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Can Online Casino Sites Be Rigged?

Gambling sites give you a chance to enjoy pure entertainment and earn money if you are lucky and skilled enough. This is a reason why thousands of players from all over the world seek the most reputable online casinos. And the first question that interests them is about fraud. Can online casino sites be rigged? Is it possible? Let’s know more about the matter.

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Why Do People Think Online Casinos Are Rigged?

Online casinos are a business that brings huge incomes even without any catches. All the time, casinos earn money while you are entertained by playing games. This is a very profitable activity. That is why the number of gambling websites increases with every passing day. In order to withstand fierce competition, legitimate casinos attract their customers with security options, promising a safe environment. Can you believe their promises? Mostly, you can.

If an operator is properly regulated, it meets rather strict requirements. The used software is tested on an ongoing basis. There are laws that guarantee that players’ interests are protected.

However, the above suspicions have not been completely removed until now. The questions arise from the losses. When players often lose, they start to think that casino games are rigged. There are lots of ideas about how it is done. The losers speak about bad beats, interference in a playing process, intentional dealing of hands, and others. Some players say that particular games are set up not to be beaten.

Mostly, all the above charges are ill-grounded. Of course, every casino has a house edge, but most commonly, online gambling is fair and legal. If it hadn’t been legal, casinos would have gone out of business.

Also, there are volatile games when it is quite difficult to understand what exactly affects the outcome, whether it is luck or skill. Roulette is one of them. You may choose a number, place a bet on it, and win three times in a row, but lose the fourth time and decide that the final outcome was fabricated. More likely, you will be wrong with such a decision. Nobody has cheated you. The reason is in the Random Number Generator, which is unpredictable. The dealer has nothing to do with it.

It is a simple solution to blame someone for failure, isn’t it? We do not want to accept that we fail because of a lack of knowledge, poor abilities, or just bad luck. Gambling, in most cases, is about luck. There is nothing strange about players losing.

However, there is one condition that should be satisfied. The casino should be reputable and properly regulated. Otherwise, you can actually get cheated on. To find a really reliable gambling site, read our reviews!

In order to ensure fair gambling, just choose among trusted operators. Doing this, you should refuse emotions, stay based on logical arguments, and focus on the statement that large, popular casinos are not interested in rigging. Let’s take a look at the reasons.

5 Reasons Why the Majority of Online Casinos Avoid Rigging

We should start with the fact that online casinos will lose a lot if they rig games. Careful testing by regulators will reveal the infringement of laws immediately, and the business will be closed down. Why should they take such risks? We are going to convince you that there are no reasons.

It’s Pointless

Casinos always gain, as all players pay a house edge. This is known as an advantage of the house. Global statistics prove that the online gambling industry is just as profitable as land-based casinos in Vegas. As a result, you should agree that cheating does not pay as it is able to hurt the casino’s image.

It does not release you from paying attention to licenses and to other evidence of fair gambling on the platform. Keep that in mind when there is a thought about fraud.

An unfair business can bring little money for a short period of time (until a cheater is found) compared with a stable legal annual income.

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The Random Number Generator Determines Who Wins and Who Loses

Technically, setting up a game is not as easy as it seems. Commonly, online casinos use the Random Number Generator, which chooses the numbers in accordance with a range of unpredictable algorithms. This software is developed by third parties and regularly tested by independent regulators. Thus, normally, a casino has no chance to benefit from it somehow.

Billions of combinations of numbers are randomly generated every second or even faster. A player can use various gambling strategies to try to enhance their winning chances. Nevertheless, the outcome completely depends on the RNG. And an online casino can do nothing with the software.

Government Authorities Keep One’s Eye on the Ball

Gambling is a licensed business. It means that online casinos can get a license only if they meet the requirements. Moreover, they are audited by government authorities and independent organizations in the industry that does their best to provide fair gambling and a random choice of random number generators.

Any unfair casino will be revealed and banned.

Reputation is Everything

By now, you can form the opinion that being honest is a desirable status for large online casinos. Here, a good reputation contributes to the goodwill of the company and increases competitive advantages.

Transparent and reliable gambling sites attract more players and earn more money. It is so easy to understand. They develop marketing strategies to increase awareness of their brand and make their good name heard by as many people as possible. If there are reviews about cheated players, they’ll lose everything.

Thanks to the Internet, we have access to industry forums and special websites to discuss participants in the gambling market. You can find negative reviews even related to reputable casinos, but if information about cheating is repeated, you should pay attention to it and avoid these sites.

Rigged Platforms Have Short Lifespans

Even if we assume that some casinos have decided to rig at any cost, you can be sure that it will disappear very soon. Thus, if you see that a gambling platform offers services for a year or more, you can be sure that it is fair. Otherwise, users will share the information about cheating quickly and add this operator to blacklists all over the web. Regulators will come to investigate the matter, and the scammer will stop operating.

This is a reliable indicator, but still, you’d apply several tools to judge the casino. We’ll list several vital issues to check.

How to Choose a Reputable Casino: 8 Things That You Need to Check

Before you place a bet on a site, you should figure out whether you can trust it. Check blacklisted casinos to ensure that the one that you like is not on the list. Read how to avoid scam betting sites. Take this background check seriously, as your own cash is the price paid.

A detailed investigation will help you avoid severe frustration. Now, we are going to highlight the key issues to make a point of them.


Every online casino must be accredited. It means that there are established industry standards that should be met. Fair play is guaranteed by the use of the Random Number Generator. The software is usually supplied by independent developers. It is used almost in all games, providing a randomly chosen combination of numbers/cards like in poker or a particular outcome like in roulette. It is sealed and any interference will cost the operators their business.


In addition, there are regulators that have the power to investigate operators in this industry in order to decide whether they can continue running a gambling business. Monitoring includes a range of procedures. The most frequent regulatory bodies are the National Gaming Board, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and the Office of Gaming Supervision.


Valid License

As we have mentioned, the houses should be licensed. It is even better if you find several licenses issued by various related bodies. Do not forget to pay attention to their validity. If the time has been up, the period should be extended.

So, it is suggested that you refuse the casino both without any license and with an expired license. In both cases, the house may be legal and fair, but the risk is very high. This is a matter of trust and reputation as well as your safety.

The information about the licenses is released on the websites. Just take a look at the menu and find the appropriate section. The document should have a number that can be found in the register.

Casino Owner

The name of the owner of the business can be rather informative. Reputable gambling platforms do not hide this data.

You can use Google to look for additional data about casino owners’ personalities and reputations. Perhaps the casino you are interested in is not the only one. The previous business can be blacklisted or have other issues.

Gambling Site Security Methods

The threat may come not only from an owner or operator but also from hackers who may interfere in gaming to steal funds. It may occur to any site, but, of course, a large, reputable, and licensed site is able to prevent a cyberattack.

Responsible gambling sites use state-of-the-art technologies to protect users, for example, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). They build an environment where secure communication and confidentiality are possible.


This feature is not very significant, but it adds to the responsibility of the company. Just look for confirmation that the casino has been awarded within any nomination of the e-Gaming industry or related field. It is better if the awards are for reputable organizations noted throughout the world.

Return to Player

There is a calculated rate known as Return to Player or RTP. You should consider it when you are selecting a casino. Of course, it is better to prefer a title made by a well-known developer, but even if a developer is new to the market, you should regard RTP. If it is too low (less than 75%), you should refuse the idea and look further. Fraud sites commonly provide games with very low RTP rates.

Casinos’ reviews and bettors’ testimonials

The rumors spread quickly, and if there are any causes for alarm, you will find lots of negative reviews. This is a simple way to learn more about a service provider from the accounts of eyewitnesses.

Keep in mind that players sometimes share negative reviews and charge online casinos with rigging the games just because they lost and are disappointed. So, judge a casino after a comprehensive inspection.

Our list of the best online gambling sites helps you to find reputable online casinos. All of them meet high standards and have a proven reputation.

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So, is it possible to fall into deception on a casino site? Well, taken as a whole, the answer is “No”. But under certain conditions, you can be cheated. If you ignore the above information and gamble on an unknown site with doubtful winnings and without a license, you may have trouble. However, if you make the proper choice, following our tips, you can be a hundred percent positive that online casinos are not rigged.

A dishonest business will put a profitable legal gambling site at a disadvantage. Moreover, the industry is protected by regulatory authorities that test the Random Number Generators used by online casinos to provide players with decent conditions for gambling. This software is unpredictable. So, if a game depends on luck, you can be completely sure that the outcome is random and nothing has affected it.

Reputable online casinos are safe, tested regularly, and meet a number of standards. There are issues to consider in order to choose the best terms and to earn more, as gambling is a business for casinos, and they act for their own benefits, but within the law. So, you should just compare terms and choose the most appropriate ones in accordance with your goals and preferences.


Are online casinos safe to play at?

Yes, online casinos are secure if they are licensed and regulated. Watch for rogue gambling sites, which are usually easy to spot as they do not have any evidence of their legitimacy.

What are the most trusted online casinos?

The most trusted online casinos should meet the industry’s requirements. Before you deposit your money, ensure that they show their valid license with a number and mention the regulatory bodies that test them, their awards, partners, and other information proving their trustworthiness.

Where can I find a safe online casino?

On our site, you will find only legal, reputable, and safe online casinos with their features and users’ reviews. Benefit from this information and enjoy secure gambling. These casinos protect private data. They provide reliable payment options to deposit and withdraw cash.

How do you know if an online casino is safe?

You can read about the principal signs of a safe casino in this article. They are licenses, rewards, positive user reviews, and others. Also, you should pay attention to payment options. They should inspire confidence, being provided by widely-known financial organizations like Visa or Mastercard, and PayPal. Their big names are guarantees of transaction security.

Do online casinos cheat?

No, they do not. If a casino was founded more than a year ago and is fully licensed, it is safe. It values its reputation and will not put the company at risk. Avoid illegal operators and enjoy your entertainment.