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Interview with Silvia Zenginova: “Empowering iGaming Evolution with Advanced Language Solutions”

Silvia Zenginova
Good day everyone! My name is Silvia Zenginova, and I am the COO of Axiom Translate. We are a company which specializes in supplying language services and technology to a number of industries. iGaming is one of our core strength and competencies. Since 2020, we have partnered with more than 26 iGaming companies. Our highly qualified team and proprietary calibrated technology has helped them scale across 53 different languages and markets, as well as to create or translate more than 35 mln words. Our tailored made customer-centric approach has turned many of our customers into true business partners and friends.

1. How do you see the online gambling/iGaming industry evolving over the next 5-10 years? What new technologies or trends do you anticipate will reshape the industry?

 Silvia ZenginovaI am of the opinion that the iGaming and gambling industries will evolve at a faster pace than before. In my view advancement in technology (AI, Payment, Crypto, API) will improve content scalability and cross border expansion of industry players. Proprietary language platforms, models and high caliber professionals such as ours will empower that industry transformation and push the boundaries of scalability.

2. The iGaming market is highly competitive. How does your platform/company differentiate itself and gain a competitive edge?

 Silvia ZenginovaOur business strives in competitive markets. To the best of my knowledge, Axiom Translate is the only agency offering a combination of proprietary software, MT models and highly experienced language professionals to iGaming operators. We developed unique qualitative products and services specifically tailored to cater to the various industry needs as well as to fit every possible budget and timeframe. Regardless of the product or service you choose, quality is always our priority. My team also values accuracy while remaining creative and catchy. I know that for all our customers, cultural sensitivity in our translations is also important. This is why, with my team we have designed a set of processes which ensure that our clients can effectively communicate with their target audiences across diverse markets and maximize their global reach.

3. Data analytics and personalization are growing focuses. How does your company leverage data to enhance the user experience?

 Silvia ZenginovaFor every project, our Axiom Translate teams leverage data analytics to gain insights of player behavior, gaming habits and preferences as well as demographics. This process enables us to tailor our translation services to meet all the unique needs of each client has as well as to help them reach their target audience. I can ensure you that by utilizing personalization and highly targeted user profiling, we help iGaming companies deliver localized gaming experiences that resonate with players on a personal level. This is how our teams  contribute to brand retention and loyalty increase.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking to launch a new iGaming operator or affiliate business today? What pitfalls should they avoid?

 Silvia ZenginovaI always feel delighted when, I am asked to advise a new starting company. My experience has shown me that it is always smarter to learn from others’ mistake than making your own. In my view one pitfall to always avoid is underestimating the importance of localization and cultural/legal adaptation when scaling your igaming business across countries. I would always recommend to leverage experience professionals who can ensure that your iGaming brand resonates with its target audiences and considers cultural taboos and sensitivities. I would also recommend to avoid stereotyping. It can simply offend players in specific markets. Also, please be always in line with regulatory and compliance standards, as non-compliance can result in penalties and reputational damage.

5. What unique solutions and services does your company provide to iGaming operators/affiliates?

 Silvia ZenginovaI always describe our unique offering with the following words – unique blend of technology and handpicked industry experts who offers linguistic expertise in all major languages and dialects. Our offering is the best value on the market and the reason is simple – our mix of people and tailor made technology for the sector help you cut your costs and improve your time to market. I also know that we are one of the very few agencies which has got a specific metrics score to ensure their clients can effectively communicate with their target audiences across diverse markets. Finally, I would like to point out that we also provide cultural consulting services to help iGaming operators handle linguistic and cultural nuances effectively and herewith successfully establish themselves on new markets.

6. Where do you see Axiom Translate, and the iGaming industry in 3 years?

 Silvia ZenginovaIn the next three years, I see our company as a leading provider of translation and localization services within the iGaming industry. I am convinced that greater number of organizations will leverage our unique purpose-built technology, models and first class industry expert team. As the industry expands into new markets, I am convinced the demand for our services will continue to grow. I also know that we will continue investing in technology and people which will help us deliver even quicker and more qualitative product and services to our customers. Finally, I am convinced that many of our clients will become long term business partners.