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14 Best Online Bingo Sites That Still Work Reliably [Tested in 2023]

The online gambling world is a vast one. There are many bingo betting sites out there, but from my experience, I can say that not all of them will be able to provide you with a quality betting experience. If you are a fan of bingo games, there are unique platforms where you can enjoy the popular games to their fullest.

However, finding a reliable bingo betting platform is not among the easiest things you will come across. That’s why I had spent a ton of time in research and testing with my team to present you a list of some of the best bingo betting sites, where you can dive deep into the best bingo rooms in the world. 

Here are the best bingo sites for 2023:

500% Bonus to Play ALL Games
4.8 (210 ratings)
  • Operating Since 1996
  • Decent Reputation
  • Licensed From The Curacao Gambling Commission
Read CyberBingo Review
200% Bingo Bonus + 200% Slots Bonus & Deposit £10, Play £50 + 15 FREE Spins
4.7 (84 ratings)
  • Regular Promotions
  • Progressive Jackpot Games
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform
Read 888Ladies Review
500% Bonus to Play ALL Games
4.4 (171 ratings)
  • Vast Gaming Selection
  • Incredible Selection Of Payment Methods
  • 24/7 Live Chat
Read BingoFest Review
£50 Bingo Bonus & 50 Free Spins
4.8 (100 ratings)
  • Fantastic Gaming Selection
  • Simple Site Interface
  • Generous Welcome Bonus Offer
Read SunBingo Review
500% Bonus Play ALL Games
4.2 (62 ratings)
  • Incredible Selection Of Games
  • Many Bingo Rooms
  • Great Customer Support
Read BingoSpirit Review
500% Free Bonus
3.8 (91 ratings)
  • Very Active Social Media Following
  • Free Bonuses
  • Excellent Customer Support
Read BingoBilly Review
1000% Welcome Bonus Package in Deposit Bonuses!
4.2 (90 ratings)
  • Incredible Selection of Bonuses and Promotions
  • Exciting and Rewarding Promotion Tournaments
  • Blackjack Available
Read AmigoBingo Review
£20 Free Bingo & 30 Free Spins
4 (242 ratings)
  • Incredible Gaming Variety
  • Games From The Best Software Developers
  • Wide Selection Of Banking Options
Read FabulousBingo Review
300% Welcome Bonus & 30 Free Spins
4.5 (210 ratings)
  • Sunny, Tropical Website Design
  • Varied Bingo Game Offer
  • Bonuses, Promotions, and Cash Prizes
Read CostaBingo Review
400% Welcome Bonus Bundle
4 (225 ratings)
  • Appealing Website Design
  • Excellent Bingo Games
  • Bonuses, Promotions, And Cash Prizes
Read Wink Bingo Review
£60 Free Bonus
3.8 (91 ratings)
  • Fantastic Website Design
  • Excellent Game Offer
  • Excellent Chat Culture
Read BuzzBingo Review
£25 Bingo Bonus + 50 Free Spins
4.5 (224 ratings)
  • Interesting Website Design
  • Excellent Game Offer
  • Plenty of Deposit Methods
Read Gala Bingo Review
£40 Bonus & 40 Free Spins
4.2 (283 ratings)
  • Fantastic Selection of Slots
  • Fresh Site Design
  • Amazing Bingo Betting Selection
Read FoxyBingo Review
300% Match Deposit Bonus & 30 Free Spins
4.6 (182 ratings)
  • Some Of The Highest Quality Slots Worldwide
  • Many Bonuses and Promotions
  • Licenses From Two Of The Most Reputable Gambling Commissions
Read SingBingo Review


4.8 (210 ratings)

500% Bonus to Play ALL Games

Review Play now

What we really like:

  • CyberBingo offers a fantastic selection of bonuses and promotions players can easily take advantage of.
  • CyberBingo is one of the longest operating bingo betting platforms, created in 1996.
  • The casino games on the platform make a fantastic first impression with their wide selection and quality.
  • The site provides one of the widest and most thrilling video poker selections, even compared to traditional casinos.
  • Players have a lot of flexibility as there are many available payment methods to use.
  • The customer support of the platform is available 24/7, which is very convenient for players.
cyber bingo

When talking about the most reliable bingo betting platforms, I can’t continue without first mentioning the name of CyberBingo. This platform can be considered one of the pioneers of the online bingo betting world. 

The site has been established ever since 1996, developing into one of the best bingo betting platforms in the industry. As you know, the online gambling industry’s competitiveness, there is no chance for a platform to survive that long if it’s not providing a quality gambling experience for all its users. 

But CyberBingo is not only standing out with the reliability and security it provides for the bingo betting enthusiasts. Indeed, the site is one of the most secure options you can choose. However, the true colors of the site can be reviewed by taking a look into the gaming selection and the bonuses and promotion section. Diversity is one of the main perks you can enjoy on CyberBingo, which is not only limited to these two sections I just mentioned.

If you go through the gaming selection of the site, or you decide to check on the bonuses and promotions, you can take advantage of, and you will be nothing short of amazed. If by some miracle, you are not so much into generous bonuses, you can check what the gaming selection offers, where you will come across some of the most popular slots and other exciting table games. 

Just as an example, I can say that on the CyberBingo platform, you can find one of the best video poker selections among the bingo betting sites and across the whole online gambling industry. This diversity spreads across the entire platform, even including the payment options. CyberBingo will always remain one of the top bingo betting sites, providing you with everything you could ever want from a platform like this.

888 Ladies

4.7 (84 ratings)

200% Bingo Bonus + 200% Slots Bonus & Deposit £10, Play £50 + 15 FREE Spins

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What we really like:

  • There is a fantastic selection of more than 25 bingo rooms, including many with progressive jackpots that wait to be taken down.
  • 888 Ladies bingo presents one of the best slot sections in the world of online bingo gambling.
  • With its simple interface and mesmerizing theme design, 888 Ladies Bingo provides players with a much more enjoyable gambling experience.
  • The slot section of the site includes some of the most popular slot games in the casino world.
  • 888 Ladies Bingo offers one of the decent bingo betting selections in the gambling industry with its more than 20 different rooms.

If you are looking for thrilling emotions and many gambling opportunities, one of the best options you can come across is 888 Ladies Bingo. The platform is equipped with everything you will ever need for a fantastic and thrilling gambling experience every time you enter the site. There are so many different things that I can say for the 888 Ladies Bingo platform.

First of all, the site was established in 2005, and right now, it has a license from the United Kingdom gambling commission, one of the most reputable in the online gambling industry. That being said, security and protection are among the things you are guaranteed when playing on the site.

However, although this is essential, it’s not among the things that make gamblers excited about a particular gambling platform. But this changes when I reveal that on the 888 Ladies Bingo, players can enjoy more than 20 different bingo rooms. On top of that, there are many types of bingo betting you can enjoy, the rooms are of the best possible quality, and there are frequent bingo betting opportunities, allowing players to go after generous progressive jackpots.

But this is far from the only entertainment you can enjoy on the site. What makes an even bigger first impression is the mind-blowing slot gaming selection. It includes more than 700 slots, and you can find some of the most entertaining slot headlines there like Bonanza, Starburst, and many more. 

To top this off, I can say that the slot selection also includes some of the best progressive jackpot slots in the gambling industry. There, players won’t only take advantage of the diversified selection of progressive jackpot slots. Still, they can also enjoy some of the most generous jackpot slots, possibly changing their financial situation for the best if they are lucky.

All of this is perfectly mixed to provide players with an immersive online gambling experience because of the fantastic theme and navigation of the platform. 888 Ladies Bingo is one of the bingo betting sites that will provide you with the best possible gambling experience and an abundance of progressive jackpots that wait to be taken down.


4.4 (171 ratings)

500% Bonus to Play ALL Games

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What we really like:

  • Players can take advantage of a very generous welcome bonus offer.
  • BingoFest offers one of the best payment method selections you will ever encounter in a bingo betting platform.
  • One of the biggest perks users can enjoy is a competent 24/7 customer support team.
  • BingoFest is one of the bingo betting platforms offering some of the most profitable bingo rooms with many progressive jackpots.
  • Players can enjoy some of the highest quality slot games in the industry, which are provided by the best casino game developers in the industry.
  • One of the great perks players can take advantage of is the so-desired no-limit withdrawals.
bingo fest

BingoFest is one of these new bingo betting platforms that will provide you with everything needed for a fantastic bingo betting experience there. When I first arrived on the platform, I was immediately impressed by the fresh theme and easy navigation that made everything flow nicely, contributing to the fantastic gambling experience for the players.

Flexibility and a great selection are two of the main things you can find in each section of the site. The gaming selection has many options you can choose from and choose how to spend your precious time in a vast selection of games and many betting opportunities.

Of course, this flexibility is well transitioned into the bingo section of the site that offers up to 7 different bingo betting rooms. But this is not what makes it unique. The bingo rooms in BingoFest are not like the ones in other similar platforms. Each one offers its winning requirements.

The flexibility of the bingo types you can enjoy and the various progressive jackpots and other features make the section one of the most entertaining on the site. This bingo betting section is the perfect choice for very passionate bingo players out there.

All that is wrapped up perfectly by providing every new player with a fantastic welcome bonus offer, allowing everyone to dive deep into this vast gaming selection to enjoy the platform to its fullest with the much bigger bankroll and resources.


4.8 (100 ratings)

£50 Bingo Bonus & 50 Free Spins

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What we really like:

  • SunBingo is one of the sites with the best gaming selection in the world of online bingo gambling.
  • SunBingo is licensed by some of the most reputable gambling commissions and provides the safest possible environment for gambling;
  • There is a wide selection of bonuses and promotions players can easily claim and exploit.
  • Players can kickstart their gambling adventure by claiming a generous welcome bonus offer.
  • The SunBingo site interface is fresh and simple, allowing players to have a fantastic gambling experience.
  • Players can easily get help if they are facing any issues as customer support is available via three different contact forms.
sun bingo

SunBingo is one of these bingo betting platforms that just have it all. Whether you are looking for bingo betting or any other type of online gambling, SunBingo has got your back. When I’m looking into the platform of SunBingo, everything that a particular gambler may want is available on the site.

When I start from the fantastic selection and flexibility of the games that you can choose to the quality bingo betting rooms, there is no way you can leave the platform unsatisfied.

But this is only the beginning when you are playing in SunBingo. After spending some time on the site while engaging in gambling in the different sections, you will realize that everything in the platform is contributing in some way to the best interest of your gambling experience. Aside from these critical benefits, there are a few other things that make a great first impression.

This is one of the main things that make the site unique and one of the preferred locations for bingo betting and online gambling in general. But what makes the gambling experience here so special?

When I go through the simple site interface, the many bonuses and promotions you can exploit, and the advanced security and protection you need, all these things combine to contribute to the best bingo betting experience you could ask for as a bingo lover.


4.2 (62 ratings)

500% Bonus Play ALL Games

Review Play now

What we really like:

  • Fantastic bingo betting section where most of the bingo rooms have progressive jackpots.
  • Very diversified section with bonuses and promotions that provide an incredible gambling experience.
  • There is a diversified selection of payment methods players can choose from.
  • The slot selection at BingoSpirit easily can be compared to this from some of the decent casinos in the industry.
bingo spirit

Suppose you are among the bingo betting players who are looking primarily for diversity and flexibility when enjoying your gambling experience. In that case, BingoSpirit might be one of the best platforms you can join. Variety can be seen in each last section of the platform, making it one of the most balanced bingo betting sites in the online gambling industry.

Being the opposite of what most players might think, you can easily enjoy a vast selection in every site section without any exceptions. It’s not uncommon to find bingo betting platforms with a great selection of games and bonuses separately. However, enjoying bingo betting on a site with a rich selection of bonuses and promotions, gaming headlines, and payment methods is quite the experience.

As most of the bingo betting platforms lack in some of the sections, it’s worth it to stress how all-rounded and convenient the site of BingoSpirit is. The platform has a fantastic and simple design, allowing players to navigate through the different pages and numerous features like a breeze.

This is essential because a platform with so many options and capabilities could quickly become too overwhelming. Fortunately, I can say that on the BingoSpirit platform, this is not the case.

The quality all-rounded sections of the site do not end here. From my experience, I can say that customer support is on a very high level and will always help you resolve a possible issue you might be having with the software or something else.


3.8 (91 ratings)

500% Free Bonus

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What we really like:

  • Simple site design.
  • Variety of payment options.
  • Generous bonuses and promotions.
bingo billy

As you already understand, many bingo betting platforms offer gambling services way beyond the border of the bingo betting scene. Of course, this is not bad, but some players prefer simplicity and want to enjoy a platform entirely dedicated to the bingo side of the betting experience.

That’s what you are going to find on the BingoBilly bingo betting platform. BingoBilly is not among the platforms where you can find a vast selection of different games, mesmerizing platform theme designs, and other fancy stuff like that. As I mentioned, the platform relies on simplicity and provides players with the best mobile bingo experience, making it one of the best bingo sites in the industry.

The simple design and platform, in general, that doesn’t have numerous features will appear much easier to navigate for most gamblers, which will positively impact their gambling experience. This contributes perfectly to the quality bingo betting selection that BingoBilly offers. However, this is not the main factor that pushes the platform among the best online bingo sites.

If you carefully think about it, the only way to enhance the simple bingo betting experience for the users is to offer many bonuses and promotions. And that’s what the BingoBilly site has developed to perfection.

When you enter the available bonuses and promotions section, you will be left amazed by their variety and generosity. If you are a bingo betting lover and you like simplicity with generous bonuses, there won’t be a better place for you than the platform of BingoBilly.


4.2 (90 ratings)

1000% Welcome Bonus Package in Deposit Bonuses!

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What we really like:

  • Incredible selection of bonuses and promotions.
  • Excellent site design and interface.
  • Vast selection of video poker games.
amigo bingo

When I’m talking about some of the best online bingo sites, I can’t possibly miss the name of AmigoBingo. The site has been actively acting as one of the pioneers in the industry ever since its creation in 1999. With such an experience behind its back, you can be assured you will receive a quality gaming experience on the platform.

This is evident ever since the moment you enter the main page of the platform. The fantastic and modern site design immediately catches the attention of every gambler and opens the door for that unique gambling experience awaiting you.

Aside from the excellent theme design, the platform fluidity is at the core of the fantastic gambling experience for the players.

That’s because you will find many different features and perks on the main page of AmigoBingo. And suppose the site wasn’t constructed well, and the fluidity was lacking. In that case, you would be overwhelmed by all the available options, which immediately hurts your gambling experience as the navigation through the site is challenging.

But as every last section of the platform flows perfectly, there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying the numerous features and perks of the platform to their fullest. Of course, one of them is selecting bonuses and promotions you can exploit on the platform.

From my research, I can say that AmigoBingo offers more than five different types of bonuses you can enjoy, so there will surely be promotions that suit your needs and preferences. This diversity and choice in the bonus section put AmigoBingo among the best bingo sites in the industry.


4 (242 ratings)

£20 Free Bingo & 30 Free Spins

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What we really like:

  • Vast selection of gaming opportunities.
  • World’s best casino games.
  • Many available banking options.

Just like the name of the site suggests, you should prepare for a fabulous bingo betting experience on the platform of FabulousBingo. The site may have been around from 2011, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fierce competition even for the best bingo sites in the industry.

From my extensive research, I can even say that FabulousBingo has the potential to be considered one of the best online bingo sites for players, especially when it comes to all the thrill chasers out there.

That’s because you will get plenty of these thrilling emotions in supply on the FabulousBingo platform. Each section of the site hides fantastic benefits and perks that you can enjoy, not even mentioning the tremendous gaming selection.

Aside from all other benefits of the platform, the gaming selection is the part of the site where FabulousBingo shines and crushes most of the other similar sites in that matter.

When you check out the bingo betting selection, you will immediately be impressed with the vast selection of bingo rooms players can enjoy. These bingo rooms have different winning requirements, rules, and even progressive jackpots to provide players with a dynamic and thrilling environment. Users can try their luck in the chase of the generous jackpots.

There is also something more that makes a great impression in the bingo betting selection of FabulousBingo. Of course, there are many available rooms, but maybe one of their best perks is that you can enjoy six different types of bingo games there. This makes the bingo selection at the platform one of the most diversified, even among the best online bingo sites.

But bingo is only the tip of the iceberg for the gaming selection at FabulousBingo. There are also tons of different thrilling games players can enjoy on the platform. They include scratchcards, live casino games, and table games. Here, I should point out that the live casino games on the site come from Evolution Gaming, which is often labeled as the best casino gaming developer worldwide.

But this is not the end of the quality gaming headlines in the FabulousBingo platform. Among the available slot games that you can enjoy, I can find some of the most popular slot games, making the gambling experience of players on a whole new level, even when compared to the other best bingo sites.


4.5 (210 ratings)

300% Welcome Bonus & 30 Free Spins

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What we really like:

  • Vast selection of bingo betting rooms to choose from.
  • Licensed by two of the most reputable gambling commissions.
  • Fresh and simple site theme.
costa bingo

When it comes to the most passionate bingo betting lovers, platforms like CostaBingo are the perfect fit for them. At first sight, CostaBingo is not one of these sites that excel in some categories, as many of the best bingo sites I had reviewed before. The site seems to be well-rounded, providing players with all the necessary tools and features for a fantastic gambling experience, without a doubt.

First of all, the platform makes a great first impression with its simple and fresh design that just keeps pulling you in, wanting to try the games on the site. Ever since arriving on the main page of the site, you will spot many features and sections. But since the design is so fresh and simple, the navigation is straightforward, even for new players.

Any search for a particular section is much more accessible and straightforward, which always complements the players’ gambling experience. That being said, when you arrive at the bonus section of the site, you will realize that CostaBingo is definitely among the best bingo sites in the industry. A major perk is that players can enjoy numerous bonuses and promotions, taking on generous offers and elevating their game.

But this is necessary for these players as the bingo betting section of CostaBingo holds more than 30 different rooms! In terms of the number of bingo rooms, the platform stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I can say that among these rooms, there aren’t many types of bingo players can enjoy like in other sites, but the fact there are so many options needs applause. This is also relevant to the slot section at the site, considering there are more than 600 slot gaming headlines, providing players with an exceptional variety and many betting options.

Combining all of that with some of the most secure online gambling environments, I can say that CostaBingo is among the best bingo sites worldwide. The company is licensed by the United Kingdom and the Gibraltar gambling commissions, two of the most reputable commissions of this type. That being said, you can rest assured your funds and information are in safe hands.


4 (225 ratings)

400% Welcome Bonus Bundle

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What we really like:

  • Incredible site theme and design.
  • Fantastic bingo betting opportunities.
  • Quality slot selection with more than 350 headlines.

WinkBingo is one of these bingo betting platforms where everything works in perfect harmony to provide players with an exceptional online gambling experience. First of all, you can immediately understand that the company is not playing games, considering it’s licensed by two of the most reputable gambling commissions globally, the ones of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. Because of this, you can be ensured that all of the necessary security measurements protect you, and the only thing you need to focus on is your game.

After arriving at the platform of WinkBingo myself, I was hooked by the theme and site design, which is yet packing such simplicity. You can easily navigate through the different sections of the platform and find what you are looking for quickly, considering that the platform has great visuals that create a fantastic atmosphere that puts you in a position of wanting to play.

This is possible in the excellent bingo betting section of WinkBingo, which packs more than 25 different bingo rooms. This is an impressive variety, and it can easily be compared to the bingo betting sections with some of the best bingo sites. Although there aren’t too many types of bingo players can enjoy, the rooms themselves are of exceptionally high quality, providing players with many winning opportunities and a thrilling experience in general.

To take full advantage of this fantastic bingo betting section and the wide slot variety of more than 350 top slots, players can exploit some of the many bonuses in the bonus section of WinkBingo. The bonuses and promotions on the site are very generous, and it will help every player increase its bankroll or compete for fantastic prizes.

To top this off, if by any chance you face any issue with the software or something else on the WinkBingo site, you can reach out to customer support. What makes the support great is that you can contact it via telephone, email, and live chat. This is very convenient for the players as they know they can count on a competent team to solve every potential issue they might face.


3.8 (91 ratings)

£60 Free Bonus

Review Play now

What we really like:

  • Mesmerizing site animations and gambling environment.
  • Extensive selection of slots.
  • Quality live casino section.

As BuzzBingo was established in 2018, many players who engage in bingo betting online might think that the platform will not be among the best online bingo sites. However, this is not true, and in reality, there are a few benefits that BuzzBingo is relatively new to the world of online bingo betting.

This is evident when you arrive at the main page of the platform. Many bingo betting platforms have been created a while back, and the appearance and quality of the platform itself might not be the best.

Once you check the main page of BuzzBingo, you will immediately realize what a new platform means to the site design and the navigation through the platform in general.

The theme and the design of the BuzzBingo site are on the highest possible level, ticking off all the boxes for an exciting gambling experience for the players. Aside from that, what made me a fantastic first impression are the animations you can enjoy while switching through the different sections of the platform and trying its functions and features.

I can label the animations that the BuzzBingo platform has integrated as the best among all the bingo betting sites. This contributes enormously to the gambling experience, and you can only experience it once you spend some time gaming on the site.

However, the fantastic platform is not the only thing that will make your gambling experience exceptional. The site is fully equipped with a tremendous gaming selection that will satisfy even the most demanding users. There are many slots you can choose from, or you can have a change of pace by exploring the impressive live casino section of the platform.

You can start your BuzzBingo adventure by claiming a generous welcome bonus offer and strive to take down the highest jackpots from the slot or bingo gaming selection of the site. Taking advantage of the other available bonuses and promotions will increase your chances of that.


4.5 (224 ratings)

£25 Bingo Bonus + 50 Free Spins

Review Play now

What we really like:

  • Incredible bingo betting selection.
  • Vast slot selection.
  • Exclusive bonuses and promotions.

GalaBingo is one of the most exciting bingo betting platforms I have ever reviewed. When you arrive at the site’s main page, you can’t be impressed by its design or the navigation in general. There are many available features, and it can get quickly overwhelming, especially for new players. At least, this was my first impression of the home page of GalaBingo.

However, some things remain under this false expectation that the site creates for every new arrival. But to unveil them, you need to spend some more time on the site and try to enjoy the benefits and perks it provides, and there are many.

First of all, I can’t forget to mention the fantastic bingo betting selection, which is one of the main things that most players are looking for.

From my research, I can say that the bingo betting section of the platform is among the most diversified, even among the best online bingo sites.

What makes the selection of bingo rooms at GalaBingo unique is that players can enjoy many bingo types. Among them, I was able to find more than five different bingo betting types, including the most popular 90, 80, and 75 ball bingo. But this is far from all that GalaBingo delivers.

Another fantastic section you can visit is the gaming one. There, you can enjoy a vast selection of more than 700 casino games, ranging from the most popular casino game slots to the casino classic blackjack and roulette. Of course, players can also enjoy various video poker games, mixing them up with some live casino gambling.

You can exploit all of these games on a much higher level if you take advantage of the many bonuses and promotions that the GalaBingo platform offers. There, you can find various types of bonuses that will increase your bankroll and allow you to compete for very generous prizes.

On top of that, I learned that every active user of the GalaBingo platform would constantly receive exclusive bonus offers that can take your gambling experience to the next level.

When you reach the point of withdrawing some winnings, you will come across a fully-fledged payment method section that offers various banking options, no matter your taste and preferences.

On top of the fact that the selection of payment options is vast, I can say they are some of the most popular in the gambling industry so that you won’t have any problems with withdrawals and deposits.

If you come across a particular issue by any chance, there will be a competent team behind your back that can quickly and efficiently resolve it. Unlike many other bingo betting platforms, the customer support of GalaBingo is available 24/7. If this is not convenient enough, I can point out that you can reach the support via email, phone, and of course, live chat. Among all of the best bingo sites, I can say that the customer support at the GalaBingo platform is one of, if not the best.


4.2 (283 ratings)

£40 Bonus & 40 Free Spins

Review Play now

What we really like:

  • Thrilling bingo betting opportunities.
  • Fantastic selection of slot games.
  • Generous welcome bonus offer.

If you hunt for a fantastic gaming experience and generous prizes, FoxyBingo might be one of the first bingo sites that should come on top of your list. Do you wonder why? Well, the platform of FoxyBingo will provide you with some of the most exciting games in the gambling industry, and there will be a thrilling experience whenever you enter a section on the platform.

But before everything else, I need to mention that the site was created in 2005, making it one of the veteran companies, even among the best bingo sites. Of course, operating for many years is a decisive factor for the reliability of the site.

However, as FoxyBingo presents a license from the United Kingdom gambling commission, there is no need for extensive safety research when playing on the platform. That’s because the UK gambling commission is among the most fierce, and getting a license is a challenging task as sites have to cover numerous requirements.

As you know this simple fact, it will be much easier for you to dive deep into the excellent bingo betting selection that FoxyBingo offers. Of course, you can expect to choose from a selection of more than 20 different bingo rooms, which is a great feature. However, this is not the best perk you will encounter in this section. The quality and variety of the rooms are what is the most impressive.

Players can enjoy six different types of bingo betting, including some of the most popular worldwide. On top of that, the rooms are very diversified, each with different winning requirements and a range of ticket prices, ensuring every player can benefit from the bingo betting equally. Lastly, I can’t continue without mentioning the progressive jackpot bingo rooms that can easily make every player’s day much better with a bit more luck.

Still, the slot gaming selection is what catches my eyes the most. The slot gaming selection consists of more than 850 slot headlines, automatically making it one of the most extensive slot collections, even among the best bingo sites out there.

The quality of these slots is evident with gaming developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Pragmatic Play. That’s the other reason you can find progressive jackpot slots with prizes going way above the million.


4.6 (182 ratings)

300% Match Deposit Bonus & 30 Free Spins

Review Play now

What we really like:

  • Some of the best slot gaming headlines.
  • Licensed by the most reputable gambling commissions.
  • Vast selection of bonuses and promotions.

If you are a bingo betting player who highly values a safe and secure gambling experience, SingBingo might be the perfect fit for you. The platform was created in 2010, which is not too similar to the best bingo sites. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a secure and safe environment where you can take advantage of the fantastic casino and bingo games.

Advanced security and crystal clear reputation are among the things you can expect on the SingBingo site. What can raise many eyebrows is that the gambling site is licensed not by one but by two gambling commissions. Usually, this is very rare as these licenses are very hard to acquire.

On top of that, the SingBingo platform presents gambling licenses from both the United Kingdom and Gibraltar gambling commissions, two of the industry’s most reputable regulators. In a platform licensed by both of them, you can enjoy some of the most advanced security worldwide. But this is not the only thing making the SingBingo site so attractive to many players.

By saying that, I am immediately pointing out the gaming section of the site. More specifically, I’m talking about the slot selection you can enjoy on the platform. Although the variety of slot gaming headlines you can exploit is impressive, a few other things make the slot selection one of the best among them all bingo betting platforms.

First of all, the fantastic variety of the different types of slots you can enjoy needs mentioning. You can enjoy many other slot headlines, with the most popular types of progressive jackpot slots. Their selection separately is also awe-inspiring and guarantees you a thrilling gambling experience.

However, the whole slot section of SingBingo stands out from the rest as it provides some of the best slot gaming headlines in the world of online gambling. Among the available slot games, we can find Gonzo’s Quest, Rainbow Riches, and the often labeled best slot game ever, Starburst.

With fantastic additions like these, I can say the slot section at SingBingo can be compared to the ones in some of the traditional online casino platforms.

⚖️ Is It Illegal to Play Bingo on Online Sites?

When you already understand there are so many bingo betting opportunities you can take in the hope of bagging generous prizes or just having some fun, there might be a particular question popping in your mind. That being said, is it illegal to play bingo online? The truth is that there isn’t a universal answer to that question.

Bingo, just like many other online games, is considered gambling. And as an online gambling tool, many countries prohibit any gambling activity, whether through playing bingo, slots, or any other game. That being said, it depends on the country you reside in and its regulations of gambling in general. 

However, even if bingo is indeed legal in your country, I can say that you might have some trouble playing bingo online. Most of the best online bingo sites don’t allow players from many countries to join them, as there are usually lengthy lists of prohibited countries.

Still, even if bingo is illegal in some countries or states, companies can apply for a license from the government and they can still offer bingo betting services online. That’s why in its roots, it’s not illegal to play bingo on any of the online sites. For example, you can check the rules of obtaining a bingo license in the state of Illinois where bingo is generally prohibited.

Because of that, you should carefully research and find an online bingo betting platform that accepts players from your particular country.

✅ How to Choose the Best Bingo Site for Your Needs?

The online gambling scene is exceptionally vast, and there are numerous platforms you can pick for your next gambling adventure. However, this task is easier said than done, considering there are many unreliable betting sites. This can prove even tougher if you are new to the online bingo betting scene and don’t quite understand what to look for in a particular betting site.

However, you don’t have to worry about that because I got your back. To understand the essential sections and things you should be looking for, I have compiled a list of the critical stuff every bingo betting platform must have before you can safely join it.

✅ Top 10 Features to Look for in a Good Bingo Site;

  • Variety of Games;
  • Bonuses;
  • Fees;
  • Cash withdrawal time;
  • Bingo Wagering;
  • Mobile bingo gaming;
  • Payment methods;
  • Reliability;
  • Deposit;
  • Available bonuses and promotions;
  • Site design and interface;
  • Customer support reliability;

⭐ Our Methodology / How We Rate Bingo Sites​

As I’m constantly reviewing new bingo betting platforms, I need to filter them and find the best bingo sites so you can enjoy well-researched and factual information that will save you a ton of research. 

That being said, I have a proven process that I follow for every review to ensure I’m presenting only the crucial information and facts that show the reliability of every bingo betting platform. 

✅ Reliability

The first thing I ensure is that every bingo site presented on the platform provides you with a safe and secure gambling experience. Only a bingo betting site with reputable games, licenses, and advanced security will make my list of the best online bingo sites.

✅ Game Quality

In an online gambling platform, it’s essential to check if the quality of the gaming selection lives up to the industry’s highest standards. The sites I suggest provide players with the best possible gambling experience.

✅ Playing Easiness

As an online gambler, you don’t have to go through lengthy joining processes and annoying stuff like that. The best bingo sites provide you with a flawless gaming experience, making everything easy and convenient for you. That’s the kind of platform I’m after. 

✅ Banking Options Selection

The payment options are essential in every online gambling platform. That’s why I’m closely getting into the variety of payment methods provided by each platform to ensure they will satisfy the needs of most players and provide them with the necessary security. 

✅ Customer Support

Each of the best bingo sites must have an excellent customer support team ready to take all users’ issues and problems. Gamblers often face minor problems in the online gambling space, so available customer support around the clock is a must. 

✅ Mobile Experience

The latest trends in the gambling industry dictate that each of the best online bingo sites should have a fully functional mobile gaming platform. It’s very convenient to enjoy bingo betting on the go, and that’s why here you can find only sites that provide you with a flawless mobile gaming experience.


What I recommend is to go through my reviews and choose a platform with many winning opportunities. In our case, this will be BingoFest or BingoSpirit as both of them offering many games with progressive jackpots.

This question is very objective because the winning amounts players take from bingo sites are entirely random. Still, if I was to choose a particular bingo site, I will go for the one that offers the most extensive selection of progressive jackpot games.

Depositing into one of the bingo sites I present is very straightforward. Most of them have a visible payment section where you can easily click on deposit, choose the payment method, and begin your bingo betting adventure.

Here the answer can be both yes and no. Still, I can say that most players will indeed have to pay taxes on their winnings. That depends on the gambling regulations and laws in the country you reside in.

This is the popular no deposit bonus type. When using this bonus, you need to register an account and claim free money to bet with. You don’t even have to provide your card details or any other payment information before you reach the point of withdrawing funds.

Usually, this depends on the particular bingo platform. However, I can say that the best bingo sites accept Paypal as a payment method, like SunBingo or 888 Ladies Bingo.

It’s entirely safe to enjoy bingo betting, as long as you do it on the bingo sites I suggest here. As I already mentioned, all of them provide you with a safe and secure gambling experience.