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Interview with Amir Eiro, ApuestasLatinas: “AI, VR, AR to enhance engagement and experiences”

“Technology innovations in the AI, VR, and AR fields will enhance the player engagement and gaming experiences”

1. Hi Amir, can you talk about your background and your journey to becoming the Affiliate Manager of ApuestasLatinas?

Throughout my professional journey, I have been in and out of the iGaming industry, working primarily on the casino and sports betting side in operators´ affiliate teams. My expertise lies in sales and marketing, and I have consistently adapted to new career opportunities as they arise.

2. How do you see the online gambling/iGaming industry evolving over the next 5-10 years? What new technologies or trends do you anticipate will reshape the industry?

 Amir Eiro: The online gambling/iGaming industry is poised for significant evolution over the next 5-10 years, driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes, shifting consumer preferences, and emerging trends. Several key factors are likely to shape the industry’s trajectory, like:

  •  Technology innovations in the artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) fields will enhance the player engagement and gaming experiences.
  • Legalization and regulation are among the most significant trends in various jurisdictions worldwide, which makes it imperative for operators to continuously adapt, invest, and evolve in their approach to markets.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are poised to disrupt the iGaming industry by offering solutions for secure and transparent transactions, as well as provide fair gaming experiences.

3. What role do you see emerging markets like Latin America, Africa and Asia playing in the future growth of the online gambling industry?

 Amir Eiro:  Given our exclusive focus on LATAM, we see how the online gambling industry is reshaping at a fast pace. This region represents a vast untapped market with growing populations and increasing disposable incomes. As internet penetration rates rise and access to smartphones becomes more widespread, a larger segment of the population becomes accessible to online gambling platforms. This presents a considerable growth opportunity for operators looking to expand their footprint in LATAM.

Another key aspect is regulatory changes and legalization. Many countries in Latin America are undergoing regulatory changes and legalizing online gambling activities. As governments recognize the potential economic benefits and seek to regulate the industry, barriers to entry are reduced, and new market opportunities emerge. Legalization provides a framework for operators to enter these markets with confidence and invest in localized offerings tailored to the preferences of regional players.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking to launch a new iGaming operator or affiliate business today? What pitfalls should they avoid?

 Amir Eiro:  Launching a new iGaming operator business in LATAM presents exciting opportunities but also comes with challenges.

Key pieces of advice:

  • Understand the regulatory landscape – regulations vary widely across different jurisdictions, and compliance is essential for operating legally.
  • Localize the offerings – language, payments, support, and cultural relevance.
  • Build strong partnerships – collaborating with trusted partners helps navigate the local market landscape more effectively and expand the reach.
  • Focus on player acquisition and retention by developing targeted marketing strategies to attract and retain players.

Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Neglecting regulatory compliance.
  • Ignoring cultural differences and lack of localized customer support.
  • Understanding payment challenges.

5. What impact do you think crypto and blockchain technology will have on online gambling payments and operations going forward?

 Amir Eiro:  In LATAM, crypto and blockchain technology are having a significant impact on online gambling payments and operations. Cryptocurrencies offer a borderless payment solution that transcends traditional banking barriers in LATAM. Many countries in the region face challenges with banking infrastructure and financial inclusion, making it difficult for players to access online gambling platforms using traditional payment methods. Cryptocurrencies provide a decentralized alternative that allows players to participate in online gambling activities without relying on the banking systems.

Crypto and blockchain technology offer promising opportunities for online gambling payments and operations in LATAM, including improved accessibility, enhanced security and transparency, expansion of market reach, and the development of innovative gaming models.

6. With more operators using affiliates, how important are transparency and fair practices in the affiliate marketing space?

 Amir Eiro:  For ApuestasLatinas transparency is paramount. Transparency is a key pillar in our operations. We strive to provide relevant opinions and news to our followers in Latin America so they can enjoy an unbeatable online gaming experience. The platform is distinguished by its dedication to quality, which is the key element in our commitment to players. There is a great need in Latin America for truthful and consolidated information about online gaming operators. Therefore, our commitment is primarily to players in these countries, which is also reflected in the name of our website. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in various sectors united by our great passion: gaming.

This passion, combined with extensive sector knowledge, makes ApuestasLatinas your ultimate guide in the infinite ocean of online gaming. We are growing and evolving steadily, thanks to our great partners, enthusiasm and effort, and the valuable feedback from our followers. Our philosophy is quality. This is reflected in the up-to-date information we provide, helping players make informed decisions that lead to an optimal and safe gaming experience.