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Interview with Gabriel Sita: “New AI tech will blow up: It’s not about being creepy…”

Gabriel Sita
My name is Gabriel Sita, I’m the owner & lead broker at CasinosBroker.com. I started working in the iGaming industry in 2021, when I transitioned from offline business brokerage. My expertise lies in sales, negotiation and marketing. I’m a constant curious learner.

1. How do you see the online gambling/iGaming industry evolving over the next 5-10 years? What new technologies or trends do you anticipate will reshape the industry?

 Gabriel Sita:  The iGaming industry is about to get a whole lot more interesting over the next 5-10 years.  So, where’s it all headed? Here’s my perspective:

  • New markets are opening up. North America’s still finding its footing, and places like Latin America or Asia could blow up if regulations fall into place. It’s about understanding the unique rules and cultures of each place.
  • Those who grew up on games and esports don’t want the same old slots. We need more engaging experiences – gamification, elements of skill – iGaming needs to level up its entertainment factor.
  • Regarding M&A, expect bigger companies to gobble up smaller ones with cool tech or a foothold in those new markets. If you’re small but have something special, you’re suddenly a hot commodity.
  • In terms of regulations; the rules of the game keep changing, and it’s different from place to place. Proving your focused on responsible gambling, that you play nice with regulators – that gives you a serious leg up.

About technologies and trends, I can say the following:

  • Facebook’s or Meta’s – Metaverse: Think immersive casinos, betting integrated into virtual worlds… this changes everything.
  • New AI tech will blow up: It’s not about being creepy, but using it to personalize experiences and keep players safe. That’s the future.
  • Crypto thought: So much potential, but regulations are the huge roadblock. This could be a game-changer if the legal side gets sorted.

The bottom line? iGaming is a fast-paced world where things change in the blink of an eye. Those who stay ahead of the curve, understand the regulations, and figure out what players really want are the ones set up for massive success.

2. Esports betting is a rapidly growing vertical. What opportunities and challenges do you foresee in this space?

 Gabriel Sita:  Esports betting is exploding! I love the potential here – it’s a whole new world for betting enthusiasts. Think about passionate young fans, crazy in-game betting options, and how esports is merging with broader entertainment. It’s seriously the future.

Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing. Regulations are different everywhere, we’ve gotta keep a hawk’s eye on match integrity, and the tech we need is seriously complex. Plus, we’re still in the early days of educating people about all this.

3. What advice would you give to someone looking to launch a new iGaming operator or affiliate business today? What pitfalls should they avoid?

 Gabriel Sita:  Launching a new iGaming business, whether as an operator or affiliate, is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. Here’s what I’ve learned the hard way:

My Advice to Succeed:

  • Selecting your niche I can’t stress this enough. Don’t be a generic copycat. Figure out the specific group of players you want to serve and become the absolute best at it.
  • Licensing It builds trust. Do your research on the right jurisdiction, jump through the hoops, it’s worth it in the long run.
  • About players Big-name games are a must, but also seek out those unique, exciting titles. Surprise and delight your players.
  • Your tech – Invest in a solid platform, one that’s fast, easy to use, and handles the behind-the-scenes stuff smoothly.
  • Marketing – Whether it’s paid ads, affiliate channels, whatever your strategy, track your results and constantly refine your approach.

The iGaming world isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re passionate and willing to put in the work, you can absolutely make your mark!

4. What roles do you see emerging technologies like AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and skillgaming playing in the future of iGaming?

 Gabriel Sita:  AR/VR, AI, and skill-based gaming are going to change the whole experience. Imagine popping on a headset and bam, you’re IN a virtual casino, or watching a sports match with crazy AR stats overlaid! That’s immersive on a whole new level.

AI’s going to be everywhere, making your experience feel totally custom-made. It’ll know what games you like, protect you from fraudsters, and even help you gamble responsibly.

Games where your skill actually matters? That attracts a whole new crowd! This, along with fantasy sports-style betting, is where iGaming and esports start to totally intertwine.

Honestly, I’m most excited to see how it all comes together. AI-powered virtual worlds, skill-infused gaming… the possibilities are mind-blowing!

5. What unique solutions and services does your company provide to iGaming operators/affiliates?

 Gabriel Sita:  At CasinosBroker, we’re more than just business brokers – we’re iGaming specialists.  For sellers, we understand the unique value of your operation, from your player base to your specific niche in the market. We speak your language, ensuring  your tech, licensing, and those intangible assets are clearly represented to potential buyers. Our network of established buyers and M&A partnerships means maximizing your chances of finding the perfect strategic fit.

Though less frequent, we also assist buyers. Our industry knowledge can open doors to off-market acquisitions, and we streamline the iGaming-specific due diligence process.

Discretion is vital. Whether you’re selling or acquiring, we prioritize confidentiality. Our Romanian roots also give us a local market edge, helping bridge those international deals.