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    There will hardly be any gambler connected to the online betting scene that hasn’t heard at least once about the mighty three numbers of eight. 888 has become one of the symbols of the proper online gambling experience, and it doesn’t seem that this will end anytime soon. But one thing is for sure.

    When you come across an online gambling platform operated by the famous 888 holdings, you can expect one of the best betting experiences you could receive and enjoy online. Of course, this is also the case with the platform of 888Bingo. 

    Before everything else, I should mention that 888Bingo has its site, unlike some other significant bingo options like UnibetBingo, for example. This is a fantastic benefit as bingo lovers can simply join the site of 888Bingo and enjoy the features and opportunities that this exciting game provides to its fullest.

    888Bingo Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: Not Available
    Welcome Bonus: 500% up to £100 bonus
    Minimum Deposit: £5
    Minimum Withdrawal: £5
    Established: 2008
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Maestro, PayPal, PaysafeCard, Visa , Wire Transfer, ApplePay, Pay by Phone, Interac
    Bingo Software: Dragonfish
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Phone Number: 0800 901 2510
    Gambling Commission: UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association
    • Exciting Bingo Betting Section
    • Free Bingo
    • Great Customer Support
    • Site Easy To Navigate
    • Many Country Restrictions
    • Lack Of Additional Casino Games Besides Slots

    888Bingo Games

    I already mentioned that in a company from the 888 holdings, you can only expect a top-notch gambling experience. And although the 888Bingo platform focuses mainly on the bingo betting experience for its players, there will also be more opportunities not only for thrilling emotions but for realizing some additional profit.

    Generally, it’s common for most of the best online bingo betting sites to provide players with more opportunities besides the bingo rooms. This is understandable, considering how the whole industry is headed, as players are always searching for the next big thing or opportunity.

    After going through the different sections of the 888Bingo platform, I realized that they understand this concept perfectly, and that’s why the users of the site are provided with more diversity and gambling opportunities. 

    Of course, firstly, I will take you on a journey to understand just how good the bingo betting rooms in 888Bingo are. After that, we will take a deeper look into the additional gaming options that the platform presents. Stick around the following lines to understand which are the most profitable sections of the platform you could try to exploit.


    Available Bingo Games

    The first thing that hit me when I was visiting the bingo section at 888Bingo was the simplicity with which the rooms and betting opportunities were presented. Usually, I’m used to seeing grand graphic elements and a ton of information next to every room, trying to explain its different features and attract your attention.

    However, on the platform of 888Bingo, this was not the case. The whole bingo betting page is immaculate. Even new players won’t have any trouble navigating through it, and most importantly, finding the fitting bingo room for their needs and preferences. This is also possible because of the way each bingo room is presented.

    When choosing a bingo room from the 888Bingo platform, you can see the type of bingo that the particular room offers, a slight glance at the room’s central theme, and the most critical aspects like the ticket and possible price. This makes choosing the right bingo betting room for you easy, like a walk in the park, unlike some of the more significant online bingo betting sites.



    The other exciting thing about the bingo betting selection on the platform is that it is divided into five different sections. These sections separate the available bingo betting rooms by their type. These sections are as follows:


    Just like the name of the section suggests, where players can take advantage of available bingo betting rooms 24 hours around the clock. So, whether you like to play late at night or very early in the morning, you will always be covered and have a fantastic bingo betting room at your disposal.

    Daily Jackpots

    The daily jackpot sections usually contain a few bingo betting rooms to hold a much more significant prize pool. Players who like the more thrilling emotions will benefit from this section as there is nothing more entertaining than chasing a hefty jackpot.


    This is one of the more exciting sections of the 888Bingo betting platform. Here, players can often find only one or two bingo rooms. However, they will have fascinating themes and lower ticket prices. These bingo rooms are mostly dedicated to the entertaining bingo gaming experience for the players of the platform.


    One of the most popular sections of the bingo betting rooms at 888Bingo is, without a doubt, its free section. It doesn’t need too much explaining. The bingo rooms in this section will provide players with the opportunity of winning fantastic prices entirely for free.


    The VIP section usually contains one premium bingo betting room focused only on the higher stake players. Of course, these bingo rooms will come with much bigger rewards, but the price of every ticket will also be higher, especially compared to the other rooms on the site.

    As you already understand, the bingo betting selection at 888Bingo packs up a punch, and you won’t ever be bored once you decide to enter it. There is a diversity of winning opportunities everywhere, and it’s all up to you to jump and take every opportunity. This is especially relevant, considering there are always free bingo rooms available. 

    Another thing that needed mentioning is that the bingo rooms in 888Bingo only offer 75 and 90 ball bingo. That’s not too impressive compared to other online bingo sites. However, these two types of bingo are by far the most popular, so I highly doubt this will act as some kind of problem for players at all.

    Additional Games

    Like I already mentioned a few times, bingo betting is not the only thing that will keep your emotions high through your journey at 888Bingo. The platform offers other opportunities you can take and enjoy besides the exciting bingo betting rooms. Mainly, these other games are used for players to relax and blow off some steam.

    However, from what I can see, these games shouldn’t be taken as they can provide you with a gambling experience similar to the one you will receive from the bingo rooms on the platform. To understand better what I mean, we have to dive deep into the different games that 888Bingo provides together.




    Slots games are so popular that they have become an essential part of every online gambling platform, especially regarding bingo betting sites.

    Not only can these games act as an excellent way for players to change the pace, but they can also provide them with fantastic winning opportunities and a whole new gambling experience entirely separately from the bingo betting rooms.

    From what I can see, the slot selection at 888Bingo is not among the most diversified in the industry. Still, I don’t have any doubts that every player will have a great gambling experience there.

    That’s because the impact of a slot section is not only determined by the quantity of the headlines there. The slot selection at 888Bingo comes from some of the best casino gaming developers, providing players with exciting slots, exciting themes, and numerous winning opportunities. 

    However, there is something else that is very impressive about the slot section of the platform. This is its cleanliness and the way the different types of slots are divided into different categories. This layout is very similar to the one in the bingo rooms on the site. This is fantastic work by the platform, as finding the suitable game for your preferences can’t be easier.



    That being said, seven different categories separate the slots. By using this fantastic interface of the 888Bingo platform, you will no longer waste a ton of time trying to find a suitable game for you. Instead, you can just click on the desired type of slots you are after and spend this time gaming. All the available categories for slots on the platform are as follows:

    • New
    • Drops & Wins
    • Daily Jackpots
    • Instant Wins
    • Jackpots
    • Top Picks
    • All Slots

    For the further convenience of players, there is a search box available where you can search for a particular slot among the gaming selection on the platform. Generally, the slot section at 888Bingo is impressive beyond important traditional components like the number of games. 


    The scratchcards can be found as a separate category in the slot section of the site. However, they are not the same type of casino games, and that’s why we are looking into them as a whole different story. I can see that the scratch cards collection is not among the most diversified in the industry.

    That’s because there are only a handful of games players can choose from. However, games like scratchcards are usually used just for fun and for a relaxing opportunity as players are just trying their luck after thrilling and possibly even exhausting session gambling in the bingo rooms or slot headlines.



    Mobile Compatibility

    It would be very disappointing if a platform of the caliber 888Bingo is not providing mobile gaming. However, everyone knows that this is close to impossible in the online gambling industry stage at the moment.

    Mobile gambling has become an essential part of the online gaming scene. You can hardly find a platform that hasn’t invested a lot of time and effort into creating a mobile environment where players can enjoy the platform’s services to their fullest.

    This is what the case with 888Bingo is. The platform is perfectly optimized for mobile gambling so that players won’t have any problems enjoying the site’s services on the go.

    The best thing about 888Bingo is that players won’t even have to download a particular mobile app on their devices. They can take their mobile device and open the site’s platform directly from the browser to enjoy bingo betting or any of the other features that 888Bingo provides. 

    Gaming Software

    When it goes down to the gaming software that the platform of 888Bingo uses, there is nothing wrong I can say about it. And it can’t possibly be any other way. First of all, for the bingo betting section, the site uses software from Dragonfish, which is one of the pioneers for bingo betting software and similar. 

    Aside from that, I already mentioned that the slot gaming selection on the platform has some of the more popular slot headlines players can find online. And this is not by chance. 888Bingo works with some of the best online casino gaming developers to provide players with the top-notch gambling experience they deserve. 

    That’s why the software and the games you can find on the 888Bingo platform are of the highest quality. To further prove this point, you just need to look into the list of the gaming developers closely working with 888Bingo. Among them, I was able to find the names of:

    • NetEnt
    • Microgaming
    • IGT
    • Yggdrasil
    • Play’n Go

    Design and User Experience

    I already mentioned a few times how some sections in the different pages of the 888Bingo platform had been executed to allow even new players to navigate through the site effortlessly. And to be honest, this is the core of every fantastic user experience online. 

    Setting up an easy path for players to enjoy the gambling features and perks of the platform is among the best things ever online bingo betting platform can do. And this is what I can spot on the 888Bingo site.

    Still, to understand better what I mean by that and why the user experience at the site is so good, I will have to break down every part contributing to the user experience separately.



    Platform Fluidity

    One of the core components that makes or breaks every user experience in a particular site is platform fluidity. From what I see on the site of 888Bingo, the fluidity is not the best. This may be considered strange after all of the superlatives I shared up until now.

    However, there is a specific reason for that. For the fluidity of a particular platform to shine, there must be a ton of information and features splashed around every page.

    That’s where great fluidity kicks in to organize every part of this information and provide it to users in a structured way, without losing any of the players’ natural flow while cruising through the pages.

    But on the platform of 888Bingo, this is not possible simply because the design is so clean and everything is organized perfectly. I can go even a step further and say that this online bingo betting platform doesn’t need any fluidity because of its simplicity. 



    Navigation and Interface Cleanliness

    Like I already mentioned quite a few times in this review, the interface cleanliness is among the best features players can find on the site of 888Bingo. Having a simple interface means players will easily navigate through the different pages and find every feature or piece of information much more quickly.

    As a result, the whole user experience on 888Bingo is significantly better, especially when compared to other online bingo betting platforms that tend to overwhelm with their site design and numerous features.



    Site Animations

    Generally, the site animations are the last piece of the puzzle that contributes to the online user experience for players. When a site has modern animations, every click or action on the platform is a pleasure.

    On the flip side, if a particular online gambling platform doesn’t have good animations, it just doesn’t feel right when you are navigating through the different pages or changing from one game or bingo room to another.

    When I inspected the 888Bingo platform, I can say I wasn’t too impressed by the animations on the site. Of course, they are decent, but they don’t get close to the highest standard of the online gambling industry. However, when I consider the other fantastic features of the platform, I highly doubt the average animations will have too significant an impact.

    Bonuses and Promotions at 888Bingo

    No matter which online gambling platform you are playing, the available bonuses and promotions will always be one of the most important things for your gambling experience as a player there. Suppose you are in a bingo betting platform that doesn’t have too many options for bonuses and promotions. In that case, the gaming experience becomes stagnant, no matter how good the selection of different games and features is.

    On the other hand, if you enjoy bingo betting on a platform like 888Bingo, you will always be able to enjoy different bonuses and promotions that will inevitably inject more thrill into your daily gaming sessions. And most importantly, these bonuses and promotions will open up many winning opportunities before you, increasing your chances to bank some profits. 



    Types of Bonuses

    As you already understand, the platform of 888Bingo has many bonuses and promotions you can exploit. However, you need to know what types of bonuses you will encounter on the platform to do that.

    And when you understand each of them separately, you will have the blueprint of how to maximize your profits and take the best chance of being successful when claiming a particular bonus offer.

    After going through the available bonuses and promotions on the 888Bingo platform for the first time, I was impressed by the number of their offers. But this is far from all. They have many available bonuses and promotions, but the way they are diversified and present different offers, it feels like there are numerous opportunities for players to take advantage of.

    That being said, after carefully observing all of the available bonuses and promotions on the platform, I was able to come up with a few main types of offers you can exploit in 888Bingo. Among them, we can find:

    • Welcome Bonus Offer
    • Mystery Jackpot Bingo Room
    • Free Bingo Games
    • Daily Jackpot Bingo Game
    • Late Night Show Bingo Room
    • Free Spins Promotions
    • Tournaments
    • Happy Hour Promotion (Doubled Loyalty Points)
    • Loyalty Plan



    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    As you can see, there are many bonus types you can enjoy on the platform of 888Bingo. To use each of those offers to the fullest, you need to carefully read every bonus’s terms and conditions. This is one of the most important things you will do, inevitably impacting the final result after claiming the offer.

    When you think about it, this is common sense as every bonus or promotion comes with different terms and conditions. And if by any chance you break any of these conditions, the platform has the right to confiscate all of the winnings you had accumulated while using bonus funds or while the bonus offer was active. 

    There isn’t a worse feeling than losing your pile of significant profit due to not following a few simple rules. That’s why before claiming any bonus offer, you need to go through the terms and conditions very carefully and highlight all the essential points. 

    Wagering Requirements

    Another thing you will need to pay attention to before claiming a particular bonus offer is the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are more specific, so you won’t encounter them in every bonus offer you decide to use. These requirements are usually used when the player gets a significant amount of bonus funds or free spins winnings at the core of a particular promotion. 

    A perfect example of this will be the welcome bonus most of you are probably used to exploiting in many different online gambling platforms. If there wasn’t a rule including wagering requirements, players could have just got the bonus funds, played for a bit on the site, and decided to withdraw all the funds, realizing a great profit only from the bonus funds.

    However, it’s never this simple, and that’s why every bonus of this type has attached wagering requirements. But what’s different is that every bonus has different wagering requirements, and you have to carefully analyze them before claiming the bonus funds.

    That’s because, first of all, you won’t be able to withdraw even the funds you deposited before completing the requirements. The second significant reason you should carefully check the wagering requirements is that some sites put up hardly achievable requirements, and you are bound to fail.

    For example, a wagering requirement to wager your bonus and deposit 20-30x is standard and pretty doable. However, if the wagering requirement is set at more than 60x, it becomes challenging to complete it successfully. That’s why you have to keep close attention to these small details, as they can make all the difference.

    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    Whether you are playing in the best bingo betting platform, it will all mean nothing if the section presenting the payment methods is not on the highest level. In the world, we live in, having flexibility regarding the payment options you can use is one of the best features you could ever ask for.

    And when looking through the 888Bingo platform, I can say that they have done a fantastic job by providing players with quite a few payment method options they can freely and quickly use for their deposits and withdrawals on the site. 



    Types of Available Banking Options

    Generally, the bingo betting platforms do not provide players with some of the most extensive selections of payment methods in the gambling industry. However, from what I see when I look into the payment options of 888Bingo, I can say that they are more on the side of the better payment selections you can find among the online betting platforms. 

    Of course, I can’t compare the selection with some of the best ones in the gambling industry in terms of diversity.

    However, one thing is for sure, the players at 888Bingo won’t ever be left hanging as they can choose among some of the most popular payment methods in the gambling industry, meaning they will always have a suitable option for their payments in front of them.

    That being said, to better illustrate all of that, the best thing I can do is share with you the list of the available payment methods you can use in 888Bingo. Among them, we can find:

    • Maestro
    • PayPal
    • PaysafeCard
    • Visa
    • Wire Transfer
    • Apple Pay
    • Pay by Phone
    • Interac

    As you can see, the selection of payment methods you can use on the platform of 888Bingo is a bit more diversified and flexible than the ones provided by other bingo betting sites. This is one of the significant advantages with which 888Bingo shines brighter than other platforms. 

    Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

    Another side of a fantastic payment method section is the processing times of players’ transactions. Usually, the best platforms in the online gambling industry process withdrawals in a few days.

    But from what we saw with the payment methods that the platform of 888Bingo is using, I can say that players shouldn’t be too concerned about the processing times of their transactions.

    That’s because the site uses some of the most popular and widely-used payment options in the gambling industry. Thus, the withdrawal processing times will be standard in the worst-case scenario.

    That being said, you can expect to receive your funds after a few days, depending on the payment method you use. Generally, it doesn’t need mentioning as it’s obvious, but every deposit for players in 888Bingo is instant, no matter the payment method used. 

    Safety and Security

    For quite some time, safety and security have been among the most critical factors players consider before joining a particular online bingo betting platform. And that’s understandable, considering the digital age we live in.

    Protecting our details should be our priority, and that’s why we shouldn’t neglect security when it comes to the platforms we join.

    That being said, you already understand that 888Bingo is part of the famous 888 holdings, operating the oldest platforms in the gambling industry. Still, I took the time to explore each platform section that contributes to security and safety.

    Establishment and Reputation

    The establishment and reputation were some of the easiest things that had to be researched regarding the 888Bingo platform. First of all, it’s clear that the 888 holdings were created very early, but taking a look into the bingo platform itself, I can see that it was established in 2008.

    Generally, this is not an alarming number, as you probably understand that the majority of the online gambling platforms that are not on the desired level go bankrupt in a year or less. Because of that, we already should have some trust in the platform, considering it has been operating in the competitive gambling industry for more than a decade. 

    Gambling Licenses

    The gambling licenses are one of the most important things you must check about every online bingo betting platform before joining. Due to different regulations, it has become challenging for a particular online gambling platform to acquire a gambling license.

    However, this is fantastic news as the presence of a gambling license is a significant boost and a significant sign that a platform is providing a safe and secure environment for your gambling experience.

    And when I take a look into the gambling licenses presented by the 888Bingo betting platform, I am nothing short of impressed. As it’s tough to obtain any of these licenses, the presence of more than one is one of the best signs that a particular site provides the safest environment for online betting. 

    That being said, 888Bingo has two different gambling licenses. On top of that, they are from two of the most trusted gambling commissions in the world of online gambling. These are the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. 



    888Bingo Customer Support

    Competent customer support is at the core of every successful bingo betting platform. Online gambling is a harsh industry, and players are constantly facing issues when trying to enjoy their thrilling gaming experience.

    That’s why I explored the customer support of the 888Bingo platform to provide you with the most accurate and actual information. After going through all of the essential components of every customer support team, we will understand what you can expect from the support of 888Bingo, and it is worth it to deal with them when you have an issue on the site.



    Customer Support Accessibility

    The first crucial thing is to be able to reach customer support easily. Some problems need quick solutions, and that’s why this is essential.

    Fortunately, on the platform of 888Bingo, reaching support is very straightforward. You only need to login into your account, go to the particular help room, and there you will have an agent on standby, ready to take on your problem immediately. 

    Customer Support Efficiency

    From what I was able to find around the web and from my experience dealing with the customer support of 888Bingo, I can say that there is nothing more you could do in a customer support team.

    No matter what issue you might be having, I’m sure that the support team will come up with a quick and easy solution. On top of all that, I can say that the agents are very friendly, and their communication is excellent. 

    Customer Support Issues

    Usually, the customer support teams have some flaws and things they can improve. However, judging from my experience, I can’t say that something needs better service from customer support.

    You can even contact support in every possible way, including live chat, email, and even on the phone. So, on the surface, it looks that the support doesn’t have any significant issues to deal with. 


    The restrictions at 888Bingo are one of the most significant problems of the platform. But this is very frequent when it comes down to online bingo betting platforms, so it shouldn’t make that big of a difference at all.

    When I am looking into the list of the restricted countries on the platform, I can see that it’s not as extensive compared to some of the other bingo betting sites out there. Still, some of the prohibited countries from the list are:

    • Albania
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Belarus
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Czech Republic
    • Estonia
    • Hungary
    • Indonesia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Malaysia
    • Moldova
    • Romania
    • Russia
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Macedonia
    • Turkey
    • Ukraine
    • United States
    • Israel
    • France
    • Spain
    • Belgium

    Our Verdict of 888Bingo

    As 888Bingo is part of the famous 888 holdings, it’s only natural for the platform to provide players with a fantastic bingo betting experience online. The platform has been making players happy ever since 2008, which is solely enough to consider the platform safe and reliable.

    However, to take things even a step further, 888Bingo presents two licenses from two of the most reputable gambling commissions in the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. 

    As advanced safety and security are evident as part of 888Bingo, players can quickly enter the platform and enjoy a fantastic user experience. Everything on the site is presented straightforwardly.

    To contribute to all of that, the fantastic bingo betting and slot selections will provide players with entertainment 24/7. When we add to the mix the competent customer support team and the flexibility players receive regarding payment options, I can say that 888Bingo is one of the best online bingo betting platforms you can use.  


    Is 888Bingo a scam or a legit bingo site?

    888Bingo is part of the famous 888 holding, which presents some of the industry’s longest established online gambling platforms. That being said, 888Bingo is among the most secured environments where you can enjoy bingo betting.

    Can I play 888Bingo in my country?

    Unfortunately, the list of restricted countries at 888Bingo is extensive, so chances are you won’t be able to enjoy the company’s services. Still, you have to make sure of that by checking the list with prohibited countries in my review above.

    Can I play 888Bingo on my mobile?

    Yes! The whole 888Bingo platform is perfectly optimized for mobile gaming. You don’t even have to download a particular mobile app to enjoy the platform’s features. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection.

    What types of bingo can I play at 888Bingo?

    The bingo betting selection at 888Bingo is very extensive, and you can enjoy many exciting bingo rooms. Regarding the types of bingo you can enjoy, the platform focuses solely on the most popular 75 and 90 ball bingo.

    Where can I find my bonus on 888Bingo?

    Finding all the available bonuses on the 888Bingo platform is very straightforward. The only thing you need to do is open the site’s main page and navigate to the section with the available bonuses.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at 888Bingo?

    This will come as fantastic news for most players. The minimum withdrawal and deposit amounts are the same in 888Bingo. They both stand at £5, providing players with a lot of flexibility.

    How many free spins do I get with 888Bingo?

    Depending on your promotional offer, you can claim up to 100 free spins on the 888Bingo platform.

    Does 888Bingo have wagering requirements?

    Like any other betting brand online, some 888Bingo’s bonuses and promotions have wagering requirements attached.

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