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Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers Statistics

There are a lot of theories and beliefs connected to lucky numbers. Some people never stop playing “7” because it is the common-sense lucky number, while others have one or more of their own. Each one with a different strategy, all lotto players are looking for the same thing: discover the next winning lottery numbers.

Are they not missing something?

If some numbers are lucky, then they should appear a lot. Therefore, by comparing lotto numbers statistics, it is clear that common sense lucky numbers are worthless, and they can even ruin your game.

Now, the most common winning lottery numbers can be drawn even twice as much as other numbers. Therefore, the most common should be considered the real lucky winning lottery numbers.

Why Use the Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers to Win?

First of all, there are no lottery strategies that guarantee a winning combination, as the lottery remains a game of chance and will continue to be so. However, there are methods, systems, and simple calculations that promise to increase the odds of getting the jackpot or any low-tier prize.

Why Use the Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers to Win

Therefore, in light of all the quick conclusions so far, using the most common winning lottery numbers might be a good idea because:

  • They proved themselves “lucky”, as they gave prizes many more times than other numbers.
  • There is no other lottery strategy proven to work better, so it feels safer.
  • It gives some notion of control to the players who use them.

Is There a Difference Between the Most Commonly Drawn and Winning Numbers?

Although some people beg to disagree, it is a fact that the most commonly drawn winning numbers are also the most common winning numbers. After all, it is no use seeking combinations that assemble the same numbers more than once. If they were drawn, it means they were part of a jackpot prize, period.

Law of Large Numbers: Does It Apply?

The Law of Large Numbers (LLN) dictates that, given enough repetitions, all results tend to an average. In other words, the concept of hot (common) and cold (uncommon) numbers is temporary and would at some point equalize.

However, although the strategy of using the most common winning lottery numbers involves lotto numbers statistics, we are talking about luck. There is no point in trying to apply math to what is considered luck, as that is a subjective and almost ethereal concept.

In other words, that strategy is strongly based on the assumption that, even though they may change at any given time, the lucky numbers exist, and they might help to win the lottery.

How to Play the Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers?

We have a complete guide on how to choose lottery numbers, but this topic will focus on strategies with the most common winning lottery numbers. The steps to apply this method involves:

  • Collecting the statistics of the games you want to play.
  • Writing down all the most common winning lottery numbers, including special numbers (such as the Megaplier or the Powerball).
  • Creating different combinations with those numbers.
  • Playing your pool of possible results and waiting for the draw.

How to Play the Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers

Creating different combinations is where people most probably will diverge, as there is no better way to do it. Some of the options involve:

  • Using the most common winning lottery numbers in their order and nothing else.
  • Mixing the 10 or 15 most drawn numbers to create different combinations.
  • Applying a second method to a given array of those numbers to get one best combination, e.g., the Delta System.

Those most commonly drawn numbers are also called “hot numbers”. Using the opposite of them, the “cold numbers” is also a strategy with many supporters out there. However, that falls out of the scope, as they would be, so far, the unlucky numbers.

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What Are the Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers?

After showing how to properly use the strategy of the most common winning lottery numbers, or simply the hot numbers strategy, it is time to collect statistics.

U.S. Powerball Top 7 Most Common Winning Numbers

Starting with the lottery game responsible for the record jackpot prize, we collected data from 3,000+ draws up to 03 March 2021. It is noteworthy that, except for 32 and 23, other numbers were not present five years ago as the most common winning numbers. From the past decade back, none of the numbers below was a hit.

Number Drawn Percentage
32 300 9,95%
23 299 9,92%
26 298 9,89%
41 298 9,89%
16 294 9,76%
28 292 9,69%
42 291 9,66%

In August 2020, seven months before this statistical analysis, 5 out of those 7 numbers were in that list of hot numbers. Only 28 and 42 were still behind.

The Most Common Winning Powerball Numbers

Since Powerball draws occur in two drums, it is relevant to include in the statistical analysis of the most common Powerball numbers. Once again, considering all draws that ever happened, the most common numbers are 18, 6, and 20. They are a few hits ahead of other numbers. Only 18 was part of the hottest numbers in the past decade.

Mega Millions Repeating Winning Numbers

Mega Millions is another lottery game from the United States that was responsible for huge jackpot prizes in the top 10. When trying to predict lottery numbers, try using the most repetitive Mega Millions numbers below from all 2,482 draws:

Number Drawn Percentage
31 244 9,83%
17 239 9,63%
4 234 9,43%
10 232 9,35%
20 232 9,35%
39 232 9,35%
48 232 9,35%

Five years ago, the following numbers were already in the top 7 Mega Millions winning numbers: 31, 10, 17, and 48. Therefore, those who believe in their value could include them in the next tickets.

The Most Common Winning Mega Ball Numbers

Drawn 95 times, 3 and 10 were the most common Mega Ball numbers in the Mega Millions history. The numbers 9, 7, and 1 follow them. When analyzing the past decade alone, lotto number statistics show that 9 and 10 were highly common.

Statistics of EuroMillions Most Common Winning Numbers

The popular European lottery game was also explored in terms of all-time draws to find out the Euromillions most common winning lottery numbers. Out of 50 possible numbers, the 7 most drawn ones in 1,400+ draws are:

Number Drawn Percentage
23 163 11,62%
44 160 11,40%
50 159 11,33%
19 158 11,26%
37 155 11,04%
42 154 10,97%
4 153 10,90%

Compared to seven months ago, the most drawn Euromillions numbers almost did not change. Only 37 and 42 were not part of the top 7.

The Most Common Lucky Star Numbers

Considering all draws, the numbers 2, 3, and 8 were the most drawn Lucky Star numbers, all 280+ times in a total of 1,403 draws since 2004.

EuroJackpot Repeating Lottery Winning Numbers

With a bit more than 450 draws since 2012, EuroJackpot already has enough data to analyze the hottest numbers in winning combinations. We separated the top seven choices for those who prefer to gamble using the most common winning lottery numbers:

Number Drawn Percentage
19 58 12,42%
49 58 12,42%
35 55 11,78%
7 54 11,56%
18 53 11,35%
38 53 11,35%
40 53 11,35%

Due to the low number of draws compared to lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions, there is not much difference between most numbers in the top-drawn statistics.

Brazilian Mega Sena Most Common Winning Numbers

One of the top-paying lotteries in South America can also be played using online lottery websites. In order to build different combinations with the Mega Sena’s most common winning lottery numbers, refer to the table below:

Number Drawn Percentage
10 268 11,41%
53 267 11,36%
5 258 10,98%
42 258 10,98%
33 257 10,94%
4 256 10,90%
23 256 10,90%

Without special numbers that are necessary for the jackpot, all the players need is to get the 6/60 numbers right.

UK Lotto – National Lottery Most Repeated Numbers

The most popular game of the UK National Lottery is the UK Lotto, which we also analyzed in terms of the most common winning numbers. There were 2,600+ draws since 1994, and the percentage of participation of each Top 7 numbers is detailed below:

Number Drawn Percentage
23 339 12,89%
40 339 12,89%
38 338 12,85%
11 333 12,66%
39 330 12,55%
35 329 12,51%
27 328 12,47%

According to the percentage, the most common winning lottery numbers in the UK Lotto are quite frequent. Surprisingly, most of them occurred in the first 20 years of the lottery game, and they became not as frequent within the past 5 years.

UK Lotto Bonus Ball Frequency

Considering all draws, the numbers 45, 38, and 31 were the top 3 drawn bonus balls. However, they are followed by 6, 37, and 8 by only a few draws.

The Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers of All Lotteries

We collected data on several other lottery games that are quite popular and common on online lottery websites. That way, users can use their all-time statistics to help them build their next combinations.

Lottery Game Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers
Australia Powerballl 22, 5, 23, 24, 7, 9, and 8
Canada 6/49 45, 31, 34, 40, 43, 20, and 47
South Africa Powerball 15, 11, 31, 24, 34, 36, and 20
Irish Lotto 27, 42, 10, 16, 29, 15, and 47
SuperEnaLotto 85, 55, 77, 82, 90, 86, and 79
German Lotto 6, 49, 32, 387, 11, 31, and 33
El Gordo 34, 53, 3, 11, 9, 12, and 29
Australia Set for Life 9, 33, 21, 3, 5, 13, and 37
OZ Lotto 27, 29, 28, 7, 43, 22, and 35
Canada Lotto Max 39, 24, 19, 28, 30, 22, and 36

As previously stated, how those numbers can be combined vary according to each player’s style and strategy. The fact is that the most common winning lottery numbers have more to do with luck than a birthday date or numbers considered lucky out of cultural belief.

Final Thoughts on the Use of Common Numbers

As shown in our examples, some numbers that were frequent in the past might not continue to be in current times. The best way to apply this strategy is to backtrack and understand any possible pattern that could help to build the perfect combination.

And, once more, the concept of luck involved with highly frequent numbers is subjective. Lottery games on the best lottery sites remain purely based on chance, and even the less common numbers could be present in the next jackpot draw.