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2023 NFL League Leaders & Player Stats

Football is a stats-driven sport with a lot of interesting numbers and data you can dissect. But, finding NFL stats pages that are interesting and easy to understand, and above all, accurate can be a hard task. That said, if you’re looking to dive into the most important NFL stats, you’ve come to the right place! On this page, you can find key stats and data on the leading teams, as well as useful info on leading NFL players by position in the 2021-2022 season. Continue reading to discover all of the stats you need for the ongoing season!

Quick Overview of the 32 NFL Teams - Facts 2022

The NFL is filled with many different and unique teams, each with its characteristics and appeal. Before we dig deeper into the most important NFL statistics, we’ve listed one quick and interesting fact on each of the 32 NFL teams:

➡️ Arizona Cardinals – For the first time since the 2011 season, The Cardinals have a three-game road trip scheduled, a tough stretch that could make or break their 2021 season.

➡️ Atlanta Falcons – The last time the Falcons played the NFC North, they were up against the Bears and Packers in the first two weeks. This year they again go back to back, just in weeks 3 and four.

➡️ Baltimore Ravens – The 2021 season is the first time we’ll see the Ravens play three straight primetime NFL games.

➡️ Buffalo Bills – For the fourth time in 30 years, the Bills are getting a bye week on Week 11 or later.

➡️ Carolina Panthers – Matt Rhule is facing a tough schedule at the start of his tenure, with two of his first three games going on the road.

➡️ Chicago Bears – A part of the inaugural NFL roster, the Bears are playing their 101st season in the league.

➡️ Cincinnati Bengals – As one of the worst-ranked teams in the leagues, the Bengals will be needing all the help they can get from their young talents such as Joe Burrow.

➡️ Cleveland Browns – The Browns are yet again getting only two primetime games this year, for the sixth time in the last 20 years.

➡️ Dallas Cowboys – Unlike the Browns, the Cowboys are enjoying great primetime coverage, with five primetime games for the 15th season in a row.

➡️ Denver Broncos – The Broncos are playing in the NFC South this season, a favorable division for them in the past.

➡️ Detroit Lions – The Lions are building up a strong rivalry with Washington, as this will be the 9th time they’re going up against them since 2002.

➡️ Green Bay Packers – Speaking of rivalries, the Packers-Bears game is again scheduled to keep us waiting for Week 12 or later.

➡️ Houston Texans –The Texans are treating their fans with two Thanksgiving games this year.

➡️ Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are facing an interesting schedule and will be especially fun to watch this year.

➡️ Jacksonville Jaguars – This season will see the Jaguars playing a total of 19 games on the road.

➡️ Kansas City Chiefs – For the third time since 1970 the Chiefs are opening at home in prime time.

➡️ Las Vegas Raiders – The Raiders coach is going up against another rookie coach in 2021, for the second time in a row.

➡️ Los Angeles Chargers – The Charges are opening on the road in Cincinnati, for the first time since 2002.

➡️ Los Angeles Rams – The Rams are opening up their new stadium against no one less than one of the best teams in the leagues, the Cowboys.

➡️ Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are extending their run of bad luck with just one prime time game for the third consecutive year.

➡️ Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings are 5-0 against the Texans thanks to their win in Week 4.

➡️ New England Patriots – After 20 years with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick is moving on with a new QB.

➡️ New Orleans Saints – For the 9th year in a row, the Saints fans are treated with four prime time games.

➡️ New York Giants – One of the most popular teams in the league, the Giants are starting the 2021 season with a rookie coach in prime time.

➡️ New York Jets – The Jets are going up against the dolphins immediately before and after their bye week.

➡️ Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are continuing their rivalry with the Cowboys in prime time for the 17th year in a row, a league record.

➡️ Pittsburgh Steelers – A repeat of 2019, the Steelers are opening this season in prime time, on the road.

➡️ San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers are playing the Cowboys in primetime for the first time since 1990.

➡️ Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks are having a unique streak, a Week 6 bye for the fifth time in 20 years.

➡️ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – the Buccaneers are breaking their previous prime time record, with five games this year.

➡️ Tennessee Titans – Just like in 2003, the Titans have opened up the year against an AFC West opponent, and they’ve won the game again.

➡️ Washington Redskins – Since 1994, the Redskins have played six times on Thanksgiving.

NFL Teams That Lead in Key Statistics

⚽ Top 5 Offenses in the NFL

As we’ve gone through the quick facts just earlier, it’s easy to see that not all teams are created equal. Some simply have better lineups and more efficient players than others. Speaking of efficiency, there are a lot of things that play into it, especially on the offensive side. These are the five best teams in the NFL when it comes to offensive prowess:

➡️ Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs are the current champs, and there are many reasons for this, with their impeccable offense being a big part of their success. They were ranked #1 before the start of the 2021 season, and are showing us this season again that this ranking was not coincidental in the slightest.

➡️ Baltimore Ravens – Over the past few years, the Ravens have assembled a great attack-minded team. Orchestrated by one of the best offensive coordinators in the game, Greg Roman, the Ravens are storming through this season with the second-best offense in the league.

➡️ Green Bay Packers – While the Packers are constantly ranked among the best teams in the league, they could very well end this season with the best offense in the NFL. First in the league in points, fantasy points, passing yards, and touchdowns, the Packers’ offense is working impeccably this year.

➡️ Seattle Seahawks – Leading the league in FPTS this year, the Seahawks are a favorite for many NFL fans. In the current NFL season, they rank first in the passing touchdowns category, and third in points scored.

➡️ Atlanta Falcons – While the Falcons aren’t leading the league in any category, their offense is firing at maximum firepower. They are in the top rankings for nearly every major offensive category. With such balanced offensive stats, the Falcons have proven to be a tough opponent for every side in the 2021 season.

⚽ Top 5 Defenses in the NFL

When an offense is orchestrated well, it’s a pleasure to watch. But, we often hear that defense wins titles. This has been shown in practice many times, as defensively solid teams often end up on top. With that in mind, here are the top 5 defenses in the NFL:

➡️ Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins might not be the most attractive team in the NFL, but their defense has been impenetrable this year. Ranking as the team with the fewest number of points allowed, the Dolphins are counting on their defense to bring them as much success as possible this year.

➡️ Baltimore Ravens – When it comes to dominating on the defensive end, the Ravens are certainly one of the first teams that come to mind. With the second-fewest number of points allowed this year, the Baltimore team has been particularly efficient in stopping their opponents’ rushing attempts. As one of the best offensive teams in the league as well, the Ravens are treating their fans with a great season so far.

➡️ Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are displaying excellent defense in the 2021 season. Ranked third in fewest points, this NFL team is giving great all-around performances across all of the most important defensive stats.

➡️ Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers are undoubtedly in the elite tier when it comes to NFL defensive sides. First in the Fantasy Team defense rankings, the Steelers are perfecting efficient defense with each passing game of this season.

➡️ Kansas City Chiefs – As the best-ranked offensive side in the league, the Chiefs aren’t slacking at all on the defensive side. Although they are struggling a bit when it comes to defending rushing attempts, their defense is still at the very top of the league, helping them notch such a successful record in the current season.

The NFL Player Stats for the 2022 NFL Season

The NFL draws a huge crowd of fantasy coaches, stats analysts, and even football bettors who all like to carefully observe the most important stats in the game. We’ve collected all of the useful individual information on the league leaders across the crucial stats to bring you all of the data in one place. Let’s start with the most attractive category in terms of individual player stats.

⚽ NFL Passing Leaders

Passers are often regarded as the most creative players in the game, as they are those who orchestrate the offense and lead their teams to offensive points. Here’s a table of the 2021 NFL top 10 passing leaders in the most important categories:

Stats LeaderCompletionsYardsRushdowns
1.Tom Brady (401)Deshaun Watson (4,823)Aaron Rodgers (48)
2.Ben Roethlisberger (399)Patrick Mahomes (4,740)Tom Brady (40)
3.Justin Herbert (396)Tom Brady (4,633)Russell Wilson (0)
4.Josh Allen (396)Josh Allen (4,544)Patrick Mahomes (38)
5.Patrick Mahomes (390)Justin Herbert (4,336)Josh Allen (37)
6.Russell Wilson (384)Matt Ryan (4,316)Kirk Cousins (35)
7.Deshaun Watsoner (382)Aaron Rodgers (4,399)Ben Roethlisberge (33)
8.Matt Ryan(378)Kirk Cousins (4,265)Ryan Tannehill (33)
9.Kyler Murray (375)Russell Wilson (4,212)Deshaun Watsonr (33)
10.Aaron Rodgers (372)Philip Rivers (916)Justin Herbert (31)

⚽ NFL Rushing Leaders

Running backs are tasked with several important assignments. They have to run, catch, block when necessary, and even throw the ball sometimes when the action calls for it. Here are the top ten running backs who are leading the 2021 NFL season in three key rushing statistics:

Stats LeaderAttemptsYardsTouchdowns
1.Derrick Henry (378)Derrick Henry (2,027)Derrick Henry (17)
2.Dalvin CookDalvin Cook (1,557)Dalvin Cook (16)
3.Josh Jacobs (273)Aaron Jones (1,104)Alvin Kamara (16)
4.Ezekiel Elliott (244)James Robinson (1,070)Nick Chubb (12)
5.James Robinson (240)Nick Chubb (1,067)Cam Newton (12)
6.Kenyan Drake (239)Josh Jacobs (1,065)Josh Jacobs (12)
7.Melvin Gordon (215)Lamar JacksonKyler Murray (11)
8.Aaron Jones (201)Melvin Gordon (986)Antonio Gibson (11)
9.Kareem Hunt (198)Ezekiel Elliott (979)Kenyan Drake (10)
10.Ronald Jones II (192)Ronald Jones II (978)Todd Gurley (9)

⚽ NFL Wide Receiver Receiving Leaders

Wide receivers are blazing-fast and athletic pass catchers. They are often those who are the most responsible for the big game-changing plays. With that in mind, here are the 2021 NFL season wide receiver leaders for the most important categories:

Stats LeaderReceptionsYardsTouchdowns
1.DeAndre Hopkins (115)DeAndre Hopkins (1407)Tyreek Hill (15)
2.Stefon Diggs  (100)Tyreek Hill (1,276)Davante Adams (14)
3.Keenan Allen (100)D.J. Moore (1,193)Adam Thielen(12)
4.Tyler Lockett (100)Calvin Ridley (1,192)Mike Evan(11)
5.JuJu Smith-Schuster (97)Stefon Diggs (1,167)Tyler Lockett (10)
6.Davante Adams (91)Davante Adams(1,144)JuJu Smith-Schuster (9)
7.Robert Woods (90)Terry McLaurin (1,118)D.K. Metcalf s (6)
8.Diontae Johnson (88)Tyler Lockett (1,054)Chase Claypool Christian Kirk (9)
9.Terry McLaurin (87)Justin Jefferson (1,039)Calvin Ridley(9)
10.Tyreek Hill (87)D.K Metcalf (1,039)Will Fuller (8)

⚽ NFL Tight End Receiving Leaders

Tight end players are very physical players with many duties on the field. They can catch passes just like a receiver, and still dominate the line thanks to their size and athleticism. Here are the top ten tight end receiving leaders for the current 2021 NFL season:

Stats LeaderReceptions


1.Darren Waller (107)Travis Kelce (1,416)Travis Kelce (11)
2.Travis Kelce (105)Darren Waller  (1,196)Robert Tonyan Jr. (9)
3.Logan Thomas (72)Mark Andrews (701)Darren Waller (9)
4.Dalton Schultz (63)Logan Andrews (670)Jimmy Graham (8)
5.T.J. Hockenson (58)T.J. Hockenson (657)Mark Andrews (7)
6.Mark Andrews (58)Rob Gronkowski (623)Rob Gronkowski (7)
7.T.J. Hockenson (29)Dalton Schultz (615)Jared Cook (7)
8.Evan Engram (48)Mike Gesick (537)Jonnu Smith (7)
9.Hunter Henry (48)Robert Tonyan Jr. (533)T.J. Hockenson (6)
10.Hayden Hurst (47)Evan Engram (508)Logan Thomas (6)

⚽ NFL Defensive Leaders

The defensive line consists of 11 players, each with a very important role in the field. The defenders’ job is to intercept and stop the attacks of the opposing team. Here are the top ten defensive players that are leading the 2021 NFL season in defensive stats:

Stats LeaderTacklesSacksInterceptions
1.Zach Cunningham (164)TJ Watt (15)Xavien Howad (10)
2.Jaylon Smith  (154)Aaron Donald (13.5)J.C. Jackson (9)
3.Blake Martinez (151)Trey Hendrickson (13.5)Tyrann Mathieu (6)
4.Joe Schobert (141)Za’Darius Smith (6.5)Harrison Smith (5)
5.Devin WhiteHaason Reddick (12.5)Justin Simmons (5)
6.Roquan Smith (139)Myles Garrett (12)Quandre Diggs (5)
7.Bobby Wagner (138)Leonard Williams (11.5)Carlton Davis (4)
8.Neville Hewitt (134)Stephon Tuitt (11)Malcolm Butler (4)
9.Darius Leonard (132)Leonard Floys (10.5)Minkah Fitzpatrick (4)
10.Fred Wagner (125)Romeo Okwara (10)Kendall Fuller

⚽ NFL Kicking Leaders

Football kickers are specialists responsible for winning points through field goals, as well as performing kickoffs. Here are the 2021 NFL kicking leaders who have been the most efficient and won the most points in the season:

1.Younghoe Koo (21)Joey Slye (36)Tyler Bass (141)
2.Cairo Santos (30)Brandon McManus (34)Justin Tucker (130)
3.Joey Slye (29)Dustin Hopkins (34)Cairo Santos (126)
4.Jason Sanders (28)Tyler Bass (34)Harrison Butker (123)
5.Brandon McManusYounghoe Koo (33)Jason Myers (121)
6.Tyler Bass (28)Cairo Santos (32)Joey Slye (120)
7.Dustin Hopkins (27)Jason Sanders (29)Younghoe Koo (119)
8.Graham Gano (26)Justin Tucker (29)Jason Sanders (111)
9.Justin Tucker (26)Greg Zuerlein (28)Dustin Hopkins (111)
10.Harrison Butker (25)Rodrigo Blankenship (27)Brandon McManus (108)

Watch Time Stats - How Many People Viewers Does the NFL Have in 2021

According to credible sports news reports for the 2021 NFL season, an estimated 19.3 million NFL fans watched the 2021 NFL kickoff game between Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans. This is a 13 percent decrease compared to last year’s kickoff game when the matchup between the Packers and Bears was viewed by 22.2 million people.

These numbers are a bit surprising considering that NFL fans, and sports fans in general, have been without live sports events for several months due to the pandemic. And, while the opening TV ratings for the 2021 NFL season were a bit disappointing, it seems that the league is bouncing back with solid ratings in the weeks following the opener. Live streaming of NFL games has seen a particular increase this year, mainly due to the fact that you can stream NFL games for free from several major outlets.

Even the NFL draft has recorded impressive numbers this year. Across the major US TV networks, a total of 8.4 million users have watched all three days of the 2021 NFL Draft, significantly more than last year’s record numbers, which were around 6.2 million viewers. In total, this year’s draft was observed by more than 55 million total viewers in the country, a staggering number that goes to show just how popular the NFL still is in 2021 and going into 2022.

⚽ Coronavirus Impact on the NFL

While the Coronavirus pandemic has affected all sports competitions in a major way, the NFL is probably the least affected competition out of all major US sports and leagues. The scheduling had to be moved just slightly, and the teams will still be playing at a fairly regular rate, just like the previous years.

The NFL has announced certain contingency plans in case of a sharp increase of positive Coronavirus cases in the following months. This includes creating a different playoff qualifiers system, as well as rearranging and postponing some regular-season games if necessary.

For now, what’s interesting about this season is that the NFL is still allowing fans to watch games live. Of course, certain social distancing rules are set in place, but this is still a big advantage the NFL has over other major US leagues, such as the MLB and the NHL, which still don’t allow any fans in the stands.

Summary Of the Season so Far

With the ongoing pandemic, as well as much internal turmoil in the country, the NFL is one of the most significant things that bring people from all backgrounds together. The 2022 season is already well on its way, and judging by what we have been seeing over all of these weeks, the league is doing just fine. For all of you NFL stats lovers, we want to leave you with a few stats to keep in mind when watching this year’s NFL season:

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