey?

Online sports betting is legal in Turkey when done at IDDAA, which is a national betting service. However, many punters look for much better options and opt for foreign betting sites, which is illegal but possible.

🏆 How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Turkey

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Turkey

As stated, many bettors from Turkey opt to join foreign betting sites as they offer much more. But joining a foreign site that is not licensed or regulated by the national authorities should not be done lightly. Instead, good research needs to be done in order to get the best out of online gambling, but also remain safe. Here is what to pay attention to when looking for the best sports betting site in Turkey based on your needs:

✅ License

This is undoubtedly the criterion on which you must be intransigent: the legal framework in which your bookmaker operates. You must bet on an operator that is authorized in the country of origin. This requires a license issued by the reference authority in the field of gambling. By favoring an approved bookmaker, you will obtain certain guarantees: a responsible gaming policy, secure transactions, and fair gaming.

✅ The Reputation of Betting Sites in Turkey

In the field of sports betting, the reputation of an operator is rarely usurped. This is all the more true on the Internet since all you have to do is read the opinions of users or the reviews available on specialized sites!

The most famous bookmakers are usually the ones that guarantee you the best experience. We are thinking in particular of the implementation of a responsible gambling policy, generous bonuses, high odds, and impeccable services. 

✅ Sports Available at Turkish Betting Sites

With the advent of online bookmakers in Turkey, the possibilities are much more numerous for bettors. Ideally, your operator should also give you a wide choice of available sports, including new trends, such as eSports and similar.

✅ Great Odds

Each bet has odds. It is this number that determines the feasibility of your prediction according to the bookmaker, but also the number of your potential winnings. The odds are therefore of paramount importance and it is advisable to choose the most generous betting sites in Turkey in this area.

In the case of a winning bet, you will not always get the same winnings depending on the bookmaker. You should therefore favor an operator who guarantees the highest odds on the market on average. In particular, you can rely on reviews and odds comparators to see them more clearly.

✅ Bonuses at Turkish Betting Sites

By registering on a sports betting site in Turkey, you will be able to benefit from a welcome bonus. This offer is valid on your first deposit or on your first bet, which allows you to start your adventure on a serene basis. However, we advise you to compare the available offers before making your choice.

Indeed, each bookmaker offers this type of bonus, but it turns out to be more or less interesting depending on the operators. For example, you should focus on the amount of the bonus and the eligibility conditions to find the best offer on the Turkish market.

In addition, the most generous bookmakers generally make you benefit from other promotions and a loyalty program: you should therefore not limit yourself to the welcome bonus.

✅ Payment Methods at Gambling Sites in Turkey

Fast and secure payment methods are of utmost importance, especially when betting at foreign betting sites in Turkey. You must have several fully secure solutions adapted to your habits as a bettor: bank card, crypto-currency, prepaid ticket, classic transfer, electronic wallet, etc. Instant deposits are very important for last-minute bets, but safe withdrawals with the lowest fees possible are a must.

💵 How to Bet on Sports in Turkey

How to Bet on Sports in Turkey

There is no point in rushing when making an online bet for the first time! It is advisable to prepare the ground well in order to start your adventure in an ideal way. Take these few steps when starting your online betting in Turkey.

1️⃣ Step 1 – Compare Turkish Bookmakers Before Registering

Regarding sports betting sites in Turkey, players are lucky to be spoiled for choice. You can therefore compare the different offers to find the mobile or PC operator that suits you best! Our reviews can be used as a comparison since they present the bets and odds available, as well as the services offered. 

In any case, your platform must be safe and reputable. Next, find a bookmaker based on your betting needs. You can either pick one sports betting site in Turkey from our list, or follow the criteria provided above. 

Find the Best Welcome Bonus in Turkey. Each bookmaker now offers a welcome bonus to promote your registration. This offer can be in the form of a percentage on your first deposit or a first bet refunded. Once again, it is better to establish a real comparison of the different bonuses available to take advantage of the most advantageous. For example, check the amount in liras and any conditions required.

2️⃣ Step 2 – Register on the Online Betting Site in Turkey

When a favorite has been found, go to the official website and find a “Register” or “Join” button. From here, you will have to provide personal information in order to create your betting account. This must be filled in truthfully as your withdrawals will depend on it. Once the form is filled out, confirm your registration via email.

The welcome bonus is only available once and the odds may differ between bookmakers. As a result, nothing prevents you from registering on a competing site and enjoying the advantages of both! It is only natural to want to be among the best bettors in Turkey, if not the whole world. Nevertheless, you must take the time to assimilate the essential concepts: it is only in this way that you will emerge victorious from your adventure.

3️⃣ Step 3 – Start Betting in Turkey

Bet on your favorite sport! Online sports betting sites in Turkey cover almost all disciplines, and the opportunities are present in each sport. However, it’s important to start out by focusing on the sport you’re most comfortable with.

If you know football, bet on the Champions League, Premier League, and even championship, Euro, or even World Cup games. You will be able to establish the right forecast more easily and you will therefore have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the world of sports betting.

✅ Start with Simple Bets

The simple bet consists in predicting the result of a single match. It is therefore the ideal bet for beginners and for those who prefer to play it safe. You must therefore focus on this type of sports betting before looking at the other options available from your Turkish bookmaker.

✅ Use the Odds System Wisely

These are the odds that will determine the amount you won. The higher ones represent the less likely assumptions, while the lower ones give you more reassurance about the end result, but with lesser prospects in terms of gains. You must therefore take this subtle balance into account.

✅ Do Not Miss Any Promotional Offers at Turkish Betting Sites

Other bonuses may also be available depending on the generosity of your bookmaker in Turkey: it may be a referral bonus, a promo code for your birthday, or even a powerful loyalty program. Such promotions will provide substantial monetary gain possibilities that should never be neglected.

🏈 Popular Sports and Markets to Bet On in Turkey


In the report of Ajans Press, which determined the favorite sports in Turkey, It has been documented that football, which is spoken about 5 times more than its closest rival basketball, is the most talked-about sport in Turkey with over 475,000 news stories.

Football bets are the most diverse and the Turkish national team has had some solid performances on the international scene. Likewise, the national teams used to perform quite well internationally, but the league itself has been in the spotlight of numerous match-fixing scandals over time.


Basketball, which gained a serious audience among women and children with the slogan of giant men, was reported as the second most talked about sport with 95 thousand news. Turkish basketball teams are incredibly good on the international scene, with Fenerbahce and Anadolu Efes seeing many Euroleague titles in recent times. Naturally, basketball will be one of the sports most bet on in Turkey, as it is in many other countries worldwide.

Other Sports

  • Volleyball, which started to rise with the support of sponsors, took third place with nearly 48 thousand news.
  • Tennis, which is frequently mentioned with the name Hülya Avşar, became the 5th most spoken sport in Turkey.
  • The ancestral sport Wrestling, which remained on the agenda with traditional races, was followed by the winter sports Ski.
  • It is noteworthy that Handball ranks 8th among the top 15 most talked-about sports in Turkey.
  • It has been reported that the intensity of news about sports, both women's and men's super league, is in the local and regional press.
  • In the Turkey report of popular sports, fitness, which is being tried to be a lifestyle today, was followed by martial arts, karate, and boxing.

💵 Types of Bets in Turkey

Types of Bets in Turkey

As stated, Turkish bettors love placing bets on many sports but mainly on football and basketball, which is quite understandable based on the success the country has had in these two sports. And while naming all the popular types of bets would be quite a task, here are just some of them:

➡️ Football

➡️ Match Winner Bet

Match-winner betting is wagering on the favorite team. For example, 1 designates the victory of team A (home), and 2 that of team B (away). If team A has the advantage over team B, you will win your bet if you make a football prediction on team A. In the event of a draw or defeat of team A, you lose your bet. It is therefore important to make a good analysis of the teams before placing your bet.

➡️ Scorer Bet

The goalscorer bet consists of betting on the footballer who will score at least 1 goal during the confrontation. However, be aware that there are different types of variations of this bet. You will first determine the player who will be the first or second scorer of the game. This possibility is offered to you when you make a live football prediction.

The second possibility is to bet on the number of goals scored by one and the same player. As you already know, some players are able to make doublets or triplets in the same match. The odds for this type of bet are often attractive.

➡️ Handicap Betting

Handicap betting consists of betting on the outcome of the match by inflicting a point handicap on the favorite team. In other words, you give the opponent a goal lead. This strategy allows you to get big odds at sports betting sites in Turkey. By opting for such a bet, you are supposed to know in advance which team will win the game. It is therefore up to you to take an interest in the difference with which it will win.

However, be aware that big odds mean big bets, but also a bigger chance of losing. For example, if Liverpool receives Sevilla in the Champions League, it is quite obvious that Liverpool is the favorite, especially since they are playing at home. If you make a football prediction on Liverpool (-2.0) with odds of 2.35, you will win your bet if Liverpool wins by 3 or more goals.

➡️ Over/Under Number of Goals

The Over/Under bet consists of betting on the different goals that will be scored by the two teams. Here, the idea is not to find the exact number of goals. If you bet for example on 2.5 goals (over 2.5), your promotion will win if there are 3, 4, or 5 goals scored. In the event that you bet on less than 1.5 goals (under 1.5), you win your bet in the event of a draw or a goal scored. Otherwise, you lose your bet.

➡️ Basketball

➡️ Moneyline Betting

Like for football, the Moneyline bet is the most popular, and above all the easiest to understand. Just choose the winner of the match. If your team wins the match, you win your bet. It’s as simple as that. If you’re new to basketball betting, this is a great way to start.

Note that the number of points and how the team wins the match is irrelevant. Regulation time or overtime, landslide or narrow victory – it doesn’t matter. Also, be aware that you won’t get the same amount by betting on a big favorite as on an underdog. In order to encourage Moneyline bets on these, the payouts are indeed higher.

➡️ The Spread

The second most popular basketball bet is the “spread between teams” bet. It focuses on the number of points difference between opponents. This type of bet then makes it possible to bet on certain matches for which a Moneyline bet would be possible. This is particularly interesting when unequal teams compete.

When you place a Spread bet, you choose the number of points by which you think a team will win or lose the match. You then win your bet if the team on which you have bet on has exceeded your predictions. Thus, you can completely bet on the defeat of a team, by estimating a good number of points.

➡️ Total Number of Points

The bookmakers fix a line on the total number of points that will be scored by both teams during the match. You then decide whether you think the number of points will be higher (over) or lower (under).  Here it doesn’t matter which team scores the points or wins the match. You don’t need to choose the winner of the match. What matters is the total number of points scored during the match.

➡️ The Long-Term Bet

Second, a long-term bet in basketball covers several games. For example, it can be a bet on the future NBA champion or the winner of the Euroleague tournament. Concretely, you can make a long-term bet at any time, at the start, middle, or even end of the season. It is thus possible to bet during the playoffs or on the contrary during the finals. Just be aware that the odds obtained for a correct choice will change depending on the time of the bet.

Also, the more certain the victory of the team, the lower the gain. And vice versa.

🎰 Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Turkey

Online Betting Odds, Margins & Lines in Turkey

Odds are the likelihood of a situation occurring. Presented in several forms according to the models of each country (a decimal figure, a fraction, or positive/negative odds), the odds are there to multiply your bet in the event of victory. To put it simply, if Fenerbahce has odds of 1.5, while the opponents Kasimpasa have odds of 3.2, then Fenerbahce is designated as the favorite by the bookmakers in Turkey. These sports betting odds can also be calculated according to a percentage to better know your chances of winning your bet.

The decimal odds are the most common type of odds in Europe, Turkey included. Most people obviously think this makes the most sense of all, as it is a simple win multiplier. This odd is in the form of a decimal number, such as 1.5, or 5.25. For example, you decide to bet on a football team with odds of 2.20. If you bet 1000 lira on this team and win your bet, then your payout will be 2.20 X 1000 = 2200. To calculate your potential win, simply multiply your stake by the odds.

This rating model is so easy to understand at first glance that it is fast becoming the standard worldwide.

The sports odds are established by scholarly calculations between the statistics of the two teams, and a manual adjustment by the sports traders according to the form of the moment, the injuries, etc… Of course, the bookmakers in Turkey also take a margin on each bet, between 5 and 10%. Some bookmakers are known to offer higher odds than their competitors.

If you want to calculate a sports betting odds yourself, here is the calculation to use:

  • Raw odds = 1/(probability of an event)

For example, if you estimate that a team has a 70% chance of winning, then its odds will be 1/0.7 or 1.43. If you see the bookmaker prose odds higher than 1.43, then it may be worth betting on that match.

It is therefore essential that you make an assessment of the chances of winning of the team on which you wish to bet according to your personal analysis. This will allow you to determine whether the bookmaker is under-quoting or over-quoting the team in question.

Thanks to the evolution of technologies, online sports betting sites in Turkey currently use computers and specialized software to set most of their sports odds. These computer systems are capable of supporting thousands of data to produce an accurate calculation of a rating. Following the definition of various statistics, the bookmaker will be able to place the most advantageous odds for him.

In this mathematical calculation, the bookmaker’s margin and the rate of redistribution of winnings will be taken into account. In addition, the online betting site in Turkey must assign lucrative odds for its finances, but also be attractive for players. However, always keep in mind that the bookmaker will always be the big winner. Even though it sometimes happens that its odds are undervalued, it is very difficult to beat the computer system of the prediction site.

If the calculation software is preferred by bookmakers, there are still parameters that it cannot take into account. Therefore, online betting sites employ sports traders. Even if his role is less influential than the computer, he is the person who can change the sports odds according to a specific situation. For example, when a player is injured or if he considers that a team is in a good dynamic, the trader adjusts the odds according to his intuition.

Thus the bookmaker offers a great responsibility to these sports traders. This person will have to analyze the risks and follow the trend of the players to ensure certain profitability thanks to a mathematical method to win at sports betting, among other things. If all players favor specific sports betting odds, it is because it is too attractive. The trader will therefore take this parameter into account to best adjust the bookmaker’s odds.

Another important role of the sports trader is that they must ensure the attractiveness of the bookmaker. For this marketing area, the quoter must analyze the competition so that bettors favor his sports betting site. A trader is in constant search of information!

Some Turkish bookmakers offer special and one-time offers to satisfy their customers. Among them are boosted odds. The sports betting site can decide to highlight a specific bet, by increasing the odds of this bet. For example, during the 2019 World Cup final, some bookmakers decided to boost Mbappé’s scorer odds. While the base rating was 2.50, he found himself boosted to 3.00. If you bet 1000 lira, you will win 3000 instead of 2500. It also happens that betting sites offer boosted combos. On the same principle as the boosted odds, a combined match chosen by the bookmaker sees its odds increased.

🎁 Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Turkish Online Betting Sites

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Best Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions on Turkish Online Betting Sites

Bettors from Turkey are as interested in welcome bonuses as they are in trial bonuses. Although it is possible to take advantage of these campaigns in return for a deposit, the high amounts attract attention. On some sites, these amounts can even reach 5,000 TL. Comparing betting sites that offer a welcome bonus, users look at both numbers and odds.

🎁 Welcome Bonus at Turkish Betting Sites

As is known, there are bonus offers of 50%, 100%, or 200% on the first (or second or third) deposit. We even see it go up to higher rates. High odds mean a higher welcome bonus for your deposit. You can get a welcome bonus for your investments from all of the sites listed in our table above. You can also examine comparatively at what rate and amount they are given.

The sign-up bonus encourages users of the bookmaker to make their first deposit and allows the bookmaker to attract more people at the same time. You can also receive a welcome bonus in the form of a risk-free bet or a sign-up offer. Thus, you unlock certain parts of your bonus by wagering a specific amount.

🎁 Deposit Bonuses at Turkish Sportsbooks

Upon placing the first deposit, you will automatically get a bonus if you have used a promo code.  In addition, it should be noted that the bonus amount is limited to all bookmakers in Turkey. For example, you cannot receive a bonus of 1 million liras for a deposit of 1 million. The limit does not often exceed 2000.

🎁 Bet Refund

You open your account on the site. You deposit a first sum via the available means of payment. You place a bet on an event of your choice. If your bet wins: You do not receive a bonus but an amount equal to your bet X the odds selected (it is therefore better to choose a high odds to obtain a good return). If your bet loses: You are reimbursed for the amount lost (Reimbursement within the limit of a certain amount – 2000 lira for most bookmakers).

Benefits of Refunded bonus:

  • Simple and clear offer
  • No risk: so try to choose a high rating to have a good return
  • Immediate refund after the meeting

Disadvantages of Refunded bonus:

  • Restrictions related to cashing out: at BetClic with the €100 sign-up bonus offer, there are none. On the other hand, most other online betting operators want you to bet the sum several times beforehand.
  • Bonus only valid on simple bets (type 1N2): This is the case at France-Pari with its €100 bonus on registration. However, this should not pose too much of a problem since we advise beginners to bet on this type of sports betting to gain experience. For other types of bets, you have to be more patient.

🎁 Promotions at Turkish Bookmakers

Many sports betting sites in Turkey will offer various bonus promotions to their regular players. It is necessary to bet constantly over a certain period of time to gain such perks. Promotions are not as high as welcome bonuses but are much more frequent (the welcome bonus is claimed only once upon registration).

These can come in many shapes and forms, most notably:

  • Cashback: A percentage of the lost bet will be paid back to the bettor.
  • Matching refund: Much like the matching bonus where players get about 100% of the first deposit, the refund can bring a smaller bonus percentage (up to 20%) on a particular deposit.
  • Refer a friend: Anytime you bring in a new customer, the bookmaker in Turkey will reward you in some kind (either free bets or a small amount of money used for betting).
  • Special events: a sports betting site in Turkey will reward players a certain bonus for a special occasion (for example, on birthdays).
  • Enhanced odds: Finals, derbies, etc. will often provide boosted odds, depending on a betting site.

🎁 Bonus Conditions at Turkish Betting Sites

🎁 Rollover

Perhaps the most important factor of a sign-up bonus. The rollover obliges the beneficiary to make a specific number of bets on the bonus and the initial deposit before being eligible for a possible withdrawal from his account. This condition varies from one betting platform to another and also depends on the type of bonus and its amount.

Sometimes it is better to get a smaller bonus with a lower rollover, as this will allow you to withdraw your money faster. Most bookmakers in Turkey will ask you to wager the bonus 3 times and some will even go 5 times before initiating a withdrawal attempt otherwise it would not be valid.

🎁 Minimum Odds

When you receive a free bet, make sure you meet all the criteria before placing your bet. Indeed, some books may have a minimum odds restriction. For example, it may require a combined bet of 5 matches with odds greater than or equal to 1.5 to be able to use the sign-up bonus. Some betting sites may require even odds (1/1 or 2.00) and others require much more.

🎁 Deposit Options

Before accepting any bonus, make sure you know all the conditions around it. Bookmakers are often in partnership with other companies such as electronic payment companies. Considering this, they only grant the bonus if the deposit is made from a specific payment method.

🎁 Markets and Types of Bets

As mentioned above, your bonus can only be used on specific betting markets. Normal bets are the types of bets you can place with bonuses. Any bets you would like to make must be placed before the start of the match. There is a red line that disqualifies you from live betting as soon as you accept the bonus. All these rules are defined in the general conditions of the bonus. It all depends on the policy of each bookmaker in Turkey.

🎁 Promo Codes

For one reason or another, some sports betting sites in Turkey prefer to send an email containing a promotional code to your email address instead of activating the sign-up bonus directly after your first deposit. You could then log in to your email account and copy the code and then go to the bookmaker to fill it in so you can claim the bonus.

💳 Payment Options at Turkish Betting Sites

Payment Options at Turkish Betting Sites

You can deposit money to your player accounts that you will open on betting sites in Turkey using different methods. Legal betting sites that work officially in Turkey only use bank transfers. Betting sites serving abroad use dozens of different methods.

That is why most of the bettors prefer the sites that offer them the best alternative investment and withdrawal method. Foreign betting sites that accept members from Turkey are constantly renewing themselves to use the methods most frequently used by members. New methods can be constantly added and unused ones can be removed.

Today, it is possible to list the methods most used by players from depositing and withdrawing money to betting sites as follows:

  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, and others)
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Bank transfers
  • Papara
  • Mefete
  • PayKasa
  • Astropay
  • Mobile bank
  • QR Code
  • Payfix
  • PayPal
  • Jeton Card
  • PayKwik

All these methods are currently available on many sports betting sites in Turkey, but it can be difficult to come across all of them on a single site. We would like to point out that at least 6-7 different methods are used in many betting sites.

In this way, you can make your payment by choosing the most convenient method for you. Foreign betting sites can apply lower and upper limits during both depositing and withdrawing money. Transactions are usually instantaneous. However, in some cases, the control and approval of the relevant units of the sites are required. For this reason, you are required to make investments or withdrawals by complying with the lower and upper limit tables.

Also, if your money has not been transferred to your accounts within the specified time, you can always contact the live support unit about this issue. They will assist you as soon as possible.

What Is the Best Payment Option for Turkish Players?

When betting at national sports betting sites, it is necessary to use bank transfers. However, as many people opt for foreign sites, e-wallets are the safest and fastest method. Sometimes they might include some fees, depending on the betting site.

👍 6 Expert Tips for Betting in Turkey

6 Expert Tips for Betting in Turkey

  1. Sports betting is legal in Turkey when done at national sports betting institutions. However, it is possible to bet online at foreign betting sites. Here, the use of a VPN is very recommended.
  2. E-wallets, although they come with small fees, will keep your banking information safe from the government. Using them while betting online is recommended.
  3. When betting at foreign betting sites, a currency exchange might take place. Look for solutions where exchanging liras for euros will be as painless as possible.
  4. Many casino sites offer sports betting. Those who wish to both bet on sports and play casino games can do so all at once. Using casino profits for sports betting can bring lots of money.
  5. Opening several betting accounts is always possible. This way, a player can both compare odds and services and go for the best ones, and claim all the bonuses that are on offer.
  6. While Turkish bettors are still somewhat traditional in terms of betting (wanting to bet on football and basketball), there are many other sports that are incredibly profitable, such as tennis and eSports. Expanding to such sports and combining them with traditional ones is a good way to earn better.
Make your first deposit and get a 100% match bonus
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  • Daily free spins and reload bonuses
  • Massive selection of games (2,500+)
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Gambling is legal in Turkey but is limited to only a few national establishments. These are easy and safe to access but do not offer as many options as international gambling houses. That’s why many Turkish players look for their luck elsewhere.

Whether gambling at national or international gambling houses, gambling in Turkey can be very safe. It is necessary to join reputable and licensed establishments and safety is guaranteed.

Sports betting is legal when done at national sportsbooks. There, it is as safe as it can get. However, when placing sports bets with foreign betting sites, it is a must to use a VPN service and to choose a licensed bookmaker.

Online betting sites will be the ones that set deposit limits, although these are quite convenient for both recreational and high-roller bettors. Sometimes payment methods will have their way as well, therefore it is necessary to check limits from both bookmakers and payment method of choice before creating an account.

When gambling at national betting sites, a 20% tax of the yearly winnings should be paid. On the other hand, if gambling at foreign betting sites, it would be wise not to mention anything to anyone.

Depending on the payment method of choice, withdrawal time can be from one day to several. E-wallets are the fastest, taking less than 24 hours, credit cards take 1-2 days, and lastly, bank transfers take around 5 working days to process withdrawals.

Every player should simply look at what their needs and possibilities are and find a bookmaker that offers such services. Going for flashy betting sites that offer millions of perks and not using most of them can be a negative experience.

There are dozens of sports that Turkish bettors can place bets on, including football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cricket, eSports, etc.

Football is by far the most popular sport at the bookies, followed by basketball.

In Turkey, the decimal odds are used. They represent a chance of an outcome happening in decimal numbers. The lower the odds, the higher the chance. For example, 1.5 odds are more likely to happen than 3.5. Multiplying the odds with money invested gives a total winning sum (2.5×1000=2500).

Free bets are quite rare but can be found. Collecting such bonuses is always recommended as free bets can multiply your betting money without any investments.

It is necessary to create a betting account at a bookmaker to claim welcome bonuses. Sometimes they might ask for a promo code or a deposit first, but sometimes it is enough to simply join the bookmaker.

Gambling addiction often causes severe problems to individuals and reacting on time is important. There are some gambling addiction prevention centers, mainly based in Istanbul, but in other cities as well.

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