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Top 15 Bingo Tips & Tricks to Know in 2024

Bingo is one of the most popular and oldest games in the world. It is a fun game that’s great for socializing. The thrill of standing up to yell BINGO makes it one of the most loved games in the world.

There are so many reasons to love bingo, and it is enjoyed by all age groups around the world. The rules of online bingo are pretty much the same as brick-and-mortar bingo. This long-standing game is easy to learn and play.

Although bingo is mostly chance-based, there are a few tips you should know to increase your chances of winning at bingo. In this article, we have provided 15+ tips to play bingo and be successful. Read on to find out more!

Top 15 Expert Tips to Play Bingo

We have carefully outlined the top 15 tips from expert bingo players that can help to increase your winning odds. Let’s take a look at them.

Get Familiar with the Rules

As earlier said, land-based and online casinos have the same bingo rules. To play bingo, you must understand the rules first. Not to worry, they are not as complicated as other casino games.

First, you purchase as many bingo cards as you can afford. A standard bingo sheet has a 5*5 grid, making a total of 25 spaces. The general objective of bingo is to form a winning pattern on your card before anybody else. When you do, you yell BINGO!

Depending on the variations and rules of the game, winning patterns could be drawn horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It could also be done by marking the four corners of the bingo card or even forming an X. If you and another player yell bingo at the same time, the winning prizes will be split between the two of you.

Practice Online Bingo

The best way to become better at bingo is by constantly practicing online, even for free. Obviously, you won’t become an expert in the twinkle of an eye. But if you take your time to learn the ropes, you’ll find yourself slowly becoming better at the game.

Some online casinos have free bingo where you can play bingo without risking your money. You can test out the different bingo strategies to find out which one works best for you. Free bingo allows you to have fun without spending a dime, while in the comfort of your home.

Consistent practice on free online bingo will help to boost your confidence when you decide to play at a bingo hall.

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Make a Budget

Before you head to the bingo hall or play online, create a strict budget and make sure to stick to it. Set how much you’re willing to spend per session, that is if you plan to play for longer sessions.

Divide your money accordingly and wisely so that you do not run out of cash too quickly. Once you have reached your budget, it’s time to call it a day so that you don’t end up spending more money than you planned.

It is important for players to spend wisely. If you have a bankroll of $500, we advise that you use 2% of your bankroll for each session.

Go to the Bingo Hall Early

We advise that you go to the bingo hall as early as possible, say thirty minutes before the game begins. If you arrive early, you get the time to buy as many bingo cards as you want, mingle with a few players, enjoy a drink (preferably non-alcoholic), and get yourself settled and ready for the game.

If you get there late or very few minutes before the game, you’ll do everything in haste and might be out of breath when the game begins. This can affect the way you play the game. So, we advise you to go to the bingo hall very early.

Go to the Bingo Hall on Off-Peak Days

Typically, bingo halls are busy during the weekends and evenings. There are usually more skilled players during these times. If you want to increase your chances of winning, we advise that you visit the bingo hall on off-peak days and avoid the busy days.

Consider going to the bingo hall during the early mornings, midnights, and weekdays. The weekdays are the slowest days in a bingo hall, so if you want to avoid a crowd, we recommend visiting the bingo halls on these days.

Calculate Your Odds

Calculating your odds in bingo is very easy. All you need to do is divide the number of cards you have by the total number of cards in the game. Most bingo halls will tell the players the total number of cards available in the game.

For example, if there are 75 cards in the game and you have 5 cards, then your chances of winning will be equal to:

5/75 = 0.06

Therefore your chances of winning is 6%.

You could also use a bingo calculator to calculate your odds of winning. There are several types of bingo calculators available online, do your research and find the one you prefer. You should keep in mind that calculating your odds doesn’t guarantee a win so keep your expectations low.

Understand the Prizes of Bingo Games

Understanding the prizes of bingo games is very important, you need to know if it’s worth spending your money on. Different casinos have different bingo games and prizes with some more generous than others.

Ensure that you read the rules of the game and know what prizes are available at the casino before you proceed to play. Casinos like Jackpot City are known for their generous prizes, try it now!

Choose Your Seat Carefully

Where you sit in a bingo hall matters a lot. You should avoid sitting with a lot of noise distractions, you should avoid sitting with talkative people if you want a better chance at winning. You need to be as close to the bingo caller as possible so you do not miss a number.

We advise that you pick a seat near the front so that you can hear the bingo caller well and they can also hear you well when you yell BINGO.

Choose the Right Game

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should choose the right game. There are different variations of bingo available in most casinos and they each have different rules. If you’re new to bingo, you should read the rules of these variants before you proceed.

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Choose Cards with a Good Variety of Numbers

This tip is very useful if you’re playing multiple bingo cards per game. Cards with a good variety of numbers will cover a wide range of numbers, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

You’ll want to avoid bingo cards that have a lot of numbers in common or cards with consecutive numbers such as 20, 21, 22. Don’t take so much time looking at cards, scan through them and choose the best cards.

Choose Cards with Median Numbers

According to Tippett’s strategy, the longer a 75-ball bingo game is, the more likely that the bingo balls drawn will be closer to the median number of 38. Using this strategy, you’ll want to buy cards with numbers closer to the median number of 38 to increase your chances of winning.

If the game is 99-balled, the median number will be 45. So, choose cards with numbers closer to the median number of 45.

Keep Up with the Bingo Caller

Bingo callers are very fast and you have to try your best to keep up with them. They don’t give you a lot of time to look through your cards. This will be difficult for people who have multiple cards and can’t handle them.

This is why you have to pay close attention to the game so you don’t miss a number that is called out by the bingo caller. It goes back to the point of choosing a seat far from distractions so that you can easily keep up with the bingo hall.

Highlight Unique Patterns

A great way to win in bingo is to highlight unique patterns with a highlighter so that you can remember which squares are needed to win. There are standard winning patterns in bingo but some bingo halls have unique winning patterns which can get a little confusing sometimes. Make sure to highlight them so you do not forget them.

Figure Out How Many Cards You Can Handle

Playing multiple cards per game will increase your chances. However, you have to consider how many cards you can handle per game. If you’re not so good at multi-tasking, then don’t play so many cards per game.

This also goes for beginners, wait till you have reached a certain level and have had a better understanding of the game before you try playing multiple cards per session. Start with three to four cards per game and try adding one or two more after you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Play at a Reliable Online Bingo Site

There are several bingo sites on the internet and some of them could be scam sites. However, trust us to recommend the best and most reliable sites to play online bingo.

Check out these 14 best online bingo sites. These sites are legit and licensed by reputable e-gaming authorities.

Other Tips to Win at Bingo

Here are additional tips to play bingo and increase your odds of winning.

  • Bring Necessary Equipment: Always take a highlighter, bingo dabber, and masking tape with you to the bingo hall. This equipment will help you work faster during the game.
  • Socialize with Players: Although this has nothing to do with your winning chances, it wouldn’t hurt to make a friend or two. You can also ask them questions when you get a little confused about something. If you’re playing bingo online, socialize with other players using the chat room.

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  • Play with Fewer People: The fewer the players, the greater your chances of winning. Fewer people mean less noise and distractions. This also applies to online bingo.
  • Claim Deposit Bonus: Most online casinos offer generous deposit bonuses to players. You can use these bonuses to play more bingo sessions. With William Hill’s generous deposit bonus, you will thrive!
  • Avoid Side Bets: Side bets offer irresistible prizes for small amounts. They always favor the house, so it’s best to avoid them.
  • Stay Focused: Always stay alert during bingo games. It is also best to avoid drinking alcohol before or during games.
  • Take a Break: Sitting for too long is not healthy. Make sure to take a break to clear your mind or have a snack.
  • Don’t Get Too Greedy: Don’t get too greedy especially when you’re on a winning streak. Know when to quit the game even if you’re losing.
  • Don’t Forget to Have Fun: Bingo is best when you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t just get caught up in winning, have some fun too!


Bingo is a game of luck, but these expert tips mentioned in this article can increase your winning chances.

Bingo is a fun game to win money and make a few friends too. There are many sites to play bingo but we have picked the best sites for you. Be sure to check out these new bingo sites and begin your journey!

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