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Interview with Kateryna Buyalska: “Crypto and Blockchain Will Revolutionize Online Gambling”

Kateryna Buyalska
In the dynamic world of iGaming, where innovation and rapid growth are paramount, Kateryna Buyalska has carved a niche for herself as the PR & Event Manager at Turbo Stars. Her unique journey to this role began in the cryptocurrency sector, where she honed her skills in marketing and content creation. By 2019, Kateryna transitioned to the iGaming industry, utilizing her deep understanding of cryptocurrency dynamics to enhance marketing strategies for gambling projects.

This seamless integration into Turbo Stars has not only influenced her career trajectory but also the company’s approach to offering distinct, high-quality casino solutions.

1. Hi Kateryna, can you talk about your background and your journey to becoming the PR & Event manager of Turbo Stars?

 KaterynaMy journey in iGaming smoothly flowed from the cryptocurrency industry. I began to work closely with crypto projects as a marketer and content specialist. Later, in 2019, I helped build marketing for a crypto casino. I find the dynamic interaction between these industries exciting! My experience in promoting crypto helps a lot in marketing for gambling projects. Consequently, I became integrated into the Turbo Stars universe.

2. The iGaming market is highly competitive. How does your platform/company differentiate itself and gain a competitive edge?

 Kateryna:  Our company is mostly known in the industry because of the instant games provider — Turbo Games. However, the value proposition of Turbo Stars is to provide fast & high-quality casino solutions from scratch. This means that we can launch a gambling platform with a sportsbook and games in a short time without losing the quality of the content. We have a very driven team that understands that the success of other businesses determines our success. With this approach, we can afford not to pay for advertising our services, but simply get feedback from colleagues in the industry. This will be enough to keep the entire team constantly busy with work.

3. Responsible gambling is an increasingly important focus. What measures does your company take to promote responsible gambling practices?

 KaterynaResponsible gaming is a social responsibility of every iGaming industry participant, especially business giants. We need to talk about responsibility and remind everyone that casino entertainment is not only about fun but also about the need to stop in time or help those who find it difficult to stop. Little depends on Turbo Games, a young gaming provider integrating into the iGaming platforms worldwide. However we consistently discuss responsible gaming internally, support partner platforms’ initiatives, and utilize social media posts to raise awareness about this important point.

4. How important is innovation in game development, bonusing, and gameplay experiences to stay competitive? What are some recent innovations you’re excited about?

 Kateryna:  In my opinion, the iGaming industry is not as innovative as it could be. Several prominent brands are staying current and exploring innovations such as AI, NFTs, as well as game and tournament mechanics. Nevertheless, this is not a key indicator of competitiveness.

If we are talking about game development, the user likes what is familiar to him. He/She likes when there is 1 button and the opportunity to get a jackpot. When we add achievements, complex graphics, different settings, the user’s interest drops. Therefore, game providers are very careful with innovations and players need a little time to evaluate various of them.
The last thing I liked was the in-game streams in the Aero game from Turbo Games. Usually, streams are held on YouTube or Twitch. But when the stream window opens during the game, it becomes part of your entertainment. It’s even cooler when you play and the host comments on your bets.

5. Esports betting is an rapidly growing verticals. What opportunities and challenges do you foresee in this space?

 Kateryna:  One of our products, Turbo Sportsbook, directly grew out of eSports software, so this question is quite close to our company. First of all, it is worth noting that eSports culture has become more widely accepted and recognized as a form of entertainment. In 2023, the eSports market reached a size of $1.72 billion, indicating the importance of understanding the behaviors, interests, content preferences, and humor of eSports fans. Building communities deserves special focus, as socialization and interaction, along with the sharing of opinions and experiences, are poised to become the currency of the future. It’s worth strategizing how to unite eSports enthusiasts and effectively engage them.

6. What impact do you think crypto and blockchain technology will have on online gambling payments and operations going forward?

 Kateryna:  The increasing prevalence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in economics, politics and society has predicted an impact on the iGaming industry. Nowadays the casino sphere is experiencing a significant impact from cryptocurrency adoption, positioning crypto as a promising payment method. Indeed, сryptocurrency enables players from around the world to participate in online gambling without being restricted by traditional banking systems. As well as crypto cost savings for both players and operators, making gambling more affordable and profitable. Crypto and blockchain technology will drive the creation of innovative gaming platforms, introducing unique features such as provably fair gaming, decentralized betting protocols and peer-to-peer gambling, providing players with increased transparency and autonomy.