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    As one of the bingo betting sites with the freshest design and exciting gaming selection, FoxyBingo is one of the top platforms for bingo betting across the whole industry that has been established for many years. I can say that the FoxyBingo site has been operating since 2005, providing players with a fantastic gambling experience daily ever since then.

    Ever since the creation of the company, the platform has been improving its bingo selection. I can say that at the moment, if you are solely looking for bingo betting opportunities, FoxyBingo is one of the first sites that you need to have a deep look into.

    FoxyBingo Highlights

    No Deposit Offer: No
    Welcome Bonus: £40 Bonus + 40 Free Spins
    Minimum Deposit: £10
    Minimum Withdrawal: £10
    Established: 2005
    Free Bingo: Yes
    Deposit Methods: Skrill, PaysafeCard, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Maestro, Instant Banking, Bank Wire, MuchBetter
    Bingo Software: Electraworks
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Phone Number: 0800 279 4501
    Gambling Commission: UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gambling Commision
    • Fantastic Selection of Slots
    • Fresh Site Design
    • Amazing Bingo Betting Selection
    • No Many Restrictions
    • Types Of Bonuses Could Be Better
    • Some Game Types Don’t Have Variety

    FoxyBingo Games

    As I already mentioned, the bingo betting selection at FoxyBingo is widely considered one of the best in the industry. Still, I will talk about that more in the following lines. Aside from that, it’s interesting that the gaming selection on the platform remains balanced, offering many more betting opportunities to the users of the site.


    Bingo is far from the only game you can enjoy in FoxyBingo. This will become evident after we go through the different games in the gaming selection of this established company.

    Available Bingo Games

    First of all, we can’t move on without stopping and taking a deeper look into a bingo betting selection that goes way beyond what other similar platforms offer to their players. What makes the bingo betting selection at FoxyBingo so impressive is hidden in basically every factor and feature that the bingo betting scene hides.

    Starting from the incredible selection of different rooms that players can choose from, coming through the winning opportunities and every room, and finishing with the prices of the tickets, there is something suitable for every type of player in the online gambling industry.


    While I am used to seeing bingo betting platforms offering 4-5 different rooms, FoxyBingo shatters everyone to the ground with their fantastic selection of 21 bingo rooms! Honestly, I haven’t seen anything like this before, and I have been very impressed by the site’s bingo betting selection.

    Even more impressive is that there are bingo rooms available not daily or hourly but more like every minute of the day. No matter when you like to hit the tables and enjoy some action on the bingo tables, FoxyBingo has got you covered.

    On top of that, the diversity of rooms is a significant feature making the bingo betting selection at the platform arguably the best in the industry. That’s because players can enjoy six different versions of bingo betting. Among them, I can find:

    • 90 Ball Bingo
    • 80 Ball Bingo
    • 75 Ball Bingo
    • 50 Ball Bingo
    • 36 Ball Bingo
    • 30 Ball Bingo

    Another thing that makes an impression is that the tickets in the bingo rooms at the platform are relatively cheap, especially when compared to other bingo betting platforms. Usually, in FoxyBingo, you can find tickets ranging from a few cents to half a pound or something similar to this range. However, this won’t mean that your winnings will be limited.

    Among the bingo betting selection at FoxyBingo, I can find many rooms with progressive jackpots, even when tickets are available for as low as £0.02. This allows every type of player to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and the chance to claim the generous jackpots. 

    Another advantage of the bingo betting selection at FoxyBingo is that some of the bingo rooms have exciting themes, and they are not the regular bingo betting rooms you are probably used to after spending years across the different platforms. Lastly, I can’t go on without mentioning the available pre-buy feature in the bingo section of the site.

    As you visit the bingo section of the site, you will immediately spot all of the bingo betting rooms. However, they are not active simultaneously, so you will find some of them are locked until the starting time. But here comes the functionality of this fantastic feature. Players can easily buy tickets even before the room opens, giving them an excellent opportunity to exploit the room, even if they are away when it’s active.

    Additional Games

    As one of the biggest bingo betting platforms in the industry, it’s only natural for FoxyBingo to provide other ways for entertaining the players, even if the bingo betting section was so impressive. After going through the different gaming options on the site, I can say I was impressed by their diversity and quality.


    Every last one of the players who engage in slot gaming is in it for the chance of winning an enormous amount. And after I explored the slot selection at FoxyBingo thoroughly, I have good news for these players. Generally, the vast selection of different slots and their quality are the first things everyone will spot when looking through the platform’s slot section.

    However, there is something else that stands out. There are many mega ways slots and many progressive jackpot slot games. These slots provide players with numerous opportunities for their dreams to come true, and they are much more than often encountered on the platform of FoxyBingo. 

    The site even has a separate section called Foxy’s Jackpots, where players can enjoy some of the best jackpot games on the platforms. But when I’m talking about jackpots, I’m not mentioning lower amounts, like most slot games on similar platforms offer.


    When it comes to these games, FoxyBingo is just built differently. You can easily find at least a few progressive jackpot slots on the platform, with the biggest prize quickly going over a few million. These games are not for faint hearts, as they will make sure you get a thrilling gambling experience when enjoying them. 

    The fun with the slot selection at FoxyBingo does not end here. What also makes a fantastic first impression is the site’s section with exclusive slot games. Well, you might not be too impressed by the fact there is only one game there.

    But you will probably change your opinion when I tell you this is a progressive jackpot slot game, with a jackpot amount of more than two million. Still, there are other exclusive games splashed out around the whole platform. They will have a unique exclusive sticker, and there is no way you will miss them.


    When it comes down to scratchcards, honestly, I can’t say anything impressive about FoxyBingo.


    There is only one scratch game across the platform, which is not fantastic, but it’s worth mentioning as the fans of this game can still get something out of it.

    Live Casino

    The live casino section of the platform is something where players can find more action. Usually, when someone says live casino, most players imagine games like roulette and blackjack.

    Of course, there are live versions of these games too. However, at FoxyBingo, you will enjoy the so-called live game shows. These are unique games with a casino host that are available for live betting for all players on the platform. These games are fascinating, including money wheels, lotteries, and even the popular deal or no deal. 


    On top of the fact that these games bring opportunities for fantastic winnings, I have to mention they come from the casino software developer Evolution Gaming, which is often labeled as the best in the gambling industry.

    Table games

    The table games selection is also far from extensive, similar to the other ones on the platform. This section offers the founding games blackjack and roulette, but there is nothing else that I can say about it. 


    Still, the quality of these games is on a very high level too, so it seems FoxyBingo focuses much more on quality other than quantity, excluding the bingo and slot sections.

    Mobile Compatibility

    When talking about an online gambling platform of the caliber of FoxyBingo, it’s only natural for the games there to be optimized for mobile gaming. Of course, all of the games on the platform are available for gambling from the PC and portable devices.

    As I already mentioned above, some of the games on the site come from the world’s best casino gaming developers, so it can’t be any way around that. If you are a fan of mobile gambling, you will love how the FoxyBingo games are running on devices like these.

    Gaming Software

    We already understand that FoxyBingo prefers quality way better than quantity. However, I can say that this is the case with the site’s portfolio of casino gaming developers. In most bingo betting platforms, I can often spot no more than 5-10 casino game providers. But after extensive research, I found out that FoxyBingo is working closely with more than 50 casino gaming developers. 

    It’s no wonder to see popular games like Starburst or entertaining live games from the world’s best Evolution Gaming. After going through the whole list of the casino game providers the platform is working with, I can ensure you will get the best quality and a gambling experience on a whole new level, no matter what game you play in FoxyBingo.

    Design and User Experience

    As I already mentioned at the beginning of this review, FoxyBingo is one of the platforms with the freshest design among the bingo betting sites.


    Players usually neglect minor things like this, but after going through the following lines, you will understand how crucial they can be for your gambling experience on a particular platform.

    Platform Fluidity

    The platform fluidity at FoxyBingo is also among the best in the industry. If I should be comparing it only to bingo betting sites, I can say that the fluidity of FoxyBingo’s platform is way better than any other one I had ever reviewed. There are many reasons behind that, but I will point out some of the essential factors.

    First of all, when you are navigating through the platform exploring the different functions, you can’t possibly get overwhelmed because of the strategic placement of every element and feature of the site. However, this is not where most of the gambling platforms are lacking.


    The fluidity of FoxyBingo is among the best because every section, information, element, or feature flows through the page. Even when many things are presented on a particular page, there won’t be a player who feels overwhelmed.

    This is perfectly visible on the home page of FoxyBingo. There is so much information there, but it’s a breeze to surf through the page as everything flows perfectly.

    Navigation and Interface Cleanliness

    The other element that is essential for the user experience is the navigation and cleanliness of the site. When it comes to cleanliness alone, the platform of FoxyBingo is not among the best in the gambling industry. But looking at things more deeply, I can say that the level of cleanliness is more than enough.

    That’s because the fantastic fluidity makes up for it, contributing to the whole experience of the players and even making the navigation straightforward.

    Site Animations

    The animations on a particular online gambling platform are not among the most discussed topics. Still, when they have been done right, they can significantly contribute to an excellent gambling experience for every player. On the FoxyBingo platform, they are visible when you select a particular game or a section. The animation itself is on a very high level, and it makes the whole experience of the platform better without players even realizing it. In my opinion, FoxyBingo’s development team has done a great job here.

    Bonuses and Promotions at FoxyBingo

    When you arrive at the promotions page at FoxyBingo, you will immediately spot glimpses of the fantastic fluidity and quality of the platform. They are divided into two categories for the bingo section and the casino part of the platform. Essentially, the promotions variety at the platform is excellent, but they are pretty similar for the two different sections. That being said, I can say that I have seen bonus sections much more extensive and exciting.


    Still, when I explore the bonuses and promotions deeper, I can say they provide players with thrilling experiences, and they are more functional than most of the bonuses I am used to seeing. Because of that, practically, they can be more beneficial to players and provide them with a better experience overall.

    Types of Bonuses

    As I already mentioned, the bonuses you can enjoy on the FoxyBingo platform are not among the most diversified in the gambling industry. Generally, when I observed the bonuses and promotions, I was able to find out a few different types.

    First of all, I saw that for both the slot and bingo selection, there were frequent exclusive promotions players receive.


    There were other types of promotions for playing one of the exclusive headlines on the site. This could have given you the chance to enjoy different rewards if you are one of the lucky winners.

    Of course, in a gambling platform like this, there would be many promotion tournaments where players compete with one another for very generous prizes. As you already know, these promotions can be fascinating, and in case you are one of the leaders for the particular competition, great rewards await you.  Lastly, I saw that the FoxyBingo platform offers one of the most popular types of bonuses, the welcome deposit bonus. From what I know, I can see that this type of deposit in the FoxyBingo platform is very generous, and it will be more than beneficial for every new user of the platform.

    Play with FoxyBingo!

    Bonuses Terms and Conditions

    As you already understand, there are quite a few types of bonuses and promotions on the FoxyBingo site. However, before you can take full advantage of them, you need to make sure you do something first. This is to read the terms and conditions of every bonus very carefully before you engage in it.

    That’s because every bonus has its terms and conditions, and you might be getting yourself in unnecessary trouble, especially if the particular offer requires you to put in your funds before claiming.

    Wagering Requirements

    The wagering requirements are just like the terms and conditions for every bonus you are going to claim. You can go on and get a particular bonus offer. However, without reading the wagering requirements, especially when it comes to welcome and deposit bonuses, you also risk losing your funds in the process.

    The wagering requirements are one of the most important things that a player should immediately consider before claiming any offer. If a particular bonus has a wagering requirement of over 50x or 60x, you should understand that it’s unlikely for you to have a positive outcome. On the other hand, if you check the requirement and it’s something more doable, you can dive deep into the offer without any hesitation. Reading through the wagering requirements can prove to be the best decision you could ever make regarding bonuses and promotions in the gambling industry in general.

    Payment Methods and Withdrawals

    Generally, the bingo betting platforms can’t exceptionally provide a vast selection of payment options for their players.

    But when I’m looking into the FoxyBingo platform, I can say that the diversity of payment methods is more than enough for every type of gambler to have a fully-fledged and pleasant gambling experience on the platform.

    Types of Available Banking Options

    Generally speaking, the diversity of the payment options at FoxyBingo is not among the world’s best. However, as I’m looking into the presented payment options, I can say that they are more than enough to satisfy every last player without neglecting any flexibility and convenience.

    That’s because the available payment methods in FoxyBingo are among the world’s most popular and most used by players worldwide. This means that even if there were just a handful of payment options, they were still going to be enough.

    As I already mentioned a few times above, FoxyBingo relies much more on the quality of its different sections. The available payment methods are:

    • Skrill
    • PaysafeCard
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • PayPal
    • Maestro
    • Instant Banking
    • Bank Wire
    • MuchBetter

    Withdrawal Limits and Processing Times

    One of the most important things for players in the gambling space is the quick processing of their withdrawals. The question arises here. Is FoxyBingo providing players with a fast processing time of their withdrawals? The reason for that question is not so great.

    FoxyBingo will process every withdrawal as fast as possible. At best, you can expect the average processing time, just like many of the other gambling sites, which is about 3-8 days, depending on the payment method you use.

    Safety and Security

    One of the other significant things players are looking into before joining any platform is the security and safety it provides. And it can’t be any other way, especially in our digital age.

    But when it comes to the FoxyBingo platform, I can ensure you are joining one of the best in the industry, especially regarding security and player protection. 

    Establishment and Reputation

    As I already mentioned a few times, FoxyBingo is an online bingo betting platform established in 2005. This is more than 15 years of consistently providing players with a great gambling experience, especially in the secure bingo betting environment. 

    From my research, I was only able to find one complaint for the 15 years history of the casino, but it was connected with the self-exclusion times, which are always a very prickly topic.

    Other than that, there wasn’t a single complaint by any players, proving that the treatment of the FoxyBingo users is fantastic.

    Gambling Licenses

    Aside from any other factor I mentioned, the licenses may play the most significant role in the process of proving that a particular online gambling platform is legit. In the last few years, acquiring a license from a reputable gambling commission has become a rigorous project in which only the best platforms get their hands on something like this.


    When it goes down to FoxyBingo, the company can present a license from two different gambling commissions, which is fantastic. 

    On top of that, these two gambling commissions are Malta and the United Kingdom, which is beyond impressive. This alone basically guarantees you will have a safe and secure gambling experience in a regulated environment.

    FoxyBingo Customer Support

    Customer support is always an important pillar when it comes down to every online gambling platform. Problems frequently occur, and that’s why having a competent team behind your back is a must.

    But how good is the customer support at FoxyBingo? Stand around for the following lines to understand.

    Customer Support Accessibility

    First of all, it’s always essential to find the customer support’s contact information right away when you face a problem.


    At the FoxyBingo site, this is the case as players need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a big button redirecting directly to customer support. This is very convenient, and it makes the life of users easier.

    Customer Support Efficiency

    After testing the customer support team’s competence and reliability, I can say that FoxyBingo has a fantastic support team with many professionals who will solve your problems without any issues. 

    From what I found, the support team is very friendly and always looks for a solution to your potential issue right away. On top of that, this fantastic team is available 24/7 via live chat and email, so you can be relieved that you can always reach out for help when you need it.

    Customer Support Issues

    At first glance, there weren’t any significant issues with customer support, especially considering the great work that it’s doing.

    Only time will tell if there are underlying issues with the customer support team of FoxyBingo. However, from what I have seen, I doubt this will ever be the case.

    FoxyBingo Restrictions

    One of the most significant benefits of FoxyBingo, especially when compared to other similar platforms, is that they do not have a ton of restrictions. Often, when I’m talking about bingo betting platforms, the list of prohibited countries is extensive. However, after I checked the restrictions on the FoxyBingo platform, I found out there are only three restricted countries:

    If you are not residing in any of these countries, you can use the services of the FoxyBingo platform to their fullest and enjoy a bingo betting experience like no other.

    Our Verdict of FoxyBingo

    Without a doubt, FoxyBingo provides one of the best environments for playing bingo online. On top of the security, it gives with the license from two of the most reputable gambling commissions, the platform excels both in functionality and in providing thrilling opportunities for its players. Suppose I need to explain the platform of FoxyBingo using one sentence. In that case, I will say that it’s one of the most well-rounded bingo betting platforms, that it provides the best possible bingo gaming experience for its users. That being said, if you are a big fan of the bingo games, FoxyBingo is the only place where you belong.


    Is FoxyBingo a scam or a legit bingo site?

    FoxyBingo is a legit bingo betting platform. The company is licensed both from Malta and the United Kingdom gambling commissions, and it provides a safe and secure betting environment.

    Can I play FoxyBingo from my country?

    If you do not reside in the United States, Germany, or Poland, you can enjoy the services of the FoxyBingo platform.

    Can I play FoxyBingo on my mobile?

    Of course! Most of the games on the site come from some of the best casino gaming developers. Thus, every game is perfectly optimized for this type of gambling.

    What types of bingo can I play at FoxyBingo?

    FoxyBingo offers the most extensive collection of bingo betting rooms in the industry, so you can enjoy every type of bingo you can practically think of.

    Where can I find my bonus on FoxyBingo?

    There are quite a few bonuses and promotions you can enjoy on the FoxyBingo platform. You can check them all out from the special bonus section of the site.

    What are the minimum withdrawal and deposit funds at FoxyBingo?

    FoxyBingo is reliable because it makes every process simple for the players. Each deposit and withdrawal should be for a minimum amount of £10.

    How many free spins do I get with FoxyBingo?

    There is only one bonus offer that grants players free spins at FoxyBingo. This is the welcome bonus offer, and you will get 40 free spins from it.

    Does FoxyBingo have wagering requirements?

    Yes. Each online gambling platform has bonuses with attached wagering requirements. Usually, these bonuses are the welcome bonus ones, as players claim a generous amount of bonus funds.

    £40 Bonus & 40 Free Spins